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         Simmons Richard:     more books (108)
  1. Still Hungry After All These Years: My Story by Richard Simmons, 1999-09-01
  2. Richard Simmons Never Give Up: Inspirations, Reflections, Stories of Hope by Richard Simmons, 1994-02-01
  3. Sweetie Pie: The Richard Simmons Private Collection of Dazzling Desserts by Richard Simmons, 1997-11-01
  4. Richard Simmons' Never Give Up by Richard Simmons, 1994-11-02
  5. Richard Simmons Never-Say-Diet Book by Richard Simmons, 1982-01-04
  6. Richard Simmons Deal-A-Meal Cook Book by Richard Simmons, 1989
  7. Richard Simmons Deal A Meal Golden Edition Cookbook by Richard Simmons, 1990
  8. Richard Simmons Broadway Blast Off: A Get-Up-and-Go Workout
  10. The Richard Simmons Farewell to Fat Cookbook: Homemade in the U. S. A by Richard Simmons, 1999-09
  11. Richard Simmons Deal-a-Meal Golden Edition Cookbook by Various, 1990
  12. Richard Simmons Farewell to Fat Cookbook
  13. Richard Simmons Better Body Book by Rh Value Publishing, 1986-10-14
  14. Wage and Hour Manual for California Employers by Richard J. Simmons, 2003-01

1. Richard Simmons Reminder Angels, Nana's Family, And Other Collectible Artist Dol
Richard simmons richard Simmons Nana's Family Richard Simmons Nana's Family Hankthe Fireman Richard Simmons Nana's Family - Alec the Golfer Richard Simmons
Main Menu Collector Club Shipping Information Internet Specials ... New Specials for March 11th - Click here! Richard Simmons Richard Simmons Nana's Family
Hank the Fireman $100
Alec the Golfer $100
Rowena and Cabrina, Sisters $180
Lillian, Belle of the Ball $100
Elmer the Tooth Fairy $100
Sid and Vera's Night on the Town $180
Nana's 90th Birthday $125
Apple Annie $100
Herb the Nerd $100
Elise and her Easter Bonnet $100 Charley the Cook $100 Jeb and Agnes' Second Time Around $180 Jenny and Erma la Duce $100 Ruthie the Caroler $100 Vivian the Volunteer $125 Wyoming Pete $125 Richard Simmons Reminder Angels Remember: Be Kind to Animals $37.50 Remember: Hang in There $37.50 Remember: You Are Number One $37.50 Remember: Smell the Flowers $37.50 Remember: One Pound at a Time $37.50 Remember: Keep Smiling $37.50 Remember: Hug Your Cat $37.50 Remember: Hug Your Dog $37.50 Remember: Call a Friend $37.50 Remember: Treat Yourself $37.50 Remember: Lend an Ear $37.50 Remember: Keep a Song in Your Heart $37.50 Remember: You are Too Blessed to Be Stressed $37.50

2. Richard L. Simmons OPTOMETRISTS
Richard L. Simmons FBCO. Hello! Welcome to the fully independent Optometric Practicerun by Mr Richard Simmons and Ms Judith Lavery in Burley Road, Oakham.
Richard L. Simmons F.B.C.O OPTOMETRISTS Richard L. Simmons F.B.C.O
Judith R. Lavery B.Sc. F.B.C.O
Jane Mason B.Sc.M.C.Optom
Debbie Grange B.Sc.M.C.Optom Hello! Welcome to the fully independent Optometric Practice run by Mr Richard Simmons and Ms Judith Lavery in Burley Road, Oakham. We offer full Eye Examination facilities for all ages from young babies in arms to the aged and infirm. Eye Examinations include measuring of the refractive state of the eye to ascertain long sight, short sight, astigmatism, etc., and also full checks for colour vision, visual fields, intra ocular pressures, diabetic and glaucoma screening, and the legion of other general and ocular conditions that can affect one's visual function. Our skills include advice and help for squints, lazy eyes in children, to contact lens fitting and provision of low vision aids for the visually handicapped. Should spectacles be deemed necessary our facilities include a complete in house workshop that produces the finished spectacles as fast, efficient and economically as most of our competitors. Spectacles are priced on display complete with single vision lenses from budget to designer ranges. Bifocals, multifocals, tints are easily allowed for as extras to be added to the "all in" price shown on the frames.

