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         Shimerman Armin:     more detail
  1. The 34th Rule (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) by David R. George III, Armin Shimerman, 1999-01-01
  2. The Merchant Prince by Armin Shimerman, Michael Scott, 2000-06-01
  3. Capital Offense: Merchant Prince III by Armin Shimerman, 2003-11-28
  4. The Merchant Prince Volume 2: Outrageous Fortune by Armin Shimerman, 2002-10-01
  5. Legends of the Ferengi (Star Trek : Deep Space Nine) by Ira Steven Behr, Robert Hewitt Wolfe, 1998-03-02
  6. TV Guide July 24-30 1993 Armin Shimerman as Deep Space Quark by TV Guide, 1993
  7. Magic Time by Marc Scott Zicree, Barbara Hambly, 2003-05
  8. War Of The Worlds! (Star Trek Series Cast) (L.A. Theater Works) by H.G. Wells, 1997-03-17

61. Armin Shimerman - Quark
armin shimerman Quark
Armin Shimerman
The following biography taken from Armin Shimerman plays Quark , the Ferengi bartender who runs all the entertainment concessions on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine including bar, restaurant, gambling house and holosuites upstairs. A delightful blend of charm, wiliness, and entrepreneurial greed, Quark holds the distinction of being the only character to have appeared on all three of the latter Star Trek series Star Trek: The Next Generation Star Trek: Deep Space Nine , and Star Trek: Voyager . "Quark's passions are gold and 'hew-man' (Ferengi word for human) women...not always in that order," says Armin. During the show's third season hiatus, Armin worked with Sally field and Ed Harris on the Paramount feature film "An Eye for an Eye," directed by John Schlesinger. He also co-starred with Andrew McCarthy, Patsy Kensit and Star Trek: The Next Generation alumna Denise Crosby in the Republic Pictures feature film "Dream Man," in which he portrays District Attorney Van Horne. Born of immigrant parents and raised in a small farming town in New Jersey, Armin's family moved to Los Angeles when he was 16 years old. In an effort to help her son meet new people in L.A., Armin's mother enrolled him in a drama group and, as they say, the rest is history. Upon graduation from the University of California at Los Angeles, he was chosen as one of only eight apprentices out of a field of 900 at the prestigious Old Globe Theater in San Diego. Armin appeared prominently in many regional theater productions for the Tyrone Guthrie Theatre, the Mark Taper Forum, the American Shakespeare Festival, the New York Shakespeare Festival, and the Indiana Repertory Theater. Following a move to New York, Armin landed roles in the Broadway production of Richard Rodger's last musical, "I Remember Mama," "Broadway" with Chris Sarandon and Teri Garr, "St. Joan" with Lynn Redgrave and Joe Papp's production of "Three Penny Opera" with Raul Julia.

62. UFP-Terminal Armin Shimerman
Translate this page Schauspieler, Image © by Paramount Pictures, Rolle Quark Bractor (In TNGPeak Performance) Letek (In TNG The Last Outpost). Geboren 05.11.1949.

63. POV Promotions Clients - Armin Shimerman
Clients Contact Home POV Promotions , armin shimerman Quark of Star Trek Deep Space Nine. armin shimerman has performed


65. Armin Shimerman - Resources Center (info, News, Fan Mail, Photos, Web Sites, Pos
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The Shadow
Cast and Crew (in alphabetical order):
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Armin Shimerman
Jonathan Winters
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The Hitcher
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66. SCIFI.COM: Events Calendar > Event View > Armin Shimerman Chat
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67. The Merchant Prince Hard Cover By Armin Shimerman
The Merchant Prince Hard Cover by armin shimerman. $23.95 705182 Forseven years, armin shimerman played the diminutive entrepreneur
The Merchant Prince Hard Cover by Armin Shimerman
For seven years, Armin Shimerman played the diminutive entrepreneur Quark on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Now, he teams up with author Michael Scott to chronicle the tale of a diminutive entrepreneur straight out of Earth history: Dr John Dee.
Despite his lack of physical stature, the five-foot-tall Dee was a towering figure in Renaissance Europe: alchemist, necromancer, scientist, philosopher, advisor to royalty, enemy to the vicious de Medici clan – and confidant of Dyckon, a member of the alien race known as the Roc.
Ancient and wise, the Roc have come to Earth to observe the evolution of humanity, not to interfere. But during the course of his studies, Dyckon has come to call John Dee Friend. When the de Medicis arrest Dee in Venice, Dyckon chooses to save his friend from prison and leave him in suspended animation until the year 2099. The “philosopher of Albion” wakes in a confused future where humanity is on the brink of developing the ultimate weapon – a weapon that will mena the destruction of the human race!
The only thing that can prevent Armageddon in the future is a genius from the past – but can even the great John Dee save humanity from itself?

