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         Thomerson Tim:     more detail
  1. Trancers by Tim (Actor); Hunt, Helen (Actress); Stefani, Michael (Actor) Thomerson, 1985

41. -
tim thomerson. Fear And Loathing in Las Vegas (1998) Hoodlum Whentime Expires (1998) Rifkin Koss Back to Back (1997)

42. Tim Thomerson
tim thomerson. tim thomerson OVERVIEW, ALSO KNOWN AS. FRESHEST MOVIE 14% Who's HarryCrumb? GENRES FEATURING tim thomerson Select a genre

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Who's Harry Crumb?

43. Project Viper (2002): Patrick Muldoon, Theresa Russell, Tim Thomerson, Jim Wynor
2002). PROJECT VIPER OVERVIEW, CAST CREW Patrick Muldoon, TheresaRussell, tim thomerson Directed by Jim Wynorski more SYNOPSIS

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Patrick Muldoon
Theresa Russell Tim Thomerson
Directed by Jim Wynorski

44. Films And TV Movie Lookup
TV listings results for tim thomerson, Go to Movie Database Listings. Friday, February7th, Movie listings results for tim thomerson, Go to TV Listings. Air America. Thomerson

45. DVDs Starring Tim Thomerson
There are 11 DVDs starring tim thomerson Showing items 1 - 11. FadeTo Black (DVD), Fade To Black (DVD) Usually ships within 5-6
Title DVD Director Star There are 12 DVDs starring Tim Thomerson - Showing items 1 - 12 Fade To Black (DVD)
Usually ships within 5-6 days
A desperately lonely young man lives in a weird fantasy world of cinematic illusion. After being constantly bullied, he plans a series of murders, pat... Read more Stars: Mickey Rourke Tim Thomerson Dennis Christopher Norman Burton ... Fleshtone (DVD)
Usually ships within 6-7 days
An artist obsessed with death is desperate to share his obsession with someone else. A commission draws him into murder and deception... Read more Stars: Tim Thomerson Martin Kemp , Lise Cutter Harvest, The (DVD)
Usually ships within 5-6 days
A screenwriter, on vacation in Mexico, stumbles across a black market trade in human organs. Read more Stars: George Clooney Tim Thomerson Henry Silva Miguel Ferrer ... Incredible Hulk Returns, The / The Trial Of The Incredible Hulk (DVD) OFF THE SCHEDULE ~ Not available
In `The Incredible Hulk Returns` Dr David Banner works hard on the Gamma Ray Transporter, that he hopes will rid him forever of his unstoppable alter ... Read more Stars: Tim Thomerson Bill Bixby Lou Ferrigno Jack Colvin ... Iron Eagle (Wide Screen) (DVD)
Usually ships within 4-5 days
Action tale of a hot-shot teenage pilot who, with the help of a former Air Force ace, steals an F-16 fighter plane and uses it to help him rescue his ...

46. TV Guide Online - [Movie Database]
February 6, 2003. Your Search for tim thomerson returned 48 movies. Next1 2 3. Your Search for tim thomerson returned 48 movies. Next 1 2 3. Thomerson&Search

47. TV Guide Online - [Movie Database]
February 7, 2003. Your Search for tim thomerson returned 48 movies. Next1 2 3. Your Search for tim thomerson returned 48 movies. Next 1 2 3. Thomerson&Search

48. - Trancers With Tim Thomerson & Helen Hunt & Biff Manard & Art L
STARS tim thomerson, Helen Hunt, Michael Stefani, Art La Fleur, Biff Manard. Inthe future, tim thomerson ( Nemesis ), is Jack Deth, a jaded cop.
Time Travel Index MAIN INDEX Sci-Fi Actors Sci-Fi Movie Index ... Great Links
Trancers (A-)
Tim Thomerson
Helen Hunt
, Michael Stefani, Art La Fleur and Biff Manard
A cop, from the future time, travels back into an ancestor's body, in 1985, Los Angeles, in order to battle a murderous, time traveling bad guy.
This film could be compared to "Blade Runner". TRANCERS features action and romance. Tim Thomerson (Zone Troopers) is appropriately world weary as Jack Deth, the time traveling future cop. Helen Hunt (Mad About You) provides great support as Deth's ancestor's girl friend. DIRECTOR: Charles Band
1985 (PG/13) BEST BETS: Trancers 2 Nemesis Zone Troopers SYNOPSIS...
In the far future, members of the ruling council begin to disappear. Future cop, Jack Deth, is sent back in time to 1985, to investigate.
Jack hooks up with his ancestor's girl friend. Jack fights Trancers, who are hypnotically controlled killers. Jack finds the ancestor of the only surviving council member in the future, protecting him.
Jack captures the man responsible for the council members' disappearances, sending him back to the future. Jack returns to the future, where order has now been restored.

