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  1. Return to Eden by Tucker Smallwood, 2010-01-26
  2. Blue Light by Walter Mosley, 1998-11-01

1. Tucker Smallwood
Tucker Smallwood. DIRECTORY.TERADEX.COM Entertainment/Celebrities/S/Smallwood, Tucker- DIRECTORY.TERADEX.COM - Entertainment/Celebrities/S/Smallwood, Tucker.

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Tucker Smallwood

2. Tucker Smallwood
TUCKER SMALLWOOD Behind the scenes of Morgan and Wong's controversal episode, Home (Originally appeared in Cinefantastique Magazine) by Paula Vitaris
TUCKER SMALLWOOD Behind the scenes of Morgan and Wong's controversal episode, "Home"
(Originally appeared in Cinefantastique Magazine)

by Paula Vitaris Three mutant brothers managed to accomplish what a whole planet of war-mongering aliens couldn't: they killed off Tucker Smallwood for the first time on television. "I've died a lot on stage, but I've never gotten to die on TV before," Smallwood laughed about his guest role as Sheriff Andy Taylor in the X-FILES episode "Home," written by Glen Morgan and James Wong. Ironically, his Commodore "Boss" Ross had survived plenty of battles during the first and only season of Morgan and Wong's SPACE: ABOVE AND BEYOND, but it took only one brief, but relentless assault in "Home" to mark this first for the actor, who in his own life had experienced real brushes with death during the six months he spent in Vietnam as a military advisor, before being wounded himself.
Smallwood's experiences in Vietnam, and his lengthy recuperation in the hospital, led him to reflect on his life goals, and as soon as he was able, he moved to New York to study acting with Sanford Meisner at the Neighborhood Playhouse. He has been acting steadily since, in theater, television (he was intelligence agent David Endawi in BABYLON-5) and film (THE COTTON CLUB, PRESUMED INNOCENT, THE ROCK and this past summer's sci-fi spectacular, CONTACT). One of his inspirations is actor Dick Anthony Williams, who played Mulder's former boss, Agent Reggie Pardue, in the X-FILES episode "Young at Heart."

3. Tucker Smallwood
Tucker Smallwood. You can write to Smallwood at this address Tucker SmallwoodPO Box 570098 Tarzana, CA 913570098. Tucker's filmography.
Tucker Smallwood
Tucker began his television career as a director at WBAL-TV in Baltimore, Maryland, and was a writer on the children's TV show "Jabberwocky". As an
actor, his extensive television credits include Seinfeld, Reasonable Doubts, Babylon 5, The X-Files, Millennium and Star Trek: Voyager. This season he will be a recurring character on Malcolm and Eddie. In theatre, he was very active with the New York Shakespeare Festival, among other groups. His feature film credits include The Cotton Club, Presumed Innocent, Contact, and Deep Impact. He can also be seen in the recently released "Strangeland". An accomplished musician, Tucker played guitar in a few episodes of SPACE. Tucker was born and raised in Washington, D.C., but spent two years of his childhood in Salonika, Greece. He attended Antioch College, the University of Maryland in Munich, Germany, and UM in College Park, MD. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Speech/TV Production. He served in the Army Infantry and was stationed at Fort Benning, in Vietnam, and at Fort Belvoir, earning the rank of First Lieutenant. Tucker celebrates two birthdays: February 22 and September 14. He is single.

4. Tucker Smallwood
Tucker played David Endawi in Babylon 5. He has also appeared in Voyager, The Practice,The Chronicle, Invisible Man, BioDome, and Space Above and Beyond.
Tucker played David Endawi in Babylon 5 . He has also appeared in Voyager, The Practice, The Chronicle, Invisible Man, Bio-Dome , and Space: Above and Beyond Tucker's official site Back

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6. Biography Tucker Smallwood
Tucker Smallwood. Guest Appearances * _ XFiles, The (1993)_ (qv),as Sheriff Andy Taylor (ep. 'Home (10/11/1996)') * _ Babylon

