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         Quigley Linnea:     more detail
  1. I'm Screaming As Fast As I Can: My Life in B-Movies by Linnea and Tomashoff, Craig Quigley, 1995
  2. Attack of the B Queens by Jon Keeyes, Linnea Quigley, et all 2003-08-01
  3. The Linnea Quigley Bio & Chainsaw Book by Linnea Quigley, 1991
  4. Midnight Premiere by Tom Piccirilli, Thomas F. Monteleone, et all 2007-07-15
  5. American Screen Actor, 1950s Birth Introduction: Kimberly Beck, Mark Boone Junior, Linnea Quigley, Amy Van Nostrand, Tom Mcgowan
  6. Fanex 3 Fantasy Film Expo 1989 (Signed By Forrest J. Ackerman, Brinke Stevens, Linnea Quigley, Jeff Morrow, Anna Karen Morrow) Convention Program by Gary J. Svehla (President) and The Horror & Fantasy Film Society, 1989
  7. Naissance En Iowa: John Wayne, Andy Williams, Herbert Hoover, Kurt Warner, Linnea Quigley, Jean Seberg, Nat Pendleton, Norman Maclean (French Edition)
  8. The Linnea Quigley Bio and Chainsaw Book by No Author Listed, 1991-01-01
  10. Screw Magazine - November 22, 1993: Teri Weigel, Linnea Quigley, and More (Issue 1290)

61. Linnea Quigley Posters
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62. Linnea Quigley, Actor @ The 80's Movies Rewind
Your definitive guide to linnea quigley and 80's Movies on the web. Non commercial,spam free entertainment that's safe for kids too. linnea quigley Actor Quigley&searchtype=A

63. Night Of The Demons Movie With Linnea Quigley, Lance Fenton @ The 80's Movies Re
Director Kevin Tenney's latest movie was Endangered Species (2002). LinneaQuigley also starred in Sorority Babes In The Slime Ball BowlO-Rama.
if( document.write('i Page Is Loading...XPlease wait while the Night of the Demons page loads.It has a lots of cool info, pictures, trivia, filming locations, links, DVD and Soundtrack stuff and more.It is worth the wait, we promise... :)) ')
Night of the Demons (1987)
his is your basic campy, 80's, teenage horror movie.
But, don't get this confused with your basic corny, low-budget, pointless, worthless, bad-acting, waste-of-your-money, waste-of-your-time, no good, stupid 80's teenage horror movie.
No, Night of the Demons (also known as Halloween Party) is far better then that, and even worthy of your rental money.
What can I say? This movie is AWESOME! There are certain ingredients a horror movie needs, to be at it's finest. The mood and the atmosphere need to feel cold, murky and dark. The special effects have to look realistic and believable and most important, they have to look good. No, better then good excellent! The characters should be somewhat impressionable and that goes for the villain/killer/monster(like Freddy, Jason, Mike, Letherface, etc.)
And, last but not least, probably the most important ingredient a horror movie needs, is to leave you either scared stiff, or puking your guts out!

64. Vegetarian Journal September / October 2001 Vegetarian Action: Are Those Brains
linnea quigley A Vegan in Zombie’s Clothing. linnea quigley is bestknow for her role as Trash in 1985's Return of the Living Dead.

VRG Home
About VRG Vegetarian Journal Books ... Links
Vegetarian Journal Sep/Oct 2001
Vegetarian Action
Are Those Brains Vegan? - Linnea Quigley: A Vegan in Zombie’s Clothing
By Davida Gypsy Breier Sometime last autumn I was reorganizing the VRG library when I came across an old issue of the Vegetarian Times from 1990 with "Scream Queen" Linnea Quigley on the cover. A a fan of horror films I took note of the issue, but shelved it along with the rest of 1990. A few weeks later, after having watched her in Return of the Living Dead LInnea Quigley's Horror Workout and Burial of the Rats , I recalled that article and wondered what it was about - what was her connection to vegetarianism? I spoke with her to find out. Linnea Quigley is best know for her role as "Trash" in 1985's Return of the Living Dead . She has done over 60 movies since her first rold in Fairy Tales (1978). Some are forgettable (even she's forgotten the names of a few), but many are quintessential viewing for the horror fan. Linnea's books, I'm Screaming as Fast as I Can and The Linnea Quigley Chainsaw Book offer a personal view of horror movies, their makers, and the fans. She came across as very likeable and genuine, and the anecdotes of her unusual life in film are often rather humorous. This star of

