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         Sonny And Cher:     more books (39)
  1. The Best of Sonny & Cher by Sonny & Cher, 1967
  2. Sonny & Cher by unknown, 1975
  4. TV RADIO MIRROR July 1973 Volume 73 No. 8 (Magaziine. Doris Day. Sonny & Cher. Ed Mallory.)
  5. Songs Recorded By Sonny And Cher [Songbook] by Sonny & Cher, 1965
  6. Architectural Digest SUMMER 1970 Sonny & Cher by Paige (editor) Rense, 1970
  7. SATRUDAY EVENING POST July/August 1973 Sonny & Cher article
  8. All I Ever Need is You by Sonny & Cher, 1973
  9. Life Magazine - March 17, 1972 (Volume 72 Number 10) by Various, 1972
  10. Sonnie-Boy's People by James B. Connolly, 2010-03-23
  11. Superstars of the '70s : A Price Guide to the Toys, the Dolls and their Accessories (vol. 1) by Edward Sincavage, Patricia Sincavage, et all 1996-06

41. Sonny & Cher Photos By Chris Walter And Photofeatures
Find Information and available music by Sonny Cher here at. sonny and cherPhotos by © Chris Walter 2001 Contact us . More Chris Walter photos .
Find Information and available music by here at SONNY AND CHER Contact us More Chris Walter photos Photofeatures Main Page Other Images Online ... Prints for Sale

42. Sonny And Cher Comedy Hour (Where the 1970s never ended) looks back on sonny and cher ComedyHour and classic 1970s Televison. Genre Variety. sonny and cher Comedy Hour.
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Cinema: A Year by Year History of the Movies
Facts and Figures Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour Aired: 1971-1977 Starred: Cher, Sonny Bono, Chastity Bono Network: CBS Genre: Variety
Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour
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Do you have a favorite episode of Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour? Was it your favorite TV show? Let us know Back to Top We welcome your comments

43. MusicMoz - Bands And Artists: S: Sonny And Cher
sonny and cher. the entire directory. Top Bands and Artists S sonny and cher(7) Discography (0); Links (7); Members (0). Discography
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Sonny Bono

the entire directory this category Top Bands and Artists S : Sonny and Cher Discography Albums:
The Two of Us Baby Don't Go Look at Us Good Times In Case You're in Love All I Ever Need Is You Live in Las Vegas, Vol. 2 Mama Was a Rock'n'Roll Singer Singles: Just You Submit a Review
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45. Good Times (1967): Sonny Bono, Cher, George Sanders, William Friedkin
Synopsis Versatile varietyhour marrieds sonny and cher, as themselves, contemplatethe jump from pop superstardom to the silver screen after a big-shot

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46. Sonny And Cher
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47. Art Kane: Sonny And Cher
sonny and cher 1966. all images copyright 98,99,00 Art Kane estate.
Sonny and Cher 1966
all images 98,99,00 Art Kane estate.

48. CHER - Cher. There's Really No One Else Quite Like Her.
Cher entered pop scene as the lanky, deadpan half of sonny and cher combo whose 1965smash I Got You, Babe were ever present in singles charts on both sides of
Barbie Store Pokemon Store Harry Potter Store Star Wars Store ... Home
of the Atlantic. Cher Music Cher Movies Cher Books Cher Gallery ... Greatest Hits [1974]
This collection is a snapshot of their first comeback in the early 70s showcasing their recordings for the Kapp, then MCA, labels.
Dutch compilation featuring all their Billboard hits as well as a number of solo hits for Sonny and Cher. All original recordings. Look at Us
Wonderous World of

Sonny Bono was a record-biz vet by the time he hooked up with a teenaged female singer named Cher. After a 1963 flop under the name Caesar and Cleo, the pair clicked with "I Got You Babe," a leap onto the folk-rock bandwagon that made them America's favorite pseudohippies for a brief moment. Cher's less-than-dulcet tones never sounded better than when placed next to Sonny's nasal croak. As for Sonny himself, his solo protest workincluding "Laugh at Me," later covered by Mott the Hoopleis excerpted here. There are no words. Rickey Wright
Good Times

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49. Cher
Films in which Cher appeared, and those she directed or produced.Category Arts Celebrities C Cher...... (show more) Sometimes Credited As sonny and cher Cherilyn Chér, Herself;Flashbacks 2 Pop Parade (1994) (V) (as sonny and cher) .

