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  1. Kevin Smith: Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, Script (comics), Author, Actor, Scott Mosier, View Askew Productions, SModcast, Canon (fiction), View Askewniverse, Clerks, Dogma (film)
  2. My Boring-Ass Life (New Edition): The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith by Kevin Smith, 2009-09-22
  3. Shootin' the Sh*t with Kevin Smith: The Best of the SModcast by Kevin Smith, 2009-09-22
  4. Silent Bob Speaks: The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith by Kevin Smith, 2005-04-13
  5. Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes: A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema by John Pierson, Kevin Smith, 1996-01
  6. Billy the kid is all grown up: at the tender age of 40, Billy Donovan, the former Providence gunslinger, became one of only three men (Dean Smith and Bobby ... An article from: Coach and Athletic Director by Kevin Newell, 2006-09-01

21. Movies Unlimited: Find Director Results (Stage 2)
kevin W. smith Video Titles Available from Movies Unlimited. Romance And Rejection(1996) VHS. Romance And Rejection DVD (1996) DVD. New director Search, W. S

22. Movies Unlimited: Product Page
smith, kevin Spacey, Mena Suvari, Jim Turner Also Available In DVD, Spanish AcademyAward® Winner Best Picture, Best Actor (kevin Spacey), Best director (

23. Director's Profiles -- Kevin Smith
advertising. quicktime 4 technical requirements, free movie. free movie. independentfilm. Short Film. ~ director's profiles ~ kevin smith. kevin smith.


requirements director's profiles ~ Kevin Smith Kevin Smith The mastermind behing Clerks, Mall Rats, Chasing Amy and the soon to be released Dogma, Kevin heads up production at View Askew, a quickly growing independent film company. inetfilm isproud to present Kevin Smith's first film, a documentary on the way Kevin Smith would make one. It is unkown if his documentary, Mae Day: The Crumbling of a Documentary , real or spoofed.
featured films submissions films ...

24. : Kevin - Director Smith
kevin director smith. Related Terms.
: Kevin - Director Smith
Related Terms Kevin Director Smith Kevin spacey ... Amber smith Featured Web Pages
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  • Kiari's Kevin Smith Corner
    Dedicated to New Zealand actor Kevin Smith, with images, links, news, and convention reports.
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  • Kevin Smith - an Australian Perspective
    Australian tribute to Kiwi actor/singer Kevin Smith. Contains extensive article archive, image galleries, con pictures and relevant links. - Arts: Celebrities: S: Smith, Kevin Tod
  • The Viewaskewniverse - Kevin Smith Fan Page Includes a filmography, news and gossip, and links to other web resources.. -
  • 25. Aura's Tribute To Kevin Smith, Director Of Dogma
    Aura's tribute page to director kevin smith, director of Clerks, Mallrats, ChasingAmy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, with biography and filmography.
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    • Clerks, 1994 Mallrats, 1995 Chasing Amy, 1997 Dogma, 1999 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 2001
    • Clerks, 1994 Overnight Delivery, 1996 Chasing Amy, 1997 Dogma, 1999 Coyote Ugly, 2000 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 2001
    • Desperate Remedies, 1994 Clerks, 1994 Mallrats, 1995 Chasing Amy, 1997 Dogma, 1999 Scream 3 (Cameo Appearance), 2000 Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, 2001 Vulgar, 2002
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    • Name: Kevin Patrick Smith Date of Birth: August 2, 1970 Place of Birth: Red Bank, New Jersey High School: Henry Hudson Regional in Highland, New Jersey (Graduated 1989) Wife: Jennifer Schwalbach Smith
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    My Thoughts
    I have watched all of the Kevin Smith movies, most twice, and most while listening to his commentary. He is one hell of a writer and director. I hesitate to call him a genius, merely for the reason of avoiding sounding too fanatical. I love his numerous references to Star Wars, as well. Smith has created an entire universe with his witty movies, and you honestly need to watch all his movies (in order) to appreciate the greatness of his vision.

    26. Dogma (Special Edition)/An Evening With Kevin Smith 2-Pack (1999
    Cast Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Linda Fiorentino, George Carlin, SalmaHayek director kevin smith. more cast crew Synopsis This

    27. An Evening With Kevin Smith (2002)
    SYNOPSIS With this 2DVD set, you'll spend an insightful, humorous, and no-holdsbarred evening with independent film director kevin Smithdirector of CLERKS

    28. List Movies For Director
    list movies for director kevin smith. Count 4, Clerks 1994, 92 minutesComedy. Mallrats 1995, 94 minutes Comedy. Chasing Amy 1997, 111

    29. T. Rex's Guide To Kevin Smith - The Director
    kevin smith
    T. Rex's Guide to Life Entertainment Movies Kevin Smith
    The Director
    Kevin has directed the following films:
    Page Status : Complete, Ongoing
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    : Research List
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    Updated 2.21.03

