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         Tay Zoe:     more detail
  1. Teochew Singaporeans: Stefanie Sun, Zoe Tay, Chew Chor Meng, Phyllis Quek, Lim Boon Heng, Kym Ng, Chiam See Tong, Tan Howe Liang
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  3. Singaporean Female Singers: Rui En, Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Nicole Lai, Jocie Kok, Mavis Hee, Kelly Poon, Corrinne May, Maia Lee, Kaira Gong
  4. Singaporean Film Actors: Fann Wong, Zoe Tay, Phyllis Quek, Fiona Xie, Gurmit Singh, Chen Hanwei, Megan Zheng, Tan Kheng Hua, Chen Liping
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81. TCNETSINGAPORE.TRIPOD.COM: Actors_And_Actresses/MediaCorp_Artist/Zoe_Tay
TCNETSINGAPORE.TRIPOD.COM Actors And Actresses MediaCorp Artist zoe tay.
Top Actors And Actresses MediaCorp Artist : Zoe Tay
TCNETSINGAPORE.TRIPOD.COM: Actors And Actresses : MediaCorp Artist : Zoe Tay
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82. Zoe's Zac Hanson Page
zoe's Zac Hanson Page. (This picture is from Hansonline) This is my ZacHanson page. It's not TOTALLY dedicated to him. A little on tay and Ike .
Zoe's Zac Hanson Page
(This picture is from Hansonline)... This is my Zac Hanson page. It's not TOTALLY dedicated to him. A little on Tay and Ike . All the pictures I get are either from Mercury, A Tribute to Hanson or HansonHITZ. A many thanx to my friend, Sarah Ting, Tay's number one admirer. Don't forget to sign my guestbook! !!! Check out the new poll!!Update Section!!!!Pic page!!!!And Quiz'es!!! The Personal Pages too!!!!!!Oh, check out the very bottom..and see if you're obsessed :) Ok, it took me a while, but i decided not to give it away, itd be like giving away my whole entire summer, i think i have someone who might be able to help me though, if not, anyone who is wiling to be a part time partner, please email me at my new address. Stage name: Zachary, Full name: Zachary Walker Hanson, Nickname: Zac, Age: 12, Birthday: 22 October 1985, Height:5'3", Favorite School subject: Math, Favorite Color: Blue, Talents: He can talk while belching. Full name - Jordan Taylor Hanson, Name he uses - Taylor, Nickname - Tay, Birthdate - March 14 , 1983, Talents-drawing,cartooning Instrument he plays - Keyboard, Synthasizer, Bongo drums, he is the lead singer. -This is Hanson's 1996 Album "MMMbop". It was produced by their own parents. Anyways, Hanson was on AOL last Wed (25th) and they were on Fox Afterbreakfast last Thur (26th). They'll be on Jay Leno on July 11. For more info, go to A Tribute To Hanson.

83. PRODUCTS.TERADEX.COM - Entertainment/Celebrities/T/Tay, Zoe
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84. SearchUK - Finds It Fast!
Home Top Arts Celebrities T tay, zoe. ADULT (18+), SHOPPING, FINANCE,GAMBLING, JOBS, TRAVEL, zoe tay Moments Fan site with photos.,_Zoe/
Home Top Arts Celebrities ... T > Tay, Zoe ADULT SHOPPING FINANCE GAMBLING ...
Zoe Tay Moments
- Fan site with photos.
Zoe Tay's Page
- A fan page with profile, photo gallery, and related links for "The lady with thousand faces".
Zoe Tay Home Page
- Takes a look at her past. Includes a photo gallery, forums, information, and links.
Zoe Tay Online
- A fan page with a biography, filmography, photo gallery and virtual postcards.
Zoe Tay in the NetEye
- Fan page dedicated to Zoe Tay. Gallery and postcards are available.
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85. Zoe`s Music
Before zoe tay, release her Solo Album, Perfectly zoe , She had sang many songsand it is released in mixed album which were make up by several TCS artiste.
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B efore Zoe Tay , release her Solo Album, , She had sang many songs and it is released in mixed album which were make up by several TCS artiste. And for most of this songs, it is used as title songs for her Serials and Telemovies Songs below are sang by her and some of it is a duet of her and some other overseas singers and stars.
To hear the following songs, please download the latest Realplayer G2:
This are songs of Zoe Tay in mixed albums with other TCS Artiste. Type Song Title Singer ¦n¦h¦~«e ¾G´f¥É ©M ¦X°Û PLAY DOWNLOAD §Úª¾¹D§A¨ü¤F©e¦± ¾G´f¥É PLAY DOWNLOAD «Ü¯u«Ü²` ¾G´f¥É PLAY DOWNLOAD ·í·RÀ¿¨­¨à¹L ¾G´f¥É ©M §õ©v²± ¦X°Û PLAY DOWNLOAD ´N¬O§A ¾G´f¥É PLAY DOWNLOAD ªá¤£»y ¾G´f¥É PLAY DOWNLOAD ¾G´f¥É PLAY DOWNLOAD
¤Q¤À ¾G´f¥É
After hearing the songs of Zoe Tay, how do you think about her vocal, special? This is what some other famous singers and composers say about her. Once, §õ©v²± say that her voice was very special and she should find her way out to sing and she will definetly stand out.

86. Singapore : Entertainment : Actors And Actress
URL http// Last modified 3Sep-2000. zoe tay Containsphotos gallery, message board, lastest events and others about zoe.
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Singapore : Entertainment : Actors and Actress
Singapore Entertainment : Actors and Actress

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    This site contains details info about the lovely, charming and versatile leading actress of TCS, Ann Kok.
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    This site covering comprehensive info about Ann childhood, teenage info, photo gallery, screen saver, latest news, Ann's forum and much more.
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87. Zach's Trax Article On 11 Dec 98
Homegrown Observation Hey, zoe, don't sue us over zoe tay A punk band has droppedthe 'h' from its name and surfaced with the quintessential Singapore number.




Charted Albums

Homegrown Observation
Hey, Zoe, don't sue us over Zoe Tay
A punk band has dropped the 'h' from its name and surfaced with the quintessential Singapore number. ~ Paul Zach, 11 Dec 98
THE opening track on the exceptional new BigO Singles Club Number 5 CD has all the makings of a hit.
It is radio-friendly. The cheeky chorus is catchier than Barbie Girl. It has a hook the popular American punk band the Offspring would die for. It is ready-made for mass karaoke singalongs. And it will make you want to dance your pants off. But more importantly, it invokes the name of everybody's favourite TV star though not in the usual fawning manner. On the contrary, it pokes fun at the increasing silliness of modern celebrity worship. The song is called Zoe Tay and is by a band that has altered its name slightly to become the Boredpucks. The lyrics zeroes in on those who become so obsessed by certain stars that they dress, act and even walk and talk like them. Late at night somewhere in Orchard Road You can find a girl called Elizabeth And she's so fine with all her groovy clothes Armani, Versace, Yeah she's ok

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