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  1. Tax treatment of living benefits under life insurance policies. (proposed regulations would make tax treatment more uniform): An article from: The Tax Adviser by Jim Swayze, Don Hardigree, 1993-11-01
  2. Engraved Powder Horns: Of the French and Indian War and the Revolutionary War Era by Nathan L. Swayze, 1978-01-01

41. TV Guide Online - [Movie Database]
Well, yes and no, because the fine print notes that the surnames so loudly droppedrefer actually to Mike Norris (brother of Chuck), don swayze (brother of

42. GreenCine: Don Swayze - Online DVD Rental, For People Who Like To Watch
don swayze online dvd rental rent anime mail indie alternative movies flicks flixHentai. GREEN CINE, Register, Already a member? login, Advanced Search. don swayze,
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Sexual Malice

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43. Starinfo: Don Swayze
mitdon swayze in unserer Datenbank. Prophet’s Game mit don swayze, Swayze

44. Point Break - Keanu Reeves, Patrick Swayze
You're not gonna start chanting or anything are you? UTAH don't you gamble? BODHILife's sure got a sick sense of humor, don't you think so Johnny?
Point Break
HARP: Eating solid breakfasts, Utah? UTAH: Sir? HARP: All the food groups? Avoiding sugar? Caffeine? I see to it that my people maintain cardiovascular fitness. We stay off hard liquor, cigarettes... UTAH: I take the skin off chicken.
BIG SHOULDERS: Okay, Pappas, let's put on the blindfold. Wanna see you retrieve at least two bricks from the bottom. PAPPAS: I've been in the field 33 years, fired my piece 23 times in the line of duty, and I got no idea what a blind man fetching bricks has gotta do with being a Special Agent! Added to which indignity, I got three months left to retirement and they saddle me with some blue-flamer fresh out of Quantico for a partner. Some quarterback punk, Johnny Unitas or something.
COREY: Hey Shamu, this is your guy. PAPPAS: Pappas. Angelo Pappas. UTAH: Punk. Quarterback Punk. PAPPAS: Welcome to Sea World, kid.
15: Hey, man, guys your age learning to surf, it's cool, there's nothing wrong with it. UTAH: I'm twenty-five. 15: See that's what I'm saying, it's never too late.
TYLER: Look crazy son of a bitch! You wanna commit suicide, you do it someplace else! Look at this pig-board piece-a-shit. It's still got the price tag on it, for Chrissakes. What'd you do, buy it yesterday? You've got no business out here whatsoever.

45. The Patrick Swayze Polls
A Saturday breakfast with don swayze (4), 2%, The swayze Q. If Patrick and donwere to make a movie, what relationship would you like to see portrayed?
The Swayze Q Poll Results Page Poll Number One Ending June 17, 1998: - The Swayze Q -
What personality trait of Patrick's do you like best?

His Sensitivity (91) His Sense of Humor (24) His Machoness (being a risk taker) (62) His Vulnerability (15) His Devotion to Lisa (58)
250 Total Votes

Poll Number Two Ending July 20, 1998: The Swayze Q
Which character/role of Patrick's do you most closely associate with Patrick's real personality?

"Orry Main" from "North and South" (63) "Dr. Max Lowe" from "City of Joy" (17) "Jack Crews" from "Black Dog" (6) "Johnny Castle" from "Dirty Dancing" (129) "Pecos Bill" from "Tall Tale" (5)
220 Total Votes
FINAL RESULTS Poll Number Three Ending September 4, 1998: The Swayze Q Which of the following co-stars would you like to see Patrick work with again? Halle Berry (14) Jamie Lee Curtis (21) Jennifer Grey (154) Kelly Lynch (15) Demi Moore (74) 278 Total Votes FINAL RESULTS Poll Number Four Ending September 23, 1998:

