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  2. Those Vatican II priests.(ANALYSIS): An article from: National Catholic Reporter by Pat Marrin, 2009-09-18
  3. Texas Courtroom Crimminal Evidence (2004 Cumulative Supplement) by Pat Priest, 2004
  4. NRLC 2000 Prayer Breakfast Fr. Frank Pavone and Rev. Pat Robertson - - "United for Life".(Brief Article): An article from: National Right to Life News by Kathleen Sweeney, Outreach Department, 2000-07-01
  5. STEEL Forging the Future! #34, January, 1997 by Christopher, Denys Cowan, and Tom Palmer Priest, 1997-01-01
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1. Pat Priest
A tribute on the Swingin' Chicks of the 60s website with biographical information and her impact on Category Arts Celebrities P Priest, Pat......Pat Priest. Below is the Table o' Contents for the whole site Start Page. (indexof all the girls). Swingin' Chicks of the '50s and '70s. (a brief list).
Pat Priest Below is the Table o' Contents for the whole site: Start Page (index of all the girls) Swingin' Chicks of the '50s and '70s (a brief list) Swingin' Chicks of the '90s (another brief list) This Date in the Swingin' '60s... (a day-by day listing of historical events) Minx Linx (related linkage) The History of the Swingin' Chicks of the '60s Web site, with news about the book, calendar, and our TV appearances Contacts, Latest Updates, Notes HER SWINGIN' '60s CREDENTIALS: This sweet blonde went from winning beauty contests to playing Marilyn on "The Munsters" and co-starring with Elvis in Easy Come, Easy Go TV Star and Elvis Girl BIRTH: Her birthdate is hard to find; adding to the mystery is the rumor that she was dropped from the Munster, Go Home movie in '66 because the studio thought she was too old for the part; at least one source claims she was born in 1936, making her thirty for the Munster movie. Her exotic birthplace: Salt Lake City, Utah IMPACT ON THE '60s: Her quiet, normal background character was rarely spotlighted on "The Munsters." She provided occasional merriment when her dates would come to the door and get a glimpse of Herman. One of the few episodes to showcase her was episode 48, "A Man for Marilyn," in which Grandpa tried to turn a frog into a prince so that the "ugly" Marilyn would be able to land a husband. It all backfired, naturally, and poor Marilyn remained disfigured in the eyes of her sympathetic family.

2. More "B" Movie Cheesecake At Brian's Drive-In Theater: O Through S
Pat priest pat priest pat priest pat priest pat Priest Best known as Marilyn Munsteron The Munsters, pretty Pat Priest made several films in the 1960s and
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More "B" Movie Cheesecake
O through S
Updated 2/10/2003. Click on the thumbnails to enlarge.
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Bettie Page
Gorgeous pin-up queen Bettie Page (sometimes credited at "Betty Page") made a few burlesque films during her career but of course is better known for her prolific modeling, which she did from the late 1940s through the early 1960s.
Debra Paget

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Leslie Parrish Model Leslie Parrish became an actress in the 1950s and starred in Li'l Abner (1959) as Daisy Mae. More roles followed in the 1960s in such films as Sex and the Single Girl (1964) and Three on a Couch (1966). In the late 1970s, Parrish walked away from acting to pursue other interests. Avid Mystery Science Theater 3000 fans will remember Parrish's role in The Giant Spider Invasion , which aired as episode 810. Luana Patten Luana Patten began acting as a child, for Walt Disney. She appeared in Song of the South (1946) and Fun and Fancy Free (1947) while under contract to Disney. When her Disney contract lapsed in the late 1940s, Patten put her career on hold. By the mid 1950s and now grown up, Luana Patten found herself starring in such low-budget films as

3. - Pat Priest
Pat Priest Nope, nobody ever recognizes me as Marilyn. . It hasbeen nearly 35 years since Priest took over the role of Marilyn