65. Linnea Quigley - First Person Quiz
linnea quigley Completed October 2002 Mona; linnea quigley's Horror Workout (1990)(V) . Herself; Murder Weapon (1990) . Dawn; Robot Ninja (1990) .
Linnea Quigley
Completed October 2002
Actress Date of birth (location)
27 May

Davenport, Iowa, USA
Actress - filmography
  • Case of the Frightened Lady, The (2002) Corpses Are Forever (2002) (V) .... Elli Kroger Death Island (2002) Each Time I Kill (2002) .... Aunt Belle Zombiegeddon (2002) (V) Kannibal (2001) (V) .... Georgina Thereshkova Venice Beach (2001) Monster Man, The (2001) (V) .... Aunt Ruth Horrorvision (2001) (V) (uncredited) .... Photo Model Antena Criminal: The Making of Jess Franco's 'Blind Target' (2000) (V) .... Herself Blind Target (2000) .... Serena Erwin Prophecy 3: The Ascent, The (2000) (V) .... Hooker Frost (1999) .... Sandra Sex Files: Pleasureville (1999) .... Texas Lilly Play It to the Bone (1999) (uncredited) .... Overdosed Hooker Kolobos (1999) .... Dorothy Animals (1999) .... Dana Miles-Evans Death Mask (1998) .... Angel Wilson Killer Eye, The (1998) (uncredited) .... TV Shower Girl Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula (1998) .... Tere Moving Targets (1998) .... District Attorney Girls of the 'B' Movies (1998) (V) .... Herself
  • 66. Films And TV: Movie Lookup
    TV listings results for linnea quigley, Go to Movie Database Listings. Tuesday,February 11th, Movie listings results for linnea quigley, Go to TV Listings. Quigley

    67. Star Maps Guide To Linnea Quigley Pictures
    A guide to beautiful women on the internet. BACK TO STAR MAPS.linnea quigley. linnea quigley Circle, Her official site.
    A guide to beautiful women on the internet BACK TO STAR MAPS LINNEA QUIGLEY Linnea Quigley Circle Her official site Suggest URL BACK TO STAR MAPS Report Dead URL Can't find what you're looking for? Try one of these: options

    68. Linnea Quigley Featured By The Celebrity Portal - Information, Pictures, Photos,
    linnea quigley featured by The Celebrity Portal information, pictures, photos,posters, cards, images, wallpapers, biographies, filmographies, links, fan

    69. Linnea Quigley Featured By The Celebrity Portal - Actress - Information, Picture
    linnea quigley featured by The Celebrity Portal actress - information, pictures,photos, posters, wallpapers, biographies, filmographies, links, fan sites
    Linnea Quigley featured by The Celebrity Portal
    Welcome to our Linnea Quigley celebrity page. We offer a lot of information, pictures, photos, posters, wallpapers, biographies, filmographies, links, fan sites and galleries about your favoured celebrity. You'll find Linnea Quigley information, pictures, photos, posters, wallpapers, biographies, filmographies, galleries and links of her fan pages. We continuous check the galleries and fan page links. You can help us if you add a fan page link for your favoured celebrity to our list. Just visit our celebrity portal today. A lot of information about the actress Linnea Quigley are waiting for you. Don't miss to visit our celebrity posters section. You only need one good source about your favoured female celebrities. The Celebrity Portal provides you that source ! Easy and fast navigation within the page. Choose your favoured fan page and vote for this page.
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    70. Cine Fantastico: Linnea Quigley
    Translate this page linnea quigley. DATOS PERSONALES Nombre linnea quigley Lugar de nacimiento Davenport(EEUU) Fecha de nacimiento 27 de Mayo de 1958 Fecha de defunción -,
    Linnea Quigley DATOS PERSONALES
    Nombre : Linnea Quigley
    Lugar de nacimiento : Davenport (EEUU)
    Fecha de nacimiento : 27 de Mayo de 1958
    El Regreso de los Muertos Vivientes
    Silent Night, Deadly Night el Regreso de los Muertos Vivientes Algunos, como Treasure of the Moon Goddess Brinke Stevens
    o Michelle Bauer , o con el director Fred Olen Ray . Precisamente con Bauer y Ray Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Pesadilla en Elm Street Linnea the Guyver
    Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers the Skirts Vice Academy Linnea Mari Cookie and the Killer Tarantula Jess Franco
    Fairy Tales
    Stone Cold Dead
    Summer Camp
    Psycho from Texas Graduation Day Don't Go Near the Park Young Warriors Still Smokin' Silent Night, Deadly Night Savage Streets Fatal Games The Black Room The Return of the Living Dead Beverly Hills Girls Treasure of the Moon Goddess Nightmare Sisters Night of the Demons Drive-In Madness! Creepozoids A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master Vice Academy Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers Dr. Alien Witchtrap Sexbomb Deadly Embrace Blood Nasty Assault of the Party Nerds American Rampage Vice Academy Part 2 Robot Ninja Murder Weapon Linnea Quigley's Horror Workout Diggin' Up Business Freddy's Dead: The Final Nightmare Virgin High The Guyver Innocent Blood Blood Church The Girl I Want Beach Babes from Beyond Assault of the Party Nerds 2: The Heavy Petting Detective Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings Stripteaser Jack-O Burial of the Rats (1995)-TV Sick-o-pathics Fatal Frames Rock n' Roll Cops Boogie Boy Bimbo Movie Bash Moving Targets Mari-Cookie and the Killer Tarantula Girls of the 'B' Movies

