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41. Classic Video Club: Video Search
Found 1 film with Actor containing jim siedow The Texas Chainsaw MassacreDirected by Tobe Hooper, USA, 1974. Search Films with jim siedow as Title. Siedow

42. Classic Video Club: Video Search
No film found conntaining jim siedow in Title Search Films with jim siedow as Actor.Search Films with jim siedow as Title. Search Films directed by jim siedow. Siedow&arg=Title

43. Http://
jim siedow (Actor) .SEARCH EXISTING DVD (Beta Test Incomplete Composer/Writer DB Siedow&Type=4

44. Dr Jim Whelan
Dr jim Whelan. 13. Day, DA, Whelan, J., Millar, AH, siedow, JN and Wiskich,JT (1995) Regulation of the alternative oxidase in plants and fungi.

Provides pictures, plot outlins, cast information, links, and movie facts.Category Arts Movies Titles T Texas Chainsaw Massacre Series...... Pam; Edwin Neal Hitchhiker; jim siedow jim siedow Email jsiedow@geocities.comjim siedow's Home Page Tobe Hooper Email Tobe
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Skull Graphics 1


The Rose Petal
Skull Mansion Animations Cannibals ... Tobe MOVIE FACTS T.C.M. - The doorway with the big metal sliding door had a false floor. T.C.M. - Gunnar had a hard time seeing with the mask on. T.C.M. - Gunnar hit his head on the door, dropped the girl and fell out cold on the floor (in the scene where he grabs the girl and is carrying her through the doorway) T.C.M. - They did not use stunt doubles. T.C.M. - Gunnar handled a "live" saw through the whole making of the movie. T.C.M. - Gunnar was doing some cutting with a "live" saw only "three inches" from a guy's head (Tobe wanted it to look real). T.C.M. - While filming another scene, Gunnar fell and landed on his back and threw the "live" saw up in the air which ended up landing on the ground right beside him. PICTURES Gunnar Hansen #1 Gunnar Hansen #2 Gunnar Hansen #3 Gunnar Hansen #4 ... The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Poster from Finland LEATHERFACE Guest Book
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre Welcome to my Texas Chainsaw Massacre page. I've spent several days and hours gathering the following information regarding this particular movie and its other parts. I can remember very well going to see this movie at the drive-in as a child. It really had a great impact on me at that age. I was terrified of chainsaws after that night at the drive-in with my mother and sisters. " all I heard in my dreams for the longest time." I was so afraid that Leatherface was gonna pop up out of nowhere and chase me with his chainsaw. " This movie really scared the shit out of me." Now, that I'm older I still can't wait for the new sequels to come out because it still "chills me to the bone" when I hear Leatherface "crank" up his saw.

No secret. It's the meat. . Judy Kelly (yuppette), jim siedow (DraytonSawyer). WMA, jim siedow (Drayton Sawyer), Bill Moseley (Chop Top). WMA,

47. GreenCine J - Page 6 Of 12 Online DVD Rental
jim Seward; jim Sharman; jim Sheridan; jim siedow; jim Stark; jim Steele;jim Strain; jim Taylor; jim Thomas; jim Thompson; jim Thompson; jim

48. Duke Annual Report 2000/2001-President's Message-Page Two
investments. Also, jim siedow, professor of biology and former chairof Duke’s academic council, was named viceprovost for research. President's Message Page One Page Two ... Leadership
Other leaders
Comedian Bill Cosby joins his friend,
James B. Duke Emeritus Professor John Hope Franklin, in Cameron Indoor Stadium, as part of the celebration of the new John Hope Franklin Center. Two new university officers also assumed their posts. Joining us from Stanford is Vice President for Institutional Equity Sally Dickson , who succeeds Myrna Adams. Thruston Morton III , who left a stellar professional career at J.P. Morgan and Company, has succeeded Gene McDonald as president of Duke Management Company Jim Siedow Building on Excellence Paula Phillips Burger of Baltimore and Dr. James Raphael Gavin, III, of Chevy Chase, Maryland
The Campaign
The Campaign for Duke to reach the $1.5 billion initial campaign goal well ahead of schedule, prompting the board of trustees to raise the goal to $2 billion by December 2003 to provide financial support for the strategic plan. We are indebted to the trustees for their commitment, and particularly to Peter and Ginny Nicholas, 1964 Duke graduates, for their leadership of The Campaign for Duke steering committee. Duke graduates Michael and Patty Fitzpatrick gave $25 million to Duke to establish a new national center for advanced photonics..

