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  1. Final Sessions by Jd & the Stam Csnhav 28004 Sumner, 2002-11-30

21. J.D. Sumner
Introducing jd sumner and the Stamps Quartet A Video Portrait. Thelegacy left by jd sumner and The Stamps will never by forgotten.
Stamps Quartet Order Album Artists Compilations ... I'm Holding to God's Unchanging Hand God Made A Way Lord, Teach Me How To Pray Ole Man Death Keep Me Rollin Along Just Thinking Out Loud A Soul Such As I Somebody Prayed for Me What a Homecoming Day Aloha Time Click on the above links to listen to J.D.'s music. You'll need a RealPlayer to do so. Introducing J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet: A Video Portrait . A biographical tribute to one of Southern Gospel's most esteemed legends, this video features never before seen footage and interviews from such Gospel Greats as James Blackwood, George Younce, Jake Hess, Mark Lowry, Ed Enoch, and many more. What a great compliment to the critically acclaimed album, THE FINAL SESSIONS. "INCREDIBLE!" "HEARTWARMING." The history of Southern Gospel music is filled with legacies of greatness, but none of them stand above the legend and the unique sound of J.D. Sumner. The timeless qualities that he brought to every recording he made continue to move the hearts and spirits of Southern Gospel audiences; just as they have for over five decades. It is fitting that Sumner, who passed away in the fall of 1998, would leave as his last project an album that so completely achieves the standards his fans came to expect. The Final Sessions With THE FINAL SESSIONS, J.D. Sumner & The Stamps Quartet created an album that is moving listeners as few albums ever do. THE FINAL SESSIONS featuring the single, "Ole Man Death", one of the original songs penned by J.D. himself, has risen with remarkable speed on the charts and request lines. Its ever increasing popularity is a tribute to one of the true icons of Southern Gospel.

22. J.D. Sumner - An Introduction To The Legend.
jd sumner Pictures and stories about the world's lowest bass singer.
J.D. Sumner - an introduction to the legend J.D. - a charismatic, distinguished gentleman. John Daniel Sumner was born on November 19th, 1924, in Lakeland, Florida. His father was a farmer and his mother worked primarily as a homemaker. J.D. was expected to pick fruit when he was a little kid. But J.D. disliked picking fruit - ALOT! On the tour bus late one night, as we approached Nashville, Tennessee, J.D. went into great-depth explaining to me about his childhood. He talked about how hard working in the fields was, as well as how long the hours were. From a very young age, J.D. dreamed of being a bass singer. Mr. Frank Stamps, of the famous Stamps Quartet, inspired J.D. at a revival that he attended. J.D. told his mother then, "I'm gonna be a bass singer". J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet - Live in Gatlinburg, Tennessee, during September of 1994. J.D.'s career includes singing in a number of quartets and groups. He earned his first real success with a quartet called The Sunshine Boys. In time, due to a tragic airplane accident, an opportunity arose in the Blackwood Brothers for J.D. to join as their bass singer. Although it was a difficult decision that caused J.D. to be torn inside, the tremendous increase in professional exposure and financial rewards made it a clear-cut decision. J.D. was going to do what was best both for his family and gospel singing career. J.D. treasured his time with The Sunshine Boys and also his time in West Virginia. J.D.

23. New Haven Artists
jd sumner Introducing jd sumner and the Stamps Quartet A Video Portrait.Click here for more details. Kevin and the Voices You
Introducing J.D. Sumner and the Stamps Quartet: A Video Portrait. Click here for more details. You won't want to miss Kevin Davidson's new album with The Voices. Language of the Millenium is now available. Order Here Home Compilations Order -=Choose Artist=- Susie Luchsinger The Greenes J.D. Sumner Nu City Mass Choir Kevin Davidson Glen Campbell Steve Brock Tim Greene Susie Luchsinger The Greenes J.D. Sumner NuCity Mass Choir ... Tim Greene

24. J.D. Sumner And The Stamps -
Related Subject(s) sumner, jd (John Daniel) , Presley, Elvis, 19351977 , Gospelmusicians United States Biography. The jd sumner Memorial Page.