    30. -
    kevin smith. Daredevil (2003) Young Joe Hunter Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back(2001) Silent Bob ; director ; Editing ; Writer Scream 3 (2000)

    31. Movie News On
    Scary Movie 3, Snipes Gets Doe Scary Movie 3 just got a whole lot more comedy credibility— Variety reports that actorwriter-director kevin smith is on
    var flash = 0; var ShockMode = 0; on error resume next FlashInstalled = (IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.4"))) If FlashInstalled = "True" then flash = 1 End If on error resume next FlashInstalled = (IsObject(CreateObject("ShockwaveFlash.ShockwaveFlash.4"))) If FlashInstalled = "True" then flash = 1 End If
    Dec. 5, 2002
    Kevin Smith to Write Scary Movie 3 , Snipes Gets Doe
    Scary Movie 3
    reports that actor-writer-director Kevin Smith is on board to executive-produce and co-write the script for the second sequel (currently subtitled He'll be working with three other screenwriters: Brian Lynch, Pat Proft, and Craig Mazin. Two other writers, Jason Friedberg and Aaron Seltzer, were also attached at one point, making this potentially a six-scribe project. Director David Zucker ( Airplane! Top Secret! Ruthless People ) will be helming the project. Clerks Mallrats Chasing Amy , and Dogma Variety , "It is an honor to be involved with David, one of the creators of Airplane! , which is arguably the funniest movie of all time. Our aim is to make this third in the franchise as funny as that other hysterical third-in-the-franchise flick, The Godfather, Part III

    32. Deep Discount DVD
    Search by director Results for smith, kevin Displaying 1 5 of 7 Results. CLERKS(ANIMATED SERIES) - 0 director smith, kevin Why Pay $ 19.95?, KEVI

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    News Columnists John L. smith Design Desk ART director ChedWhitney CWhitney@reviewjournal Phone (702) 3832916 kevin Iole, Reporter
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    Yesterday, Writer/director kevin smith participated in a teleconference with membersof the media to promote his upcoming DVD of college lectures, An Evening
    continue to Kevin Smith Teleconference
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    continue to Kevin Smith Teleconference

    35. Kevin Smith - Filmography
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    36. TechTV Bit Chat Kevin Smith
    director/actor/writer kevin smith has taken on Hollywood in Jay and Silent BobStrike Back, religion and mythology in Dogma, modern romance in Chasing Amy,24330,3391381,00.html

    37. Kestrel's Nest: Kevin Smith, Director Of Dogma,
    November 23, 1999 1044 PM kevin smith, director of Dogma, . kevinsmith, director of Dogma, protested his own film in his hometown
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    November 23, 1999 10:44 PM : "Kevin Smith, director of Dogma,"
    Kevin Smith, director of Dogma protested his own film in his hometown of Eatontown, N.J. I sure do like that guy.
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    One actress from South Carolina saw the event posted on the web and came allthe way to see kevin smith, writer/director of “Clerks” and “Mallrats
    Indie Film Guru speaks to Hoboken Film Fans Special for the Long Island Filmmakers' Network
    By David G. Knappe, President of Glencross Films in Hoboken, NJ Hoboken, NJ November 18, 1997 At least 10 former deer (now mounted for posterity) stared down majestically toward the scene unfolding at the Elks Lodge in Hoboken, NJ. Packed to capacity, film fans from the Mile Square were in for a rare treat. People came from as far as Long Island. One actress from South Carolina saw the event posted on the web and came all the way to see Kevin Smith, writer/director of “Clerks” and “Mallrats” screen his 1997 hit “Chasing Amy”, after which he graciously took questions from the audience for two whole hours. This event was sponsored by Projected Images of Hudson County, which shows indie films on Tuesdays and Wednesdays at the Shannon Lounge at 1st and Washington Streets. It has become a tradition in the town, where indie fans can grab a pint of Guinness and go into the back room to catch the flick for only $5.00 Previous appearances by filmmakers in the past have included Nancy Sovoca, John Sayles and Bruce Sinovsky. Projected images is also the sponsor of this years New Jersey Film Festival. “Do you all have enough bars in this town or what”, quipped the filmmaker, referring to Hoboken’s reputation of being a party town. Because of the throngs of people who showed up for the event, there was no room, so the filmmaker had to be holed up in the nearby Elysian Cafe, noteworthy as the location where Kevin Bacon “got his” in “Sleepers.”

    39. Director Kevin Smith
    director kevin smith kevin smith may give you a chance. The writerdirector is recruitingextras for his movie Jersey Girl through his View Askew Web site .

    List has found some bigleague takers on the deal Miramax Films, which optionedthe rights for kevin smith, the controversial writer/director of Clerks
    continue to Kevin Smith and Miramax Are Bringing Fletch Back to the Big Screen
    this session brought to you by: The Core about this ad
    continue to Kevin Smith and Miramax Are Bringing
    Fletch Back to the Big Screen

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