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         Smits Jimmy:     more books (15)
  1. Jimmy Smits: A Real-Life Reader Biography by Melanie Cole, 1997-11
  2. Entertainment Weekly #357 - December 13, 1996 - Jimmy Smits, Kim Delaney
  3. American People of Surinamese Descent: Puerto Rican People of Surinamese Descent, Jimmy Smits, Robert Van Lierop
  4. Acteur Portoricain: Jennifer Lopez, José Ferrer, Marc Anthony, Raúl Juliá, Benicio Del Toro, Jimmy Smits, Ricky Martin, Freddie Prinze Jr. (French Edition)
  5. Smits, Jimmy (1945): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by Joyce Linehan, 2000
  6. Milenarismo diabólico: La bendición.(TT: Evil of the millennium: The blessing.)(Reseña): An article from: Epoca by Pedro Crespo, Jimmy Smits, 2001-01-28
  7. Tv Guide March 2-8 1996 Jimmy Smits & Dennis Franz of NYPD Blue by Tv Guide, 1996
  8. A Simple Habana Melody: (from when the world was good) by Oscar Hijuelos, 2002-06-01
  9. Jimmy Smits by Jose A. Lara, 2000-09
  10. Jimmy Smits, actor / Ozzie Guillen, manager of the Chicago White Sox / David Hammonds, artist (Current Biography, Volume 67, Number 5 - May 2006)
  11. Jimmy Stewart Bomber Pilot - 2006 publication. by Star Smit, 2006
  12. La hija del horror.(TT: Bless the child.)(Reseña): An article from: Semana
  13. Cine grande en la pantalla local: A calentar butacas.(TT: Great cinema in the local screen: to warm up armchairs.)(Reseña): An article from: Semana by Gustavo Lafarge, 2000-03-31
  14. Luce Smits - Beautiful Knitting Book

1. Jimmy Smits At 1997 NBA All-Star Weekend; Basketball; February 9, 1997; ASAPSpor
Actor Jimmy smits jimmy Smits and Kim Basinger Star in ``Bless the Child'' Principal photography has begun on the supernatural thriller "Bless the Child " starring Kim Basinger and Jimmy Smits.
Cleveland, Ohio February 9, 1997 JIMMY SMITS

2. Jimmy Smits And Kim Basinger Star In "Bless The Child"
Article from Contacto Magazine.Category Arts Celebrities S Smits, Jimmy......Back to the Home Page, Actor Jimmy smits jimmy Smits and Kim BasingerStar in ``Bless the Child'' Principal photography has begun

Back to the Home Page

Actor Jimmy Smits
Jimmy Smits and Kim Basinger
Star in ``Bless the Child''
Principal photography has begun on the supernatural thriller "Bless the Child," starring Kim Basinger and Jimmy Smits. The Paramount Pictures presentation is directed by Chuck Russell and produced by Mace Neufeld. Kim Basinger stars as Maggie O'Connor, a woman whose well-ordered, practical universe has no room for such vague concepts as good and evil. But when her six-year-old niece, Cody, is forcibly abducted, Maggie learns that evil is very real indeed. For Cody is more than simply "special"; she manifests extraordinary powers that the forces of evil have waited centuries to control. Aided by an investigator who specializes in supernatural phenomenon, played by Smits, they together take on the forces of darkness in a battle for Cody's very soul in this riveting modern-day thriller. Basinger made her motion picture debut opposite Robert Redford in Barry Levinson's "The Natural." Since then she has appeared in more than 20 feature films. In 1998, Basinger received an Academy Award(tm) for her role in the critically acclaimed "L.A. Confidential," based on the James Ellroy classic crime novel of the same title. The film, directed by Curtis Hanson, earned nine Academy Award(tm) nominations and also earned Basinger a Golden Globe Award, a Screen Actors Guild Award and a BAFTA nomination.

3. DVD > Smits Jimmy: Preise Und Angebote Bei Idealo
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Darsteller Smits Jimmy DVD-STARTSEITE ACTION, HORROR KINDER, FAMILIE KOMÖDIE, DRAMA ... CHARTS IDEALO-PRODUKT-SUCHE MEHR PREISVERGLEICH PC, VIDEOSPIELE BÜCHER MUSIK SOFTWARE ... WEBSUCHE DVD .../Smits Jimmy Smits Jimmy-DVDs bei DVD-CHARTS - SMITS JIMMY A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Platz Bild Film-Titel Darsteller Regie Musik Erschienen Regio Diese Zwei sind nicht zu fassen Gregory Hines Billy Crystal Peter Hyams ... Joseph Julián González

smits jimmy. Records 1 to 15 of 20. Adventures in wild California videorecording.United States Castle Creek Productions, c2000. JIMMY