46. Patrick Swayze Biography
Texas), choreographer; Father is Jesse Wayne swayze (born 920-25 in Wichita Falls,Texas), deceased design engineer; Siblings Vicki (deceased), don, Sean, and
Patrick Swayze's
Life and Times
Patrick Wayne Swayze, born August 18, 1952, Houston, Texas Mother is Patsy Kearns Swayze (born 2-7-27 in Houston, Texas), choreographer; Father is Jesse Wayne Swayze (born 9-20-25 in Wichita Falls, Texas), deceased design engineer; Siblings Vicki (deceased), Don, Sean, and Bambi (adopted in 1970, born in Korea); Patsy and "Buddy" Jesse were married August 6, 1944 in Missouri City, Texas; the grandkids are Vicky's 2 sons, Don's teenage daughter, and Sean's 3 young children. Patrick wed Lisa Niemi on June 12, 1975 in Houston, Texas; they met when Lisa was a student of Patsy's; the attraction was instant; Lisa had followed Patrick to New York, where he eventually proposed. The couple lived in NYC in their early married years, before moving to Los Angeles. In the early 1970's, Patrick was a guest dancer for the Buffalo Ballet. He had been performing occasionally at the Alley Theater in Houston prior to his graduation from Waltrip High in Houston in 1971. Though Patrick began studies at San Jacinto College with a gymnastics scholarship, he dropped out to tour with Disney on Ice as "Prince Charming" and other characters. He then decided to try his luck in the Big Apple and with the Buffalo Ballet (circa 1971). The following year, he was awarded a scholarship with the Harkness Ballet in New York City. It was while with the Harkness, that Patrick posed au natural for a mural, easily seen by those in the theater. The building was eventually demolished, and the mural cut into blocks and sold at auction. One wonders if the high bidders realize "who" they bid on!

47. Patrick Swayze Posters
, don Adams. •, don Cheadle. •, don Johnson. •, don Murray. •, donaldO'Connor. , Patrick Stewart. •, Patrick swayze. •, Paul Hogan. •, Paul MichaelGlaser.
- Select Category - Movies Fine Art Music Sports Photography
Patrick Swayze Posters
Movie Posters Music Posters Vintage Posters Sports Posters ...
The Matrix II: Reloaded

We make it easy to buy Patrick Swayze Posters online. First, click on the image you are interested in. Then click on the "add to cart" button. From there, you can check out, continue shopping, or have your Patrick Swayze Posters professionally framed or mounted.
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Dirty Dancing
26 in. x 40 in.
document.writeln(''); order info document.writeln(''); document.writeln(''); document.writeln('');
Patrick Swayze
8 in. x 10 in. document.writeln(''); order info document.writeln(''); document.writeln(''); document.writeln(''); Patrick Swayze Photo 8 in. x 10 in. document.writeln(''); order info document.writeln(''); document.writeln(''); document.writeln(''); Patrick Swayze Photo 8 in. x 10 in.

48. Çʸ§½º - Don Swayze
Similar pages socalTECH interview with Robert swayze, LA Business Technology idea what services they offer entrpreneurs, I spoke with Robert swayze, Managerfor We don't require immediate success to survive and that allows BTC tenants Swayze

49. Movie Criticism For The Retarded
Now I'm not exactly a fan of swayze. I don't even like the guy. I was whipped.And I don't even know why I was defending the work of Patrick swayze.
by Noel Wood I don't have any idea why my memory was just jogged regading this subject, but it's one that created mounds of controversy last year when it was first brought up. Maybe i's the fact that I just saw a preview for NEXT OF KIN on the Superstation. Or maybe it's because it's Saturday Night and I'm sitting at home. Either way, something has put the body of work amassed by actor/producer/choreographer Patrick Swayze fresh in my head and it's time to write about it. The initial reaction from my friends was enough to make you think I'd just admitted to murdering their parents. First a look of shock, then the paleness in their faces, to the uttering of the now-famous words: "You actually LIKED a Patrick Swayze movie?" Of course, my friends' retort was that Patrick Swayze was not capable of being in a good movie. Now I'm not exactly a fan of Swayze. I don't even like the guy. But for some reason, I found myself hopelessly - and shamelessly - defending the art of Swayze. And I still don't remember what was in it for ME to actually win this argument with my friends. I feverishly tried to defend myself, or you know who, whatever the case may be, by pointing out half-assed attempts at thespianship by one Patrick Wayne Swayze. I reached as I tried to cite examples of cinematic goodness from Swayze. Hey, GHOST was a pretty good movie, right? I mean, it was a chick movie and all but it was cool when they showed him walking through people and seeing their guts and stuff. And the part where he learned how to focus his power and contact the physical world was enjoyable.