49. Minutes Of The Regular Meeting
To the amusement of the audience, jim siedow remarked that it was always hard togive a speech following Nan but when he saw the agenda, he realized that he
Minutes of the Regular Meeting of the Academic Council January 24, 2002
The Academic Council met in regular monthly session from 3:45 - 5 p.m. on Thursday, January 24, 2002 in 139 Social Science Building with Professor Peter Burian (Humanities) presiding. MINUTES Calling the meeting to order, the Chair asked for approval of the minutes of the meeting of December 6, 2001. Having received a motion and a second, the minutes were approved unanimously by voice vote as submitted. EARNED DEGREES
(Diplomas dated December 30, 2001)
Trinity College of Arts and Sciences
Dean Robert J. Thompson, Jr.
Bachelor of Arts 52
Bachelor of Science 24 Pratt School of Engineering
Dean Kristina M. Johnson
Bachelor of Science in Engineering 5
Master of Engineering Management 3 School of Nursing
Dean Mary T. Champagne Master of Science in Nursing 16 Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences Dean William H. Schlesinger Master of Environmental Management 5 Fuqua School Business Dean Douglas T. Breeden

50. Reviews - Texas Chainsaw Massacre
(USA, 1986, Rated R) Director Tobe Hooper Starring Dennis HopperCaroline Williams jim siedow Bill Moseley Bill Johnson Ken Evert.
Review by Sonny Fernandez
(USA, 1986, Rated R)
Director... Tobe Hooper
Starring... Dennis Hopper
Caroline Williams
Jim Siedow
Bill Moseley
Bill Johnson
Ken Evert The original Texas Chainsaw Massacere is one of the greatest horror movies ever made; it's notorious, a legend, a true genius piece of filmakers, something that will be talked about and studied forever. But where do you go from there? How can you possibly make a followup, how do you make a continuation of a movie that freaked the hell out of everybody, became a classic nearly overnight, and put you on the map. How in the hell do you make a sequel to something like that? You expand of course! You make it wilder, crazier and even more bizarre! You say the hell with it and throw all that artsy, fartsy crap out the window. You bring in the guts, the bad taste, the buckets of blood. You say the hell with it and make something even more demented than the first.Ten years have passed since the events in the first movie and the cannibalistic family has moved onto bigger things. Dad's (played once again by Jim Siedow) cooking is winning awards at county cookoffs and is quickly becoming an enterprise, Leatherface, (played by Bill Johnson this time around) is hacking off heads on the highways and new comer (and the star of the movie if you ask me) Chop Top is grooving to rock music. This time around they have a whole underground wonderland of horrors to chill out in! Leatherface is much more sillier (and hornier) this time around, but he has his moments by God. On the families trial is Lefty played by Dennis Hopper. He's Franklin's uncle, (you all remember Franklin from the first movie right? Wheelchair, funny hair, likes to get on peoples nerves?) and he's out to make our favorite maneating family pay for what they've been doing.

51. It's Only A Movie -
The Texas Chainsaw Massacre A Family Portrait (1988) Director Brad Shellady.Starring John Dugan, Gunnar Hansen, Edwin Neal, jim siedow.

Cult Cinema
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52. Film: April 13, 2000
Primal scream. jim siedow waxes nostalgic about The Texas ChainSaw Massacre. By MATTHEW HAYS. Seventynine-year-old jim siedow
Primal scream By MATTHEW HAYS Seventy-nine-year-old Jim Siedow sounds like a sweet and gentle old grandpa type, on the phone from his Houston, Texas home. Perhaps it shouldn't be surprisinghe's an actor, after allbut his performance in the now-legendary 1974 slasher horror The Texas Chain Saw Massacre was just so danged believable.
Siedow played the grand old patriarch of a group of ultravicious, bloodthirsty killers who live in rural Texas and prey upon a group of innocent teenagers, murdering most of them. When the film premiered on the drive-in circuit, it caused an international furore and was banned in numerous states, provinces and countries (France and Britain among them). In a post-Michael Myers/Jason/Freddy world, much of its gore now seems tame, but at the time, Massacre set a new standard for onscreen bloodletting.
"Director Tobe Hooper approached me after seeing me in another film," Siedow recalls of his landing the pivotal role. "I was simply interested in being in any movie at all. They needed a union actor. So I became the 'old man.' I thought it would be good class-B drive-in movie. I had never done a film like that before. I had no idea it would become what it didheavens no!"
Siedow, still speaking with a Texas twang, confirms some of the lore surrounding the making of Massacre. "When we were shooting that scene around the dinner table, where we're taunting that poor girl, that took 28 hours to shoot. We were filming in the Texas heat. The food on the table was getting rotten. People were stepping outside for a bit, throwing up, and then coming back in to keep on going. There were hot lights inside skeletons too and the bone started to burn. That made a real peculiar smell and that made us sick too."