7. Tucker Smallwood -
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8. The X-Files Department: Tucker Smallwood
The XFiles Department Interview with Tucker smallwood tucker Smallwood playedthe memorable Sheriff Andy Talor in the popular X-Files episode Home.
The X-Files Department Interview with Tucker Smallwood FOX MULDER:
Many people consider Home to be the scariest X-Files episode ever. What do you think makes this episode more frightening than the episodes dealing with alien abduction, psychic beings, and killer monsters? TUCKER SMALLWOOD:
Home is an affecting episode for many reasons. First, the protagonists are human, and their genetic issues quite possible,however appalled we may be at their inc-stuous implications. My character and his wife are brutally murdered, and the death scene is subtly, and yet graphically depicted. The script is a creation of two masters, Jim Wong and Glen Morgan, it features their typical mixing of irony, popular culture and the exploitation of 'normalcy', and as always, music is an integral component, in this case, Johnny Mathis. FOX MULDER:
Twentieth Century Fox banned Home from airing on their regular network stations. Do you think this was justified? TUCKER SMALLWOOD:
Fox did in fact ban it and 'swore they would never again re-air it'....NEVER is a loooong time. Yet their moral scruples didn't prevent them from airing it several times on FOX-FX, (one of the most requested episodes two years running on their Thanksgiving TV Guide poll) as well as marketing it for sale on home video. In truth, I think they exploited the notoriety of the episode,which truly lends itself to that approach. FOX MULDER:
I am also aware of your work in Contact with Jodie Foster. How do you think a Sci-fi movie like Contact differs from a Sci-fi show like The X-Files?

9. The Official Tucker Smallwood Web Site
Official Web site for the actor and musician with FAQ, fanmail, fiction, pictures, appearances, filmograp Category Arts Celebrities S smallwood, tucker......The official Web site for actor/musician tucker smallwood. This webring is made possibleby WebRing. All original site content copyright 2000 tucker smallwood.
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Tucker Smallwood

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Tucker Smallwood

American Primitive records.
Hard Eight Productions, Glen Morgan
and James Wong and Twentieth Century Fox.
Thanks to all those who have contributed to this site.

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11. George H. Tucker
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George H. Tucker
COLL-213 Centre for Newfoundland Studies Archives, Memorial University of Newfoundland February 1997 Introduction Provenance Restrictions Extent ... Arrangement
This is a small but extremely important collection of letters. They were written to George H. Tucker during 1924, when Tucker was an employee of Newfoundland Light and Power Company, St. John's. They were written by Joseph R. Smallwood, who was living in New York City and working for the newspaper, the New York Leader . He was also involved in campaigning for Eugene Debs, the Socialist Party candidate for President of the United States. These letters provide a rare, first-hand account, in Smallwood's own words, of his political philosophy during this period of his life. There is much discussion of Smallwood's desire to return to Newfoundland to establish a socialist movement patterned after the British Labour Party, and of the Newfoundlanders Smallwood feels would be sympathetic to such a cause. The last letter is dated February 10, 1925 from Grand Falls, Newfoundland, where Smallwood had gone to organize a branch of the International Brotherhood of Pulp, Sulphite and Paper Mill Workers.
These letters were in the possession of George H. Tucker until his death, when they became the property of his son, Douglas D. Tucker. After Douglas Tucker's death they passed to his daughter, Lisa Tucker Boulton, who donated them to Memorial University of Newfoundland in December 1996.

12. FAQ // The Official Tucker Smallwood Web Site
Version 1.15 Last Updated 2/1/00 This FAQ was compiled by Rachel Ward and isnow maintained by tucker smallwood. Section I Who is tucker smallwood?
Version 1.15
Last Updated 2/1/00
This FAQ was compiled by Rachel Ward and is now maintained by Tucker Smallwood. Permission to distribute and copy this FAQ in its original, unmodified form is granted. Other reprintings are prohibited.
Send questions/comments to:
Newest version of FAQ is here:
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Hyperlink Contents:
Section I: Who is Tucker Smallwood?
1.1 A brief introduction to Mr. Smallwood

Section II: Personal
2.1 Where is he from?
2.2 What is his educational background? 2.3 Has he served in the military? 2.4 Is he married? ... 2.8 What does he like to do besides acting? Section III: Professional 3.1 What is Space: Above and Beyond, anyway? 3.2 Who is Commodore Ross? 3.3 What S:AAB episodes has Tucker appeared in? 3.4 How did Tucker become involved with S:AAB? ... 3.10 What projects is he currently working on? Section IV: Contacting Tucker/Finding more information 4.1 Does Tucker have a Web page? 4.2 How do I send him e-mail? 4.3 I would like to write Tucker via snail mail. Where do I send it? 4.4 I would like to request a photo of Tucker. Do I have to do anything special to get it? ... 4.5 I've still got questions. Where can I find more information? Section I: Who is Tucker Smallwood? 1.1 A Brief Introduction to Tucker Smallwood