50. DVD > Actors & Actresses > ( S )
Dominique; Swain, Mack; Swank, Hilary; Swanson, Gloria; Swanson, Kristy;Swanson, Rochelle; swayze, don; swayze, Patrick; Sweeney, Julia;

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51. DVD > Actors & Actresses > ( S ) > Swayze, Don
Movies Home (General Shopping) DVD Actors Actresses ( S ) swayze, don, The Tracker DVD More information,

( S ) Swayze, Don
The Tracker

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Sexual Malice

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The Prophet's Game

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Sexual Malice DVD More information Trapper County War DVD ~ Rob Estes More information Browse Video Categories: (All Categories) Classics Comedy Drama ... Special Interests Check out the new shops! and!

52. The Band Swayze At The Gainesville Band Family Tree
Your Name (don't Leave this blank!), Your Email Address (Optional use a href= http// ID=6960 swayze /a

53. Patrick Swayze
Always plagued by a prying media who want to know more about him than he'swilling to reveal, swayze says, I don't care what image I have!
Patrick Swayze Date of Birth: August 18, 1954 There's a big Canadian connection in Swayze's past hockey. Not that he played the game although he did perform as an ice dancer in his youth. But the hockey part in his life came when he starred in the film Youngblood with Rob Lowe. It was actually Lowe who was the star and it's not a very good film, although it's not bad and the hockey scenes are passable. Of course, Swayze's big break into mainstream filmmaking was his excellent performance in the sleeper hit, Dirty Dancing . He followed that up a few years later with the film that turned Demi Moore into a star and helped give Whoopi Goldberg a career Ghost . Always plagued by a prying media who want to know more about him than he's willing to reveal, Swayze says, "I don't care what image I have! Take any image you want of me, I'm going to change it, because we are chameleons. We have the crazy person, the shy person, the angry person, the intellectual person, the ignorant person, the gay person, we have the little boy in us, the little girl in us....Oh! Heaven forbid we have a feminine side! I've now ceased to worry about image, because I don't care what people think of me anymore. Because I've had such a battle with what I think of me and with trying to find a way to like myself." Filmography Waking Up in Reno (2002)
Black Dog (1998)
Three Wishes (1995)
Tall Tale: The Unbelievable Adventures of Pecos Bill
To Wong Foo, Thanks for Everything, Julie Newmar (1995)

54. Don Swayze : There's More To Life Than Humdrum, You Don't Need To Overheat The S
don swayze There's more to life than humdrum, you don't need to overheat thesearch engines. welcome. (C) 2002 All about don swayze DVDs.
Don Swayze : There's more to life than humdrum, you don't need to overheat the search engines. The silver screen is a great place to find inspiration and good things every day. Its easy, if you think about, instant visual messages. Plug it in and you're on your way. More about Don Swayze
Don Swayze
Don Swayze
Don Swayze
Don Swayze
Don Swayze
Don Swayze
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Don Swayze + Technology
... history of investment ELECTRONICS: TOP SELLERS: Films and Flicks .. among the greatest creation of human imagination . THIS IS FOR YOU welcome (C) 2002 All about Don Swayze DVDs All about Don Swayze In VHS All about Don Swayze Books hold your thoughts Please note - at times desired information might not be available. Many of the links do provide interesting and valuable information. bookmark this page for easy return ... you just might think of something later.

