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  1. Actors From Newfoundland and Labrador: Robert Joy, Gordon Pinsent, Karyn Dwyer, Sebastian Spence, Shannon Tweed, Mary Walsh, Jonathan Monro
  2. Interdisciplinary Design in Practice

1. Sebastian Spence
Sebastian Spence .Yummy! I'll have a Blue Moon with a Twist . Sebastian Links.
Sebastian Spence ....Yummy! "I'll have a Blue Moon with a Twist" Sebastian Links Click to enlarge picture...
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2. Riding The Wave: First Wave-Sebastian Spence
Sebastian Spence of SCIFI's First Wave. by Miwa Hirai. So what's in store for SebastianSpence if the anticipated Season Four does not materialize? Spence grins.
Sebastian Spence of SCIFI's First Wave by Miwa Hirai Warning: Spoilers Ahead
C ade Foster stands in the midst of unknown surroundings. The 'twice-blessed man' peers determinedly ahead through the foggy air. "I see the way out," he calls. Suddenly the director shouts 'Cut!', and the palpable tension breaks. Sebastian Spence, the classically-trained Canadian actor, flashes a relieved but satisfied smile and walks away from his cue mark. Spence, playing ex-thief Cade Foster in the SciFi channel's hit cult series First Wave , is Subject 117, a test model for a large-scale alien conspiracy. Foster gave up a life of crime and became a salesman after he met his beautiful and beloved wife-to-be. For a while he had it all; career, money, good friends, and a rosy future with his wife. Then it was all taken away. His wife was murdered and Foster was framed as the suspect. Foster ran from city to city, guided only by his friend Crazy Eddie, and also by the long-lost Book Of Nostradamus, trying to convince people that the aliens are here. In his solitary journey throughout the last two seasons, Foster has had to accept his role as the 'twice-blessed man', the chosen man destined to thwart the alien plans to colonize the earth. It was to be the beginning of a long journey. Shooting season 3 of First Wave has nearly wrapped up, but Spence still works from before sunrise into the night. When asked about the pace of the shooting, Spence smiles. "It's been hectic. Things are very tough. We did 27 episodes this year, but it's supposed to be 22. We've got two more to go. You know, 22 episodes are a lot to do anyway in a season. For me because I'm in a lot of scenes, particularly in the 27th episode, and the last three or four are all about Cade Foster. I had supposed the work to get easier as I go, but it's been harder and harder and harder and the more tired I get, the more difficult it is."

3. Sebastian Spence
SEBASTIAN SPENCE, Sebastian Spence was born in St. John's, Newfoundland FireShow . The first film Sebastian Spence acted in, was The Boys of St.

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Netfirms Web Hosting SEBASTIAN SPENCE Sebastian Spence was born in St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada, on December 9th, 1969. He started his career as an actor in local theatre. His father was a playwright and his mother a successful local actress. Of course this factor influenced him to take this decision and follow this career. His stage credits include: "Later That Same Life", "Wolf in the Fold", "The Ones That Got Away", "Crime and Punishment", "King Lear" and "The Great Fire Show". The first film Sebastian Spence acted in, was "The Boys of St. Vincent", which was critically-acclaimed and won some awards. It was a movie about an orphanage, in Spence's hometown, called Mount Cashel, where children endured years of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of those entrusted with their care. Sebastian Spence also acted in a lot of TV shows like The X-Files, The Outer Limits, Poltergeist: The Legacy, etc.... Even playing small roles, he always acts very well and his talent can be noticed in any show he works in. FILMOGRAPH AS AN ACTOR IN FILMS, TV FILMS, TV SERIES:

