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81. Planet Trek
Translate this page Vedek Sorad ist der dritte Vedek der Serie. DIe anderen beiden sindVedek Winn und Bareil. kitty swink ist Armin Shimermans Ehefrau.
("Auge des Universums") Season 2 - Episode 030
    Inhaltsangabe: Auf DSN dockt ein defektes Raumschiff aus dem Gamma-Quadranten an, auf dem sich Mitglieder des weitgehend unbekannten
    Weitere Infos: Andrew Koenig ist der Sohn von Walter Koenig, der Chekov in der Originalserie spielte. Vedek Sorad ist der dritte Vedek der Serie. DIe anderen beiden sind Vedek Winn und Bareil. Kitty Swink ist Armin Shimermans Ehefrau.
  • US-Airdate: Story: Teleplay: Frederick Rappaport Regie: Les Landau Gaststars: Aron Eisenberg als Nog, Deborah May als Haneek, William Schallert als Varani, Andrew Koenig als Tumak,

  • Michael Durrell als General Hazar, Betty McGuire als Vayna, Robert Curtis-Brown als Vedek Sorad, Kitty Swink asl Rozahn u. a.

82. Deep Space Nine Season Two
Tumak), Aron Eisenberg (Nog), Michael Durell (Vedek Sorad), Betty McGuire (MinisterRozahn), Robert CurtisBrown (General Hazar), kitty swink (Vayna), Deborah
Season Two
Avery Brooks - Commander Benjamin Sisko
Rene Auberjonois - Odo
Sidig El Fadil - Doctor Julian Bashir
Terry Farrell - Lieutenant Jadzia Dax
Cirroc Lofton - Jake Sisko
Colm Meaney - Chief Miles O'Brien
Armin Shimmerman - Quark
Nana Visitor - Major Kira Nerys
"The Homecoming"
Guest starring: Richard Beymer (Li Nalas), Max Grodenchik (Rom), Michael Bell (Borum), Marc Alaimo (Gul Dukat), Leslie Bevis (Boslic Freighter Captain), Frank Langella (Minister Jaro Essa), and Paul Nakauchi (Romah Doek).
Written by Ira Stephen Behr.
Story by Jeri Taylor and Ira Stephen Behr. Directed by Winrich Kolbe. First aired week of September 25, 1993. Stardate: unknown Major Kira and Chief O'Brien take a runabut into Cardassian territory to recover a Bajoran prisoner who is regarded as a national hero. Season Premiere; Part 1 of 3. Michael Bell previously played Groppler Zorn in the Next Generation premiere "Encounter at Farpoint". He would later play a Xepolite Freighter Captain by the name of Drofo Awa in the episode "The Maquis, Part II". "The Circle" Guest starring: Richard Beymer (Li Nalas), Stephen Macht (General Krim), Bruce Gray (Admiral Chekote), Philip Anglim (Vedek Bareil), Louise Fletcher (Vedek Winn), Mike Genovese (Zef'No), Eric Server (Peace officer), and Anthony Guidera (Cardassian).

83. Interests
kittiesplif69 April Merida; kittyeater - kitty Eater; kittysmith - kitty smiththe stuff1138 - Bryan; supernatural_me - My, not your; swink - swink; syx - brent;

84. Arts: Celebrities: S -
Swayze, Patrick (3); Sweeney, DB (3); Sweeney, Julia (1); Sweetin,Jodi (2); swink, kitty (1); Szarabajka, Keith (1). Extend Your Search.
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85. Descendants Of Daniel Beck/Elizabeth Summers
1875 by Elizabeth W. swink, tells of the swinke, Snyders and Henry Becks visitingabout Rocky Spring Church. ii.John, married 23 November to kitty Fennel; iii.
Descendants of Daniel Beck
Prepared by Norma F. Jennings
Credits: Mrs. Bushman; Dorothy Sargent; Gale Beck, Lucy Webster (Snyder photos), Jim McCutchan, and others I may have forgotten.
This site may be freely linked to but not duplicated in any fashion without my written consent
Daniel Beck (1776) and Elizabeth Summers (Augusta County, Virginia)
David Beck (1808) and Nancy Henderson (To Johnson County, Iowa (1857)
Hugh Fulton and Mary Ann Beck (b. 1834 in Augusta County, Virginia) (To Washington County, Iowa (1857)
Nancy Ellen Fulton (1853 b. Augusta County, Virginia) and Benjamin Jarrard
Mary Belle Jarrard (b, 1880 in Iowa) and William Henry Snider (born in Iowa)
Florence Snider (b. 1904 in Iowa) and John Bender Norma Bender (7th gen) and Olin Jennings Last updated: March 28, 2002 (Under revision, adding some of David Beck's siblings, so please be patient.) Documentation of Augusta County, Virginia and Iowa records located at end of the manuscript. (i.e. census, court records) Photos of Beck Family Augusta County, Va

86. The Buffy Crypt - ""
In 1979, Armin met kitty swink, who is now his wife, and he went back to LosAngeles do a pilot. were they married in Portland, Oregon, May 1981.


