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  12. "Buenas costumbres".(Easy Virtue)(Reseòa de pelîcula): An article from: Proceso by Javier Betancourt, 2009-12-13
  13. El paciente inglés.(TT: The English Patient): An article from: Proceso by Javier Betancourt, 1997-03-23

1. Kristin Scott Thomas
A biography of

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    In recent years, Kristin Scott Thomas had become Hollywood’s consummate British thespian. If there’s a reserved British role to be had, odds are she’s been offered it. In real life however, Scott Thomas is anything but the posh and polished conservative that most make her out to be. To North Americans, there are basically two types of British people - high brow elitists feasting on tea and crumpets, and low brow, working class pub crawlers. While in reality there is every shade of grey in between these two extremes, if one had to choose, Kristin Scott Thomas’ upbringing would probably lean more towards the pub crawler type. Born in Redruth, Cornwall, England on May 24th, 1960, Kristin had a childhood plagued with unhappiness. Her father, a Royal Air Force pilot, died in an accident when Kristin was only 5. Her mother would later remarry, but lose her second husband, another Royal Air Force pilot, in another accident when Kristin was 11. The tragedies left her mother to look after five children alone, and Kristin - the eldest - had to help her mother bear the burden. Her mother was a proud woman who was determined to have the best for her children - even when it wasn’t what the kids wanted. She did
  • 2. Kristin Scott Thomas
    Biography, photos, and links.Category Arts Celebrities S Scott Thomas, Kristin......Kristin Scott thomas kristin scott Thomas (left) Kristin Scott Thomas was bornon 24th May 1960 in Redruth, Cornwall, England. Kristin Scott Thomas Videos.
    Kristin Scott Thomas Kristin Scott Thomas (left) At the age of 19 she left England to go and stay with a girlfriend in Paris and managed to get herself a job as an au pair working for a family who were in the world of opera and they encouraged her desire to act. She re-enrolled in drama school, going to the École Nationale des Arts et Technique de Théâtre in Paris. It was her drama teacher who helped her find her first job in theatre. She first appeared on TV in 1984 when she played Nancy in the mini-series Mistral's Daughter and this was followed by her first film Under the Cherry Moon in 1986. Four more films followed in 1987 - La Tricheuse; Sentimental Journey; Djamal et Juliette; and Agent Trouble and in 1988 she played Marie in La Méridienne . Her first award, a Evening Standard British Film Award for Most Promising Newcomer, came in 1988 for her performance as Brenda Last in the adaptation of Evelyn Waugh's

    3. Who2 Profile: Kristin Scott Thomas
    KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS • Actor. Thomas was an actress a nun. Kristin ScottThomas Interview Brief, light chat from 1996, Theater, Musical
    KRISTIN SCOTT THOMAS Actor Thomas was an actress for years before she jumped to international stardom with her role as the gorgeous-but-doomed lover in 1996 Oscar champ The English Patient . Her Oscar nomination from that film led to bigger roles, including as Robert Redford 's co-star in The Horse Whisperer (1998) and Harrison Ford 's co-star in Random Hearts (1999). Her other films include Four Weddings and a Funeral (1994, with Hugh Grant Richard III (1995, starring Ian McKellen Life as a House (2001) and Gosford Park (2001). British by birth and a long-time resident of France, Scott is married to a French physician and has appeared frequently in French films.
    Extra credit : At age 16 Thomas enrolled in convent school and considered becoming a nun. Kristin Scott Thomas Interview
    Brief, light chat from 1996 Theater, Musical and Actor Web
    Sturdy biography of the actress, plus a few photos Canoe: Kirsten Scott Thomas
    Fine archive of news articles about the actress Kristin Scott Thomas Filmography
    From the always-dependable Internet Movie Database Birth:
    24 May 1960 Birthplace:
    Cornwall, England

    4. DVD > Thomas Kristin Scott: Preise Und Angebote Bei Idealo
    thomas kristin scott, DVD-STARTSEITE. ACTION, HORROR. DVD-CHARTS- thomas kristin scott, A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z. Kristin Scott.html

    Darsteller Thomas Kristin Scott DVD-STARTSEITE ACTION, HORROR KINDER, FAMILIE KOMÖDIE, DRAMA ... CHARTS IDEALO-PRODUKT-SUCHE MEHR PREISVERGLEICH PC, VIDEOSPIELE BÜCHER MUSIK SOFTWARE ... WEBSUCHE DVD .../Thomas Kristin S... Thomas Kristin Scott-DVDs bei DVD-CHARTS - THOMAS KRISTIN SCOTT A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Platz Bild Film-Titel Darsteller Regie Musik Erschienen Regio Der englische Patient Ralph Fiennes Juliette Binoche Anthony Minghella ... Robert Altman