5. Celebrity Storm :- Jimmy Smits
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6. Jimmy Smits
Jimmy Smits Age 47. Born July 9, 1955 Brooklyn, New York. Did YouKnow? Jimmy lives with actress Wande de Jesus. He has two children
VideoETA Search By Month News ... Mailing List Friday, Mar 28 Jimmy Smits Age: Born: July 9, 1955
Brooklyn, New York
Did You Know?
  • Jimmy lives with actress Wande de Jesus.
  • He has two children from a previous marriage, Taina and Joaquin.
  • Jimmy graduated from Cornell University with an M.F.A.
  • Jimmy is part-owner in the Los Angeles nightclub "The Congo Room." His partners are Jennifer Lopez, Paul Rodriguez and Brad Gluckstein.
  • Jimmy was nominated for six consecutive Emmy's for his role on "L.A. Law." He took home the trophy in 1990. He was also nominated three times for his role in "NYPD Blue."
Actor Credits
  • Star Wars: Episode II-Attack Of The Clones
  • The Million Dollar Hotel
  • America: A Tribute To Heroes
  • Bless The Child ... Drug Wars: The Carmarena Story
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  • 7. Jimmy Smits
    Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa). Jimmy Smits was born on the 9th July 1955 inBrooklyn, New York. He has appeared in countless movies including
    Jimmy Smits (Bail Organa)
    Jimmy Smits was born on the 9th July 1955 in Brooklyn, New York. He has appeared in countless movies including The Believers (1987), Fires Within (1991), Price of Glory and The Tommy Knockers (1993) but his most popular role was in the hit American series NYPD Blue where he played Detective Bobby Simone. He has also had a few TV appearances in shows like Miami Vice and L.A. Law. [More Information on this actor will be released soon]
    Hayden Christensen
    Jimmy Smits Bonnie Piesse Daniel Logan ... Leeanna Walsman

    8. Jimmy Smits
    Jimmy's PhotoAlbum. °^°^ All About This Actor ^°^°^, Autographed,Jimmy è nato a Brooklyn, New York, il 9 luglio del 1955
    Jimmy's PhotoAlbum Jimmy Smits Galleria #1 Galleria #2 Galleria #3 Galleria #4

    The actor talks about his NYPD Blue character, Bobby Simone, and life as a celebrity.
    • NYPD BLUE'S NEW HUNK As Detective John Kelly, red-haired actor David Caruso added yet another to a long string of roles as a cop. (Check Mad Dog and Glory or the watershed King of New York ). This time, even though he gained thirty pounds for his world-weary character, Kelly's modus operandi struck a chord with global viewers. But stardom took its toll of Caruso. Never an easy actor, his temperament attracted attention. Then, come hiatus time, he demanded a pay rise of 30,000 a week. He was already paid 70,000 an episode for a role initially intended for another actor. That person, as it happens, was Jimmy Smits , who rose to fame on Steven Bochco's LA Law . A close friend of Bochco, NYPD BLUE's auteur, Smits had turned down the role when the show was casting. He was hoping to make the jump to movies. By the time he was offered a chance to replace Caruso, Smits found the show's writing better than his movie scripts. Thus, at last, he became "Detective Bobby Simone". Caruso received a hasty exit from the TV squad. (With an official party from the cast waiting for him in the wings, "Kelly" said his final lines, walked off the set and simply drove straight into the sunset.) Since he was still in costume, the script-disgraced detective managed to retain his badge.

    10. MicroBus City Suburbs - Jimmy Smits Image Gallery
    Image gallery.
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    Jimmy Smits
    Birthday: July 09, 1955
    Last updated: June 20, 2001.
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    11. TeeVee Archive - Cue Jimmy Smits' Ass!
    Commentary on the nude scenes in NYPD Blue.
    , You'll Be Telling Me We Feted Marisa Tomei and Mira Sorvino As Good As It Gets on cable and says, "We gave an award to Helen Hunt for that, huh?" and then orders itself another Jack Daniels. Thursday, 7 p.m. PT, Turner Classic Movies Philip Michaels Shows You've Never Seen, Reviewed! - March 24 Home Shopping War - March 22 War Pet Peeves - March 21 CBS: Other People's Leavings - March 21 I Want a Refund! - March 21 YES, I'M TALKING TO YOU! - March 21 Can We Surrender Yet? - March 20 War By Wire Service - March 19 Without a Tress - March 19 Weblog Archive... Wednesday
    Information Bath

