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  1. UNDER COVER. "The Wall." Original script from the 1991 television series starring Anthony John Denison and Linda Purl. by Teleplay by Thania St. John., 1991
  2. The Oresteia by Aeschylus, 2007-03-16
  3. Broken Glass: Starring JoBeth Williams, David Dukes, Lawrence Pressman and Linda Purl by Arthur Miller, L.A. Theatre Works, 2001-07-10
  4. The Oresteia by Aeschylus, 2007-04-02
  5. The Odd Couple - starring Nathan Lane and David Paymer (Audio Theatre Series) by David Paymer, Dan Castellaneta, et all 2001-01-30
  6. Where Shadows Go by Eugenia Price, 1993-04-01
  7. Developing Educational Leaders: A Working Model: The Learning Community in Action (Critical Issues in Educational Leadership) by Bruce G. Barnett, Margaret R. Basom, et all 2002-01

1. Linda Purl
Linda Purl. This photo is a part of an interview on the TV Now site.It is called Linda Purl in Stages , an interview with Tony Bray.
Linda Purl
This photo is a part of an interview on the TV Now site. It is called "Linda Purl in Stages", an interview with Tony Bray. You can find it at the following link: Linda Purl was born on September 2 nd , 1955, in Greenwich, Connecticut, however she grew up in Japan, where the family had transferred because of her father's work. It was in Japan that she made her show business debut at the age of just seven years old and she appeared both on stage and television. Early stage appearances in Tokyo included A Day in the Life of Joe Egg and the role of Helen Keller in The Miracle Worker It appears that she returned to the USA to attend Finch College, where she trained for the stage with Maguerite Beale in 1970-71, followed by some time at the Lee Strasberg Institute in 1972-74. The year 1972 saw her make her American film debut in a film called Jory . Since then she has appeared in a huge number of films, television mini-series and telemovies, and starred in a number of television series, as well as guest starring in many others. She has played a diverse range including a mentally retarded teenager in Like Normal People

2. Linda Purl
This page was updated on August 5, 2002.

3. Linda Purl Am TV - Das TV-Programm Online
Darsteller Linda Purl, James Read, Amy Bryson, Tom Nowicki, Linda Pierce Regie Purl

4. Celebrity Storm :- Linda Purl
Linda Purl photo gallery, filmography, biography, trivia and quotes and much moreat, including high quality wall posters for sale.
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Linda Purl photo gallery

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5. Celebrity Biography - Linda Purl
Linda Purl Biography This petite blonde player is capable of projectingboth a delicate vulnerability and a sturdy strength. Linda

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Linda Purl Biography
This petite blonde player is capable of projecting both a delicate vulnerability and a sturdy strength. Linda Purl has had an active TV career since the early 1970s, frequently appearing in TV-movies to supplement several unsuccessful attempts at a series stardom. She is recalled as the divorcee who (temporarily) won the heart of The Fonz (Henry Winkler) on "Happy Days" (ABC, 1982-83) and more recently starred as a former assistant D.A. running a nightclub and helping offenders walk the straight and narrow in "Robin's Hoods" (syndicated, 1994-95). Purl has not been too active in feature films. She was the youngest of three generations of women on a crime spree in "Crazy Mama" (1975) and an ingenue enticed by Rod Steiger in "W.C. Fields and Me" (1976). Purl was leading lady to Donny Most (from "Happy Days") in Jerry Paris' "Leo and Loree" (1979), executive produced by Ron Howard. She also recorded songs for the original soundtrack to the film, including "If We Could Turn Back Time". Purl was an illiterate woman being pursued in the mountains in "High Country" (1979) and a woman who finds herself in the middle of a plot to assassinate Henry Kissinger in "Natural Causes" (1993).