    71. Linnea Quigley - Resources Center (info, News, Fan Mail, Photos, Web Sites, Post
    Your source for linnea quigley information including last news, selective filmographyand discography, fan mail addresses, photos and posters, books, videos,_Linnea
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    Mom's Family Planner: 2003 Wall Calendar
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    Infos Posters Music DVD Books ... More Sites If you made a site dedicated to Linnea Quigley , please do not hesitate to submit it for being freely listed at World-Of-Celebrities. Selective Filmography
    Return of the Living Dead Part II
    Cast and Crew (in alphabetical order):
    Mitch Pileggi

    Linnea Quigley
    Return of the Living Dead Part II related sites (1 site found)
    Play It to the Bone
    Cast and Crew (in alphabetical order):
    Antonio Banderas

    Drew Carey

    Kevin Costner

    Natasha Gregson Wagner
    ... Michiko Nishiwaki Linnea Quigley Tom Sizemore Wesley Snipes Jennifer Tilly Robert Wagner ... related sites (11 sites found)
    Cast and Crew (in alphabetical order): Linnea Quigley This movie is available on: DVD Browse Kolobos related sites (1 site found) WebRings Create your own ring now!

    72. Linnea Quigley DVDs
    WoodPlaners. linnea quigley DVDs. Sorority Babes in the Slimeball BowlO-Rama,Kolobos, Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers. linnea quigley Posters. in Association with.
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    Linnea Quigley DVDs
    Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama
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    Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers
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    Cheech and Chong's Still Smokin'
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    73. Linnea Quigley @ Filmbug
    Filmbug Movie Star Search, Home linnea quigley Biography, linnea quigley linneaquigley. Tell us what you think of linnea quigley in the Filmbug forum
    Movie Stars
    Linnea Quigley:
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    Linnea Quigley
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    Facts Occupation Actress Birthday May 27 Sign Gemini Chinese Sign Dog (element: Earth) Birthplace Davenport, Iowa, USA Height 5' 2" (1m57)
    More ... contact

    74. Linnea Quigley Interview
    Here's my interview with actress linnea quigley, who played Trash in the film. 1 How did you get involved with ROTLD ? I got
    Here's my interview with actress Linnea Quigley, who played "Trash" in the film. 1- How did you get involved with "ROTLD"? I got called in by Stanzi Stokes, a casting director that cast me in "Silent Night Deadly Night". I guess the role was already cast by this girl who got pregnant. So I auditioned 3 times and got it. 2- What was it like working with Dan O'Bannon? Dan was brilliant. He really got into the film. 3- Was the rest of the cast easy to work with? Yes, we all got along. A lot of long nights. People held up good. It was hard outside all night with rain machines. 4- Were there any difficulties with the extras, especially during the scene when your character was attacked? The extras were mean. I had to suffer with white paint all over and be cold and they said rude stuff. I wanted to bite their brains out. 5- Were there any other problems on the set? Oh yes but my next book is going into more detail on that. A lot of tensions built on the set and things happened. In my books "Chainsaw Bio" and "I Am Screaming As Fast As I Can", I go into stuff but the next book will really spill dirt. 6- Do you enjoy meeting fans? Any interesting stories?

