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         Powell Robert:     more books (100)
  1. A Thousand Paths to Generosity (1000 Hints, Tips and Ideas) by Micheal Powell, Robert Allen, et all 2004-01-01
  2. 1000 Paths to Personal Power (Thousand Paths) by Robert Allen, David Baird, et all 2004-01-01
  3. The Blissful Life by Robert Powell, 1997-01-10
  4. Paddle Your Own Canoe by Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell, 1995-09
  5. The Most Holy Trinosophia : The New Revelation of the Divine Feminine by Robert A. Powell, 2000-11-01
  6. Robert De Niro (Superstars of Film) by Elfreda Powell, 1997-11
  7. Time and Anthony Powell: A Critical Study by Robert L. Selig, 1991-01
  8. Rethinking the Skyscraper: The Complete Architecture of Ken Yeang by Robert Powell, 1999-11-22
  9. What Scouts Can Do: More Yarns by Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell, 1992-07
  10. Life's Snags and How to Meet Them by Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell, 2005-11-28
  11. Memories of India by Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell, 1995-02
  12. The Downfall of Prempeh; A Diary of Life With the Native Levy in Ashanti, 1895-96 by Robert Baden-Powell of Gilwell, 2010-03-25
  13. Birds and Beasts in Africa by Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell, 1995-09
  14. Scouting Round the World/With Pamphlet by Robert Stephenson Smyth Baden-Powell, Baron Baden-Powell of Gilwell, 1992-07

81. Find A Grave
Photo of robert Badenpowell's marker showing the 'Gone Home' symbol.

82. Builders Booksource : Tropical Asian House By Powell, Robert
robert powell. 176pp. 150 color photographs, 80 plans, sections drawings. PeriplusEditions. 42.50hc. Author powell, robert Price 42.50 add to your cart .
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Title: Tropical Asian House
An unusual look at contemporary architecture in Asia
Tropical Asian House. Robert Powell. Explore how cultural influences, tradition, religion, technology, and the forces of globalization fuse together to produce a contemporary tropical architecture. Twenty-six houses are featured from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, India, and Sri Lanka. The houses represent the works of leading architects such as Charles Correa and Geoffrey Bawa as well as others. 176pp. 150 color photographs, 80 plans, sections drawings. Periplus Editions. 42.50hc.
Author: Powell, Robert
Price: 42.50
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83. Photos Of Robert Baden - Powell
Nine photographs of robert Badenpowell.
This is a gallery where are some photos of Sir Robert Baden - Powell. Robert Baden-Powell with his wife Olave In the army After war near the Mafeking city in South Africa Brownsea island where was the first camping Baden-Powell in uniform on Brownsea island Together with scouts on Brownsea island Baden-Powell in scouting uniform when he was old Baden-Powell's grave in Kenya

84. Baden-Powell Manlifter
Design concept by robert Badenpowell.
Baden-Powell Manlifter In 1895 Baden-Powell had patented his "Levitor"- Kite. Marconi uses in 1901 one of these kites to make the first electronic wireless transmission. The shown kite is an early version. Baden-Powell used this kite to make in 1894 several "man lifting"- trials. In original the kite had a surface of 84 m² (11 m x 11 m).
I modified this kite to a small lightwind version. A detailed plan was published in Fang Den Wind no. 36 - 4.95 Baden-Powell`s Man lifter Constructional details:
  • The kite is bowed like a rok. The four bridle points (rokkaku bridle) are the crosspoints (reinforced ) of the spars. All four spars are made of 6 mm Carbon The spars are running partially in pockets.
  • David Pelham: Drachen - S.42, S.176 Clive Hart: Kites- an historical survvey - S.121, S.96ff Fang den Wind: Nr. 36, 4.95 - S. 196, S. 50

85. TUTTOSCOUT.ORG - Robert Baden Powell
Translate this page Baden-powell, robert Stepheson Smyth. Generale inglese fondatore delmovimento dei Boy Scouts (1907). Servì nella guerra anglo-boera
Baden-Powell, Robert Stepheson Smyth
Generale inglese fondatore del movimento dei Boy Scouts (1907). Servì nella guerra anglo-boera
(1899-1900), distinguendosi nella difesa di Mafeking. Autore di: Aiuti allo scoutismo (1899)
e di Scoutismo per ragazzi (1908) Credi di sapere tutto sulla vita di B.P.?
Mettiti allora alla prova.