    Watching the war shows just how much information sources have changed in the past 12 years. March 21
    Let Me Rock You, Shock and Awe

    Now that we've softened them up, it's time for Chaka Khan to take the Iraqis by storm! Or are we just dreaming? March 20
    The Eve of War in New York City

    Chris Rywalt goes to a concert. In New York. As war breaks out. And is very glad about it. March 18
    Stop Me Before I Produce Again

    Good Morning Miami! And goodbye, long-term deal. March 14

    12. Meg's Boyfriend: Jimmy Smits
    A fan explains why she likes the actor.
    The Boyfriend of the Week
    Well, this is timed unfortunately. I should've done this boyfriend BEFORE he quit the show. Damn you, Jimmy Smits , what will I do without you? Surely you've all heard by now. The wonderful Jims is leaving (has left) NYPD Blue . And being replaced by Rick Schroder, who will never be anything but "Little Ricky" to me no matter how grown up he gets. Remember "Silver Spoons"? I used to LOVE that show. But Ricky still looks just like he did then and that was about 15 years ago! Eh, he'll never be a Boyfriend, that's for sure. But Jimmy now he's got the stuff I'm looking for. And the weird thing is, twice in my lifetime, I've fallen for him too late. The first time was when L. A. Law was on. Everybody watched that show but me! And as soon as I started to watch, Jims was gone. And the show was gone. And, darn, I said. Now NYPD Blue has finally gotten really good (I only started watching regularly this last year when I saw Jimmy was a regular. The only episodes I'd seen before were during the David Caruso Years (TM) and I hated it) and *KAPOW* my sweetie's taking flight. Will I never learn? PAY ATTENTION, MEG! What I like about Jimmy: (as if I need to explain this to YOU, my loyal fans) he's cute! And smart! And he's the Good Cop but he's still a tough guy. Plus, I loved that he and that lady cop got married. Aw, schucks, he's just such a sweetie!

    13. Jimmy Smits Is Still A Big Man On Campus
    Article about smits' visit to Cornell University.
    Away for 16 years, Jimmy Smits is still a big man on campus
    Jimmy Smits, MFA '82, left, meets with admirers and students, faculty and staff from the Department of Theatre, Film and Dance, Dec. 1, including, from left, sophomore theatre major Rachel Donn; sophomore Kristina Klimovich; and junior film major Jana Wilson, in the Black Box Theatre of the Center for Theatre Arts. Jon Reis/Photolink By Franklin Crawford Actor Jimmy Smits may be fixed in the popular mind as a tall, dark, TV hunk. But for those who met Smits, MFA '82, during his daylong reminiscence at the Center for the Theatre Arts (CTA) Dec. 1, the lasting impression will be of a dedicated actor, a gracious guest and a glitz-free personality whose sincerity was genuine, almost touching. Qualities you might look for, say, in a friend. In fact, the actor's first return visit here grew out of a 16-yearlong friendship with his former acting teacher, Stephen Cole, associate professor of theater, film and dance at Cornell. Cole had invited Smits to Ithaca while the former star of "NYPD Blue" was visiting family and friends in New York. With the final, much-hyped episode featuring his TV character's death behind him (the show aired Nov. 24, one week prior to Smits' visit), Smits was at liberty to visit Cole and Cornell for a low-key, nostalgia trip. Leery of publicity, as a rule, Smits consented to a loose schedule, limited to the theater arts community, with a few exceptions: He took an impromptu tour of Ithaca's Hangar Theatre; allowed for a brief interview with some members of the local print media; availed himself of photo opportunities for students and faculty alike while on campus; and made time for an intimate roundtable discussion with about two dozen students from Cornell's Latino Studies Program.

    14. Jimmy Smits
    The actor talks about leaving NYPD Blue and what the future holds for him.
    “I’m an investor in the Conga Room here in Los Angeles,” smiles Smits. "We were here before the whole Latin explosion, so it’s not like we’re jumping on the bandwagon. I go there all the time.”
    - Greg Srisavasdi

    15. E! Online News - Jimmy Smits Grabs His Lightsaber
    Article discussing the casting of smits in Star Wars Episode II.,1,6771,00.html
    March 28, 2003 Jimmy Smits Grabs His Lightsaber
    by Josh Grossberg