4. Pat Priest
Pat Priest immediatley stepped in as Marilyn the Monday after BeverleyOwen stepped out. She was born on August 15, 1936. She was
Pat Priest immediatley stepped in as Marilyn the Monday after Beverley Owen stepped out. She was born on August 15, 1936. She was Marilyn from episode 14 to episode 70. After the show was cancelled, the producers (Joe Connelly and Bob Mosher) decided to go through with the plan of a Munster movie for theatrical release. There was one thing different: Pat was being replaced by 18 year old Debbie Watson (a Universal Studios contract player). She was very bitter, and heartbroken to be replaced. She was told she was too old, although hadn't she been doing the series that old for two years? Other cast members tried to protest, but nothing came of it. Beverley Owen was also around Pat's age, and it seems odd they suddenly wanted someone younger (and a red head!). She is currently living in Idaho with her husband Fred Hansing, and she has two sons: Pierce and Lance. She sometimes does shows for her autograph signings. You can obtain her autograph by going to She is more reconized as Marilyn, than is Ms. Owen. Pat once owned a llama breeding ranch. She also bought Elvis's car (a black Cadillac El Dorado) during her movie with him, Easy Come, Easy Go

5. The Cast - Pat Priest
Pat Priest Born Aug. 15, 1936 Birthplace Bountiful, Utah. Pat Priestplayed Marilyn Munster on the Munsters from 1964 Through 1966.
Pat Priest
Aug. 15, 1936
Birthplace: Bountiful, Utah
Pat Priest played Marilyn Munster on the Munsters from 1964
Through 1966. Look below to see what other TV series and movies
Pat Priest was in. *NOTE - Beverly Owen was Pat Priest for the first
15 episodes. She got married and left, and then Pat priest took over
for episodes 15-70.
The Incredible Two-Headed Transplant
Easy Come, Easy Go
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6. Celebrity Wall Paper And Galleries Of Pat Priest
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  • 7. Dead Or Alive? - Pat Priest
    Profile, Send to friend, Last updated 02/02/2003. Go Back Alive Pat PriestField Entertainment. Info Played Marilyn on the TV series The Munsters . Pat

    Intro/News Page
    A B C ...
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    Advertisement Search New Name Comment Instructions Home Profile Send to friend Last updated: 03/11/2003
    Pat Priest
    Info: Played Marilyn on the TV series "The Munsters"
    Date of Birth:
    Current Age:

    8. The Official Pat Priest / Marilyn Munster Home Page.
    Free photo catalog and links to showrelated sites.Category Arts Celebrities P priest, pat......pat priest. Marilyn Munster from the television show The Munsters. Autographs,Celebrity addresses and info. The Official pat priest Home Page.

    9. Priest, Pat - Elvis' WomenRead A Short Biography Of Elvis Presley's "Easy Come,
    Read a detailed profile of this actress best known for her role as Marilyn on "The Munsters." Includes a few photos. pat priest. Below is the Table o' Contents for the whole site

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    Main Page
    Intro Main Menu of Wahinis ... Links
    Pat Priest
    Easy Come, Easy Go, 1967
    Full Name: Patricia Ann Priest
    Born: Salt Lake City, Utah
    Mailing Address:
    Pat Priest
    c/o Pierce and Shelly
    13775-A Mono Way #220
    Sonora, CA 95370
    In 1964, in the middle of the initial season of The Munsters TV show, Beverly Owen decided to leave the series, and the part of Marilyn Munster was up for grabs. Marilyn, of course, was the "plain one of the family", the normal one in a family of "monsters". Pat got the part, and made her initial appearance on the last episode of the first season. She remained in the role until the series ended in 1966. (The film, Munster Go Home , released that same year, featured Debbie Watson in the role.) Her appearance with Elvis came a year later. In Easy Come, Easy Go , Pat plays Dina Bishop, the "bad girl" who gets in Elvis' way while he and Dodie Marshall search for treasure. Pat's memories of Elvis and that time were fond ones, although she regrets one thing: She bought Elvis' Cadillac (a 1967 El Dorado), and later traded it for a Pontiac! "If I had it today, I could retire!", she says. Although not fully retired yet, (she occasionally makes TV appearances) Pat and her second husband, Fred Hansing, are settled in Haley, Idaho. Pat still keeps in touch with Al Lewis and Butch Patrick from The Munsters , and with the series running regularly now on cable, they make more frequent public appearances at conventions and autograph shows. So, watch out! She may be haunting your hometown soon!

