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1. WholeNote: Poltz Steve Guitar Tab
poltz steve Guitar Tab a list of guitar tablature at, withinteractive on-line guitar lessons, guitar tablature, and much more.

2. Guitar Tablature: P: Poltz Steve
» Guitar Tablature P poltz steve. » For official,authentic tab for poltz steve, try Sheet Music Plus.
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Poltz Steve
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Broken Hearts And Painted Nails
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3. Steve Poltz
Steve Poltz's One Left Shoe. good music. Bridget Kaiser, reviews editor.Steve Poltz One Left Shoe four fingers. Worth checking out
Steve Poltz's One Left Shoe
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Whether it's with a single guitar meandering through a folk melody or with the horn section of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones rocking out a Latin beat, Steve Poltz has a talent for making you laugh, making you cry, and making some damn good music. The co-writer of some of the hit singles of 1997 such as Jewel's "You Were Meant For Me" now breaks out of the background with his new solo album One Left Shoe , a collection of mostly love songs that are humorous, personal and most of all genuine. Reminiscent of Bob Dylan and James Taylor, Poltz has a great talent for telling the story. Songs like "Forbidden Fruit" and "Good Morning (Waking Up With You)" are personal narratives of particular experiences. Then there are songs like "Impala" (featuring the Bosstones horn section in a pretty funky brass arrangement) that are just fun pieces about love in general. "Impala" is a great example of Poltz's ability to make lyrics poetic but at the same time very real and humorous. Other gems on

4. Ink Nineteen: Steve Poltz
Steve Poltz One Left Shoe Mercury The best thing I can say about this album is thatit is dedicated to Avery, the engineer's deceased hamster. Isn't that nice?

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July 1998 Music P-R
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Steve Poltz
One Left Shoe

The best thing I can say about this album is that it is dedicated to Avery, the engineer's deceased hamster. Isn't that nice? Unfortunately, everything else about the album sucks. Mr. Poltz can't seem to make up his mind whether he wants to be in the 1960s or the 1990s, so he takes the weakest and lamest parts of both and combines them to make this.
One can immediately hear Kristofferson, Cohen, and Dylan influences, but the emulation is not enough to save this loser. Now that Jewel has dumped him for Jean-Claude Van Damme, he should go back to the Rugburns where he seems to fare much better.
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  • 6. Poltz Steve Guitar Tab At
    poltz steve Guitar Tab at a list of guitar tablature at,with interactive on-line guitar lessons, guitar tablature, and

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    7. Steve Poltz
    Steve Poltz. Buy and sell used Steve Poltz CDs. Discount prices bestselection on Steve Poltz music. Steve Poltz. Steve Poltz. Steve Poltz.

    8. Eddecker/stevepoltz
    Steve Poltz (Originally published in SLAMM magazine 8/2001). Too much time,perhaps, for Steve Poltz. In 1997, Poltz went solo. It was a good move. poltz.htm
    Steve Poltz
    (Originally published in SLAMM magazine 8/2001) Actually, it was he that helped her. Just peruse his so-called fan-sites on the web. The biographies always begin with Poltz information, like, "He was born in Halifax, Nova Scotia. He attended the University of San Diego. He sold plumbing supplies. He was an altar boy. He’s really, really cute (tee hee). He roamed Europe in the early 80’s as a street musician," and so forth. Then you get to the part usually about a 1/4 way through about when he met this certain San Diego singer songwriter whose name escapes me at the moment, and suddenly, somehow, it becomes a biography about her with links to her fan-sites that are much bigger than his links, and photos of her that are much bigger than the photos of Steve. And though their relationship hasn’t hurt his record sales any (or his mack-daddy status for that matter) I can’t help but wonder if the world only knows him as, "That cute guy in that video by that famous singer songwriter from San Diego." Steve Poltz deserves an article without any mention of her and that confounded song they wrote together. Like, for instance, that he is about to form his own record company; or that his first solo album garnered 3.5 stars in

    9. < POLTZ.COM >
    (and my girlfriend), Cori Price, did an excellent job at harmonizing with steve poltz on I Thought I Saw You Last Night.
    home sights sounds discussions ... email Check this out The Online Community Los Angeles, CA
    Hotel Cafe
    1623 N. Cahuenga Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90028
    TIME: 9:00pm Austin, TX
    South by Southwest

    Crowne Plaza Hotel
    18th Floor
    500 North Interstate 35
    Austin, TX TIME: 11:00pm Austin, TX Continental Club 1315 S. Congress Ave. Austin, TX 78704 San Antonio, TX Casbeers The Four Corners of The Round Table 1719 Blanco Rd. San Antonio, TX 78212 Austin, TX Saxon Pub The Four Corners of The Round Table 1320 S. Lamar Blvd.