49. Movies From
tim thomerson Tall, deceptively distinguishedlooking tim thomerson first gainedattention as a comedian, and it was in this capacity that he was hired as an

50. E! Online - Credits - Tim Thomerson
Lose a Guy. Today's Best Bets • AbFab in NYC • Homer acts up• Sydney's CIA snafu. tim thomerson. Movies Project Viper (2002,12,15582,00.html
E! Online News: Chris Rock's Drudge Match
March 28, 2003 FIRST LOOK: The News in Brief
Chris Rock's Drudge Match

Another "Idol" Scandal

Snoop's Pimp Slapp'n Suit
Watch with Kristin:
Save your fave show, get the Bachelorette dish and more
The Awful Truth:
Inside Hollywood power plays for who's who and who isn't
Oscars 2003:

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51. Tim Thomerson -
Know AIDS/HIV. Get a FREE new release movie rental by joining BLOCKBUSTERRewards. ARTIST BIOGRAPHY, tim thomerson. Tall, deceptively,7621,BIO-P 70659,00.html
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ARTIST BIOGRAPHY Tim Thomerson Tall, deceptively distinguished-looking Tim Thomerson first gained attention as a comedian, and it was in this capacity that he was hired as an ensemble player for the 1976 Bill Cosby TV variety series Cos. That same year, Thomerson made his first film appearance as Ken in Car Wash (1976). He made several additional movies under the watchful eye of producer/director Robert Altman . Latter-day filmgoers will recognize Thomerson as the Bogartlike adventurer Jack Deth in the three Trancers movies, and also as Brick Bardo in the brief Doll Man cinema series. In the final analysis, Thomerson is probably best known for his prolific TV-series work. He played lascivious hairstylist Gianni in Angie (1979), horny mailboy Johnny Danko in The Associates (1979), egotistical Regis Philbin takeoff Reggie Cavanaugh in The Two of Us (1981), bumbling bandit Theodore Ogilvie in Gun Shy (1983), philosophical derelict Jerry in

52. Tim Thomerson, Actor @ The 80's Movies Rewind
Your definitive guide to tim thomerson and 80's Movies on the web. Non commercial,spam free entertainment that's safe for kids too. tim thomerson Actor Thomerson&searchtype=Ac

53. Trancers Movie With Tim Thomerson, Helen Hunt @ The 80's Movies Rewind -- Home O
Stand up comedian tim thomerson stars as Jack Deth, a noir style cop from the 23rdcentury who is sent back through time by the ruling council of the future to
if( document.write('i Page Is Loading...XPlease wait while the Trancers page loads.It has a lots of cool info, pictures, trivia, filming locations, links, DVD and Soundtrack stuff and more.It is worth the wait, we promise... :)) ')
Trancers (1985)
he 80's was arguably the last decade in which it was possible to regularly see true B-movies at the theaters.
IMHO, the coolest studio for these was Empire Pictures, headed up by Charles Band. They released a cornucopia of low budget, high concept sci-fi/fantasy/horror pictures to drive-in theatres and flea-pit picture houses until their bankruptcy in 1988.
The (arguably) best of these was "Trancers".
"Trancers" had all the ingredients of a classic exploitation picture: Tough guy hero, sexy heroine, diabolical villain and exciting story.
Stand up comedian Tim Thomerson stars as Jack Deth, a noir style cop from the 23rd century who is sent back through time by the ruling council of the future to protect the ancestors of these world leaders.
Landing in 1985, Deth teams up with Leena, played by Helen Hunt, and battles the sinister villain Whistler and his legion of Trancers, zombies influenced by mind control. Armed only with his wits, a trenchcoat, slicked back hair and a nifty watch which gives him the ability to momentarily stop time, Deth protects his quarry whilst facing such foes as cop-trancers, sun bed-trancers, and best of all, a department store Santa Claus!

54. Transcript Of The Interview With Actor Tim Thomerson
Transcript of the interview with actor tim thomerson One of the stars of the syndicatedpolice drama SIRENS The interview aired live at 830pm eastern, on
Transcript of the interview with actor
One of the stars of the syndicated police drama
The interview aired live at 8:30pm eastern, on Friday, October 21, 1994
It was conducted by Peter Anthony Holder
the evening talk show host on
CJAD 800 AM, Montreal CJAD: In studio with us is Tim Thomerson, one of the stars of SIRENS, which is currently shooting in Montreal. 22 episodes there of. It's in syndication already in the United States. It hasn't aired in Canada, at least not in the Montreal area, but I understand it should be going onto the CTV network in January. It's doing very well in the States right now. Welcome to studio Tim. Thank you for being here! TIM: Thank you. I've never been in a radio station before. The size of this microphone is amazing. A lot of TV and movie sets, but I've never been in a radio station. This is quite impressive. CJAD: You're in town shooting SIRENS. It's a television show that has a second life. It was first on ABC, I think two years ago.... TIM: Well, it's three years now. We shot the pilot in Vancouver three years ago, then thirteen were put on the air on ABC. Then it was cancelled, and then a year ago about this time, we were approached again. That is, Liza, AJ and myself. We were approached about doing this again. You yeah, it does have a second life. Like a third life.

