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  1. Kevin Smith: Screenwriter, Film producer, Film director, Script (comics), Author, Actor, Scott Mosier, View Askew Productions, SModcast, Canon (fiction), View Askewniverse, Clerks, Dogma (film)
  2. My Boring-Ass Life (New Edition): The Uncomfortably Candid Diary of Kevin Smith by Kevin Smith, 2009-09-22
  3. Shootin' the Sh*t with Kevin Smith: The Best of the SModcast by Kevin Smith, 2009-09-22
  4. Silent Bob Speaks: The Collected Writings of Kevin Smith by Kevin Smith, 2005-04-13
  5. Spike, Mike, Slackers & Dykes: A Guided Tour Across a Decade of American Independent Cinema by John Pierson, Kevin Smith, 1996-01
  6. Billy the kid is all grown up: at the tender age of 40, Billy Donovan, the former Providence gunslinger, became one of only three men (Dean Smith and Bobby ... An article from: Coach and Athletic Director by Kevin Newell, 2006-09-01

81. The View Askewniverse
Check out indie hero kevin smith and his merry band at the official home of View Askew Productions. Find news, merchandise and unseen footage.

82. Kevin Smith
Australian tribute to Kiwi actor/singer kevin smith. Contains extensive article archive, image galleries, con pictures and relevant links.
IN LOVING MEMORY: KEVIN TOD SMITH March 16, 1963 - February 16, 2002.
Please continue to keep Kevin's wife Sue and their three young sons in your thoughts and prayers. The Auckland Theatre Company is receiving donations for the Kevin Smith Trust Fund. Lucy Lawless, Michael Hurst, Robert Bruce and Simon Prast are the trustees. Credit card donations are accepted. The address is:
The Kevin Smith Trust
c/o Auckland Theatre Company
P. O. Box 6513
Wellesley Street
New Zealand Websites concerned are:
Kevin Smith Foundation.

The Auckland Theatre Company
I Am A Proud Member Of:
Phenomenal Women Of The Web
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83. Kevin Smith

84. The Viewaskewniverse
Includes a filmography, news and gossip, and links to other web resources..
document.isTrellix = 1;
The Viewaskewniverse Filmography News and Gossip Related Links Contact Me Welcome to the Viewaskewniverse! well its not the original On this site I'll include everything that has ever been done by Kevin Smith. I will have news and updates, reviews, pictures, and all sorts of other stuff to look at. I became a fan of Kevin Smith when I saw Mallrats for the first time. Since then I have seen all of his movies at least twice. Kevin Smith has made some of the greatest actors of today including Ben Afleck, Matt Damon, and Salma Hayek. Without the help of Kevin Smith these actors would not be where they are today. This goes to show you that Kevin Smith might just be one of the directors of all time. He is certainly the best director in independent films today. Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash

Official movie site from kevin smith's View Askew productions. Includes news, a cast list, plot summary, production notes, photos, downloads, reviews, and articles.

Brad Plevyak Chris Alley
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86. Kevin Tod Smith - 1963 - 2002
A fan site dedicated to these two actors. Includes episode screen captures, press kit and convention photos, sound and Real Audio files, and movies.
Kevin Tod Smith
The world has lost a shining star. Words cannot describe the sadness we are all feeling over the passing of this wonderful man. I was out of town when this happened, but was fortunate enough to be with fellow fans at the time - it helped having a shoulder to cry on.
I think Michael Hurst conveys my feelings the best, in the following excerpts from an article in the New Zealand Herald on February 23, 2002.
"His life was a "larger than life" kind of life. Of all the actors in Hercules and Xena, he was the only one who resembled his action figure.
This is the hardest thing, the fact that we want more of him. We want the fulfillment of all that promise but must be content with only the idea.
He was a family man, a sporting man, a playful man, and a thinking man.
His smile was, and will always be, a beacon in the dark because I think he knew instinctively that heart was the first thing and that everyone else followed." I had the pleasure of working with Beth Gern on Kevin's fan club doing the newsletter, and also had the good fortune of meeting him several times and spending time with him. Memories of seeing him in person for the first time at Warriorcon . . . singing Karaoke on stage with him in Orlando . . . will stay with me forever.