Episode Guide


Cordelia Chase

Joyce Summers

Amy Madison

Principal Flutie

Harmony Kendall
... Dawn Summers
Profile: Principal Snyder
Played by Armin Shimmerman Hometown: Lakewood, New Jersey Born 5th November 1949 "My predecessor Mr Flutie may have gone in for all that touchy-feely relating nonsense, but he was eaten. You're in my world now!" (Principal Snyder) Principal Snyder is defintiely the ying to Buffy's yang. His detest for young people is quite ironic considering his position as principal. Even greater than this is his detest for Buffy. he considers her to a trouble maker and never misses and opportunity to tell her about it. Despite not being a demon, he's easily one of the scariest people in Sunnydale. Buffy and the gang are initially are afraid of him but they eventually see that they can stand upto him. Unluckily for him he meets a sticky end when a giant snake ( the mayor ) eatshim at the end of season three.
Armin's Bio
His parents divorced when he was seven and his mother moved him and his brother to Los Angeles.

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Swanson, Kristy (4); Swayze, Patrick (3); Sweeney, DB (3); Sweeney,Julia (1); Sweetin, Jodi (2); swink, kitty (1); Szarabajka, Keith (1).
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  • Szarabajka, Keith
  • 89.
    swink Susan 10 f school TN swink Sarah 8 f TN swink Gertrude 5 f TN swink John 3m TN CONNER John 12 m school TN 293 320 RANKINS Joe 32 m KY RANKINS kitty 28 f

    90. Minutes - Cumberland, Maryland
    E. Repp, City Administrator; H. Jack Price, Jr., City Solicitor, Vickie swink, Directorof advised Mr. Repp that he had received a message from kitty Davis at
    City of Cumberland
    PO Box 1702
    57 North Liberty Street
    Cumberland, Maryland
    Type: Date: Worksession PRESENT: Mayor Lee N. Fiedler, Council Members Edward Hedrick, Jr., Harold L. Hendershot, Jr., Harvey W. May, Jr. Councilman Rephann was absent.
    ALSO PRESENT: Jeffrey E. Repp, City Administrator; H. Jack Price, Jr., City Solicitor, Vickie Swink, Director of Economic Development; Kathy McKenney, Historic Planner; and Sharon Clark, City Clerk.
    Mr. Repp advised the Mayor and Council that two items had been added to the Agenda - a report of receipts and disbursements and a proclamation for Job Fair Day.
    With regard to the Consent Agenda, Councilman Hendershot questioned why such a large increase was proposed in Order #3 regarding the revised proposal from Whitman Requardt and Associates, LLP, for the final design of Phase 1A and 1B of the Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Improvements Project. Mr. Repp said that of the $1.13 million dollar contract, it would have to be separated out into segments that council had not received in the past. He said the first part that was being discussed this evening is the design section of that contract. Council had originally awarded $460,000 back in March of 1999 for the first phase of the CSO re-watering contract. This phase was specifically for the design services anticipated at that particular time.

    91. Swink, Kitty : Top : Arts : Celebrities : S : Swink, Kitty
    Featured Sites. Sites. kitty swink POV Promotions Minister Rozan of Star Trek DS9 and the Senator on Babylon 5. Help build the,_Kitty/
    WebSecrets Web Secrets - Over 1 million of the web's best sites! ARTS BUSINESS COMPUTERS GAMES ... Swink,_Kitty
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    • Kitty Swink P.O.V. Promotions - "Minister Rozan" of Star Trek: DS9 and the Senator on Babylon 5.
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    92. Directory Vaionline: Siti_Mondiali/Arts/Celebrities/S/Swink,_Kitty vi permette di accedere al directory di siti italiani. E' organizzato per aree geografiche e aree temeatiche. Fa parte del portale Vaionline che ti offre molti altri servizi.
    in questa categoria in tutti siti mondiali
    Arts Celebrities S : Swink,_Kitty
    • Kitty Swink - P.O.V. Promotions - "Minister Rozan" of Star Trek: DS9 and the Senator on Babylon 5.