    5. Amours Et Confusions 2
    Kristin Scott thomas kristin scott thomas kristin scott thomas kristin scott ThomasKristin Scott thomas kristin scott thomas kristin scott Thomas Kristin
    Amours et confusions 2
    Screen caps
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    6. Kristin Scott Thomas
    Kristin Scott Thomas Age 42. Born May 24, 1960 Redruth, Cornwall, England. Kristinhas four brothers and sisters, including actress Serena Scott Thomas.
    VideoETA Search By Month News ... Mailing List Friday, Mar 28 Kristin Scott Thomas Age: Born: May 24, 1960
    Redruth, Cornwall, England
    Did You Know?
    • Kristin is married to Francois Oliviennes and they have three children, Hannah, Joseph and George.
    • Her father was a British Royal Navy pilot who died in a flying accident in 1964.
    • Kristin's mother remarried another pilot. He died six years later in a plane crash, similar to her father's death.
    • Kristin has four brothers and sisters, including actress Serena Scott Thomas.
    • She speaks fluent French and dubbed her movie Four Weddings And A Funeral in French.
    • Kristin attended Cheltenham's Ladies College but left school at sixteen and joined a convent.
    • After some time at the convent, Kristin again changed her mind and entered the Central School of Speech and Drama.
    • Kristin's mother disagreed with her acting aspirations, so Kristin changed her major to drama without telling her mother. When the head of the school found out, he considered this an "act of treason" and told her she had no future in acting.
    • After feeling sorry for herself for sometime, Kristin up and visited a friend in Paris and never returned to her home.

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    Kristin Scott Thomas photo gallery, filmography, biography, trivia and quotes andmuch more at, including high quality wall posters for sale.
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    8. Profiles: Kristin Scott Thomas
    Kristin Scott Thomas (The Kristin Scott Thomas) Information on KristinScott Thomas, Kristin Scott Thomas Scans of People on the Move
    Kristin Scott Thomas (The Kristin Scott Thomas) Information on Kristin Scott Thomas, Kristin Scott Thomas Scans of People on the Move Kristin Scott Thomas - Discussion
    Kristin Scott Thomas - Films

    Kristin Scott Thomas - Links
    Kristin Scott Thomas made her mark in the world of cinema, playing parts from the ridiculous to the sublime. Background - The eldest of five children, Kristin grew up near Land's End in Cornwall, England. She attended Cheltenham Ladies College, then entered a convent, then trained to be a teacher at the Central School of Speech and Drama. Drama was more to her liking. She took a holiday in Paris and decided to stay, taking a job as an au pair. There she continued her drama study at L'Ecole Nationale des Arts et Techniques de Theatre. Film Debut - Having played bit parts, Kristin was offered the lead role of the rebellious heiress in "Under the Cherry Moon". Her co-star was TAFKAP (The Artist Formerly Known As Prince). The only direction her career could possibly go from there was up. Critical Acclaim - Having studied in Paris and being fluent in French, Kristin appeared in many French films. Scott Thomas became known to the public with her portrayal of Fiona, the aristocrat obsessed with the character played by Hugh Grant in "Four Weddings and a Funeral". However, she captured audiences in "The English Patient" playing Katherine Clifton, the married aristocrat who finds love in the arms of the Hungarian cartographer-adventurer, played by Ralph Fiennes. This role garnered many award nominations.

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    10. Kristin Scott Thomas
    Kristin Scott Thomas chats with Tribute from the set of LIFE AS A HOUSE, KRISTINSCOTT THOMAS. Check out these movies featuring Kristin Scott Thomas
    Kristin Scott Thomas chats with Tribute from the set of:

    Date of Birth: May 24, 1960 Flying accidents have played a huge role in Kristin Scott Thomas' life. Born in Redruth, Cornwall, Thomas lost her father to a flying accident when he crashed while flying with the Royal Air Force. She was five years old. Her mother remarried. But when she was 11, her stepfather, also a pilot, died in another plane crash. Years later, Thomas would tap into all that grief when she played Ralph Fiennes' lover who is later horribly burned in a plane crash. "It is very, very easy for me to plug into all that sort of tragic stuff inside," Thomas says. At 16, Thomas began a teacher training course at the Central School of Speech and Drama. She quickly switched to drama studies where she was advised by the head of the department that she had no talent. So the then-18-year-old Thomas ditched the school and headed to Paris for a two-week holiday that ended up lasting much longer. Thomas gained admission to Paris' L'Ecole Nationale des Arts et Techniques de Théâtre, which led to her being hired by his glyphness the artist formerly known as Prince to act in his film Under the Cherry Moon . That truly awful film began a long road to such more memorable fare as A Handful of Dust and Bitter Moon before she broke big on American shores with Four Weddings and a Funeral But don't expect Thomas to make the move to California anytime soon. "When I get to Hollywood," she says, "I feel all this pressure to be exactly the same as everybody else. I think it's more interesting to dither around on the outskirts and just nip in from time to time."