4. Sebastian Spence
Sebastian Spence. Sebastian Spence got his start as an actor in localtheater. With his mother being a successful local actress, and
Sebastian Spence
Sebastian Spence got his start as an actor in local theater. With his mother being a successful local actress, and his father being a playwright, it seemed like a perfecty natural carrer choice for him. Some of his numerous stage credits include "Crime and Punishment", "Later That Same Life", "The Ones That Got Away", "King Lear", "Wolf in the Fold", and "The Great Fire Show". His first film, "The Boys of St. Vincent" was a multi award-winning and critically acclaimed movie that drew realism from the actual horrors of Mount Cashel Orphanage, in Spence's own hometown. Here children endured years of physical as well as sexual absuse at the hands of those that were entrusted with their care. Born In: St. John's, Newfoundland Films He Enjoys: Just about anything Sci-fi (especially the bad ones) (Just like me!!!!!) Three All-Time Favorite Films: "Time Bandits", "Blade Runner", and "Road Warrior" Role Models: Harrison Ford, Gene Hackman, and Mel Gibson Hobbies/Interests: Guitar, motorcyles, and writing Status: Single (YES!!!)

5. Sebastian Spence
Sebastian Spence. Filmography First Shot (2002) (TV) . Owen Taylor; TheLone Ranger (2002) (TV) . Harmon Hartman; Little Boy Blues (2001) .
Sebastian Spence
  • First Shot (2002) (TV) .... Owen Taylor
  • The Lone Ranger (2002) (TV) .... Harmon Hartman
  • Little Boy Blues (2001) .... That Guy
  • First Shot (2001) (TV) .... FBI Agent
  • Family Of Cops III (1999) (TV) .... Eddie Fein
  • Firestorm (1998) .... Cowboy
  • Drive, She Said (1997) .... Jonathan Evans
  • Dead Man's Gun (1997) (TV) .... Willy
  • Breach Of Faith: Family Of Cops II (1997) (TV) .... Eddie Fein
  • Family Of Cops (1995) (TV) .... Eddie Fein
  • Anchor Zone (1994) .... Duke
  • The Boys Of St. Vincent (1993) (TV) .... Kevin Reevey, age 25

Television Roles
  • Dawson's Creek (2002-) .... Professor Matt Freeman
  • First Wave (1998-2001) .... Cade Foster
  • Fast Track (1997) .... Stevie Servine
  • Madison (1993-1994) .... Cal Sparke

TV Guest Appearances
  • Glory Days (13/2/2002) playing "Greg Embry" in episode: "The Lost Girls"
  • Special Unit 2 (7/11/2001) playing "Ian" in episode: "The Rocks"
  • Dark Angel (8/5/2001) playing "Charles Smith" in episode: "Hit A Sista Back"
  • Strange Frequency (2001) playing "Brad" in episode: "Don't Fear The Reaper"
  • Poltergeist: The Legacy (20/5/1997) playing "Noah Wilkes" in episode: "The Devil's Lighthouse"
  • The X Files (11/10/1996) playing "Deputy Barney Paster" in episode: "Home"
  • The Outer Limits (16/6/1996) playing "Young Jerry" in episode: "Paradise"

6. Taxi Vancouver1.5 Entertainment Sebastian Spence
Sebastian Spence. Nick Porter. And he's busy at the Craft services table. EnterSebastian Spence; the man with the handsome face and a zippo to boot.

7. Sebastian Spence At CelebStuck Celebrities
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8. Sebastian Spence
SEBASTIAN SPENCE stars as Cade Foster. A native of St. John's Newfoundland,he got his start in theatre, appearing in such productions
web hosting domain names email addresses related sites SEBASTIAN SPENCE stars as Cade Foster. A native of St. John's Newfoundland, he got his start in theatre, appearing in such productions as Later That Same Life, Wolf in the Fold, The Ones That Got Away, Crime and Punishment, King Lear and The Great Fire Show. His feature film credits include Drive, She Said, Firestorm, Anchor Zone and Jenny and the Sunshine. His television credits include a role as series regular on Showtime's Fast Track, Family of Cops, Family of Cops II, for CBS, The Boys of St. Vincent, which was nominated by Rolling Stone Magazine and USA Today as one of the top movies of 1994, The X-Files, Outer Limits, Sliders, Madison, Two and Robin's Hoods.
Actor filmography
  • "First Wave" (1998) TV Series Firestorm (1998) .... Cowboy "Fast Track" (1997) TV Series .... Stevie Servine Dead Man's Gun (1997) (TV) (segment "My Brother's Keeper") .... Willy Breach of Faith: Family of Cops II (1997) (TV) .... Eddie Fein
  • 9. Northern Stars - Sebastien Spence
    SEBASTIAN SPENCE b. December 9, 1969 in St. John's, Newfoundland, SebastianSpence studied theatre in St. John's, Newfoundland