87. Mach And Ehrenfels: Foundations Of Gestalt Theory
by kevin Mulligan and Barry smith
Mach and Ehrenfels:
The Foundations of Gestalt Theory
Kevin Mulligan and Barry Smith

From Barry Smith (ed.), Foundations of Gestalt Theory , Munich and Vienna: Philosophia, 1988, 124-57.
We shall find in what follows that we can come to terms with the implications of the ideas of Mach and Ehrenfels on the perception of what is complex and on the complexity of perception only by paying especially detailed attention to their respective understandings of the notion of non-causal dependence . The clarification of this notion - first effected in a truly systematic way in the writings of these two authors and in those of their contemporaries Brentano and Stumpf - is, we shall argue, one of the great achievements of Austrian philosophy of science. Mach, it will turn out, was unable successfully to incorporate his descriptions of complex perception within his general atomistic framework in no small part because his understanding of dependence was in a quite specific sense too narrow. The great significance of the work of Ehrenfels and of other members of the Brentano tradition from our point of view is that, because they were more faithful to the structures of what is given in perception, they were able to develop a richer theory of dependence, the implications of which were to extend far beyond the narrow sphere of perceptual psychology.
To talk of a 'perception of what is complex' is, from the atomistic perspective which held sway amongst the majority of nineteenth century psychologists, already to employ a form of speech that is illegitimate in the sense that it is not grounded in any underlying reality. There is at most, according to the atomistic psychologist, the possibility of a

New Zealand movie starring kevin smith, Danielle Cormack, Joel Tobeck and Amber Sainsbury.
Like to see the movie trailer? Click here to download! NEWSFLASH!
CHANNELLING baby is now available on video in New Zealand! Ask for it at your local video store! CHANNELLING baby will be showing at the Winfemme festival in L.A. during August
Click here for details
World Sales:
New Zealand Film Commission

PO Box 11-546
New Zealand
Tel: +64 4 382 7680
Fax: +64 4 384 9719 35mm Dolby Stereo 89 minutes
For enquries about the movie, send mail to:
(director) or (producer) Send mail to with questions or comments about this web site. Last modified: August 23, 2000

89. Mallrats
Official site with news, cast information, and notes from kevin smith.
Raunchy Sounds and QuickTime Movies!
Never before seen pics! And special commen-
taries by Director Kevin Smith! Enter now!
Kevin: I think Mallrats is very funny. I'm on your side. It's a movie that's very dear to my heart, but it went right in the shitter. When you do a movie like Clerks, then a movie like Mallrats that goes right in the shitcan, everyone says, "Ha ha, wiseass." So rather than subject yourself to that, you steal their thunder by saying it first. There's this infamous moment where I was on stage giving an award away with Laura Dern, and I opened up by saying, "I want to take this time to apologize for Mallrats. I don't know what I was thinking." It was said in a very tongue-in-cheek fashion; it was a joke. But some people thought it was serious. Roger Ebert, in his review of Chasing Amy, said, "He started out with a great movie called Clerks, then followed up with a movie that was so bad that he apologized for it." View Askew Productions.

90. Dos And Don'ts Of Client Authentication On The Web
Paper by kevin Fu, Emil Sit, Kendra smith, and Nick Feamster. In the Proceedings of the 10th USENIX Security Symposium, Washington, D.C., August 2001. PDF

91. Entrance
kevin and Nancy from the United States. Wedding pictures and information.
Welcome to Kevin and Nancy's Webpage. Click the enter button below to explore our website
since 11/4/01

92. ::::Kevin Smith::::Web Design::::Photography
Includes music, photographs, and personal information.
Thanks for dropping by! Make sure you check out the photo gallery and the music page for updates! Kev
hosting provided by -

93. - When People Stop Being Polite, And Start Getting Violent...
Information on Wicca/Paganism, conspiracies, Transformers fan fiction, kevin smith films, Loreena McKennitt, Brimstone (the TV show), an online comic.
Currently on TRHMessenger:
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26 March 2003 - 5:8:32: I have the inability to type right now.
I think I'm burning out... honestly. I have lost the ability to touch type, my head is pounding, and I can't think straight...
I was going to go to sleep without updating this, but I made the mistake of checking my e-mail. Apparently, they have now found the body of long missing UWEC student Michael Noll...
Wow. I really don't have a lot that I can say... yeah. I'm so unable to think straight anyways, that I don't think any statements I could make would work.
I'm going to sleep now.

