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         Portman Natalie:     more books (92)
  1. Natalie Portman: Queen of Hearts by James L. Dickinson, 2002-04
  3. NATALIE PORTMAN // V-MAGAZINE // V-62 // 2009 (NATALIE PORTMAN // V-62 // "V" MAGAZINE // 2009) by V MAGAZINE, 2009
  4. Dressing a Galaxy: The Costumes of Star Wars by Trish Biggar, 2005-10-01
  5. Dressing a Galaxy: The Costume of Star Wars Limited Edition with DVD by Trish Biggar, 2005-10-01
  6. People From Jerusalem: Natalie Portman, Yitzhak Rabin, Rehavam Ze'evi, Adin Steinsaltz, William of Tyre, Amos Kollek, Mohammad Amin Al-Husayni
  7. Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe (Film) Winners: Natalie Portman, Grace Kelly, Cher, Katy Jurado, Margaret Rutherford, Julia Roberts
  8. Elle Magazine April 2008 - Natalie Portman (No. 272)
  9. Acteur de Star Wars: Harrison Ford, Natalie Portman, Christopher Lee, Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, Peter Cushing, Samuel L. Jackson (French Edition)
  10. Rolling Stone #898 Natalie Portman (June 20th 2002)
  11. American People of Israeli Descent: Israeli-American Mobsters, Natalie Portman, Ralph Bakshi, Benjamin Netanyahu, Daniel Kahneman, Amos Tversky
  12. Naissance à Jérusalem: Flavius Josèphe, Natalie Portman, Mohammed Amin Al-Husseini, Shahar Peer, Salah Hamouri, Yitzhak Rabin, Edward Said (French Edition)

1. Natalie Portman
Pictures, filmography, biography and mailing address.Category Arts Celebrities P Portman, Natalie......Natalie Portman fan site with pictures, biography, filmography, downloads and links., Get in shape! Natalie Portman, Natalie, Portman, celebrity, celebrities,
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Natalie Portman
- Actress
Date of Birth - 9 June 1981 Birth Place Jerusalem Mailing Addresses Natalie Portman C/O ICM 8942 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA Show me on the map Find Celebrity Auctions Contact us Advertise

2. Amazing And Sexy: Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman. It is not often we see an actress with all the skills andcharacteristics of Natalie Portman. Though woman. Natalie Portman.
Natalie Portman Main Gallery 1 Gallery 2 Gallery 3 ... Nude Gallery
Adults Only! Biography Filmography Interviews Wallpaper ... Contact Info
It is not often we see an actress with all the skills and characteristics of Natalie Portman. Though her experience is very little, Natalie has shown her natural skill for acting in her great performances.
Now, she is world-renown. As Queen Amidala of Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, Natalie became a well-known star. And, Natalie's abilities will only take this stardom to its greatest heights.
This site is dedicated to Natalie. It is designed to exhibit this naturally talented actress and person. For, as you will see, not only is Natalie a gifted actress, but a gifted woman. Natalie Portman All images and other resources used to create this site are shared strictly collector to collector. No ownership is assumed or implied. I am not making any money from this site, I am ajust a devoted fan of natalie portman and am trying to do my part to promote her career and promote her business associates. Here are some of my other favorite celebrity websites: Bart Simpson Angelina Jolie Heather Graham Jennifer Lopez ... Julia Roberts pictures

3. Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman. Welcome to The Natalie Portman. Site! Join the 77,000Natalie Portman fans who visit us each year to find Natalie
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Natalie Portman
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Site! Join the 77,000 Natalie Portman fans who visit us each year to find Natalie Portman pictures, movies, and more. The Natalie Portman Site is constantly under construction as we add features, so pardon the occasional dust. If you have suggestions to improve The Natalie Portman Site, please let us know . You brought The Natalie Portman Site to where it is, who knows where we can go... Take a break from the ordinary and enjoy, bookmark The Natalie Portman Site, and we'll see you again soon... Natalie Portman Pictures Natalie Portman Movies Natalie Portman Bio Natalie Portman Posters