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    December 9, 1969 in St. John's , Newfoundland Sebastian Spence studied theatre in St. John's, Newfoundland, where he appeared in more than a dozen stage productions, before making his move to Vancouver, B.C. The Boys of St Vincent was acclaimed as one of the Top Ten Movies of 1994 by both Rolling Stone Magazine and USA Today. Titles in red indicate best performances. Dark Blue dates indicate updated entries. The Boys of St. Vincent Anchor Zone (1994) Family of Cops (TV-1995) Family of Cops II: Breach of Faith (TV-1997) Drive, She Said (1997) Firestorm (1998) Family of Cops III (TV-1999) Little Boy Blues (2000) The Lone Ranger (TV-2002) First Shot (TV-2002) TV Series: Madison (1993) Fast Track (1997) First Wave (1998) Dark Angel (2000) Dawson's Creek (2002-) Can you help update this information?

    10. Sebastian Spence
    Sebastian Spence. Sebastian Spence . Sebastian Spence This site is hosted byNetfirms Web Hosting SEBASTIAN spence sebastian Spence was born in St.

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    Sebastian Spence

    11. Virtual First Wave - Sebastian Spence
    Groups sebastian spence. sebastian spence. Played the lead role of Cade Foster, in First Wave three season run on the
    Back to Stars Page Biography TV Schedule Chat Transcripts ... More... Biography Cyberex Online - Who's Who - Sebastian Spence Vidatron Entertainment First Wave Bios E! Online - Fact Sheet - Sebastian Spence Pictures SCI FI: FIRST WAVE - Downloads Pearson Television First Wave Web Site TV Schedule When is Sebastian on TV in the U.S. ? Chat Transcripts Sebastian Spence on US Sci-Fi, 09/09/1999 Sebastian Spence UK AOL, 01/11/2000 Television Series TV Series, First Wave - Sebastian Spence as Cade Foster on SPACE.COM TV - Episode List of tv series Fast Track TV - IMDB entry for tv series "Robins Hoods" TV - Review of tv series X-Files episode "Home" (French) ... TV - Review tv movie: "Family of Cops" - review - (Hungarian) Sebastian Autographed Photos Sebastian Spence Autographed Photos at Wolf Store Sebastian on VHS/DVD Sebastian Videos on Fan Clubs On Yahoo! Clubs - Sebastian Spence Online Fanclub

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    Sebastian Spence. SciFi TV filmography Role, Series,Episode. Charlie Smith, Dark Angel, 1.19 Hit a Sista Back.

    13. The Celebrity Link Directory - Sebastian Spence
    Sebastian Spence is one of the celebrities featured at the Internet's premiercelebrity site! Sebastian Spence. Click Here To Meet Your Lover!
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    14. Sebastian Spence . Net
    Forums for sebastian spence discussions, fan art and links
    c o m e i n s i d e This site is a member of WebRing.
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    15. Sebastian Spence: Separate Wave
    Interview with Canadian actor, sebastian spence.
    Actor Sebastian Spence of SciFi Channel's FIRST WAVE.
    Interviewed by Miwa Hirai
    Sebastian Spence agreed to an interview on a windy Vancouver afternoon. Smiling and drawing stares as he walked through the restaurant, he was almost unrecognizable. Sebastian sporting a different haircut and sunglasses, wearing a pullover and jeans, suddenly looked very little like his harried alter-ego, Cade Foster of SciFi's First Wave Spence had just arrived from the set of FOX's Dark Angel . Although First Wave's third season wrapped up in December, Spence has had little time for leisure. "Of course, for an actor, this is good," he smiles. He also just returned from touring a show-promo in London with co-star Traci Lords. After spending some time with his family, Spence went back to flying between Vancouver and Toronto, but managed to fit in something he's wanted to do for a while: watch some episodes of First Wave "I like Terminal City very much. You see two Cades in the same frame," Spence enthuses. "We did quite good in the third season, but I was a bit disappointed in the way it ended. Towards the end, the episodes were very serialized, although I think the writers tried not to do that as long as they could. Because they introduced a lot of new elements into the show, such as Traci's character (Jordan Radcliff), it became almost impossible to tell the story in one episode. I hope it doesn't mean they're going to serialize the fourth season - if we get one." Spence shrugs.

