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         Sumner Jd:     more detail
  1. Final Sessions by Jd & the Stam Csnhav 28004 Sumner, 2002-11-30

81. Introduction Et Débuts De JD
Translate this page de gauche à droite Stephen Morris, Peter Hook, Ian Curtis et Bernard sumner. Celareste assez punk dans l'ensemble mais on sent que jd commence à quitter ce

82. Israel Berry Promotions Company Israel Berry Agency
nephew of the late jd sumner, nationally acclaimed as the world's lowest bass singer. Both Donnie and jd were closely associated with the late ELVIS PRESLEY

83. Elvis And Gospel Music; SINGING WITH THE KING
sing with the Stamps. The rest of the lineup included Bill Baize,Ed Enoch, and Donnie sumner, jd's son. jd saw this booking as
Elvis World - Japan presents
The Gospel Music Magazine
The Groups That Performed With Elvis By Don Cusic Jim Hamill, lead singer for the Kingsmen, once had a quartet with Cecil Blackwood called the Songfellows in Memphis in the early 1950s. One day a teenager named Elvis Presley, who was driving a truck for an electrical company at the time, auditioned for the group. According to some versions of that story, Hamill put his arm around Elvis' shoulder and said, "Son, you better stick to driving that truck. You can't sing a lick!" Recently, Hamill sought to clear up that story. "I did not tell Elvis he couldn't sing," said Hamill. "I told him he couldn't hear harmony - and he couldn't. As long as he was singing lead, he was fine, but when the baritone or the tenor took the lead, then someone had to sing harmony, and he could not harmonize. He'd sing baritone a line or two, then switch off to tenor for a couple of lines, and wind up singing the lead part. That was the reason we didn't take him into the quartet with us." A few months after being turned down by the Songfellows, Elvis signed with Sam Phillips and Sun Records. But about this time, Elvis was hearing harmony better and so Hamill and Cecil Blackwood asked if he'd like to join the quartet. This came about because Cecil was leaving to join the Blackwood Brothers after two members had been killed in a plane crash. According to Hamill, Elvis talked to Phillips about getting out of the Sun contract to sing gospel but the contract stuck and ended up with Colonel Tom Parker and RCA where, as they say, the rest is history. But this was certainly not the end of Elvis' involvement with gospel music. Indeed, until his death, Elvis continued to sing gospel, follow the careers of gospel quartets, and feature some of those quartets on his records and shows.

84. Special Products
The following product has been made available by the family of the latejd sumner. jd sumner The Stamps Live in Concert VHS $20.
Special Products ***LIMITED AVAILABILITY*** The following product has been made available by the family of the late J.D. Sumner. The people featured here are special friends of mine; they've been instrumental in helping me get where I am today. Thanks to J.D.'s family, you have the opportunity to own this legendary gospel product.
The Original Masters Five
cassette CD
  • Climbing Higher And Higher I Can Feel The Touch Of His Hand I'll Meet You In The Morning What A Saviour Medley: His Eye Is On The Sparrow/I Want To Be More Like Jesus Lord, I Want To Go To Heaven Closer To Thee There's Gonna Be A Great Day Just A Little Talk With Jesus Jesus Loves Me
Click to Order Return to Products
cassette CD - SOLD OUT Double cassette and double CD packs contain 18 songs featuring gospel classics.

85. Particle Astrophysics Publications
NJC Spooner, PF Smith, GTJ Arnison, GJ Homer, jd Lewin, MJJ van den Putte, JJ Quenby,GJ Davies, JP Li, TJ sumner, jd Davies, GJ Pyle, TD Bucknell, GTA Squier
Particle Astrophysics Publications
Refereed journal papers
Demonstration of nuclear recoil discrimination for dark matter detectors, by measurement of simultaneous ionization and thermal pulses in silicon.
N. J. C. Spooner, A. Bewick, G. J. Homer, P. F. Smith, J. D. Lewin, Phys. Lett. B 273 (1991) 333-337 Investigation of voltage amplification of thermal spectra (Luke effect) in a low-temperature calorimetric detector.
N. J. C. Spooner, G. J. Homer, P. F. Smith, Phys. Lett. B 278 (1992) 382-384 Investigation of a thick Si diode ionization detector at low temperatures for dark matter searches.
N. J. C. Spooner, G. J. Homer, P. F. Smith, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 40 (1993) 105-113 Investigation of high-purity Si detectors with ohmic contacts at low temperature for dark matter searches.
N. J. C. Spooner, G. J. Homer, P. F. Smith, A. Bewick, IEEE Trans. Nucl. Sci. 40 (1993) 275-279 The UVIS scintillation detector - a proposed method of nuclear recoil discrimination for dark matter searches.
N. J. C. Spooner, P. F. Smith, Phys. Lett. B 314 (1993) 430-435