55. DVDetails™ Green Dragon Dir. Timothy Linh Bui
green dragon, dvd, patrick swayze, forest whitaker, don duong, hiep thi le, trunghieu nguyen, catherine ai, kieu chinh, james d. dever, elyse dinh, gerald ford swayze/qx/titles.htm

56. Road House Movie With Patrick Swayze, Sam Elliot @ The 80's Movies Rewind -- Hom
swayze seems to like a bit of philosophy in his movies, which is why he may havebeen drawn to this role. The first track in the movie is don't throw stones
if( document.write('i Page Is Loading...XPlease wait while the Road House page loads.It has a lots of cool info, pictures, trivia, filming locations, links, DVD and Soundtrack stuff and more.It is worth the wait, we promise... :)) ')
Road House (1989)
ung-fu, philosophy, store-room sex, and broken tables are the hallmarks of this sleazy action flick. Dalton (Patrick Swayze) is a scholarly martial artist who happens to have a Doctorate in Philosophy from New York University. He also wears expensive suits and drives a Mercedes.
Rather than make a living lecturing on the finer points of the inner sanctum, he bides his time dodging blades and fists as a 'Cooler' the lead bouncer in charge of orchestrating the end of barroom brawls he presides upon.
Dalton puts his PhD to good use when he is hired to clean up the "Double Deuce," a desperate night-spot in Jasper, Missouri. "The sort of place where they sweep up the eyeballs after closing".
The Double Deuce is owned by Frank Tilghman (Kevin Tighe), and despite being in a very small town, it inexplicably pulls in hundreds of patrons every night :-)
One of Dalton's 3 rules of bouncing is "Be nice until it's time not to be nice".

57. Red Dawn Movie With Patrick Swayze, Charlie Sheen @ The 80's Movies Rewind -- Ho
Movie review, pictures, trivia, and links.Category Arts Movies Titles R Red Dawn...... in a tree and having to shout the ultimate ironic line Please don't shoot PatrickSwayze and Jennifer Grey made this film immediately before starting work on
if( document.write('i Page Is Loading...XPlease wait while the Red Dawn page loads.It has a lots of cool info, pictures, trivia, filming locations, links, DVD and Soundtrack stuff and more.It is worth the wait, we promise... :)) ')
Red Dawn (1984)
ed dawn is probably the kind of 80's movie that you will either love or hate.
Very much a product of it's (paranoid?) time, it's fierce patrotism and NRA style propoganda is mixed with a kind of teenage Rambo dream where kids empower themselves to save their country.
In the scenario that was panned by critics and liberal politicians alike, Russian-backed forces invade the US destroying and pillaging everything in their wake. The movie follows a gang of high school kids led by Patrick Swayze who manage to be a huge thorn in the side of the invaders.
If you are the kind of viewer who looks for credibility, political correctness and believability in your movies, then you are likely to be largely offended by this movie.
This is unashamedly a shlock 'Goonie-Rambo' guns 'n glory outing that takes great glee in unleashing the kind of mayhem that real life teenagers would dream of in such a situation. To give you an idea of what I am talking about, the National Coalition on Television Violence called Red Dawn "The most violent film on record". Nearly 2 decades later, this would seem laughable upon viewing the actual movie, especially in light of the films that have followed since. What is important here is that Red Dawn is the kind of movie that stirrs up feelings.

58. Don Swayze ? What Does Everyone Want To Know About Don Swayze? Here's A Place To
about don swayze. Killer by Patrick swayze Search for more great DVDsby or on don swayze PLAIN Book Search don swayze Books
about don swayze.
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From the silver screen to eyes, minds, and hearts:
Recommended [see index for total category]


Green Dragon
by Patrick Swayze
The Tracker
by John Guillermin
Next of Kin
by Patrick Swayze
Sexual Malice
by Jag Mundhra
Trapper County War
by Rob Estes
Letters From a Killer
by Patrick Swayze Sexual Malice by Jag Mundhra The Prophet's Game by David Worth (II) Letters From a Killer by Patrick Swayze Search for more great DVDs by or on: don swayze PLAIN Book Search : don swayze Books: Places to check: Holiday Gift Ideas Chromosome References Math References Kitchen Goodies? ... Business Software