94. SmithLaser.Com - Niagara Laser BOTOX® Artecoll™ Perlane™ & Restylane™
Specializes in laser hair removal. Site provides comprehensive information about the process, including its features, benefits, costs, and answers to frequently asked questions.
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95. Kevin Smith - REALTOR With Long & Foster Real Estate, Specializes In The Washing
Guide to buying and selling, and local listings.

96. Ped's Ares (a Ka Kevin Smith) Page
Contains acronyms, galleries, mailing list, biography of kevin smith, episode list, and webrings.

Why These pages are dark
Ped's Ares Page
Annoying the Web community since February 1997
What's New Mailing List Galleries Mount Olympus ... Banners for *kewl* linking.
Become an Ares Enhanced! site!
These are other parts of this site:
My research project (from spring '97)

This page is dedicated to the charcter of Ares, and the actor who plays him, Kevin Smith, on Xena:Warrior Princess and Hercules: The Legendary Journeys , both in syndication. Kevin now appears as Ares on Young Hercules , on both the Fox network and The Fox Family Channel (right now this show only airs in the US and Canada).
Member number 139
Listen to a hilarious song about the internet as you look around!
Send me mail: Last changed June 06, 2002 What's new Go and read the legal stuff for this page. PSPUG hint: You should follow the link to Collages for the next hint. The Counter was installed August 29, 1997 And it broke sometime in early 2001. Proud Member Of The Ares X-Change!

97. Caerwent Dissertation
Archaeology student kevin smith presents his dissertation on the faunal remains of the late RomanoBritish period from the forum-basilica at Caerwent. Includes plan, images, bibliography.
Caerwent Animal Bone Remains
A dissertation by Kevin Smith on the faunal remains of the late Romano-British period from the forum-basilica at Caerwent. At long last these pages now contain a full copy of my dissertation (not including the appendix). Please feel free to look around, but take note, I have literally just transferred the word documents into html so the layout is not perfect. All that I ask is that if you want to reproduce any text, pictures, diagrams or tables, in any form, please email me first for permission. A lot has happened since I first put this site online. I have graduated from Bournemouth University with a First Class Honours degree, and toured America for 3 months. Since then I worked for just under a year as a professional archaeologist for the Essex County Council Field Archaeology Unit. The dissertation can be found through the menu at the top left of this page. For some basic information on the project, and pictures not used in the dissertation, the following pages have been produced: Pictures of Caerwent Research Design var site="s15archaeology" website designed and maintained by: Kevin Smith

98. Political Prisoners In Zimbabwe - Introduction
The story of Philip Mazisa Conjwayo, Michael Anthony smith and kevin John Woods.
Introduction Latest News Biography Historical Background Political Prisoner Status ...
Number Of Visitors
Since 21st April 2000 Political Prisoners in Zimbabwe This site is dedicated to increasing public awareness of the plight of the last three political prisoners from the South African apartheid era, in the hope that public opinion worldwide may help deliver these men from an appalling existence in a prison which breaches every international Human Rights convention, and many national statutes.
Philip Conjwayo, Mike Smith and Kevin Woods have been incarcerated in Chikurubi Maximum Security Prison in Zimbabwe since 1988, following convictions based on evidence that included confessions made under extreme duress. For this reason alone, their convictions would be deemed unsafe by every judicial system in the civilised world.
During their period of imprisonment, they have suffered the most barbaric and inhuman treatment, which, even if they were guilty as charged, is unwarranted.
Whatever your political opinions about recent South African history, we are sure that you will be aghast at what you will learn from exploring our site.
Free the Harare 3

99. Daily Box Office - Dogma
Box office coverage for Dogma since its opening. Includes a comparison to other kevin smith movies.
Box Office Mojo
Daily Box Office
Last update 8/1/00 Total Gross: $30,652,990
Production Budget: $10 million Box Office Track Record
Director Kevin Smith
November Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Weekend Gross Daily Gross Change Y/L* Theaters / Average Gross-to-date * % Change since yesterday / same day last week. December Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Weekend Gross Daily Gross Change Y/L* Theaters / Average Gross-to-date N/A N/A * % Change since yesterday / same day last week. Box Office Track Record Director Kevin Smith Get paid to surf the web. Back to Daily Box Office Weekend Box Office ... Brandon Gray

100. Music In Motion
kevin smith's website. A playing member of Senators Drum and Bugle Corps, Endgland

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