86. B-P Tells A Story Of Chivalry
Narrative as told by robert Badenpowell.
B.-P. Tells a Story of... Chivalry
Lord Baden-Powell
The Leader, February 1978
Our Readership Questionnaire emphasized the fact that many, many people want stories to tell their boys and especially stories from the writings of B.-P. We feel it appropriate this month, as we begin our "Knights of Old" series, that we let you hear some of the Founder's thoughts on chivalry to others from the book that started it all, Scouting For Boys, circa 1908.
Chivalry to Others
"In days of old, when knights were bold", it must have been a fine sight to see one of these steel-clad horsemen come riding through the dark green woods in his shining armor, with shield and lance and waving plumes, bestriding his gallant war-horse, strong to bear its load, and full of fire to charge upon an enemy. And near him rode his squire-a young man, his assistant and companion, who would some day become a knight. Behind him rode his group, or patrol, of men-at-arms-stout, hearty warriors, ready to follow their knight to the gates of death if need be. They were the tough yeomen of the old days, who won so many fine fights for their country through their pluck and loyal devotion to their knights. In peace time, when there was no fighting to be done, the knight would daily ride about looking for a chance of doing a good turn to any needing help, especially a woman or child who might be in distress. When engaged in thus doing good turns, he was called a "Knight Errant". The men of his patrol naturally acted in the same way as their leader, and a man-at-arms was always equally ready to help the distressed with his strong right arm. The knights of old were the patrol leaders of the nation, and the men-at-arms were the Scouts.

87. Baden-Powell, Robert Stephenson Smyth
Or search the encyclopaedia HUTCHINSON ENCYCLOPEDIA. Badenpowell, RobertStephenson Smyth. British general, founder of the Scout Association.
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HUTCHINSON ENCYCLOPEDIA Baden-Powell, Robert Stephenson Smyth British general, founder of the Scout Association. He was commander of the garrison during the 217-day siege of Mafeking (now Mafikeng) in the Second South African War (18991900). After 1907 he devoted his time to developing the Scout movement, which rapidly spread throughout the world. Baden-Powell began the Scout movement in 1907 with a camp for 20 boys on Brownsea Island, Poole Harbour, Dorset. He published Scouting for Boys (1908) and about 30 other books. He was World Chief Scout from 1920. With his sister Agnes (18581945) he founded the Girl Guides in 1910. Knighted 1909, Baron 1929.
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88. NPG 5991; Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell
Chalk rendering of robert Badenpowell by Shirley Slocombe, 1916. Original work held by the National Portrait Gallery of the United Kingdom.

89. PRICEFARMER.COM: Farm-Fresh Price Comparisons Of Books
robert powell. 43 Titles Sorted by Title Newest or Oldest. 1. .Net WindowsForms Unleashed (Paperback) by robert powell December 2002 2. The, Robert

90. Robert Powell Pictures, Wallpapers, Screen Savers, Desktop Themes, And Merchandi
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  • 91. USOE Character Education Home Page
    Biographical sketch of the founder of Scouting by Steven C. Hanna.
    USOE Character Education Specialist
    Jacqueline Morasco

    Welcome to The Utah State Office of Education Character Education Homepage! Character development is the other broad goal of education, along with academic development! Character education helps children and youth to understand, care about, and act on core ethical and citizenship values! Quality character education helps schools create a safe, caring and inclusive learning environment for every student and supports academic development. It fosters qualities that will help students be successful as citizens, in the workplace, and with the academic curriculum. It lays the foundation to help students be successful in all of the goals we have for our public schools. It is the common denominator that will help schools reach all of their goals! CHARACTER EDUCATION IS NOT ONE MORE THING ON YOUR PLATE! IT IS THE PLATE!!! This homepage is intended as a resource for Utah educators, parents and others interested in how character education is part of the education framework in Utah public schools. In addition, numerous examples of how Utah schools and districts are implementing quality, comprehensive character education initiatives are included. This homepage also includes many resources, links to other sites, and funding information. NEW!