55. Tim Thomerson - Resources Center (info, News, Fan Mail, Photos, Web Sites, Poste
Your source for tim thomerson information including last news, selective filmographyand discography, fan mail addresses, photos and posters, books, videos,_Tim
World-Of-Newave WorldSearch World-Of-Celebrities RingsWorld Home Celebrities T
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Cast and Crew (in alphabetical order):
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Tim Thomerson
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56. Artist
, Officer Certifications. •, Code of Ethics. •, SEC Filings. IncludingSection 16 Reports. tim thomerson. 1 10 of 95 titles found for this artist.Next.

57. Comparación De Precios
Buscar. Ver con Fotos Sin Fotos. tim thomerson, Limita rols. Títulosde películas con 'tim thomerson' 41 Títulos Encontrados.
Regístrese Foros Nuevos Los Mejores ... Buscar Comparación de Precios Shopping Home Computadoras Electrónica Películas ... Libros
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Tim Thomerson
Limita tu búsqueda selecionando el rol de el contribuidor: Muestra todos los rols Star
Títulos de películas con: 'Tim Thomerson' - 41 Títulos Encontrados ordena por: Título Fecha Popularidad Ve solamente el formato especificado: Todos Los Productos DVD Laserdisc VHS
Escape From Atlantis
(1997) - Action/Adventure
Actores: Jeff Speakman Brian Bloom
VHS PG-13 (MPAA) 93min (Universal Studios Home Video)
Laserdisc Letterbox PG-13 (MPAA) 93min (Image Entertainment, Inc.) Closed Captioned
See all 1 Non-available releases

Jekyll and Hyde - Together Again
(1982) - Comedies Actores: Mark Blankfield Bess Armstrong Director: Jerry Belson VHS R (MPAA) 87min (Paramount Home Entertainment) See all 1 Non-available releases Cherry 2000 (1988) - Science-Fiction/Fantasy Actores: Melanie Griffith David Andrews Director: Steve De Jarnatt VHS PG-13 (MPAA) 99min (Orion Home Video) Closed Captioned DVD Letterbox Movie Time PG-13 (MPAA) 99min (MGM Home Entertainment) Closed Captioned See all 1 Non-available releases TheIncredible Hulk Returns (1988) - Science-Fiction/Fantasy Actores: Bill Bixby Lou Ferrigno Director: Nicholas Corea Laserdisc NR 93min (Image Entertainment, Inc.)

58. Tim Thomerson - Filmografia []
tim thomerson filmografia , Las Vegas parano ,Fear andLoathing filmweb, tim thomerson - filmografia, 8.02.2003, 012.,Thomerson,aktor,aktorka,opis,aa=6875,lkportret.xml
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zmieñ skin Fresh Matrix Classic Tolkien w portalu tytu³u filmu ludzi filmu bohatera filmu w newsroomie w wywiadach w recenzjach u¿ytkownika w katalogu
wywiady repertuar premiery ...

1. Shrek
2. Seksmisja 3. Katedra 4. Forrest Gump ...
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Tim Thomerson
zag³osuj na tê osobê ¶rednia ocena:
TOP ludzie:
wybierz ocenê dodaj do ulubionych data urodzenia: 16 sierpnia 1945 miejsce urodzenia: aktor / aktorka filmografia - (aktor / aktorka) Las Vegas parano (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) jako Hoodlum Z³odziejska zemsta (Detour) jako Mel Kiner Ma³y Gliniarz (Kid Cop) jako Arnold Downey Cisco Kid (Cisco Kid, The (TV)) jako Lundquist Hong Kong 97 jako Jack McGraw Hong Kong 97 (Hongkong 97) jako Jack McGraw Hongkong '97 (Hong Kong 97) jako Jack McGraw Nemezis jako komisarz Farnsworth jako Szeryf Trancers III jako Jack Deth Trancers II jako Jack Deth Wrong Guys, The jako Tim ¯elazny Orze³ (Iron Eagle) jako Ted Trancers jako Jack Deth jako Barnett Kale Niespotykane mêstwo (Uncommon Valor) jako Charts Honkytonk Man jako Z³ote Wrota (Z³ote Wrota (Golden Gate)) Fade to Black jako Jerry Moriarty Zapamiêtaj moje imiê (Remember My Name) jako Jeff Myjnia samochodowa (Car Wash) jako Kenny Zostañ autorem tej strony!

59. Apollo Guide : More Info About 'Tim Thomerson'
Buy Posters and Prints at! Click Here. tim thomerson. this biographyis still under construction. Title. Year. Apollo Score. Which Way is Up? (Actor), Thomerson

60. DOc Power Search Results
Your search for tim thomerson returned 8 DVD review(s) Sean Patrick Flanery, ArnoldVosloo, Ursula Karven, tim thomerson, Joel West, Con Express, Read Review. Thomerson&sc

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