3. Keppler Associates Speakers Bureau Richard Simmons
Richard Simmons. Simmons, America's mostloved fitness guru, hascheered millions to a better, more fit lifestyle. Inspirational

4. Richard
His official site.Category Arts Celebrities S simmons, richard......richardsimmons, Weightloss Support Official richard simmons site.Chat live with richard and buy his latest fitness and diet and
I am so excited to bring you SlimAway Everyday™ , my newest and most complete weight loss system ever! In it I give you everything you need to lose weight and keep it off! I'm going to hold your hand and guide you every step of the way. Just give me 30 days and I promise it will change your life! More... Take a Guest Tour Get a free weight loss profile Join Richard's Clubhouse ...
Save $10!
Take the first step towards your weight loss goals! Join my Clubhouse and you'll get all the tools and support you need to achieve your weight loss. I will show you a simple way to lose weight while eating the foods you love and having fun exercising! Losing weight is about a life plan: Lose it, Keep it off, and feel good about yourself! Join Richard's Clubhouse NOW ! Weight Loss Tools With these weight loss tools in your toolbox, you'll be ready to face the toughest challenges! You'll love using my Online FoodMover to keep up with your portions. Read More... Bulletin Boards You're gonna love these newly designed, easy to use bulletin boards! Why, they're so simple, even I can post messages on them all by myself, and I do! I just love reading what my Clubhouse members have to say and seeing the great advice they give each other! Read More...

5. : Richard Simmons
Celebrity battle between richard simmons and Billy Blanks. This week's battle pits two kings of the fitness world, Billy Blanks and richard simmons, against each other.

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Top 99 Women
NEW Top 200 Albums Joke of the Day Site of the Day Men's Horoscopes MEMBERS Message Boards Newsletter Sign-Up Free Contests Player's Guide OTHER INFO About us Advertise Editor/Letters F.A.Q. ... Sites To Visit var zflag_nid="162"; var zflag_cid="198/1"; var zflag_sid="170"; var zflag_width="1"; var zflag_height="1"; var zflag_sz="15"; Battle: Tae-Bo's Billy Blanks vs. Richard Simmons By Manny Kentros
Entertainment Correspondent - Every 2nd Tuesday Specials Pages: Today's Articles This week's battle pits two kings of the fitness world, Billy Blanks and Richard Simmons, against each other. While they may cater to slightly different people, they both have become famous for helping people improve their bodies. We pick our favorite of the duo. BADDEST POSSE: Richard Simmons Weighing in at a combined total weight of 47 billion pounds, it's the Richard Simmons show! Have you seen some of the people on his show? Blanks may have the moves, but pound-for-pound, Simmons and his crew can crush Blanks. LITERALLY. MOST LIKELY TO WIN IN A STREET FIGHT: Richard Simmons He claims he can "Kung-Fu the candy and kickbox the fudge". And if that doesn't work, he could probably kick Blanks in the groin and run away.

6. Richard Simmons Ate My Balls
Photographs of simmons with satirical captions.
Ate My Balls
"This book says balls are very healthy"
"Did somebody say......balls?"
"First Annual Balls Auction."
"I hope this cake has balls in it!"
"This apple tastes like balls"
"I love to shop for balls"
"I just ate my own balls"
"Mail me some balls"
We made Worst of the Web!!
If you want piss your pants funny, click here! People have seen Richard Simmons Eat My Balls This Ate My Balls Ring Site is owned and operated by Bubba Prev Skip It Next 5 ... Next Want to join the ring? Get the info