86. Georgia Press Association
Division 3rd jd sumner The Stallion – Abraham Baldwin Agricultural College 2ndDaniel Bell Six Mile Post – Floyd College 1st Daniel Bell Six Mile Post
Awards were announced at Press Institute in Macon on Saturday, Feb. 8, 2003.
Impact Award
sponsored by The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
Chris Quinn
Best Column
2-Year College Division
Brandon Cravey
John Rodman J.J. Matthews 4-Year College Division Christina Freeman Beth Sherouse Adam Brady Best Review 2-Yr. Division J.D. Sumner Daniel Bell Daniel Bell 4-Yr. Division Bric Barker Linda Hobbs Benjamin Lee Best Editorial or Feature Photograph 2 Yr. Division John Rodman Crystal Hightower Six Mile Post - Floyd College John Rodman 4-Yr. Division Andy Johnson Melissa Cheung Julie Brown Campus Carrier - Berry College Best Sports Photograph 2-Yr. Division J. D. Sumner Blake Hembree J. D. Sumner 4-Yr. Division Suzie DeWeese Ashley Williamson Stephen Bagg Best News Photograph 2-Yr. Division John Rodman John Rodman Heather Hodges 4-Yr. Division Leah Cassorla Brandis Jest Kim Willman ity Best Sports Story 2-Yr. Division Mike Cooper Brandon Orth Zack Tumlin 4-Yr. Division Anand Natarajan Cecil Cross Jr Leigh Friedman Best Entertainment Feature 2-Yr. Division

87. Index Of Authors: SU
Sun, T.Summers, VA sumner, B. sumner, Jr., RG Sumney, LW Sun, DX Sun, J. Sun, MTSun, .H. Summersgill, R. sumner, jd sumner, RW Sumpter, DJT Sun, F. Sun, JS
Index of authors: SU
This index provides access to bibliographical information taken from journals and proceedings in the MPII library by the name of the authors. Previous page Next page
Su, A. - Su, T.-A.
Su, A. Su, C.-C. Su, D. Su, H.-M. ... Su, T.-A.
Su, T.-H. - Subramani, S. S.
Su, T.-H. Su, Y. Suarez-Araujo, C. P. Subhachandra, C. ... Subramani, S. S.
Subramaniam, G. - Sucar, H. R.
Subramaniam, G. Subramaniam, S. Subramanian, C. R. Subramanian, I. N. ... Sucar, H. R.
Sucar, L. - Sudo, T.
Sucar, L. Sucec, J. Suchman, L. Sud, A. ... Sudo, T.
Sudo, Y. - Sugai, K.
Sudo, Y. Sueda, N. Suehiro, T. Suen, C. ... Sugai, K.
Sugai, M. - Sugino, E.
Sugai, M. Suganthan, P. N. Sugarbroad, I. Sugaya, H. ... Sugino, E.
Suginuma, K. - Sujecka, M.
Suginuma, K. Sugiura, H. Sugiyama, M. Sugono, Y. ... Sujecka, M.
Suk, D. - Sullivan, Jr., J. F.
Suk, D. Sukaviriya, P. Sukkarieh, S. Sularycke, P. ... Sullivan, Jr., J. F.
Sullivan, J. W. - Summer, T.
Sullivan, J. W. Sullivan, L. Sullivan, S. Sultan, F. ... Summer, T.
Summers, P. D. - Sun, S.-W.
Summers, P. D. Summerville, D. H. Sumner, M. R. Sumner, T. ... Sun, S.-W.
Sun, S.-Z. - Sundareswara, R.
Sun, S.-Z.

88. Sumner County, Part 7
Castleman, Miss Fannie Herrington, Miss Carrie Dixon, JV Ratliff, JC Goodell, JDKelly, Jr in charge of the circuit, which then embraced all of sumner south of
KANSAS COLLECTION BOOKS William G. Cutler's History of the State of Kansas
On July 22, 1879, Caldwell presented a petition to be incorporated as a city of the third class. An election was ordered for August 7, and resulted in the selection of N. J. Dixon, Mayor; J. D. Kelly, Police Judge; J. A. Blair, F. G. Hussen, H. C. Challes and A. Rhoades, Councilmen. J. D. Kelly, Jr., was appointed City Clerk. In September, 1879, Mayor Dixon died, and C. M. Hollister, was elected to fill vacancy. In 1880, M. Meaglier was elected Mayor, W. N. Hubbell in 1881 and A. M. Colson in 1882. J. D. Kelly has held the office of Police Judge from the organization of the city to the present time. J. D. Kelly, Jr., was City Clerk in 1880; L. M. Lange, in 1881, and J. W. Nyce, in 1882. The City Council for 1882-83, consists of A. McLain, J. W. Dobson, M. H. Bennett, C. W. Willett and William Corsine. A postoffice was established at this point in 1871, and C. H. Stone kept it in his log store building, the first in the town site. Stone was succeeded by G. W. Robinson, John A. Blair, John H. Sain, John A. Blair, a second term and S. Donaldson the present Postmaster. The business of the office has been transacted in the old log store, Sain's drug store, at the corner of Fourth and Main, Fifth and Main, the Hubbell building and a store near Sixth and Main streets, where it remained until November, 1881, when it was removed to its present quarters. The first money order was issued on April 15, 1881, and transferred money from S. W. Dutton, of Caldwell, to Susie Dutton, at El Dorado. The office became a Presidential one, July 1, 1881.

89. ICVS Symposium 2001 - Programme
10.20, Coffee; Trade Exhibition. 10.50, Smithson, HE, Mollon, jd andSumner, P. Locating the tritan line with transient tritanopia .

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