4. Natalie Portman/Queen Amidala
Message board and chat room dedicated to the young actress of "Star Wars" fame. Related links.Category Arts Celebrities P Portman, Natalie Chats and Forums......Moviemaniacs, dedicated to the Scifi and Horror film audience, and Natalie Portman/QueenAmidala Amidala, a message board for the fans of the beautiful young
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Natalie Portman Discussion Forum
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Page Topic Replies Views Last Comment Started By AQMB Posting Etiquette Guidelines 3/15/03 4:32:11 am
by: Cal fygmynt The Lonely Hearts Club 3/26/03 10:23:02 pm
by: Jummy The Sadistic Demon Is Natalie a Democrat, Republican, or Reform? 3/27/03 2:26:22 pm
by: Bluejay Bluejay How to remake Back to the Future 3/27/03 11:16:10 pm by: X the Lurker X the Lurker What religion are you? 3/27/03 11:11:46 pm by: X the Lurker X the Lurker i invite all of you(natalie included)to an insane world! 3/27/03 10:54:29 pm by: enueone Name that AQ Poster 3/27/03 10:06:33 pm by: pnina2 TMAN strip

5. Portman Natalie :: Èìÿ: Íàòàëè Ïîðòìàí
The summary for this Russian page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
Ôèëüìû: "Ëåîí", "Ìàðñ Àòàêóåò", "Çâåçäíûå âîéíû. Ýïèçîä 1, Ýïèçîä 2" :: íàñòîÿùèå ÇÂÅÇÄÛ íà ôîòî [Òåìû.ðó] :: Ïðîåêò ÒÅÌÛ.ÐÓ ver.4.0 :: Îáîè è Òåìû äëÿ Âàøåãî Ðàáî÷åãî Ñòîëà, íîâîñòè êèíî. Wallpapers, themes, calendar art, WinAmp Skins ::ÒÅÌÛ[.ru]-ÝÒÎ
ÎÁÎÈ / in style

6. Starlets
Natalie Portman fan site containing pictures, software, games, skins, themes, and quizzes.
Kristin Kreuk
Natalie Portman

7. Who2 Profile: Natalie Portman
NATALIE PORTMAN • Actor. Portman Natalie Portman appears with CarrieFisher and Ewan McGregor in our loop on Star Wars. Natalie
NATALIE PORTMAN Actor Portman made her mark as a coming-of-age actress, a precocious youngster with hints of blossoming womanhood in movies like Beautiful Girls (1996). Her talent landed her in Woody Allen 's movie Everyone Says I Love You (1996) and on Broadway starring as Anne Frank in 1997 revival of The Diary of Anne Frank George Lucas then cast her as Queen Amidala in the 1999 Star Wars film Episode One: The Phantom Menace (1999). The same year Portman began undergraduate studies at Harvard University.
Extra credit : Portman is not the actress's actual last name; she reportedly adopted her grandmother's maiden name of Portman to protect her offscreen privacy.
Natalie Portman appears with Carrie Fisher and Ewan McGregor in our loop on Star Wars
Natalie Portman Chat Room

Lots of Portman talk, plus many good links to fan sites 100% Natalie Portman
Fan page with news updates and much more Star Wars Official Site
For fans of her role as Queen Amidala in the ongoing movie series Naturally Queen Padme
French fan site with many haute resolution photos Birth:
9 June 1981 Birthplace:
Jerusalem, Israel