7. Richard Simmons Video
Offers richard simmons exercise videos and fitness tapes to help you lose weight.Category Shopping Sports Fitness Music......richard simmons videos offers all the bestselling exercise videos fromAmerica's favorite fitness motivator. Visit WorkoutMusicVideo

for our complete
selection of workout
Blast Off The Pounds
Dance Your Pants Off Disco Sweat Food Mover ... Sit Tight NEW! Slim Away Every Day Sweatin To The Oldies 2 Sweatin To The Oldies 3 DVD's
Disco Sweat
NEW! Slim Away Every Day Sweatin To The Oldies 2 Sweatin To The Oldies 3 Richard Simmons Exercise Videos
Lose weight and re-shape your body with
America's #1 motivator, Richard Simmons
If you've always wanted to lose weight and get in shape but you haven't been able to get started or stick with an exercise program , you've come to the right place. Richard Simmons has helped millions of people reclaim their bodies and achieve their fitness goals. He is America's #1 fitness motivator. Richard produces safe, fun and most importantly, effective exercise videos. Whether your need is weight loss, firmer buns, a slimmer waist, tighter thighs and hips or flexibility, you'll find the perfect video to achieve the results you want. And, best of all, you'll have a blast doing it!
Order through our secure online system or call

8. CNN - Richard Simmons Wants Your Dream To Come True - September 30, 1999

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Richard Simmons wants your dream to come true
Richard Simmons Web posted on: Thursday, September 30, 1999 11:20:57 AM EST By Jamie Allen CNN Interactive Senior Writer (CNN) You have a dream. It's not an outrageous dream. You don't want to go to Mars, or spawn a century of world peace with your kind words. Your dream is simple, if a little unaffordable an elegant wedding, say, or a new wardrobe. And you want your dream to come true. Get in line, because everybody has a dream like you. And the line starts here, at It seems Simmons, who has built a career as an eccentric fitness advocate and motivational speaker, wants to play Santa Claus now. On his Web site, he's taking dream requests from anyone and everyone and then he's making chosen dreams come true on his new TV show, the aptly titled "Dream Maker" from Tribune Entertainment Company.

9. Joan Price: Richard Simmons - The Pied Piper Of Fitness
Fitness pro, author and speaker Joan Price can help you start and stick to an exercise program. Joan's mission is to help people get lively and make good health a habit!
Richard Simmons - The Pied Piper Of Fitness
by Joan Price
Richard Simmons: Who else has changed the look of fitness and showed the world that exercise is a right and a joy for people of all shapes and sizes? Richard must be the most frequently videotaped exercise leader on earth, with shopping mall appearances, infomercials, workout videos, and guest shots on TV daytime and nighttime. Richard prances around in his pink tank top and shorts, a spectacle of hype and humor. But underneath is an inspiring fitness leader, a Pied Piper guiding people to make lifestyle changes. He's the advocate of people who feel the fitness industry would rather not see them: the "morbidly obese," as doctors brand them (a term that may be accurate, but is distressing and far from motivating). He makes 50 to 100 phone calls a day to people who have written him in great despair, ready to give up. For a decade he has been transporting by helicopter people who do not fit in airplane seats to the two hospitals that will take them. Underneath the comical exterior is also a fat kid who weighed 200 pounds in seventh grade and 300 pounds in high school. No matter what fame and fortune Richard may have achieved, no day goes by that he doesn't feel that fat kid inside him. Maybe that's why he can listen to, cry with, and sincerely feel the pain of the many people who come to him in desperation.

10. Richard Simmons: Farewell To Fat - Ridiculous Infomercial Review
richard simmons and his infomercials.Category Arts Celebrities S simmons, richard......richard simmons pranced around in a shopping mall, and a crowd of thousands arrivedto stare at him taping his infomercial. Host/Expert richard simmons.
Are you trying to buy a Richard Simmons product ? Then Click Here to purchase Richard Simmons items as well as other fitness products.) Product: Farewell To Fat Show Title: Farewell To Fat Success Celebration! Host/Expert: Richard Simmons Price: "Only 1 Easy Payment of $39.95" Airdate Circa: Producer: Lieberman Productions
"I have shadows on my neck. I can see my collar bone. I feel so pretty." "I'm getting married soon and Farewell to Fat has made the whole process so much easier." "You look so much younger. Do you feel younger?" "If you don't give up, you can't fail." "I found out what a sincere guy you are." "Farewell to Fat is not only the gift of health: It is the gift of life." "But what about you? What's your story?" "He gives you the will to go on." "I can cross my legs." "I'm responsible for myself." "I never expected to have muscles anywhere on my body." "At 350lbs she moved like she was a ballerina." "She kept on sweatin' and sweatin' and, what else?, sweatin'." Richard Simmons Links
The official Richard Simmons website. A Flaming Fan
Some Richard Simmons fan flamed me. Read the text of her e-mail.

