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         Schweig Eric:     more detail
  1. Inuit Actors: Eric Schweig, Natar Ungalaaq, Annabella Piugattuk, Paul-André Brasseur, Zachary Ittimangnaq
  2. People From Inuvik: Eric Schweig, Floyd Roland, Tom Butters, Roger Allen, Jason Elliott, Michel Chrétien, Zac Boyer, Fred Koe, Daniel L. Norris
  3. Ojibwé: Totémisme, Grammaire de L'ojibwé, Ojibwés, Eric Schweig, Monument National de Grand Portage, Nanabozo, Conseil Des Trois Feux (French Edition)

Eric Schweig Adoption Speech. The following speech was given issue thatis scarcely recognized. It means the world to me. Eric Schweig.

Eric Schweig Adoption Speech
His participation in the conference was a chance to encourage more involvement on the part of the native community, be they extended family or neighbors, in the plight and care of children who desperately need someone to intervene and protect. It was also meant as a plea to replace governmental paternalism with community assistance. These words are, according to Eric Schweig, his "mission statement." "We can never go home because the concept of home is lost on us." Adoption of aboriginal children by Caucasian couples is to me, for lack of a better term 'State Sanctioned Kidnapping.' Too often Euro-American couples are preoccupied with the romantic notion of having a "real live Indian baby" or a "real live Inuit baby" which instantly transforms the child into an object rather than a person. For decades our communities' babies have been unceremoniously wrenched from the hands of their biological parents and subjected to a plethora of abuses. Physical abuse, mental abuse, sexual abuse and a host of others. I have first-hand knowledge of this because I was one of those children. For years my adoptive parents beat me bloody on a regular basis. I've been trapped in rooms naked and beaten with belt buckles, hockey sticks, extension cords, and once with a horsewhip.

2. Schweig Eric
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3. DVD > Schweig Eric: Preise Und Angebote Bei Idealo
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4. Schweig Eric
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5. Eric Schweig
Eric Schweig. Schweig, Eric International Fan Club - If a fan of Eric Schweigthan join this international homage to the native Canadian actor.

Celebrity List
Celebrity News Celebrity Products Celebrity Reviews ... Home Page
Eric Schweig
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  • Sandpiper's Eric Schweig Site - Fan Site dedicated to Inuit actor and carver Eric Schweig
  • the unofficial Eric Schweig pages - ... An unofficial website for the actor / artist Eric Schweig. If you have any questions or problems with the website ...
  • The Eric Schweig Gallery
  • the official Eric Schweig web site - This is the official website for actor / artist Eric Schweig. ... have a news list for anyone that want to get the latest news about Eric Schweig. Just click on the link below to join. ...
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6. Northern Stars - Eric Schweig
ERIC SCHWEIG b. June 19, 1967 in Inuvik, North West Territories, Titles inred indicate best performances. Dark Blue dates indicate updated entries.

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In Tom and Huck, Eric Schweig

played Injun Joe.

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June 19, 1967 in Inuvik, North West Territories Titles in red indicate best performances. Dark Blue dates indicate updated entries. The Shaman's Source (1990) The Last of the Mohicans (92) For Love and Glory (TV-93) The Broken Chain (TV-93) Squanto: A Warrior's Tale (94) Pontiac Moon (94) The Scarlet Letter (95) Tom and Huck (95) Big Eden (2000) Skins ( ) Mr Barrington ( TV Series: By Way of the Stars (mini-series, 1992) 500 Nations (voice, 1995) Dead Man's Walk (mini-series, 1996) Can you help update this information? Back To Top

7. The Celebrity Link Directory - Eric Schweig
Eric Schweig is one of the celebrities featured at the Internet's premier celebritysite! Get bios, pictures, movies, links, and much more! Eric Schweig.
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Inuit crafts of the talented actor and artisan, eric schweig "Uncas" in "The Last Category Arts Visual Arts North America Artists and Artisans......A gallery of the fine crafts designed by Inuit actor artisan, eric schweig Uncas in The Last of the Mohicans. . eric schweig. Gallery.