    Jul 13, 2000, 12:15 PM PT
    Detective Bobby Simone is trading in his badge for a blaster. Confirming rumors that have been floating around the Web for weeks, Lucasfilm today announced the casting of ex- NYPD Blue star Jimmy Smits in George Lucas Star Wars: Episode II Smits will play Senator Bail Organa of Alederaan, the foster father of Princess Leia and the guy who gets blown to bits offscreen by the Death Star in the original Star Wars a d v e r t i s e m e n t
    "I'd thought of Jimmy for the role before George Lucas had even confirmed the character's appearance," casting director Robin Gurland told the official Star Wars site . "Then completely independently, his agents let me know that he would love to be involved in a Star Wars project. It worked out great." Rumors of the Emmy-winning actor's casting in Episode II had been all over the Internet thanks to a report at Coming Attractions over a month ago. At the time, reps for the actor vehemently denied the gossip. But now that the Lucas camp has made it official, fans might be wondering what the Jedi master has in mind for Smits' character. Bail Organa is only mentioned briefly in the first trilogy as the foster father of Princess Leia, but fans have been speculating for years as to whether or not Organa and Queen Amidala (Leia's mom) get together romantically (even hinting at a romantic triangle with young Anakin). Lucas has said

    16. - ESPY 2000 - Jimmy Smits To Host Eighth Annual ESPY Awards
    Article from
    Keyword Search Search The Web ESPN Network: ABCSports ... FANTASY
    Jimmy Smits to host eighth annual ESPY Awards
    Emmy Award-winning actor and avid sports fan Jimmy Smits will host the 2000 ESPY Awards when ESPN's annual gala honoring excellence in sports will be aired live from the MGM Grand in Las Vegas Monday, Feb. 14 at 8:00 p.m. ET. Smits presented Sammy Sosa with the ESPY Humanitarian Award during last year's telecast. Smits will host the eighth annual ESPY Awards. Smits, who has established himself as one of the most versatile actors working today, recently completed a successful run on the ABC hit series NYPD Blue. He has also just completed a starring role in a sports-related film by New Line Cinema called Price of Glory. The film, due for release this spring, tells the story of Arturo Ortega (Smits), who shows promise as a boxer until his career crashes. Arturo attempts to realize his dreams vicariously by training his three sons to become champions. Smits has also completed roles in Million Dollar Hotel and Bless The Child. Smits has enjoyed an exemplary television career and has the distinction of having received an Emmy nomination for every year he has been on television. He received six consecutive Emmy nominations for his role as Bobby Simone on the critically acclaimed, Emmy-winning drama, NYPD Blue.

    17. So Long, Bobby Jimmy Smits' 'NYPD Blue' Character Killed Off
    Associated Press article.

    18. Whymilk - Jimmy Smits And Dennis Franz
    Profile of Franz and jimmy smits, alongside their magazine ad for milk.
    NYPD Blue
    Dennis Franz
    Jimmy Smits
    "Turns out roughing up punks ain't really necessary. On account of most guys and gals hurt themselves by not getting enough calcium. So reach out for 3 glasses of milk a day. Your body will thank you. Especially if we don't have to tell you again." Brief:
    Name - Dennis Franz, Jimmy Smits
    Gig - Detectives Andy Sipowicz and Bobby Simone on the hit drama series NYPD Blue
    Hometown - Maywood, IL; Brooklyn, NY
    Born - Oct. 28, 1944; July 9, 1955
    Marital Status - Married; Divorced
    Notables: During its first season, the hit TV show NYPD Blue shattered every record in the books, garnering 26 Emmy nominations in 1993. The following year, NYPD Blue won the Emmy Award for "Outstanding Drama Series". Contributing to the show's success are award-winning actors Dennis Franz and Jimmy Smits, who play Andy Sipowicz and Bobby Simone - detectives for the NYPD 15th precinct. Last season, Franz received his second Emmy award, Screen Actor's Guild award and Best Actor award for his compelling role as Detective Sipowicz. Seemingly enticed by the color blue, Franz has also appeared on television shows including

    19. Jimmy Smits
    Biography, pictures, filmography, and notable TV guest appearances.Category Arts Celebrities S smits, jimmy Movies......, Jimmy

    20. Jimmy Smits - Resources Center (info, News, Fan Mail, Photos, Web Sites, Posters
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    Running Scared
    Cast and Crew (in alphabetical order):
    Steven Bauer

    Billy Crystal

    Joe Pantoliano

    Jimmy Smits
    This movie is available on:

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    Cast and Crew (in alphabetical order): Kim Basinger Ian Holm Christina Ricci Rufus Sewell Jimmy Smits

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