    11. Kristin Scott Thomas
    The Internet Movie Database includes filmography, mini biography, pictures, and links.Category Arts Celebrities S scott thomas, kristin...... kristin scott thomas. Find where kristin scott thomas is credited alongside anothername. kristin scott thomas . Email this page to a friend. Update information Thomas, Kristin

    12. Kristin Scott Thomas
    kristin scott thomas Actress. thomas was an actress for years before she jumped to international stardom with her
    Amour et confu-
    The English Patient
    Microcosmos: Le
    peuple de l'herbe
    Mission: Impossi-
    The Pompatus of
    "Gulliver's Travels"
    [TV] Le confessionnal (The Confessional) En mai, fais ce qu'il Les milles Richard III "La belle epoque" [TV] (An Unforgettable Summer) Four Weddings and a Funeral "Body and Soul" [TV] Somebody to Love Lunes de fiel (Bitter Moon) "Look at It This Way" [TV] "Weep No More, My Lady" [TV] Mio caro dottor elor) "Titmuss Re- gained" [TV] Le bal du gouver- neur (The Gover- nor's Party) Aux yeux du monde (Autobus / In the Eyes of the World) "The Endless Game" [TV] "Framed" [TV] "The Secret Life of Ian Fleming" [TV] Bille en tete (Head- strong) Force majeure (Un- controllable Cir- cumstances) A Handful of Dust (Lounge Chair) "The Tenth Man" [TV] Agent trouble Djamal et Juliette "Sentimental Jour-

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    14. Kristin Scott Thomas Picture Galleries
    Picture galleries, biography and a forum.Category Arts Celebrities S scott thomas, kristin......kristin scott thomas
    Kristin Scott Thomas BIOGRAPHY Her father was a pilot for the British Royal Navy and died in a flying accident in 1964. Her stepfather was also a pilot and died six years later under similar circumstances. Her childhood home was Dorset, England. She left at the age of 19 to work as an au pair in Paris. She is currently married to François Oliviennes, a French obstetrician. They live in a 19th century country house with their 8 year old daughter, Hannah and their 5 year old son Joseph. e-mail

    15. Kristin Scott Thomas free trial. kristin scott thomas. categorized,+Kristin

    16. Ecran Noir * Kristin Scott-Thomas
    Translate this page kristin scott-thomas. Où lui écrire? kristin scott-thomas c/o Intertalents5 rue Clément Marot 75008 Paris France. Le Site web.

    17. Actress: Kristin Scott Thomas [The Movie Times]
    Biography, Filmography with total domestic gross of each movie, links to related sites, and more. Real Name kristin scott thomas. Occupation Actress. D.O.B May 24, 1960
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    18. Kristin Scott Thomas Biography
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    19. Actress: Kristin Scott Thomas [The Movie Times]
    ACTRESS. kristin scott thomas. MESSAGE BOARD. Post Your kristin scottthomas Message MAIN PICTURE. VITAL STATS. Real Name

    20. Kristin Scott Thomas Profile And Gossips
    kristin scott thomas is here! Beverly Hills, CA 90212 USA. More about kristin scottthomas. Do you have any information about kristin scott thomas to share?
    MOVIE CELEBRITY POSTER DVD ... web directory Movie Trailers A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P Q R S T U V W X Y Z Other
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    Polling Photos Fan sites Bio ... Movies Name: Kristin Scott Thomas Height: Sex: F Nationality: British Date: May 24, 1960 Birth Place: Redruth, Cornwall, UK Occupation: actress Education: Cheltenham Ladies College (dropped out at age 16) Central School of Speech and Drama, London Ecole Nationale des Arts et Techniques de Theater, Paris Husband/Wife: Francois Olivennes (obstetrician) Father: Pilot (died in 1966) Sister: Serena Scott Thomas (actress; born in 1962) Son: George Olivennes (born in September 2000), Joseph Olivennes (born in March 1991) Daughter: Hannah Olivennes (born in 1988) Contact: Click here FAN MAIL:
    9830 Wilshire Blvd.
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    More about Kristin Scott Thomas Do you have any information about Kristin Scott Thomas to share?
    • At 16, she studied in a convent school, where she had aspirations to be a saint, then a nun, then a swimmer.
    • At 19, she took off to Paris as an au pair. Her employer encouraged her to audition for drama school. Studied at the Ecole Nationale des Arts et Technique de Theatre in Paris.

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