13. Tucker Smallwood - Resources Center (info, News, Fan Mail, Photos,
Your source for tucker smallwood information including last news, selective filmography and discography, fan mail addresses, photos and posters, books, videos, links to best fan sites, interviews, articles, webrings and more! If you made a site dedicated to tucker smallwood, please do not hesitate to submit it for being freely listed at World

14. Tucker Smallwood
Similar pages,+tucker Similar pages More results from tucker smallwoodTV Tome is your guide to tucker smallwood. Biography, roles and appearances,gossip and more. TV Tome, Click Here. tucker smallwood., Tucker

15. Space: Above And Beyond - Episode Guide
Howard Sewell) Linda Carlson (Theresa Ashford) Bok Yun Chon (Yuko Kayaguest) TeddTaskey (Soldier) Robert Crow (Controller) tucker smallwood (Commodore Glenn
Space: Above and Beyond - Episode Guide
Season: All Space: Above and Beyond Show Home Episode List Goofs Guide Cast Guide ... Crew Guide
Season 1
Pilot (2 Hour) gs Alan Dale (Colonial Governor Borman) Charles Anthony (Nelson) Chris Kirby (Lieutenant Stone) Colin Handley (Sergeant Vansen) Gennie Nevinson (Anne West) Melissa Bullock (Young Shane) Michael Edwards-Stevens (Maxwell) R. Lee Ermey (Sergeant Major Frank Bogus) Rebecca Rigg (Mrs. Vansen) Ric Anderson (Slayton) Robert Coleby (Colonial Governor Jonathan Overmeyer) Bill Hunter (Secretary General Chartwell) Colin Friels (Lieutenant Colonel Fouts) Amanda Douge (Kylen Celina) Peter Kent (Mike "Pags" Pagodin) Theresa Wong (Michelle Low) Anja Coleby (Bartley) Darrin Klimek (Carter)
A promising sci-fi series that, executive producer Glen Morgan says is "kind of a World War II movie in space" takes off with impressive special effects. In the year 2063, the final frontier is a battle field. An earth united in peace takes its first steps toward interplanetary colonization, only to be threatened by an enigmatic alien race. Enter the 58th Squadron, a group of wet-behind-the-ears pilots with the Marine Corps Air and Space Cavalry. Under the rigorous tutelage of Sgt. Maj. Frank Bougus, reluctant leader Nathan West and fellow cadets Shane Vansen and Cooper Hawkes embark on a mission to save the galaxy.
b : 24-Sep-1995 w Glen Morgan and James Wong d David Nutter The Farthest Man from Home gs French Stewart (Survivor) Michael Mantell (Howard Sewell) Linda Carlson (Theresa Ashford)

16. Tucker Smallwood

17. Tucker Smallwood - Resources Center (info, News, Fan Mail, Photos
Your source for tucker smallwood information including last news, selective filmographyand discography, fan mail addresses, photos and posters, books, videos,_Tucker

18. Smallwood, Tucker DVD Drama
smallwood, tucker DVD Drama. Title Presumed Innocent Subject DVD DramaStarring smallwood, tucker Coldcut Let Us Play630472586
Smallwood, Tucker DVD Drama
Title: Presumed Innocent
Subject: DVD Drama
Starring: Smallwood, Tucker
Coldcut: Let Us Play-630472586...

Va-What's Up Matador-630472589...

Hung, Biao, Oshima, Hung, Samm...

Woo, Fung-6304726139...

19. MSN Entertainment - Celebs: Tucker Smallwood
Awards. Links More. Find on TV. Music Info. tucker smallwood. Actor. RecentFilmography. 2001, The One Actor Prison Warde, Buy it on DVD. 2000, OppositeSex,

20. DIRECTORY.TERADEX.COM - Entertainment/Celebrities/S/Smallwood, Tucker
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