Eric Schweig
... Gallery
This page is in no way to suggest that we are again in the business of selling Eric Schweig's art. To the contrary, we have added this page due to constant inquiries and as a bonus to Eric Schweig fans! All quotes from Eric were made in the past in response to allegations made from other sources!
We have no information as to where one might purchase one of Eric's art pieces.
... Eric Schweig, February 3, 1999 NEW! SKINS co-stars Graham Greene FILM:
Skins ... (Rudy] ... Overseas Film Group
Big Eden ... [Pike Dexter] ... Not Yet Widely Released
Red River ...... [Napolean] ...... Karukera Productions
Follow The River ...... [Wildcat] ...... Signboard Hill
Squanto: A Warrior's Tale ...... [Epenow] ...... Disney Productions
The Scarlet Letter ...... [Metacomet] ...... Scarlet Letter Prod.
Pontiac Moon ...... [Ernest Ironplume] ...... Dysphunkshonal Films The Last Of The Mohicans ....... [Uncas] ...... 20th Century Fox Chaindance ...... [Featured] ...... Chaindance Productions

9. The Official Eric Schweig Web Site
Find pictures, news, and other fans.Category Arts Celebrities S schweig, eric......the official eric schweig web site. This is the official website foractor / artist eric schweig. eric schweig, Actor, Native American
the official Eric Schweig web site
This is the official website for actor / artist Eric Schweig.
Eric Schweig, Actor, Native American Actor, Artist, Art, Carving, Inuit, Eric Schweig message board, Eric Schweig chat room, Movies, Canada, Wolves, Skins, Big Eden, Tom And Huck, The Broken Chain, The Last Of The Mohicans, Eric Schweig Information, Eric Schweig Pictures, Eric Schweig Posters
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10. EmaskS
This site is for and about eric schweig, artist and actor, with the primary focus being on his Inuit mask carvings. There are 3 pages of movie pics later on into the site. Refresh/Reload your browser for possible updates. eric schweig is a very talented actor and musician,
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated

11. NativeCelebs Actor Bios - Eric Schweig
Biography, filmography, and pictures.
Do you like Eric? Then I'm sure you'll like the photo sections with other Native American actors: Actor photos Casting photos . There's also the Actor directory ERIC SCHWEIG Vote for this page: More links: News from Eric's liaison: Talent agent: Murray Gibson at The Characters Talent Agency Direct contact or Mask Inquires/Orders and Speaking Engagement Inquiries: Eric Schweig Group
PO Box 786
Rocky Hill, CT 06067 As of January 18, 2003, Eric resigned his position as the International Celebrity Spokesperson with NAWA. Eric strongly suggests that before donating to any cause, that you take the time to first get financial records for that organization so that you know how much of your donation goes for the care of the animals or cause and how much goes to administrative costs. Contacting Eric: If you need to talk to someone about Eric, you should probably go to the his message board (see official site) first. If your question isn't addressed there, contact his liaison. I do NOT want to answer e-mail about Eric, simply because I have no better way of contacting him than any of you! Sources for films/movies with Eric: There are two ways of searching for Eric movies on Amazon, apart from the links I've got here:

12. The Unofficial Eric Schweig Pages
Fan site with biography, news, photos, related links, and message boards.
Ali rediscovered this Anasazi Family Prayer but couldn't find an author for it.
The words are so true and I hope whoever wrote it (Anasazi or not) don't mind us using it here.
May the Love between us be strong
May the Trust between us be whole
And may the words between us be True.
May our eyes See one another
May our ears Hear one another
May our Hearts Touch one another
And may our souls Hold one another An unofficial website for the actor / artist Eric Schweig.
var site="sm9schweig"
If you have any questions or problems with the website please contact the webmaster

13. Eric Schweig International Fan Club
Fan club site with pictures, news, artwork, and a message board.
October 20, 2000

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Click here to find out about ESIFC Fan Site Owners Circle.
Thanks to Sue for the circle member graphics
Look for Eric's bio here!
Updated on October 22,2000
Wolf Background Courtesy of:

14. Dynamic Directory - Arts - Celebrities - S - Schweig, Eric
eric schweig Find pictures, news, and other fans. eric schweig International Fan Club - Fan club site with pictures,
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15. LookSmart - Eric Schweig
schweig, eric ESpirit Fans of this Last of the Mohicans costar can gather hereto access related photo galleries and a message board to post thoughts.

16. Rose And Joni's Eric Schweig Fan-site
Rose and Joni's eric schweig Fansite contains biography, filmography, pictures and more on this very talented Candian Actor/Carver. Tell me when this page is updated. eric schweig. Canadian Inuit Actor/Carver
Get Five DVDs for $.49 each. Join now. Tell me when this page is updated Eric Schweig Canadian Inuit Actor/Carver Best known for his portrayal of Uncas in "The Last of the Mohicans" and Injun Joe in Disney's "Tom and Huck". Since 1998 he has also devoted his time to carving beautiful Spirit and Adoption masks. Welcome -My welcome Page Awards -Presented to this web-site If you would like to join our mailinglist and private community,please e-mail us at The above crest is the crest for the (NWT)North West Territories The Green represents the boreal forest, the wavy diagonal lines symbolizes the treeline and the red indicates the tundra in its fall colours. Gold bricks represent mineral wealth, and the white fox recalls the fur trade. Click on the Star Pages Icon to vote for this site: This Website is a tribute and not an official or commercial website. Mr. Schweig's masks can be viewed and purchased on his personally endorsed site at Mohican Press: Any contributions to our site are noted where applicable. Please respect Eric and the work we have done and do not copy from this site.Wolf Background is courtesy of Lady Kali! The Background music is the themesong for "War of The Worlds". This web-site was last updated January 11,2000