6. Robert Armin Chat With Linda Purl
Linda Purl. Transcript of Robert Armin's online chat with Linda Purl (February3, 2003). RobertArmin I'm am delighted to welcome my guest, Linda Purl.
Linda Purl Transcript of Robert Armin's online chat with Linda Purl
(February 3, 2003)
[RobertArmin] Good evening and welcome to the Fynsworth Alley Chat Room [RobertArmin] I'm am delighted to welcome my guest, Linda Purl. [RobertArmin] Good evening, Linda. [LindaPurl] Hi there [RobertArmin] This is my first REALLY long distance chat. We're on different coasts! [RobertArmin] As you may or may not remember, I have been a big admirer of your singing long before your first album came out. [LindaPurl] yup. my first ever chat so its all new [RobertArmin] I heard you sing at 88s in New York... [RobertArmin] But I have admired your acting since the FIRST time you were on Happy Days. [LindaPurl] yes. long time ago. it was a blast [RobertArmin] You have an interesting background... [RobertArmin] You were born in the states, but you spent your childhood in Japan. [LindaPurl] okay help Robert [LindaPurl] can't figure out how to scroll down on your dialogue [RobertArmin] Hmmm, it's not doing that automatically?

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  • 8. Linda Purl
    Linda Purl. Biographical information. Born 2 September 1955, Greenwich,CT; Married and divorced Desi Arnaz Jr. Filmography Born
    Linda Purl
    Biographical information.
    • Born: 2 September 1955, Greenwich, CT
    • Married and divorced Desi Arnaz Jr.
  • Born Free: A New Adventure (1996) (TV Movie)
  • Company, The ()
  • Robin's Hoods (1994) [Brett Robin]
  • Accidental Meeting (1994) (TV)
  • Incident at Deception Ridge (1994) (TV)
  • Natural Causes (1994) [Jessie McCarthy]
  • Body Language (1992) (TV) [Norma]
  • Danielle Steel's 'Secrets' (1992) (TV) [Jane Adams]
  • Under Cover (1991)
  • Before the Storm (1991) (TV)
  • Under Cover (1991) (TV)
  • Web of Deceit (1990) (TV)
  • Addicted to His Love (1988) (TV) [Cassie]
  • Viper (1988) [Laura Macalla]
  • In Self Defense (1987) (TV)
  • Matlock (1986-88)
  • Dark Mansions (1986) (TV)
  • Outrage! (1986) (TV) [Arlene Robbins]
  • Pleasures (1986) (TV) [Eve Harper]
  • Midas Valley (1985) (TV)
  • Last Days of Pompeii, The (1984) (mini) [Nydia]
  • Money on the Side (1982) (TV) [Annie Gilson]
  • Manions of America, The (1981) (mini) [Deirdre O'Manion]
  • Adventures of Nellie Bly, The (1981) (TV) [Nellie Bly]
  • High Country, The (1981)
  • Visiting Hours (1981) [Sheila Munroe]
  • Leo and Loree (1980)
  • Night the City Screamed, The (1980) (TV)
  • 9. Linda Purl
    Linda Purl. , ,
    Linda Purl

    10. Linda Purl's Official Home On The WWW
    Official Home on the WWW.Category Arts Celebrities P purl, linda...... soon on my site. Let's pray for peace! God bless America. With gratitude,.linda. We welcome your comments. 2002 ©



    Concert Information

    Autographed Photos

    Dear Friends, I will be playing Blanche DuBois in ' A Streetcar Named Desire ' in May at the Rubicon theatre in Ventura, California and am very excited about that. I'll also be appearing in an upcoming episode of "Crossing Jordan" on NBC. I'm working on a festival for Colorado, the Colorado Festival of World Theatre. There will be more information about that soon on my site. Let's pray for peace! God bless America. With gratitude, Linda
    We welcome your comments