Elvis Presley
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25. „J.D. SUMNER”
jd sumner 1924 1998. jd sumner mial okazje wspóluczestniczyc w wielkimtryumfalnym powrocie Presleya na scene . In Memory of jd sumner
Home Discography Filmography TV ... Articles J.D. SUMNER
Fragment ksi¹¿ki "Elvis-Dlaczego ja Panie?"
- i wywiadu Janusza P³oñskiego z D.J. Sumner'em.
- "Chcê, ¿ebyœ œpiewa³ - krótko postawi³ sprawê Elvis. Chcê, byœmy mieli te twoje s³ynne zakoñczenia, kiedy zje¿d¿asz g³osem na sam dó³."
J.D. Sumner doskonale przypomina tamt¹ rozmowê:
Dosz³o wreszcie do tego, ¿e Elvis zaproponawa³ nam byœmy przejêli pierwsz¹ czêœæ jego koncertu. I myœmy to naturalnie zrobili. Ku zdumieniu wszystkich œpiewaliœmy ca³y blok z³o¿ony z pieœni gospel. Zosta³o to przyjête entuzjastycznie przez publicznoœæ i podoba³o siê równie¿ Elvisowi. Dla mnie zaœ oznacza³o to spe³nienie marzeñ : œpiewa³em pieœni religijne dla wiêkszej widowni ni¿ ktokolwiek inny na œwiecie. A nasz kwartet znalaz³ siê nagle w œwietle jupiterów i staliœmy siê naprawdê s³awni.
Kwartet The Stamps, w którym na dwa lata pojawi³ siê Terry Blackwood, œpiewa³ i nagrywa³ z Elvisem przez siedem lat, a¿ do jego œmierci. J.D. Sumner mia³ okazjê wspó³uczestniczyæ w wielkim tryumfalnym powrocie Presleya na scenê [...]."

Translate this page jd sumner. O adeus a voz mais grave do mundo! Foi com muita tristeza que recebemosa notícia do falecimento de jd sumner, no último dia 16 de novembro.
j d s u m n e r O adeus a voz mais grave do mundo! Foi com muita tristeza que recebemos a notícia do falecimento de J.D. Sumner, no último dia 16 de novembro. Com certeza, o mundo perde uma das vozes mais especiais que já existiram. Não foi à toa que ele entrou para o Guiness Book, pois o tom de sua voz não tinha comparações. Para nós fan'Elvis, o sentimento de perda é também muito mais profundo, pois sabemos do grande apreço e admiração que Elvis tinha por J.D. Por extensão, todos nós aprendemos a apreciar seu trabalho, e até hoje o seguíamos. Quando voltou a se reunir com os Stamps, com seu jeito todo descontraído e brincalhão trouxe vida novamente ao Quarteto. JD e os Stamps eram uma combinação perfeita que Elvis soube manter junto de si. Nós, do TCLE Fan Club de Londrina , assim como todos os fan'Elvis de todo o mundo, rendemos nossa homenagem através de nossa Home Page, e para você um trecho traduzido do livro "Elvis, His Love For Gospel Music and JD Sumner", escrito por JD Sumner com Bob Terrel. FIM DE UMA ESTRADA "Era Elvis um Cristão?" as pessoas perguntam. Sim, ele era . Um Cristão é uma pessoa que caminha nos passos de Cristo, no melhor de sua habilidade. Dizer que você é um Cristão , não o faz Cristão.

27. Index
HOME. The Kingdom of Elvis'. Tribute to jd sumner. By Ivor Casey. jdsumner was born in Lakeland, Florida on November 19th, 1924.
HOME The Kingdom of Elvis' Tribute to J.D. Sumner By Ivor Casey J.D. Sumner was born in Lakeland, Florida on November 19th, 1924. At the age of 8 he began singing bass with a local church group. In 1945, J.D. formed 'The Sunny South Quartet', after been discharged from duty in the military. In 1948 he joined the 'Sunshine Boys'. By 1955, Sumner had joined the 'Blackwood Quartet'. In 1963, along with James Blackwood, J.D. purchased the 'Stamps conservatory school of music and 'The Gospel music company'. Around this time he was noticed as the worlds lowest bass singer and in time would make it into the 'Guiness Book Of Records' for this talent. Although Sumner partialy owned 'The Stamps Quartet', he did not sing for them as he was still a member of the 'Blackwood Brothers'. However, soon after he switched places with 'Big John Hall' of 'the Stamps' who was also a bass singer.
J.D. Sumner had been a friend and had known Elvis Presley for a long time and from 1971, himself and 'The Stamps' backed Presley with recordings and in concerts. Elvis had a long time love for gospel music and the two talent performers combined to bring great gospel perfromances. Elvis often intorduced J.D. and often let him sing with his band on stage. They can be heard and seen singing in 'Elvis On Tour' and heard on the 1974 Elvis album, 'Recorded Live on stage in Memphis', with such songs as 'The Lighthouse' and 'Sweet, sweet, spirit'.
On August 18th 1977, J.D. Sumner and 'The Stamps Quartet' sang at Elvis' funeral. Shortly after Elvis' passing and after several heart attacks J.D. took a break from singing but returned in 1981 with a newly formed group 'Masters V', mainly because he missed singing.