11. E! Online - Credits - Richard Simmons
His one screen credit plus a brief biography.,12,14488,00.html
March 28, 2003 FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief
Another "Idol" Scandal

Snoop's Pimp Slapp'n Suit

Charisma's Little Angel
Watch with Kristin:
Save your fave show, get the Bachelorette dish and more
The Awful Truth:
Inside Hollywood power plays for who's who and who isn't
Oscars 2003:

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12. Richard Simmons - Resources Center (info, News, Fan Mail, Photos, Web Sites, Pos
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Marisa Tomei
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13. Richard Simmons - Member Login
Homepage, About richard, Help, Store, Clubhouse. SUCCESS STORIES. Find Out More!Take a Guest Tour, Join richard's Clubhouse, Success Stories, Clubhouse Member Login.

14. Richard Simmons Of Allegheny Teledyne Pledges $20 Million To New Dorm At MIT
richard simmons of Allegheny Teledyne pledges $20 million to new dormat MIT. NOVEMBER 17, 1999 Contact Information. CAMBRIDGE, Mass.

News Releases
Search MIT News Office Comments ... MIT
Richard Simmons of Allegheny Teledyne
pledges $20 million to new dorm at MIT
NOVEMBER 17, 1999
Contact Information
CAMBRIDGE, Mass. Richard P. Simmons, an active and committed alumnus since he graduated in 1953, has pledged $20 million to improve the quality of student life at MIT, envisioning the new residence hall on Vassar Street as a centerpiece of a new era on campus. Mr. Simmons and his wife, Dorothy, who made the gift jointly, believe MIT must make quality of life issues a high priority to continue to attract the caliber of students who help make it a leader in higher education. He retired as president and CEO of Allegheny Teledyne Inc. in Pittsburgh on October 1, but continues as chair of the board. "Dick Simmons is a trustee of MIT in the deepest sense of the word," said MIT President Charles M. Vest. "His counsel, constructive criticism and friendship have served MIT very well, and have meant a great deal to me personally. He is pragmatic, yet retains a long view of what MIT is and can be. Based on this view, he and Dottie have decided to make a magnificent contribution toward the future quality of student life at MIT. He is a strong advocate of improving the attractiveness and functioning of our campus. This wonderful gift to MIT and its students contributes greatly to both objectives." In a letter to President Vest, Mr. Simmons said, "My unique success, which has put Dorothy and me in a position where we can make such a commitment, remains the great wonder of our lives. Whichever factors played a significant role in our success, one factor must be the education I received at MIT."

15. Ellen's Dolls: Lee Middleton, Ginny, Barbie, Fayzah Spanos, Madame Alexander, Ge
Offers dolls by Lee Middleton, Ginny, Barbie, Madame Alexander, Annette Himstedt, Gene, Fayzah Spanos, Robert Tonner, Zapf, Gotz, Adora, Susan Wakeen, Daddy's, Jan McLean, richard simmons, Marie Osmond, Little Souls, Turner.
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16. Simmons Hall Shines From Vassar
row at the new dorm’s dedication include (left to right) richard simmons, ErinSebastian (on his lap), Porter simmons, Reilly simmons and richard’s son
Published by the MIT News Office at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Mass.
October 9
Tech Talk Search MIT News ... MIT WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 9, 2002
Simmons Hall shines from Vassar
Simmons Hall is aglow on screen to President Charles Vest's right at the dedication of the new dorm last Friday.
By Sarah H. Wright
News Office The road to the Simmons Hall dedication on Friday was a golf cart route from the Johnson Athletic Center that wound through the athletic fields, affording a broadside view of the building from a distance. The multicolored aluminum sheathing glittered over the 10-story concrete block perforated with some 5,500 two-foot square windows. Donors and their family members, students and staff trouped into a six-peaked white tent for the dedication, set up directly opposite the new undergraduate residence. Its opening on Aug. 20 marked the first time all freshmen could be housed on the MIT campus. Simmons Hall , designed by New York-based architect Steven Holl, has generated critical acclaim from a number of critics. That enthusiasm was mostly mirrored by the crowd, who later toured the building. President Charles Vest, welcoming the group, described Simmons Hall as "far more than a dormitory. This new residence provides dining, meeting and performance spaces, a fitness center, music rooms and more. It is already a remarkable student community."