68. Armin Shimerman, Actor @ The 80's Movies Rewind
Your definitive guide to armin shimerman and 80's Movies on the web. Non commercial,spam free entertainment that's safe for kids too. armin shimerman Actor Shimerman&searchtype=

69. Filmography For Armin Shimerman
movie/TV show, role, year. The Practice (ep Pursuit of Dignity), JudgeGarth Moskin, 1997. Ally McBeal (ep Boy to the World), Judge Walworth,1997.
movie/TV show role year "The Practice"
(ep: Pursuit of Dignity) Judge Garth Moskin "Ally McBeal"
(ep: Boy to the World) Judge Walworth "Stargate SG-1"
(ep: The Nox) Anteaus "Space Cadets" Himself "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" Principal Snyder Eye For an Eye Judge Younger "The Lazarus Man"
(ep: Jehova and Son, Inc.) Henry Munroe "Seinfeld" Stan the caddy "Star Trek: Voyager"
(ep: Caretaker) Quark Dream D.A. van Horn "Sliders"
(ep: Genesis) "Legend" Slaughter of the Innocents Dr. Mort Seger "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
(ep: Firstborn) Quark "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine" Quark "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine"
(ep: Far Beyond the Stars) Herb Rossov And You Thought Your Parents Were
Weird Contest Judge Arena Weezil Death Warrant Dr. Gottesman Miracle Landing Big Man On Campus Dr. Oberlander "Star Trek: The Next Generation"
(ep: Peak Performance) Daimon Bractor "Sledge Hammer!" (ep: Hammeroid) Malcolm Dench Tricks of the Trade Dangerous Curves Boggs Blind Date French Waiter Baby Girl Scott Dr. Taverner Like Father, Like Son Trigger's dad Verne Miller mortician "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (ep: Haven) "Star Trek: The Next Generation" (ep: The Last Outpost) Letek "Married... with Children"

70. Autographed Armin Shimerman Card
Autographed armin shimerman Card Last Update September 1, 1997. STTOS STTNG STDS9 STVOY STMISC SCANS
"Autographed Armin Shimerman Card"
Last Update September 1, 1997
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71. English Books > Fiction > Science Fiction - Star Trek
34th Rule shimerman, armin; shimerman, armin; Audio Product ~ Analog Audio CassetteISBN 0671043951 34th Rule shimerman, armin; George, David; Paperback

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72. DigiGuide: The Best TV Guide - Armin Shimerman
armin shimerman. Programmes in the DigiGuide Library that star armin shimerman. Findout more on armin shimerman at the Internet Movie Database.
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Armin Shimerman
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73. Voice Work Of Armin Shimerman
Voice work of armin shimerman. Character, Show, Episode. If you know of other voicework armin shimerman has done, you may add credits. Top of voice actor page.

74. Fictionwise EBooks: Armin Shimerman's
armin shimerman's The Merchant Prince Series For seven years, armin shimermanplayed the diminutive entrepreneur Quark on Star Trek Deep Space Nine.
The Merchant Prince Series Title Author Key words
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Family/Relationships General ... True Crime Browse Authors Award-Winners Bestsellers Big Bargains ... Under a Dollar Miscellany About Us Affiliate Program Author Info Buywise Club ... Tell a Friend Armin Shimerman's The Merchant Prince Series Description: He was a philosopher, a mathematician, an astronomer, an alchemist, and (reputedly) a necromancer. An adviser to royalty, he cast a towering shadow across all of Renaissance Europe. And though Dr. John Dee was all of five feet tall, he was truly a man ahead of his time. Now Armin Shimermanbest known as Quark on the wildly popular television series Star Trek: Deep Space Nine "RM"and renowned fantasy author Michael Scott have taken the stuff of Dee's life and woven it into a truly unique and compelling series of novels. Buy them all! The Merchant Prince by Armin Shimerman Five-foot-tall Dr. John Dee is a towering figure in Renaissance Europe: alchemist, necromancer, scientist, philosopher, and adviser to royalty. He is also a confidant of Dyckon, a member of the alien race called the Roc, on Earth to observewithout interferingthe evolution of humanity. Can Dyckon's friend John Dee save humanity from itself? (First Publish Date: 2001) Category: Science Fiction NOTE: AVAILABLE ONLY IN SECURE MICROSOFT READER OR SECURE PALM READER FORMATS Regular Club Reduced From: You Pay: ADD TO CART Outrageous Fortune [The Merchant Prince Volume 2] by

75. Armin Shimerman Filmography
Last Update STAR TREK. 16th April 2000. armin shimerman born on 5th November1949 in Lakewood/New Jersey USA. CINEMA. Title. Land/Year. Role. Other Actors.

76. -
armin shimerman. Eye for an Eye (1996) Judge Younger Dream Man (1995) DA Van Horn Slaughter of the Innocents (1994) Arena (1991)

77. BIOGRAPHY - Armin Shimerman
1025PM, THE FLIGHT OF THE PHOENIX. DID YOU KNOW? Go2Broadband, armin ShimermanStoogemania (1986). an error occurred while processing this directive.,,23774-1-EST,00.html

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78. Die At.freizeit.sf.startrek-Homepage - Bücher - Autoren - Armin Shimerman
Translate this page armin shimerman. Star Trek Deep Space Nine. Amerikanische Originalausgaben 23 The 34 th Rule (zusammen mit David R. George - Buchbesprechungen
Armin Shimerman
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine
Amerikanische Originalausgaben: #23: The 34 th Rule (zusammen mit David R. George - Buchbesprechungen von Reinhard Pamer und Patrick Ahrer)

79. Celebrity Photos And Photographs - Armin Shimerman
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  • 80. Armin Shimerman
    armin shimerman nar. 5.11.1949 Lakewood, New Jersey, USA. Just Ask My Children(TV). Spotlight on armin shimerman and Kitty Swink (TV). 2000, Breathing Hard.

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