    92. Fishing The Waikato River
    robert Badenpowell angling in New Zealand.

    93. Baden-Powell Games Book
    The Scout Library No. 4, 6th edition, by Sir robert Badenpowell.
    The Scout Library, No. 4
    Scouting Games
    by Sir Robert Baden-Powell
    Author of "Scouting for Boys," "Yarns for Boy Scouts," "Boy Scouts Beyond the Seas," etc. sixth edition FOREWORD TO SIXTH EDITION The training of the Boy Scouts is done mainly by means of games, practices and competitions such as interest them, and at the same time bring into use the attributes of manliness and good citizenship which we desire to inculcate into them. There is, therefore, an aim, physical or moral, underlying those which are given in the following pages. These games do not exhaust what it is possible to give; they are but samples or suggestions upon which imaginative Scoutmasters will easily contrive better ones and more of them, suited to their local conditions. But in devising these the higher aim should always be kept in view; that is the instructor should think of what points he wishes to teach. and then invent a game or display in which to bring them into practice. In playing these Games it should be remembered that they improve very much on the second and third trial, as minor rules have often to be introduced to suit local circumstances. A time limit should generally be imposed to bring them off successfully. Through these games, apart from their health - and joy giving properties, we can instill the sense of fair play, discipline, and self-control - in a word, good sportsmanship, among our future men. Then in addition to the games mentioned in this book we have adopted other activities in the Scout movement in the shape more particularly of swimming and climbing. These are for the fuller development of the boys morally as well as physically. Morally, because swimming gives a sense of mastery over one of the elements and of fitness for service to them as a result of exercising pluck and perseverance; and climbing similarly gives a sense of self-reliance and power through achievement in overcoming a difficult adventure.

    94. CelebrityFiles : P: Powell, Robert
    P powell, robert (1). The robert powell Site Biography, filmography and links.,_Robert/
    P : Powell, Robert

    95. > Powell, Robert/Barraclough, Roy
    powell, robert/Barraclough, Roy Viewing 11 of 1 results. Starringrobert powell and Roy Barraclough. 22 Track Total, Price $21.95.

    96. USOE Character Education Homepage
    Biographical sketch of the founder of Scouting by Steven C. Hanna.
    USOE Character Ed. and Service Learning Specialist
    Kristin Fink

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    97. NA Teams 2002 - Player Info
    NATT HOME THE TEAMS NA Teams 2002 Individual Player's Results. PLAYER INFOto event list to player/team list. powell, robert Lee 2180, Paddle Palace.

    98. ThinkQuest Library Of Entries
    Biography of the military and Scouting careers of BP.

    99. BP Fishing
    Sketch by robert Badenpowell.

    Hi! Welcome to my website, dedicated to one of the greatest actorsof all time, robert powell. I tried to get as much information

    If you have anything you would like for me to add to the site, (pictures, sounds, etc.) please send them to me at . If you would like to use any of my images, feel free to. Oh, and don't forget to sign the guestbook before you leave!
    I just got an email from 'Colin' that contained a sketch of Robert- it's really awesome! To check it out, click here.
    I just did another update today...A couple more sounds, and I'm adding some more images real soon as soon as my dad lets me steal his digital camera...:) Oh, and there are lots more reviews, thanks to a fellow fan, Gisela...everyone say, "Thank you, Gisela!" :)
    Hey, everyone, guess what today is? Robert's birthday! Everyone say, "Happy Birthday, Robert!"
    Yes, I know, it's been forever since I've updated...sorry! Happy new year, by the way...I was just informed that there is a video missing on Robert's filmography- "The Death Policy"...anyone seen it? Also, I'm adding a link to my links page- Gisela just made a site for's great! Check it out at

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