50. AMT Sonny And Cher Model Kit
Large 60's AMT ad Deora sonny and cher Kit The ad in it's mat framewith a protective Mylar shield measures approximately 11 x 14 .
Large 60's AMT ad
Sonny and Cher Kit
The ad in it's mat frame
with a protective Mylar shield
measures approximately 11 x 14"

51. Sonny And Cher Show Gallery
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52. Art Kane: Sonny And Cher
Sonny Cher, 1966 All photos © 2000 Art Kane Archives.

53. Sonny And Cher: Look At Us: Pitchfork Review
Cover Art sonny and cher Look At Us Sundazed Rating 5.1 I first becamefamiliar with Sonny Bono through he and Cher's 1970s variety show.
Reviews News Features archive : A B C D ... Z Sonny and Cher
Look At Us
Rating: 5.1 Visions of Sonny Vol. 1: The Variety Show I first became familiar with Sonny Bono through he and Cher's 1970s variety show. Those types of shows were as common in those days as confessional- style talk shows are now, and to be frank, I thought of Sonny and Cher as the poor man's Captain and Tennille. While Sonny and Cher would sing old stuff I'd never heard of, Toni Tennille would be belting out "Love Will Keep Us Together" and "Muskrat Love," songs I was hearing on AM radio almost constantly. But Sonny seemed like a good sort, always the straight man to the more extravagant Cher, and he was a hell of a lot funnier than Darryl Dragon. For you kids out there in cyberspace, Sonny and Cher is what the late Congressman Sonny Bono used to do for a living before he got into politics. That's right, he wasn't always a tie- wearing Washington bureaucrat working to cut taxes for his rich Palm Springs pals. He used to be a producer/ singer/ songwriter who was married to the hottest mod babe this side of Ann-Margaret, and this despite the fact that he had a corny dutch- boy haircut and wore rabbit- fur vests in the Southern California heat. He was one of a kind. A little more history: Sonny Bono used to work for Phil Spector as a back-up singer and promotion man, and when he began making his own music with wife Cher in 1965 he copied Spector's trademark "Wall of Sound" production to the letter. And he was good at it. That's why I've given

54. Sonny And Cher: In Case You're In Love: Pitchfork Review
Cover Art sonny and cher In Case You're In Love Sundazed Rating4.4 Visions of Sonny Vol. 3 Sonny Goes To Washington. To the
Reviews News Features archive : A B C D ... Z Sonny and Cher
In Case You're In Love
Rating: 4.4 Visions of Sonny Vol. 3: Sonny Goes To Washington To the rest of the world, Sonny Bono's inauguration as the Mayor of Palm Springs didn't seem like a big deal; hell, half the moneyed cities in California are run by former entertainers. In the '80s, to see who could have the political leader with the most film and TV credits came to be a source of civic pride. But Sonny Bono, Congressman, took a little getting used to, despite the ground already broken by Iowa Republican Fred Grandy. Just five years earlier, Sonny had been doing those witty, self- deprecating Nike ads with Bo Jackson, poking fun at himself in a way that Capitol Hill doesn't usually tolerate. But they had to make room up on The Hill for Sonny and his crackpot humor. And whatever you thought of his conservative agenda, he will be missed. Album three in the Sonny and Cher canon is In Case You're In Love , released in 1967 when the world was changing and acid rock was in full swing in other words, when music had passed the cornball duo by. Their brand of fluffy pop, which still had some relevance in the mid- sixties when kids could remember the teen idol era, was now painfully sappy and out of date. Somehow, though, the album manages to be of at least passing interest, mostly on the strength of its weirdness and an overall so- bad- it's- good quality. Bono's would- be youth anthem "The Beat Goes On" opens the album, with Sonny hoping to sum up "the craziness in the streets" the way that Barry McGuire had done with "Eve of Destruction." It works as a camp classic now, with Sonny belting out "Men keep marching off to war" and Cher answering with "Electrically, they keep a baseball score." Huh? Hey, don't try to figure it out, just remember: no matter what happens, the beat goes on.

55. Stdin: Sonny And Cher?
sonny and cher? From Asked) ; Next in thread Lieberman, Neil REsonny and cher? ; Reply Lieberman, Neil RE sonny and cher? ;
Sonny and Cher?
From: Macke, Bob (
Date: Wed May 10 2000 - 15:42:41 PDT
  • Next message: Macke, Bob: "uh-oh" -Hanson will be around for a long time. Personally, I'm looking forward to
    the hanging with Ravi Shankar phase, the bloated excess phase and of course
    their companion Las Vegas comeback concert. "He did it in Las Vegas and he
    can do it here"
    Sadly, "artists" aren't drawn to Eastern (East of what? Oriental. I know)
    religions anymore. Another indicator of the decline of Western
    Civilization. Now that you mention it, we still have the Variety Show phase
    to look forward to as well.
  • 56. "And The Beat Goes On: The Sonny And Cher Story"
    Arts. Television Review And the Beat Goes On The sonny and cher Story SeeSonny (Jay Underwood) and Cher (Renee Faia) meet cute (at a lesbian bar).