    10. Steve Poltz
    Comprehensive site with lyrics archive, tape trades, pictures, discography, rugburns tablatures, information.


    I'm a lover. I'm not afraid to tell anyone that I love love~Steve Poltz

    11. The Poltz Diner
    to the best singer of the 90's! steve poltz! Here, you will find biographies, interviews, pictures, my own personal
    Steve Poltz Biography Poltz Pics 1 Poltz Pics 2 Poltz Pics 3 ... Links The Poltz Diner
    This page is a dedication to the best musician! Steve Poltz! Here, you will find biographies, interviews, pictures, my own personal encounter with Steve, reviews and anything else I can dig up on the legendary Steve Poltz!
    Lately, I've been really slack in keeping this site updated because, I've been ultra busy! I'd actually forgotton heaps of the stuff I wrote... like the encounter- I forgot all those details actually happened!
    But, after reading your guestbook messages, it got me all inspired and excited again so, I assure you I intend to make some new additions and update those bloody photos, album an lyric galleries!
    The latest addition to the site is the fabulous Classifieds section where YOU can buy and sell Steve Poltz/Rugburns merchandise. Just post your desired item or item for sale on the classifides page! Also, you can now get your own personalised Steve Poltz e-mail address! Just click on the link!
    Don't forget to sign my Guestbook to let me know how to improve the page, if you've had an encounter with Steve, you want answers to questions or anything else, just let me know by signing the book!

    12. Steve Poltz / The Rugburns Tabs
    Guitar tablatures page from a Swedish fan.
    Steve Poltz / The Rugburns
    Back to Jeweltabs
    Back to Steve Poltz / Just Jewel.

    13. Scam-O-Rama Records
    San Diego based record label with releases by steve poltz, The Dragons, Uncle Joe's Big 'Ol Driver, and C.L.A.
    P.O. BOX 3551
    San Diego, CA 92163-3551
    Welcome to the Scam-O-Rama Records Website!
    Prices are as follows:
    All CDs are $10, ppd.
    UJBOD 7" is $3, ppd.
    Click here for the catalog with more information. NEWS:
    SCAM-O-RAMA RECORDS HAS A NEW ADDRESS!!! Mail sent to the old address in Poway will be forwarded to this one. The new address is: P.O. Box 3551, San Diego, CA 92163-3551
    Steve Poltz' "Answering Machine Ver. 2.0" is almost done and should be out by the end of the year.
    Steve's new album will be out in May 2002 on his own record label, 98 Pounder Records. I've heard it, it sounds great and contains at least two songs off "Answering Machine" which are redone and re-recorded.
    Upcoming Releases in the works: Steve Poltz: "Answering Machine Ver 2.0" Dragons: "Exile On Kettner Blvd" Various: "Crumbled Up Cookie Things: A Tribute To C.L.A."

    14. All About Steve
    A fan site mirrored in French and English with biography, pictures, lyrics, stories.Category Arts Music Bands and Artists P poltz, steve......Welcome to my page dedicated to the greatest american singersongwriter steve poltz. This site contains news, biography, lyrics
    Welcome to my page dedicated to the greatest american singer-songwriter Last update March 2, 2003 ©Emilie-2002