    10. Father Pat's Place: A Catholic Priest In Wisconsin
    Links, vocations and parish information from the home page of a Catholic priest in Wisconsin. ©MMIII Fr. pat Umberger, Arcadia, WI U.S.A., email
    Rosary for Peace Support our Troops
    Lent 2003
    On-Line Stations of the Cross ... Click for a Caricature
    "I am no lazier now than I was forty years ago
    but that is because I reached the limit forty years ago.
    You can't go beyond possibility. "
    Mark Twain
    Neider, "Autobiography," 1955
    click here to enter this site "Be still and know that I am God." ~Psalm 46:10 Welcome to my Web Site. I hope you find it a safe and peaceful place. Spend some time reading about my life and the road that has led to priesthood. Sign my Guest Book, too. Check our e-mail Groups to receive our daily Morning Prayer by e-mail or Reflection Questions and a Spiritual Reflection for each weekend. Keep an eye open for our on-line referral forms. It's easy to "tell a friend" about pages you find helpful. Be sure to click " Come on In " for a complete Menu. Enjoy your visit and return often. May God continue to

    11. Pat Priest LIVE! On America Online
    Chat transcript from 1998 on Nick at Nite forum.
    Pat Priest LIVE on AOL! March 19, 1998 9:00 - 9:45 pm est EVENT TRANSCRIPT
    TVLandMC: Welcome to Nick at Nite TVLand Online's live event with Pat "Marilyn Munster" Priest. The TVLandMC: event will begin at 9p.m. ET. TVLandMC: You're here chatting LIVE with Pat "Marilyn Munster" TVLandMC: Priest! Pat will be here answering your Munster-ific TVLandMC: questions until 9:45pm ET. Remember to watch The Munsters TVLandMC: on TV Landand don't miss The Munsters in VERTIVISION this TVLandMC: Saturday night! It's a Munsters Marathon from 8pm to TVLandMC: 5:30am! TVLandMC: Ms. Priest, it's a pleasure to have you with us here this evening. Welcome! TVLMunster: Thank you very much, I'm delighted to be with you! TVLandMC: Would you like to share anything with us before we begin with audience questions? TVLMunster: The only thing is watch the Munster Marathon on TV Land - it's 20 of the best Munster TVLMunster: shows!! TVLandMC: Yes! Nobody miss that! TVLMunster: If you don't have TV Land, call up cable and get it! Question: Hello Pat! It's you little #1 fan, Michael. How are you? I just

    12. Pierce And Shelly's Celebrity Photo Catalogs And Websites
    View a photo gallery of pat priest, the normal one from the Munsters' motley crew, and links.
    What are you doing here? We've Moved!!!! our own domain!!! We're now at...

    13. Pat Priest Photo Catalog And Order Form
    pat priest. Marilyn Munster from the television show The Munsters. pat has afree photo catalog available. pat priest~. PHOTO CATALOG and ORDER FORM.

    14. Pat Priest
    Internet Movie Database offers a look at the complete filmography for this film and TV actress. Includes related links.,+Pat

    15. Zen Center Of Chapel Hill--a Zen Buddhist Meditation Group
    An American Soto Zen Buddhist Meditation group affiliated with the San Francisco Zen Center. pat Taitaku Phelan, priest.
    Zen Means "meditation"
    Zen is the school of Buddhism which emphasizes the religious practice of meditation. The Buddha taught that Ignorance, created by our greed, hate, and delusion, prevents us from realizing that we are all enlightened. Zen Buddhism teaches that the practice of sitting in meditation (Jap.: zazen ) directly manifests our inborn enlightenment, our Buddha Nature. In Zen practice, seated meditation and enlightenment are one. No preliminary training or long preparation is necessary to realize the Way.
    Zen Sixth Patriarch
    Cutting Bamboo
    (Ryankai, 13th century) The Soto school of Japanese Zen practice was founded in the 13th century by the Zen Master Eihei Dogen. In his instructions on how to meditate, Dogen writes,
    " You should...cease from practice based on intellectual understanding...and learn the backward step that turns your light inwardly to illuminate your self. Body and mind of themselves will drop away, and your original face will be manifest....The zazen I speak of is not learning meditation. It is simply the...gate of repose and bliss, the practice-realization of totally culminated enlightenment. It is the manifestation of ultimate reality. "