    Buy theater tickets!
    Arts Television Review "And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story" By John Leonard W e might as well finish off the network sweepsprogramming. After offering Tom Clancy and Stephen King, ABC gives us And the Beat Goes On: The Sonny and Cher Story (Monday, February 22; 9 to 11 p.m.). How you react to this music-filled biopic, based on the late Sonny's own book, will depend on the longitude of your memory and the latitude of your generosity. And some of us still fondly remember their CBS variety show, especially a production number in which they grafted Gilbert and Sullivan onto the Pentagon Papers (with Ken Berry singing "I am the publisher of the New York Times, " etc.). So they weren't into drugs or Satanism. Neither was I. So the music he wrote and she sang wasn't sixties-political. Neither was Chubby Checker. But all by herself Cher has always been political, as well as polymorphous perverse: the template for Madonna and Michael Jackson, not to mention David Bowie and RuPaul. See Sonny (Jay Underwood) and Cher (Renee Faia) meet cute (at a lesbian bar). When Phil Spector (Christian Leffler) first hears her (actually the voice of Kelly Van Hoose Smith), the look on his face is as amazed as the look on David Letterman's (Tom Frykman) is baffled and the look on Little Richard's (Walter Franks) is Holy Roller-walrus. Surely, after "I've Got You (Babe)," it must be emblematic of something or other about the pop-culture Identity Exchange that Sonny ended up Republican and Cher ended up camp.

    57. Pop Rock-S : Sonny And Cher
    Free Download Player!! Search Search only in Pop RockS sonny and cher -. Pages Updated On 31-Aug-2002 !MegaLinks Engine 1.0.

    What's Cool Search Top ... Pop Rock-S : Sonny and Cher
    Free Download - Player!!
    Free Download Player!! Search
    Search only in Pop Rock-S : Sonny and Cher - Pages Updated On: 31-Aug-2002 !MegaLinks Engine 1.0

    58. 1966 Sonny And Cher Mustangs
    1966 sonny and cher Mustangs, 1966 Mustang Convertibles customized by GeorgeBarris for Sonny Cher. The cars were used in their movie Good Times .
    Welcome to - the source for Classic Mustangs We are proud to carry Carroll Shelby Children's Fund products Make Mustangs Online your Start Page! email: 1966 Sonny and Cher Mustangs back to thumbnails 1966 Mustang Convertibles customized by George
    Barris for Sonny & Cher. The cars were used in their movie "Good
    Times". Models of these cars were made by AMT. Each car has under
    20,000 miles. They are V8's with automatic transmissions. A part of our
    collection since 1983, they have been featured in numerous magazine
    articles and many car shows. They have appeared at every Ford
    Anniversary beginning with the 20th Anniversary at Griffith Park in
    1984. They were featured at the Mustang 30th Anniversary in Charlotte

    59. The BR Page-Discography-Comps-Sonny And Cher
    Sonny Cher Atlantic Records (no catalogue number) 1. SHADES OF TRUTH/NO SUBSTANCE/RAISEYOUR VOICE BAD RELIGION 2. dreams/only when i sleep/what can i do?
    Atlantic Records
    (no catalogue number)
    dreams/only when i sleep/what can i do?
    - the corrs
    love working on you - john michael montgomery
    say it again/where the night begins - steve cole
    i don't want no part of it/walking up behind the wheel - smokin' armadillos
    you soy tiburón - sierra maestra
    alle prese con una verde milonga - prolo conte
    second hand superstar/big girl/itchycoo park - civ
    down to the river/odissey/trouble in the world - james carter the bunny/dopamine/permanent midnight - mitchell froom palestrina kyrie elesion 1 - ensemble bulgarka jr i saw the light - hal ketchum aaron copland's "once i thought i'd never grow" - dawn upshaw i got you babe Released in 1998. Produced by John Mahoney. Mastered at Atlantic Studios. As with the other artists, the three Bad Religion songs are in fact only bits of the songs, linked so that it sounds like a single 4-minute song. The Bad Religion Page

    60. The Incredible Talents Of Pete Michaels
    Comic/Ventriloquist/Vocalist known for his performances including The sonny cher Reunion and the Tribute To Pavarotti.
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