    15. Steve Poltz Lyric Archive Enter
    Lyrics to steve's songs.

    16. Steve Poltz Concert Review - 25 July 1997
    A review of a steve poltz acoustic concert at Java Joe's Coffeehouse, San Diego, CA on 25 July 1997.
    Performers CDs Reviews Travel Journals ... Twiggs
    Steve Poltz Hits All the Right Notes in Marathon Show
  • Venue: Java Joe's Place: Ocean Beach - San Diego, California Date: 25 July 1997
  • Friday night I went to see Steve Poltz, lead vocalist for the Rugburns , perform solo at Java Joe's , in Ocean Beach, a part of San Diego. Just in case Jewel might show up, I got there early, by 8:15 p.m., and found a seat on the floor about 12 feet from the stage. By 9:00 p.m. the room was packed. I estimated the crowd at 250-300, though it was hard to tell. Most were women, 21 or younger. I'd say they were about 70-75% of the audience. There were chairs in the back and to the right and left along the wall. For me, the floor was comfortable enough for the moment, though I wondered idly if I'd ever be able to walk again after the concert ended. I had a long time to ponder on this, as Steve didn't take the stage until 9:45 p.m.. By this time, those who couldn't fit inside the large room or afford the $7.00 ticket, had their eyes and ears pressed against the glass windows along one of the walls of the building. Fortunately, ventilation was good, and there was no smoking. As usual for Java Joe's, the audience was first-rate - attentive and respectful to the performers. During the concert, I took no notes. I was enthralled by the music. Though I had come there hoping to see Jewel who often shows up when the Rugburns play, after two minutes of Steve's performance, the thought never again entered my mind. He was on stage for 1-1/2 hours. Normally that's a full concert, but tonight it was just the intermission. After a half-hour break, he returned for another two full hours. That's 3-1/2 hours of music. And the 100 or so people who stayed to the very end, which was almost 2:00 a.m. on the clock, didn't seem in a hurry to leave.

    17. Steve Poltz Concert Review - 06 February 1998
    A review of a steve poltz acoustic concert at Java Joe's Coffeehouse, San Diego, CA on 06 February 1998.
    Performers CDs Reviews Travel Journals ... Twiggs
    Steve Poltz Stirs Up Big Waves In San Diego
  • Venue: Java Joe's Place: Ocean Beach - San Diego, California Date: 06 February 1998
  • Last Friday, February 6th, I went to see Steve Poltz perform at Java Joe's , a San Diego coffee house one block away from the Pacific Ocean. It had rained heavily all day, part of an endless series of El Niño effect storms that have been pounding California all winter. By late afternoon the showers had stopped, leaving behind rain scrubbed streets and moist, tropical air, which some suggest are easier on a singer's voice than drier conditions. The performance was being held just days before the scheduled release of an EP single, Silver Lining that was receiving heavy promotional air play on XHRM-FM and other local stations. A new album, One Left Shoe , was to follow by mid-March. Because of this, and a convention of record executives and radio programmers that was being held in San Diego all week long, there would be many in the audience who worked in the music industry, swelling the already expected packed house. Taking this into account, I arrived early and was fortunate to be invited to sit in on the sound check. Here I watched all the trivial but important details of preparing for a concert, from balancing the sound, to changing light bulbs, to displaying some new T-shirts at a back booth. I had seen Steve perform here last summer, forging out on his own after fronting for his band, the

    18. Welcome To! (Lost?)
    steve poltz Answering Machine Web Site. Listen to steve poltz' current Answering Machine recording using RealAudio streaming technology. Also listen to live, unreleased songs by steve poltz!
    This site has moved! This site has officially moved to Please update your bookmarks and links to reflect this change. If your browser does not automatically take you to the new site, please click here Home Songs Photos ... Contact This site has been created, maintained, and slaved over by Cody Rush. Last updated on:

    19. All About Steve
    Welcome to my page dedicated to the greatest american singersongwriter steve poltz. This site contains news, biography, lyrics, pictures, tabs, links english version or french version

    20. < POLTZ.COM >
    A popular and hard to find steve poltz tshirt. Get yours while supplieslast! Only available at poltz.COM! $15.00 + s/h. steve poltz Pill Shirt.
    home sights sounds discussions ... email Check this out One Left Shoe CD for only $15.00! Click Here I Drink Like Poltz I Drink Like Poltz Shirt A popular and hard to find Steve Poltz t-shirt. Get yours while supplies last! Only available at POLTZ.COM! Available Sizes... Small Add to Cart Medium Add to Cart Large Add to Cart Girl Tee Add to Cart $15.00 + s/h The Rugburns Project Rugburns Project Shirt A good-humored Rugburns t-shirt rip-off of the 1999 movie, "The Blair Witch Project", with a brief story written by Steve himself on the back. Get yours today, only available at POLTZ.COM!! Available Sizes... Medium Add to Cart Large Add to Cart X-Large Add to Cart $15.00 + s/h Steve Poltz Pill Shirt Steve Poltz Pill Shirt A new Steve Poltz t-shirt with Steve's named etched into a giant pill with the words "Take 3x/day or until itching stops." Only available at POLTZ.COM! Available Sizes...

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