17. Richard Simmons Blast Off The Pounds
richard simmons Blast Off The Pounds helps you lose weight quickly and have a blastdoing it. richard simmons Video Blast Off The Pounds, Video Set, RS2, $39.99,

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selection of workout
Blast Off The Pounds
Dance Your Pants Off Disco Sweat Food Mover ... Sit Tight NEW! Slim Away Every Day Sweatin To The Oldies 2 Sweatin To The Oldies 3 DVD's
Disco Sweat
NEW! Slim Away Every Day Sweatin To The Oldies 2 Sweatin To The Oldies 3 Richard Simmons Video
Blast Off The Pounds

Video Set This item requires $6 additional shipping. Richard Simmons Blast Off The Pounds program gives you a fun-filled, effective workout and a great value. You get three videos, a set of "cool weights," Blast & Go Vitamins and a CD Rom for accessing Richard's clubhouse website.
  • Disco Blast Off Video : Get ready to boogie your way through a fantastic, fun-filled dance workout. You'll pour on the power using your legs, arms, backs, abs, buns and everything else to get a super-challenging workout that only takes 30 minutes. You'll follow that with a 10-minute toning program that will get your body ready to show off in no time. Features the hit songs: Boogie Ooogie Oogie, Shame and YMCA.

18. Personal Training By Denise
Train in a private training gym. Located in Westlake Village Ca. Denise managed richard simmons Overweighter Aider program. Also a marathon runner, and Rescue Diver.
Personal Training by Denise Tired of paying high prices for a private trainer in a "public" gym?
Try personal training in a clean and "private" gym. Get the results you want in half the time.
Denise is a certified personal trainer (CPT)though the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM). She specializes in functional training for faster results, endurance training and marathon running.
In the early '80's she worked for Richard Simmoms as an instructor for his OWA program(overweigher aider, for clients 25 lbs.+).
RocknRoll Marathon '98 My Favorite Links:
Honolulu Marathon RnR Runners PT on the Net Denise Carbone My Info: Name: Denise Email:

19. Richard Simmons Video
richard simmons videos offers all the bestselling exercise videos from America's favorite fitness motivator.

20. E-mail: Regarding Richard Simmons
From S— G— Date Saturday, June 03, 2000 Subject regarding richard simmons. Iread your stuffy little article about richard simmons and I laughed!
Date: Saturday, June 03, 2000
Subject: regarding Richard Simmons
To whom it may concern: I read your stuffy little article about Richard Simmons and I laughed! You obviously thrive on griping about the success of others, and in this case, Richard Simmons. Who died and made YOU "the authority" on losing weight? Though I don't know anything about you, I am presuming you are not only boosting your ego, but you are probably within your ideal weight range. So what if Richard Simmons appears in odd places. It seems he doesn't mind going to these places, now does he? So what if he hauls a bunch of overweight "bovine babydolls" (which I can say I also am) up on stage to demonstrate exercises or share stories, or even seek support from others? It may be his bread and butter, but for goodness sakes, he touches so many lives. He has this ability to reach down inside a person's heart and talk to that person as no other could. He has lived the life of an overweight individual. He has been there, my friend. Could you possibly know what that means? Can you honestly say you can identify with people like me Before you slam him for marketing different weight-loss programs every few years, why don't you consider that really overweight people enjoy variety as much as anyone else. Consider that a person has 75 to 100 lbs. to lose. That person cannot do it overnight, nor can they achieve a normal weight range in 6 months, possibly even a year. Consider that this hypothetical person had been faithfully following one of Richard's programs for a really long time, and perhaps this person needed some sort of change to help boost their efforts. Shame on you for slamming Richard Simmons, because you obviously do not care. You probably won't ever care.

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