28. Why Me Lord?~Elvis With JD Sumner & The Stamp's
Welcome To~. Why Me Lord? . With jd sumner the Stamp's. Why Me Lord? Alonein the City By Rik Berry.. Brush of the Wind~. Broken By Rik Berry.
Free Web site hosting -
Welcome To~
"Why Me Lord?"
Why Me Lord? "Alone in the City" By Rik Berry.. Brush of the Wind~ "Broken" By Rik Berry Brush of the Wind~ "The River of Life" By Rik Berry Brush of the Wind~ This song is for evaluation purposes only. If you enjoy Elvis music, please visit the Elvis music store for his many Albums...thanks, Sue The Elvis Presley Store.. You must have a media Player to hear this Wav song. mediaplayer/en/default.asp Page done by...Sue Return to~ Elvis Aaron Presley Gospel Home Page My Main Home Pages~ Wind of the Spirit~Home page ~music~Native American You'll Laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Wonder~Home Page Another Time, Another Place~ Memorial Home Page Especially For Teen's Home Page~ ... The Little Children's Home Page~ Page done 10/6/00 while off line...Sue Saved to the Net~ 11/29/00

29. Celebrity Photos And Photographs - J.D. Sumner
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  • 30. What Kind Of Church~JD.Sumner The Stamps
    What kind of church by jd.sumner the Stamps is for evaluation purposes only.Ifyou enjoy their music please visit your local Music Store for their Albums.
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    What Kind Of Church, Would Your Church be? River of Life by Rik Berry Matthew 6:24 No man can serve two masters: for either he will hate the one, and love the other; or else he will hold to the one, and despise the other. Ye cannot serve God and mammon. The Streets by Rik Berry Matthew 24:44 Therefore be ye also ready: for in such an hour as ye think not the Son of man cometh. Mark 12:30 -31 And thou shalt love the Lord thy God with all thy heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy mind, and with all thy strength: this is the first commandment.And the second is like, namely this, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself. There is none other commandment greater than these. Below: The Clay~Ron Dicianni Proverbs 11:30 The Fruit of the Righteous is a Tree of Life; and He that Winneth Souls is Wise. You need a Media Player to hear the song on this page!~ mediaplayer/en/default.asp Return To~ Jesus Wept~A Journey with Sue~ Visit my Home pages~ The Soul Winners Home Page Spoken Messages From Sue Home Page-wavs Wind of the Spirit Gospel Home Page Soars With Eagles Gospel Music Home Page ... You'll laugh, You'll Cry, You'll Wonder Home page

    31. The Spokesmen Quartet : Tribute To J.D. Sumner
    The Spokesmen Quartet Official Website Tribute to jd sumner Previous Page NextPage Up Home Page Mail Contents. He was born on November 19, 1924.
    The Spokesmen Quartet - Official Website
    Tribute to J.D. Sumner He was born on November 19, 1924. He went home to be with God and Miss Mary on November 16, 1998. WE LOVE YOU J.D. AND YOU WILL NEVER BE FORGOTTEN!
    Legend, Grammy winner, lowest bass singer in the world according to the Guiness book of world records, inovatator, founder of The National Quartet Convention, first to have all four vocalist using seperate microphones, first to convert a bus for traveling, Husband, Father, brother, grandfather-"Big Daddy", Friend!
    I will always be thankful to God for allowing me to share you as part of my life. I will miss talking to you every day. I will not miss those 5:00 AM wake up calls however. I will always be thankfull for everything you did for me, J.L. and The Spokesmen Quartet.
    Old Friend
    by Linwood E. Wilson
    On November 19, 1924
    God blessed this world with a baby boy!
    Big ole ears and a booming voice
    we had to keep him, he left us no choice. For you see God had a plan for this young man He molded him and led him with his nailscared hand.