59. Swayze Shines In The Thoughtful Yet Overly Optimistic
If he does, it should be mentioned, because swayze's character comes across as abit The reason he gives Joan for having quit medicine is, I don't like sick
City of Joy
Swayze shines in the thoughtful yet overly optimistic City of Joy
City of Joy
Starring Patrick Swayze, Om Puri,
and Pauline Collins.
By Robert Cavicchio
City of Joy is based on Dominique Lapierre's true account of the experiences of the lives of the underprivileged in Calcutta, India. The book is billed as "an epic of love, heroism, and hope in the India of Mother Teresa."Unfortunately, the film moves too fast to be effective at creating these emotions. As usually happens when long books are condensed into two-hour movies, too much is lost in the transition for the story to be complete. Still, City of Joy is not a failure. Given the inherent restraints of film, it is a pretty good job. As always, the visual medium doesn't simply restrict; it also allows creative freedom along different dimensions. Director Roland Joff takes advantage of this opportunity from the outset. Even before the opening credits roll, we're treated to a stylized, sinister scene in which American doctor Max Lowe (Patrick Swayze) decides he doesn't have the strength it takes to deal with the sights he's forced to confront every day. Music, lighting, camera angle, and slow-motion footage combine to make a powerful image out of Swayze's escape from the operating room. This is by far my favorite sequence. There are other stylistic shots in the film, but nothing that hits so dramatically and so effectively. Hasari Pal (Om Puri) is a peasant who has brought his family to the city from a nearby village after losing his farm to moneylenders. After appealing to "the godfather," a local mafia racketeer who gets rich by extorting the poor, Hasari gets a job pulling one of the man's rickshaws. However, before long he must contend with a revolt against the godfather and the loss of his job, both of which would not have occurred if not for the interference of the American doctor. On top of that, he has to scrape up enough money to pay his daughter's dowry.

60. The Onion | Patrick Swayze Is Hot!
Well, I don't think she's been in many movies since Roadhouse, so I guess Hollywoodagrees with me! OK, neither has Patrick swayze, as my hubby just loves to
Mobile/PDA Print Edition Text Version VOLUME 28 ISSUE 01 1 AUGUST 1995 Home: Archives: Jean Teasdale
A Room Of Jean's Own
By Jean Teasdale Well, we finally bit the bullet and had that satellite dish installed, and as I predicted, hubby Rick is quickly blowing our stash on pay-per-view boxing and funnycar time trials! Oh well, so much for that second honeymoon in Vegas! We were going to renew our vows in front of Siegfried and Roy's white tigers. They're endangered, you know. The white tigers. But 10 percent of Siegfried and Roy's Vegas show proceeds go to their white tiger breeding farm, and I think that's very sweet. Ooh la la, the palpitations that man gives me! Patrick Swayze is the most gorgeous babe I've ever seen! What pecs! What abs! What buns! I've been in love with him since Dirty Dancing came out in '87. So can you believe, after I've told you how much I love Patrick Swayze, I had never seen Roadhouse? For that glaring oversight I have no one but, who else, hubby Rick to blame! You see, I talked Swayze so much that Rick's macho male ego got just a bit bruised and he refused to see it or allow it to be seen in our household! I guess Greek god Patrick kind of got to "Old Beer Gut"! When it came out in '89 I happened to be working a second shift job, and I was usually too tired to see weekly matinees. But this night, Rick was nowhere to be seen, and after six years of waiting, I was finally seeing Roadhouse! Well, Roadhouse wasn't as good as Dirty Dancing, but it was pretty entertaining, and when that butt scene came on I thought I'd die! Patrick Swayze really knows how to carry a movie. The only thing I didn't like was the violence. I've never liked violence. I can't figure out what people saw in Pulp Fiction. I really think someone should tell Hollywood to take that violence and shove it!

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