    11. Tony Bray Interviews Linda Purl In 2002
    TVNow Interview.
    Photo: Harry Langdon
    Linda Purl
    In 2002
    Over 25 years ago, she broke hearts on Happy Days . Today, the versatile performer runs the house of a Supreme Court Judge. Lucky man! Fans of high drama should make a habit to view First Monday on CBS, the new series from Donald P. Bellisario ( JAG ) that is centered around the all-powerful Supreme Court. The impressive cast of veteran actors who populate the court includes Joe Mantegna in the role of the newest member of the court, Associate Justice Joe Novelli, and James Garner as Chief Justice Thomas Brankin, the seasoned conservative who needs his votes to break the gridlock between the right and left wings of the court. Mantegna plays a man torn between his own ideals and the constitution, a complex situation made easier for him by a loving wife and children at home. Linda Purl has the key role of Sarah Novelli, a woman who loves her husband and wants to support his awesome decisions, but finds some of the court's positions unrealistic. She balances the dual role of wife and advocate with ease. Back in 1997, I had the good fortune to interview Purl about her career as a singer and performer. People who only remember her from her stint on

    12. Linda Purl Current Month TV Schedule
    TVNow presents linda purl On TV Jan. 24 Feb. 28, Image courtesy of the Celebrity. NicholasClay, Olivia Hussey, Duncan Regehr and linda purl star.
    TVNow presents
    Linda Purl
    On TV
    March 24 - April 30
    Image courtesy of the Celebrity.
    Eastern Time Zone Used Accidental Meeting
    95 minutes- R, USA, 1994, (CC), Video, In Stereo, Adult situations, violence
    Directed by Michael Zinberg and starring
    Linda Gray, Linda Purl, Leigh McCloskey
    Ernie Lively, David Hayward, Kent McCord
    A single mother becomes unwillingly drawn into a murder-swapping scheme orchestrated by her dangerous new friend. Tue Apr 1 03:50A HBOE3- HBO Signature Mon Apr 7 05:25A HBOE2- HBO Plus Fri Apr 11 03:00P HBOE2- HBO Plus Thu Apr 24 10:15A HBOE2- HBO Plus Addicted to His Love 95 minutes- USA, 1988, In Stereo Directed by Arthur Allan Seidelman and starring Polly Bergen, Barry Bostwick, Colleen Camp Hector Elizondo, Rosemary Forsyth, Erin Gray Linda Purl, Dee Wallace Stone, Rusty Schwimmer Four women plan a unique form of revenge after discovering they are all romantically linked to the same con artist. Wed Mar 26 09:10A LOVE- Encore's Love Stories Wed Mar 26 04:40P LOVE- Encore's Love Stories Body Language 95 minutes- R, USA, 1992, (CC), Video, In Stereo, Violence

    13. Linda Purl's Portrait Photo Gallery
    linda purl, linda purl, linda purl, linda purl, linda purl. linda purl, linda purl,linda purl, linda purl, linda purl. linda's Career Gallery. linda purl Home Page.
    Click image for larger picture.
    Linda's Career Gallery

    Linda Purl: Home Page

    14. > Purl, Linda
    Groups Periodicals, Etc. Video/DVD. purl, linda Viewing 11 of 1 results.1. Alone Together purl, linda Audio CD, Price $16.95. All Mail

    15. > Purl, Linda
    Vocalists Periodicals, Etc. Video/DVD. purl, linda Viewing 11 of 1 results.1. Alone Together purl, linda Audio CD, Price $16.95. All Mail

    16. Linda Purl

    17. Linda Purl
    DVDs Compare Prices for linda purl - linda purl - Compare DVD prices at Nextag for thousands of stores. linda purl

    Celebrity List
    Celebrity News Celebrity Products Celebrity Reviews ... Home Page
    Linda Purl
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    18. CelebrityFiles : P: Purl, Linda
    P purl, linda (2). linda purl Official on theWWW. linda purl In Stages - TVNow - Interview.,_Linda/
    P : Purl, Linda

    19. DIRECTORY.TERADEX.COM - Entertainment/Celebrities/P/Purl, Linda
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    20. Linda Purl
    Similar pages Similar pages More results from Comparación de Precios Categoría Películas y Gente Buscar. Ver con Fotos Sin Fotos. linda purl, Títulosde películas con 'linda purl' - 26 Títulos Encontrados., Linda

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