8. Natalie Portman On Digital Hit's Celebrity Row. Biography, News And Information.
A look at the life and career of Natalie Portman. Information, news, linksto posters, books, photos and movies. Natalie Portman. Born June 9, 1981.
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Celebrity Row
:Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman
Born : June 9, 1981 Jerusalem, Israel Photo Gallery Poster Gallery Actress Natalie Portman is still quite a young actress. However, in less than ten films she has managed to be tagged by critics as a performer to watch. The Professional Heat Beautiful Girls Everyone Says I Love You Mars Attacks! Portman also received critical raves for her portrayal of the title character in the Broadway revival of The Diary of Anne Frank Despite a very public movie life, Portman has manged to keep her private life to herself. Portman is not her real name, her place of residence is kept quiet, and even her choice of university was a highly-guarded secret. In 1999, Natalie appeared opposite Susan Sarandon in Anywhere But Here . She received a Golden Globe nomination for that performance. In 2000, she worked opposite Ashley Judd in Where the Heart Is . In 2002, she was in the second Star Wars prequel, Episode II - Attack of the Clones Buy books, movies or music by, or about, Natalie Portman
Natalie Portman on Ebay

North American TV appearances by Natalie Portman on TVNow Top Natalie Portman DVDs
Star Wars - Episode II, Attack of the Clones (Widescreen Edition)

9. Portman Natalie
Translate this page Hosting Empresarial US 12 portman natalie. Recomendados. Natalie portman . - natalieportman natalie's world. natalie portman stardust. simplynatalie portman.
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10. Natalie Portman's French Touch' -
Download a screensaver with pictures from "The Professional." Find pictures of natalie from her various films. My URL http// I got it for free at http//

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I got it for free at Luc Besson's Webring is owned by Méliès
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Lo Mejor de natalie portman ( Cientos de MB de Multimedia, videos, fotos, biografia, filmografia, chat, foro ) y todo en espaol
Under Construction

12. Natalie Portman
A detailed biography and filmography for this rising star.

See more pics
  • Anywhere But Here
  • Star Wars Episode 1 - The Phantom Menace
  • Beautiful Girls
  • Mars Attacks! ...
  • Léon Other Celebrities:
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  • Thora Birch Natalie Portman
    With only a handful of films under her belt, Natalie Portman is already a rising star. Of course, when one of those movies is one of the most anticipated films of the century, and you are playing the fictional mother of two world famous icons, it is slightly less of a surprise to find Natalie Portman’s star rising faster than an X-Wing at lightspeed. Portman was born in Israel, on June 9th, 1981. She and her family soon moved to the U.S., first to Maryland at age three, then to Connecticut at age seven, and then finally to Long Island. The daughter of a doctor father and an artist mother, Portman took after her mother. From a young age, she had a longing to express herself. Her break came one day when she was discovered at a pizza parlor in New York. Only 11 years old at the time, she was approached by a representative from Revlon, and not long afterward she was appearing in their ads. Still, modeling was not quite what the young Portman wanted; she really wanted to be an actress. With the support of the agency, Natalie embarked on her quest to become a movie star. She made her debut in 1994's
  • 13. A Portrait Of A Queen: Stakawaka's Natalie Portman Page - Pictures, Information,
    Beautiful natalie portman pictures, gossip, biography, multimedia and more.
    Selected Natalie Portman ARTICLES , more to come soon! 12/28/99
    Natalie's Biography in SEVEN LANGUAGES
    English, Spanish, German, Italian, Malay, Polish, Tagalog Natalie Portman in TWELVE LANGUAGES
    English, Spanish, German, Swedish, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese,
    Malay, Polish (NEW!), Tagalog, Hebrew (NEW!), Catalan (NEW!)
    Contact the Stakawaka in Twelve Languages
    New Video Clip Page !!! 9/09/99 (what a cool date)
    Previews, Behind-the-scenes, talk shows
    Mulitple movie reviews for Natalie's movies!
    See the 'more information' links in the Filmography
    New! Stakawaka's Natalie Portman Banners New Natalie photos! Check out Gallery pages and Natalie Portman in Star Wars: Episode I! Updated 8/04/99 A Very Important Notice Updated 6/24/99 Happy 18th Birthday Natalie!!! 6/09/99 Welcome! You have just arrived at what many have hailed "the best Natalie Portman site on the Net"; here you can find loads of information about Natalie and her past movies, as well as a super-large photo gallery (all 100+ pics under 20 Kb), reviewed links to other great sites, Natalie Portman Electronic Postcards, and the Natalie Portman Informational Mailing List. Enjoy yourself, and become absorbed, as so many others have, with America's greatest rising actress. Feel free to sign the guestbook, write me e-mail, and sign up for the Mailing List, so you can be up-to-date with Natalie's forthcomings and news.