17. Sandpiper's Eric Schweig Site
Fans of this "Last of the Mohicans" costar can gather here to access related photo galleries and a message board to post thoughts. If you want to read more about eric schweig, you can do so by going
Approved by Prime Talent, Inc.
July 30, 1999 This site was created on June 19, 1999 for Eric Schweig's birthday.
All the best, Eric!! Who is Eric Schweig ?
Come on, guys! You all know who he is , don't you ? Remember The last of the Mohicans ? The tall handsome buck with flowing black hair and those mesmerizing eyes? The one who dives from the cliffs without a parachute at the end of the movie, after he has been more or less cut to ribbons by that nasty Huron Magua.. See whom I mean ? Well that's Eric !
But where exactly does Eric Schweig come from and how did he end up on top of those cliffs in North Carolina ?
Eric was born in Inuvik, Canada on June 19, 1967. Which means that he was cutting into his 32th birthday cake just as this site was being born. Son of an Inuit mother and a Chippewa father, Eric comes from a family of artists (he's the nephew of Anthony Thrasher, and of the famous painter Mona Thrasher). At the age of six months, he was put up for adoption and became Eric Schweig.
According to Eric, his childhood with his adopted white family was a nightmare .A victim of parental abuse and of the racism of his schoolmates, Eric ran away from home at the age of sixteen . He went to Toronto where he earned his life doing house-framing. The story could have ended here..

18. Eric Schweig Index
Fan Site dedicated to Inuit actor and carver eric schweig
My Eric Schweig Sandpiper Spirit Mask
This site is dedicated to the talented actor and artisan Eric Schweig.
Visiteurs francophones, rendez-vous à la page principale I apologize to those fans who don't understand French, but I wanted to introduce Eric to all those who don't understand English...there might be five or six of them out there. And there are lots of wonderful sites in Shakespeare's language anyway.. OK, guys, I confess..I didn't want to do this site in English because I was afraid my language skills might not be up to the task. But then I suppose I'll try anyway. In the next days, I will be adding a small summary in English for each of my Eric pages. I realize my phrasing may be somewhat flawed, so all suggestions, corrections or criticism are welcome! Please don't hesitate to e-mail me! It will help make the site better for everyone. What you will find here: general info about Eric's movies
Lots of pics , not always top quality but I'm doing my best..
Links to other Eric sites A messageboard
Links to my other pages And now, welcome to Eric's world !!

19. NativeCelebs Eric Schweig Interview
Back to the eric page. Interview with eric All 2000. I've confirmedit is indeed eric, and not some fake posing as a celebrity.
Back to the Eric page
Interview with Eric:
All of this info came from an interview (my interview form) on May 2nd 2000. I've confirmed it is indeed Eric, and not some fake posing as a celebrity. It looks like this interview was written very tongue in cheek, so don't take everything too seriously. Born: June 19th 1967
Height: 6'2
Weight: 210lbs
Eyes: brn
Hair: blk
Marital Status: none
Heritage/Tribe: Inuit/German
country: Canada
State: British Columbia
City: Vancouver 8. Education: Never needed any. 9. Hobbies: Playing drums in a band and carving Inuit masks. 10. Special skills: same as above 11. Recent projects: The Big Eden 12. Current projects: Direct my own damned movie. 13. Future projects: Anything without buckskin outfits. 14. Favorite book/author: The Prince : Nicolo Machiavelli 15. Favorite film/TV: Bugs Bunny 16. Favorite actor/actress: There are alot of really gifted actors that I like. 17. Role model: My role models are other animals besides humans like woves and coyotes and sea lions. They don't have their own "Agenda" beyond getting something to eat and basking in the noonday sun with their close friends. 18. Who has been your greatest inspiration?

20. ESpirit
An eric schweig fan site with mini biography, news, links, photos, and interviews.
The ESpirit site has closed down.
If you want to read more about Eric Schweig, you can do so by going
to his official website

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