    32. The Spokesmen Quartet : Spokesmen History
    For seven years The Spokesmen opened for Hovie Lister and The Statesmenand appeared regularly with jd sumner and The Stamps untl jd's death.
    The Spokesmen Quartet - Official Website
    Spokesmen History The Spokesmen were organized in 1967 and have traveled the entire United States and Canada singing in Concert Halls, Auditoriums, Churches, College Campuses and on national television and radio. They have sang for three United States Presidents and is one of the nations best loved Southern Gospel recording artist.
    The group was founded in 1967 by Linwood Wilson and J.L. Jackson, childhood friends who shared the same love...Southern Gospel Music. In 1971 The Spokesmen Quartet went on the road and began their full-time ministry in Gospel Music. In 1972 they realized their dream had come true when they arrived at Constitution Hall in Washington, DC and the billboard read: The Statesmen, The Blackwood Brothers, The Oak Ridge Boys, The Hemphills, The Cathedrals and The Spokesmen. A dream that still lives on.
    our heros'."
    On August 16, 1998 J.D. Sumner and The Stamps Quartet and The Spokesmen Quartet represented Southern Gospel Music at a taping and live performance for Encore TV
    As J.D. Sumner and Hovie Lister said in writing the backliner for a Spokesmen album, "Don't miss this great group! They'll be coming your way Soon!" And as Jake Hess said on another backliner, "The Spokesmen are a group of True Southern Gentlemen!"

    jd sumner'S FINAL SESSION. At the the years. Little did they all know,but that recording session was to be jd sumner's final session.
    At the end of last year, J.D. Sumner and The Stamps finished up a recording session that was to be a tribute to many of the great songs personally written by J.D. over the years. Little did they all know, but that recording session was to be J.D. Sumner's final session. Before it's release, he passed away on November 16, 1998, just a few days from his 74th birthday.
    J.D. SUMNER'S FINAL SESSION is now available on CD and audio tape. Hear the tremendous voices of the Stamps Quartet, that backed up the legendary Elvis Presley along with the lowest bass voice in the world.... Mr. J.D. Sumner. As you listen to that fantastic bass voice sing songs like "Ole Man Death", you will agree that this is the most powerful and touching CD you will ever own.
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    If you are interested in being up-dated on:
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    34. Elvis, J.D. Sumner & The Stamps Quartet
    jd sumner The Stamps Quartet (1971 1977). Elvis met jd sumner when hewas a teenager, and jd was singing with the Sunshine Boys in Memphis.
    • J.D. Sumner (bass)
      - various members included: Ed Enoch Ed Hill Larry Strickland Donnie Sumner Bill Baize Buck Buckles Richard Sterban
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    35. The Harper Brothers - JD Sumner Memorial Sing
    THE HARPER BROTHERS. Southern Gospel MusicAt It's Finest. Harper Brothers Newest Fan.
    THE HARPER BROTHERS Southern Gospel Music At It's Finest
    Harper Brothers
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    36. Why Me Lord?~Elvis With JD Sumner The Stamp's
    Why Me Lord? . With jd sumner the Stamp's. Alone in the City ByRik Berry.. Broken By Rik Berry. The River of Life By Rik Berry.
    "Why Me Lord?" "Alone in the City" By Rik Berry.. "Broken" By Rik Berry "The River of Life" By Rik Berry All Paintings on this page, except the one of Elvis, are by the famous Artist Rik Berry. Please Visit his Web Site Brush of the Wind~ where you will find these and more for Sale. You Must have the Artists Permission to Sponsor his work on your pages. You need a Media Player to hear the song on this page! mediaplayer/en/default.asp Return To~ Elvis Aaron Presley Gospel Home Page Visit The ~ Index of All My Home pages~ Done 5/14/02 Welcome guest # to my site.

    37. William And J.D. Sumner
    William Lee Golden and jd sumner 1969 Back to Photo Gallery Menu
    William Lee Golden and J.D. Sumner - 1969
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    38. - - Gospel Pioneer J.D. Sumner Dies
    Music News. We're sorry the information you are looking for is no longeravailable. To see a listing of our current articles please click here.

    39. J. D. Sumner Lyrics - Song And Music
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    jd Anderson (1984) Cast Appearances Year, Title, Role. 1981, Brothers Menaechmus,The, Father. 1983, Murder at Moorstones Manor, Father. Technical Roles

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