    14. AbsoluteCelebrities: NATALIE PORTMAN
    Celebrity guide provides this profile of the rising star. Includes photos, a biography, links and career news. natalie portman. natalie portman pictures and wallpaper.

    web directory
    AbsoluteNow Celebrities NATALIE PORTMAN ... photo gallery
    guaranteed to be one of the best galleries on the net.

    buy photos, posters, or autographed pictures

    from birth to stardom.

    get in touch via snail mail.

    all the movies and all the roles. main back to the page you started on. more pictures huge picture archives from the web Most Searched: Jennifer Lopez Claire Forlani Hayden Christensen Elizabeth Hurley ... Ben Stiller NATALIE PORTMAN Select menu on the left to browse our extensive content. links to NATALIE PORTMAN sites

    15. Lovely Natalie Portman
    Biographie, filmographie, photos, ©l©ments multim©dia et actualit©.
    Les Nat'fans à New-York LE FORUM Francophone NaT'CHAT
    Serveur :
    Port : 6669 , # lovelynat LIENS Versions :
    Pour vos encouragements, suggestions, critiques... écrivez moi ici.
    ou par ICQ : Sites affiliés
    pour les news :

    - Naturally Queen

    Natalie Portman est certainement l'actrice la plus prometteuse du cinéma : à 20 ans elle a déjà sa place aux génériques d'immenses chefs-d'oeuvre aux cotés d'acteurs cultes tels que Robert De Niro, Al Pacino, Uma Thurman, Julia Roberts, Samuel L. Jackson, Susan Sarandon, Ewan McGregor, Gary Oldman, Jean Reno et bien d'autres, tout cela dirigé par les plus grands cinéastes : Luc Besson, Tim Burton, Woody Allen, George Lucas... Ses rôles ont tous étés choisis et joués à la perfection mais ont parfois engendrés de bruyantes polémiques, comme pour Mathilda, gamine de 12 ans, pas si gamine que ça et qui tombe amoureuse d'un tueur à gage avoisinant la quarantaine: Léon. Ce film, portant le nom de ce dernier, est signé du grand Luc Besson et fut celui où l'on a pu découvrir Natalie sur le grand écran pour la première fois. Je vous présente donc ici Natalie comme je la perçois : intelligente, belle et ayant un don incontestable pour le septième art. Si vous n'êtes pas encore ralliés à ma cause, j'espère que les photos de ce site vous convaincront de sa beauté non négligeable et que les très nombreuses infos que j'ai regroupées vous démontreront ses nombreuses autres qualités. Pour les fans confirmés, de nombreuses anecdotes presque toutes inédites en version française et souvent très rares à trouver même en v.o. ne feront que vous confirmer qu'elle n'est pas une 'simple' actrice mais une personne vraiment exceptionnelle, et donc passionnante :-)

    16. Natalie Portman - Beyond Beauty - Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones
    News, biography, filmography, forums, links, scans, pictures, and movie clips, and other related fan Category Arts Celebrities P portman, natalie......natalie portman Website dedicated to the young talented actress natalie portman,featuring full filmography, biography, news coverage, interactive webpages
    Natalie Portman - Beyond Beauty
    Submit News!

    If you were Superman, what would you do to impress Natalie?