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    ... Borsa

    93. Robert Swink-
    , . Robert swink. , Dawen KittySophy. 20012003. Swink

    94. Gary H. Swink -
    The summary for this Chinese (Simplified) page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set. H. Swink

    95. Armin Shimerman
    2001, Grim Evil . Just Ask My Children (TV). Spotlight on Armin Shimerman andKitty swink (TV). 2000, Breathing Hard. Evil Con Carne (TV). 1999, Auteur Theory,The.

    96. For The People (2002) - Episode Guide
    For the People (2002) Episode Guide. Season 1 All
    For the People (2002) - Episode Guide
    Season: All For the People (2002) Show Home Episode List Goofs Guide Cast Guide ... Crew Guide
    Season 1
    Pilot gs Wendy Gazelle (Erica Paris) Priscilla Barnes (Patricia Franklin) Michael Reilly Burke (Will) Kimiko Gelman (Judith) Amanda Plummer (Ruth Wright) Wendy Phillips (Mrs. Benedict) Scott Paulin Gina Gallego Tucker Smallwood
    The Liberal-Minded Chief Deputy District Attorney (Lea Thompson) Meets a Conservative African Attorney (Debbi Morgan) is elected Boss of Camille .
    b : 21-Jul-2002 pc w Catherine LePard d Peter Werner Our Own gs Ashley Jones Anne Dudek (Jennifer Carter) Frederick Coffin Michael B. Silver (Will Campbell) C.J. Thomason (Rafe)
    After learning that prosecutor Dina Cole dies durring a surgical procedure Camille shares the blame for her death. Camille tries to put the surgeon behind bars.
    b : 28-Jul-2002 pc w Catherine LePard d Eric Laneuville Lonely Hearts gs Michael B. Silver (Will Campbell) Erich Anderson Roma Maffia (Sophia) Armin Shimerman Kitty Swink Ritta Taggart Tracy Vilar ... Rodney Rincon
    Camille prosecutes a con man that prays on lonely women; Lora battles the ACLU after she issues a search warrent for a local newspaper.
    b : 04-Aug-2002 pc w Judith Paige Mitchell d Ian Toynton To DNA or Not to DNA gs Michael B. Silver

    97. E! Online - Movie Facts - Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Ep. 30 (1993)
    Watch with Kristin Real World Road Rules posse poop, 7th Heaven wedding whiningNew Movie Reviews We rate Shanghai Nights, Deliver Us from Eva, more The,60,66266,00.html
    March 28, 2003 FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief
    Chris Rock's Drudge Match

    Another "Idol" Scandal

    Snoop's Pimp Slapp'n Suit
    Watch with Kristin:
    Save your fave show, get the Bachelorette dish and more
    The Awful Truth:
    Inside Hollywood power plays for who's who and who isn't
    Oscars 2003:

    Today's Best Bets

    • To Victor , the goils
    Tremors shakes up • Danger Ranger Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Ep. 30 Category: Sci-Fi/Fantasy Director: Les Landau Deborah May Cast: Avery Brooks Rene Auberjonois Alexander Siddig Terry Farrell ... Nicholas Shaffer Summary: "Sanctuary" The space station becomes the reluctant new home of refugees fleeing a war-ravaged world. What is Commander Sisko to do with them all? Package includes a lift-and-remove collector's photo. Aired November 27, 1993. users grade B you grade it! log in or register to grade movie availability In Theaters The Michael Essany Show Frederique woos the late-night kid; 8 p.m. Have you got the goods for one of our cool shows in production? Find out! help about E! Online

    98. SHOW - Patty Hearst

    Advanced Search

    Director Paul Schrader had a difficult time convincing the studio that British actress Natasha Richardson was right for the title role in the 1988 drama Patty Hearst. Schrader had seen the actress in the 1986 film Gothic and felt she was only actress capable of enduring the passive performance necessary for the part.
    var zflag_nid="162"; var zflag_cid="193/1"; var zflag_sid="165"; var zflag_width="1"; var zflag_height="1"; var zflag_sz="15";

    99. ¹«¼± ÃÊ°í¼Ó ÀÎÅÍ³Ý NESPOT
    The summary for this Korean page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.

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