    16. Sebastian Spence Online
    Resource about sebastian spence the Canadian actor and star of "First Wave", his career Category Arts Celebrities S spence, sebastian......Onestop resource about sebastian spence, Canadian actor and star of First Wave ,his career in theatre, movies and TV. sebastian spence Online Message Board.

    Sebastian Spence Online
    Last updated: February 18, 2003
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    17. S.S.P.- The Sebastian Spence Page
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    18. Sebastian Spence
    A fan page about the actor with pictures and filmography.Category Arts Celebrities S spence, sebastian...... Chat, sebastian. My Drooly sebastian spence Fan page I'm so ashamed Well sebastianspence is one of the exceptions. I am a total lust monkey for this guy.
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    Chat Sebastian
    My Drooly Sebastian Spence Fan page
    I'm so ashamed...
    One of the most attractive men on television, Sebastian Spence is currently known as "Cade Foster" on the Sci-fi channel's series First Wave . I very rarely develop serious crushes, especially on celeb-types. Well... Sebastian Spence is one of the exceptions. I am a total lust monkey for this guy. I would NOT kick this man out of my bed. In fact I'd probably handcuff him to it so he couldn't leave. So who is this guy? Well... he's from Newfoundland and he's an experienced stage actor (yes!) in addition to tv/movie roles, having done all kinds of nifty stuff including Shakespeare... Apparently he's managed to stay single so far. This makes me happy, because it means I don't have to be insanely jealous of some woman out there who is probably nice enough in reality... So anyway, here are some photos from First Wave: IMDB
    1.Family of Cops III (1999) (TV) .... Eddie Fein

    19. Sebastian Spence - Resources Center (info, News, Fan Mail, Photos, Web Sites, Po
    Your source for sebastian spence information including last news, selective filmographyand discography, fan mail addresses, photos and posters, books, videos,_Sebastian
    World-Of-Newave WorldSearch World-Of-Celebrities RingsWorld Home Celebrities S
    Sebastian Spence Search For:
    Celebrities DVD DVD VHS Books WorldSearch RingsWorld Link to this page About Contact Us Search For 'Sebastian Spence': Photos Posters Books Videos ... Auction Fan Mail: c/o First Wave Productions
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    Infos FanSites Posters Music DVD ... More Sites If you made a site dedicated to Sebastian Spence , please do not hesitate to submit it for being freely listed at World-Of-Celebrities. Selective Filmography
    Cast and Crew (in alphabetical order):
    William Forsythe

    Scott Glenn

    Vladimir Kulich

    Barry Pepper
    Sebastian Spence This movie is available on: DVD VHS Browse Firestorm ... related sites (3 sites found)
    Family of Cops II, A
    Cast and Crew (in alphabetical order): Réal Andrews Charles Bronson Angela Featherstone David Hemblen Sebastian Spence Browse Family of Cops II, A related sites (1 site found) Last News September 9, 2002 List of Victims from Sept. 11, 2001 Old News Source: FoxNews WebRings Create your own ring now!

    20. Sebastian Spence Online
    Onestop resource about sebastian spence, Canadian actor and star of "First Wave", his career in theatre, movies and TV. reviews, rumour kills, graphics, etc are copyright by sebastian spence Online. If we discover any of our original

    Sebastian Spence Online
    Last updated: February 18, 2003
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