    Kick an evil guy's ass
    Save her from her over- possesive boyfriend
    Save a child from a fire
    Fly her over beautiful landscapes
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    17. Amazing Actors: Jodie Foster, Drew Barrymore, And Natalie Portman
    Fan site offers biography and pictures.
    Amazing Actors
    amazing women
    Jodie Foster (1962- )
    "Normal is not something to aspire to,
    it's something to get away from."
    Being "normal" isn't something Jodie Foster need worry about - after all, this extraordinary woman is one of the most talented and intelligent actors ever alive. She is also an outstanding director and producer. Born Alicia Christian Foster in Los Angeles on November 19, 1962, Jodie's special gifts were apparent from an early age. She began reading at three and by age four had starred in a television commercial. Her intelligence and businesslike attitude led to numerous acting jobs. Between the ages of seven and ten she appeared on television sitcoms and she made her film debut in 1972. Her breakthrough role was as a child prostitute opposite Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese's controversial Taxi Driver (1976), for which she was nominated for an Academy Award. Jodie appeared in numerous films throughout the 1980s and her next big break came in 1988 with The Accused , in which she played a victim of gang rape. She won her first Academy Award for this role. Her second Academy Award came a few years later when she starred as Special Agent Clarice Starling in the FBI psychological thriller The Silence of the Lambs (1991), starring opposite Anthony Hopkins, who portrayed Hannibal "The Cannibal" Lecter. In 1991 she made her directorial debut with

    18. NP-SE - Nyheter
    Nyheter, bilder, biografi och länkar.Category World Svenska Scenkonst Skådespeleri Skådespelare......200208-28 På har dom postat en rejält lång artikel ochintervju med natalie portman och hennes karaktär Padme. Här hittar du den. 2002-08-28 : På har dom postat en rejält lång artikel och intervju med Natalie Portman och hennes karaktär Padme. Här hittar du den.
    2002-08-21 : MTV reklamer En liten godnatt saga: För cirka ett år sedan hände en fruktansvärd tragedi i New York. För att hylla denna fina stad drog sig en bunt kändisar ihop för en stor konsert för att hylla New York. Natalie, som räknar sig som en New York-bo, var naturligvtis där. Under denna konsert träffade hon den amerikanska komikern Jimmy Fallon. Bilder från konserten och dom två finns här . Jimmy Fallon är mest känd från "Saturday Night Live", och Natalie dök efter bara någon månad upp på fest där oxå, och så här såg hon ut då
    Och nu har vi fått se frukten av deras vänskap när MTV har börjat köra trailers för "MTV Video Music Awards 2002", som Jimmy Fallon ska vara värd för. I trailer # 1 försöker han desperat att få hångla med Natalie i hans soffa och i trailer # 2 får vi reda på hur han fick henne i sin soffa. Smått roligt att se den komiska sidan av denna annars så rå-seriösa person. Ladda ned Trailer #1 på 9 meg eller Trailer #2 på 8 meg. Om du bara vill se små vid-caps av dom två trailers finns

    Pictures, skins, songs about the actress and links.
    Click on the image to enter

    20. Natalie Portman Empire - Natalie Portman Fancommunity Since 1999
    News, pictures, biography, filmography, message board, and chat.Category Arts Celebrities P portman, natalie...... Effects Supervisor John Knoll gathers data from a shoot that would eventually bediscarded from the film; here, Padmé Amidala (natalie portman) explores the
    Fan art and more by Diego
    Thursday 27th March, 2003 Hello people and thanks to juxknows for these cool Natalie photos!!!
    These are a couple of really good wallpapers sent by Tobywan, click on the image to see them.
    And two more from Reygand , also a very good work!
    These wallpapers have been added in the wallpapers page and the new Natalie photos without water-marks that juxknows posted yesterday are now in the public appearances section
    More good news to you and me, there is a wonderful company out there which is giving us free e-mail hosting because we are cool eheh . It means that you will be able to make your own I'll tell you as soon as this service is ready. There is more, Ethon is already working in the site php. Maybe you don't understand what does it mean, well in a short period of time you are going to see very good things here, we are improving the site so much! By the way Bjugis is joining the staff and he is going to help with the php too. Hi Bjugis eheh.
    And finally thanks to the people who e-mailed me reporting broken links, you know, if you find any pic that doesn't work or any mistake in the site hit me at

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