53. DOc Power Search Results
Your search for jim siedow returned 1 DVD review(s) Stars, Title,Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, jim siedow, Bill Moseley, Ken Siedow&schoi

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    S siedow, jim (4). Gunnar Hansen The Man Behind The Mask jim siedow A small biography, and quotes from Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2.,_Jim/
    S : Siedow, Jim

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    59. Classic Horror-Reviews-Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
    Just the Facts. Director Tobe Hooper. Writer LM Kit Carson. Starring DennisHopper, Caroline Williams, jim siedow. Sequel to Texas Chainsaw Massacre.
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    Special Fear-tures Blasko Ballots Community: Forum Site News Reader Reviews Join LURCH! ... E-mail Us Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2
    Just the Facts
    Director: Tobe Hooper Writer: L.M. Kit Carson Starring: Dennis Hopper, Caroline Williams, Jim Siedow Sequel to: Texas Chainsaw Massacre Sequel: Leatherface: Texas Chainsaw Massacre III Year: Studio: Cannon Films
    E-mail Other Reviews Director Tobe Hooper recognized that the original Texas Chainsaw Massacre was a one-time-ever could never be duplicated. So, for its sequel, he wisely shifted gears to do a broad cheese take on the legendary film he'd created. The gore, more suggested than shown before, is turned up way high. The cannibalistic Sawyer 'family' is a broad parody of itself. Their lair, which in the original was a decadent take on the average family home, has now become something a comic book supervillain might hide out in: a labyrinth hidden under an amusement park. It's been 14 years since the first massacre, and Lefty Enright (Dennis Hopper), a Texas Ranger who is the uncle to two of the victims, is out for blood. When Stretch (Caroline Williams), a local radio DJ, has a call from two boys that turns into a bloodbath, she tapes it. Lefty persuades her to play the tape, and the cannibals get mighty pissed. They break into the station and try to kill everyone. Luckily, Leatherface, the grotesque creature who wears human skin as a mask, finds he has a thing for Stretch, though, and lets here live. This leads to a wild showdown in the Sawyer's secret lair between Lefty and the 'family.'

    60. Arrow In The Head Reviews "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre"
    caricature…maybe a bit too real. jim siedow (old man) gives a deranged,unpredictable performance. His polite way of speaking mixed
    Home News Reviews Interviews ... Contact The Arrow
    The Texas Chainsaw Massacre
    Buy this DVD
    Buy Horror Posters Buy Horror Merchandise Buy Arrow Merchandise Directed by:
    Tobe Hooper Starring: Marilyn Burns/Sally Paul A. Partain/Franklin Edwin Neal/Hitchhiker Gunnar Hansen/Leatherface RATING PLOT-CRUNCH:
    Five teens on a road trip across Texas stop by an old house and get stalked, tortured and butchered by a family of loonies who confuse humans with Big Macs.
    This is one unsettling movie that still holds up today. From the opening snapshots of decaying cadavers to the insane finale, this movie never lets the audience slip from it’s tight grip. I love the contrast between the colorful hippies (bell bottoms, flashy shirts, crazy sideburns) and the gloomy, deadly surrounding. Leatherface’s first appearance is a deadly uppercut to the audience’s face and even though I have seen this movie many times, it still knocked me out. Even some of the dialogue made me queasy, namely the scene when Hitchhiker explains how they make headcheese…gross. This flick has no humor, tense chainsaw stalking scenes and I must admit is kind of hard to sit through. The actors are all very credible (were they acting?), the violence very realistic and the setting (rooms full of human bones with meat hooks hanging from the ceiling) reeks of death. This is a brutal, no bull horror classic and is not for the faint of heart. Rev up the chainsaw.

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