    75. Linnea Quigley
    Tell me when this page is updated. Scream Queen Next Door. Other linnea QuigleySites. Back to Dark Divas Main Page Back to Tenebrous Kate's Tenebrous Home Page.

    76. Linnea Quigley - The Ultimate Scream Queen!
    linnea quigley is (in by book) the best scream queen ever to appear on the silverscreen of horror! Keep Screaming and Coming Back!” Love, linnea quigley
    The ultimate scream queen!
    Linnea Quigley is (in by book) the best scream queen ever to appear on the silver screen of horror! She's a great actress, she has done a huge amount of great work, and don't forget..... she's sexy as hell! One of the first things I'd like to say is A HUGE THANK YOU to Ms. Linnea Quigley! Some might not believe me but I sent her an email a while back and she replied me with a quote to use for my site! Talk about not believing my eyes when I read the email! She's been one of my favorite actresses ever since after viewing her performances in Return of the Living Dead, Night of the Demons, and A Nightmare on Elm Street 4: The Dream Master . (To name a few.) She is VERY loyal to her fans and that is just one more reason to love her. In this section of The Flesh Farm I will bring you on an exploration to learn more about her career and to more inform you of her great acting style. So sit back, grab a beer, and prepare to enter the world of the lovely Linnea Quigley.
    I think this site is very good, it shows the person behind

    77. DVDs Starring Linnea Quigley
    There are 4 DVDs starring linnea quigley Showing items 1 - 4. Their celebratio Read more Stars linnea quigley, Alvin Alexis, Mimi Kinkade. 1-4.
    Title DVD Director Star There are 4 DVDs starring Linnea Quigley - Showing items 1 - 4 Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (DVD)
    Usually ships within 6-7 days
    Read more
    Stars: Linnea Quigley Jay Richardson Dawn Wildsmith Gunnar Hansen ... Jack-O (DVD) NOT RELEASED ~ Not available
    A trio of grave robbers unleash a vengeful monster, from an unmarked grave, into the community... Read more Stars: Linnea Quigley Catherine Walsh Rebecca Wicks Gary Doles ... Kannibal (DVD)
    Usually ships within 4-5 days
    Georgina is head of a Mob crime family which controls drugs, pornography and prostitution and the police have very little power to stop her. This chan... Read more Stars: Linnea Quigley Eileen Daly Richard Driscoll Lucien Morgan ... Night Of The Demons (DVD)
    Usually ships within 6-7 days
    A group of teenagers, out for fun, decide to hold a Halloween party in an abandoned, creepy funeral parlour on the outskirts of town. Their celebratio... Read more Stars: Linnea Quigley , Alvin Alexis, Mimi Kinkade Bensons World
    Unit 9, Iron Bridge Close, Great Central Way, London, NW10 0UF
    Tel: 020 84510600 Fax: 020 84595162

    78. Horror Of - Linnea Quigley Interview
    genre? linnea Be careful about anything you get in to. If actors?linnea Well, a lot of actors are sensitive an need praise. I





    Q:What is your advice to aspiring actresses about getting work in the field/genre?

    LINNEA: Be careful about anything you get in to. If you do a b-movie be careful of stunts and things they might be working with since it's not all that safe. It's hard enough to do stunts on huge budgets. Don't do something you're not comfortable with and try to go through an agent and let people know where you are when you go to an audition or film if you can't take someone with you. Just be careful. Do things you feel will help you for not much money until you get stuff under your belt. Working is like free acting class. Even if you're just an extra you will learn a lot.
    Q: Advice to directors about treating/dealing with actors?
    LINNEA: Well, a lot of actors are sensitive an need praise. I'm past that but with the new ones take the time to say something nice or give a critical comment in a nice way. And NEVER yell in front of everyone about someone.
    Q: You are also extremely involved with PETA and animal rights. Talk about this…

    79. BIOGRAPHY - Linnea Quigley
    Go2Broadband, linnea quigley Hollywood Chainsaw Hookers (1988), Creepozoids (1987).Night of the Demons (1987), Sorority Babes in the Slimeball BowlO-Rama (1987).,,183918-1-EST,00.html

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    80. Artist
    , Officer Certifications. •, Code of Ethics. •, SEC Filings. IncludingSection 16 Reports. linnea quigley. 1 10 of 78 titles found for this artist.Next.

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