    16. Home Page
    Founded by Fr. pat Hawk Roshi, a Roman Catholic priest and Zen Master. Located at Picture Rocks Retreat Center. The pathless path is dedicated to the practice of silent meditation as experienced in the traditions of both Christian Contemplation and Zen Buddhism.
    Welcome to the Pathless Path
    Introduction to the Pathless Path Meditation/Contemplation Schedule for Pathless Path Contemplative Intensive Retreat (CIR) ... Redemptorist Picture Rocks Retreat Center For more information contact: Susan Weimer Head Resident / Pathless Path / 7101 W. Picture Rocks Road / Tucson, AZ 85743 ph# 520-744-3400, Ext. 33 The knower and the known are one. Some people imagine that they should see God as if God stood there and they here. This is not so. God and I, we are one. Meister Eckhart A good traveler has no fixed plans and is not intent upon arriving. Lao Tzu

    17. Ekoji Zen Group
    Offers twice weekly zazen practice. Not affiliated with any one school or teacher, but the group hosts visits by teachers from a variety of lineages, including frequent visits by Taitaku patricia Phelan Sensei, priest from the Chapel Hill Zen Center. pat practices in the Soto lineage and tradition of Shunryu Suzuki Roshi.
    Ekoji Zen Group Zen Buddhism focuses on sitting mediation, called zazen, as a means to realize the teachings of the Buddha and his spiritual successors. Some schools of Zen use koans, or spiritual riddles, in meditation practice. Others simply focus on the breath during meditation. These are various methods used to reach the same goal of an awakened life.
    For more information on Zen Buddhism and Zen meditation practice, see our suggested reading list. Another aspect of Zen practice involves the observance of the Sixteen Bodhisattva Precepts. The precepts are derived from ancient Buddhist ethical standards. In Zen, we do not seek to "live up to" these standards through discipline, but instead seek the true source of the precepts so that right action arises freely and spontaneously.

    Zen Meditation Schedule
    Sun 9:00 AM
    Wed 7:00 PM
    zazen meditation
    (30 minutes)
    walking meditation
    (10 minutes)
    zazen meditation
    (30 minutes) service (10 minutes) (Sundays only) If you're new, please call ahead of time

    18. Pat Priest
    Similar pages CelebrityFiles P priest, patP priest, pat (4), Elvis' Women pat priest Includes a biographyand various pictures. The Marilyn Munster / pat priest Page - Free, Pat

    19. DIRECTORY.TERADEX.COM - Entertainment/Celebrities/P/Priest, Pat
    pat priest A tribute on the Swingin' Chicks of the 60s website with biographical information and her impact on that
    Add your Web Site
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    Search through: Entire site Priest, Pat DIRECTORY Entertainment Celebrities P ... Priest, Pat - Includes a biography and various pictures. Pat Priest Pat Priest Live on America Online - Chat transcript from 1998 on Nick at Nite forum. The Marilyn Munster / Pat Priest Home Page - Free photo catalog and links to show-related sites.
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    20. Sify Search - Directory For Priest, Pat
    You are here Home Arts Celebrities P priest, pat. Websites. pat priest Live on America Online

    Connect Entertainment Lifestyle ... Advertise Search for WWW Khoj Manpasand This Directory Help Filetype Search Submit A Site Share your Indian Favourites with us. Help us build Khoj. Click here You are here >> Home Arts Celebrities P Priest, Pat
    Pat Priest Live on America Online

    Chat transcript from 1998 on Nick at Nite forum.
    Pat Priest

    A tribute on the Swingin' Chicks of the 60s website with biographical information and her impact on that era.
    Elvis' Women: Pat Priest

    Includes a biography and various pictures.
    The Marilyn Munster / Pat Priest Home Page

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