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         Thornton Kathryn:     more detail
  1. AQA Mathematics: Higher: For GCSE by June Haighton, Anne Haworth, et all 2006-05-18
  2. Kathryn C. Thornton
  3. National Geographic Answer Book: Fast Facts About Our World by National Geographic, 2010-09-21
  4. Religious goals and school climate in selected Catholic elementary schools administered by lay and religious principals by Mary Kathryn Thornton, 1988
  5. Aqa Functional Maths: Student Book (Aqa Maths) by Tony Fisher, June Haighton, et all 2008-09-02
  6. New AQA GCSE Mathematics: Unit 1 (Students Book) by Anne Haworth, June Haighton, et all 2010-01-08
  7. AQA Mathematcs for GCSE: Homework Book (with Coursework) by June Haighton, Anne Haworth, et all 2006-09-12

81. I07075: ????EBERHARDT (UNKNOWN - ____)
_Samuel Clinton JENNINGS (1875 1951) m 1899 kathryn JENNINGS (1902 - 1988 Dicey thornton. - .
Family 1 Sophia POLL

  • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
  • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
  • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
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Deborah Ann BRESETTE
15 Nov 1948 -
  • BIRTH : 15 Nov 1948, New Orleans, Louisiana
Father: Reginald Bresette JR.
Mother: Grace L. MARANTO
Family 1 Jerome Henri ALCIATORE

Family 2 John B. LOWE
  • Christine Patricia LOWE _Reginald BRESETTE _Goldie WELSCH Deborah Ann BRESETTE ... INDEX
    • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
    • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
    • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
    • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
    HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95 (Jan 18 2000) on 08/06/01 08:24:32 PM Eastern Standard Time
    Gary E. DAVIDSON
    • BIRTH
    Father: Carl H. DAVIDSON
    Mother: Dorothy H. DEVINE
    Family 1 Nita M. FARHSDAHL
  • Ronald James DAVIDSON
  • Douglas Jon DAVIDSON
  • Traci Ann DAVIDSON ... INDEX
    • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
    • DATA Date of Import: May 16, 2001
  • 82. Parry Family Genealogy Forum
    Re Parry Family England kathryn Ford 10/28/02 Parrys from North Wales, Bethesda Parry5/04/02 Hannah Comly Parry b. 1847 m. John thornton Richardson - Lea
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    83. Girl Scouts Of San Gorgonio Council-Famous Formers
    Astronaut Rosenweig, Cynthia NASA Research Scientist Seddon, Rhea, Dr. - AstronautSullivan, kathryn, Dr. - Astronaut thornton, kathryn, Dr. - Astronaut.
    HOME SEARCH ABOUT US WHO'S WHO ... webmaster Girl Scouts has impacted the lives of more than 43 million women since its inception in 1912. According to a study conducted by the Louis Harris & Assoc. Inc, Girl Scout alumnae have "strong positive memories" of a number of important experiences offered through Girl Scouting - such as trying new things, working with a group to accomplish a common goal, setting and achieving goals, and doing good things for the community. Most Girl Scout alumnae believe that experiences in Girl Scouting had a positive effect on their adult lives. Below is a sampling of some famous Girl Scout Alumnae: Bellamy, Carol - Executive Director, UNICEF Chavez-Thompson, Linda - Executive Vice President, AFL-CIO d’Harnoncourt, Annie - Director, CEO, Philadelphia Museum of Art Diaz Dennis, Patricia - VP Gov Affairs, Sprint, Former FCC Comm Dole, Elizabeth - Former President, American Red Cross Ellis Alexander, Marianne - E.D., Public Leadership Edu. Network

    84. Second Term Groups
    Famous Five Sarah thornton Selena Hardy Ainslie McDougall Katrina McDonnell KellyJones, Ashley Dill Ed Barfitt Amanda Shaw Nick Coates kathryn Corey, Damascus
    Truth in Society
    February - April 2002 THE GROUPS These are the final inquiry groups. Clicking on the group name should take you to the group's Web site; clicking on the person's name in the first table should take you to her main Web site; in the second to her first research report ( report1.htm ), etc..
    Famous Five

    Sarah Thornton

    Selena Hardy

    Ainslie McDougall
    Rebecca McLeod
    Descriptive overviews of the focal events: Famous Five Ritalin Cincinnati Kamikaze ... Damascus First research reports: Famous Five
    Sarah Thornton

    Selena Hardy

    Ainslie McDougall
    Rebecca McLeod
    Second research reports: Famous Five Sarah Thornton Selena Hardy Ainslie McDougall ... Rebecca McLeod Third research reports: Famous Five Sarah Thornton Selena Hardy Ainslie McDougall ... Rebecca McLeod Fourth research reports: Famous Five Sarah Thornton Selena Hardy Ainslie McDougall ... Rebecca McLeod Fifth research reports: Famous Five Sarah Thornton Selena Hardy Ainslie McDougall ... Rebecca McLeod
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    85. RMIT - Thomas, Mrs. Kathryn
    Mrs kathryn Thomas. Position, Project Officer Communications. Contact Details,+(61 3) 9925 7856 Thornely. thornton. Thorpe. Threlfall.

    86. Cyberhorse Dressage - Saddleworld/Winergy Dressage Festival Day 1 Results
    thornton, kathryn VIC 140(21) 151(21) ( ) ( ) 291 45.47 037 BELCAM GALACTIC BERESFORD,HAYLEY VIC ( ) ( ) ( SCR 048 CATAGO ALBERTO HOGG, PERNILLE
    Day 1 - 22nd March 2002 NOVICE 2:D - Cyberhorse Date 22/03/2002 CLASS:01 TEST:NOVICE 2:D Max Points/test 250 C: H: M: B: E: Judges: SHANDLEY, GLENYS V RUSSELL, E Tests Placed: 31 5:28PM 22/03/2002 H/C: Scratchings: 2 Eliminated: Retired: C: H: M: B: E: Judges: DALTON, ROSEMARY V GAHAN, MARIE VIC Tests Placed: 31 5:29PM 22/03/2002 H/C: Scratchings: 2 Eliminated: Retired: Number of Competitors: 29 5:29PM 22/03/2002 C: H: M: B: E: Judges: GRANT, JANE VIC CUNNINGHAM-BECKER, M Tests Placed: 28 5:29PM 22/03/2002

    87. MEK - Thornton[ova], K.R.
    thorntonova, KR. Stát USA. Plné jméno thorntonová kathryn Ryan(roz. Cordellová). V týmu od r. 1984. Datum narození 17.08.1952.
    Obsah Kosmonauti Thornton[ová], K.R. Stát : USA Plné jméno : Thornton[ová] Kathryn Ryan (roz. Cordell[ová]) V týmu od r. : Datum narození : Místo narození : Montgomery, Alabama

    Absolvované lety
    Start Pøistání Délka letu Kosmická loï Funkce Poznámka STS-33 Di/F-9 MS Magnum STS-49 En/F-1 MS Intelsat VI (oprava) STS-61 En/F-5 MS Oprava HST STS-73 Co/F-18 MS USML Celkem 222. èlovìk ve vesmíru (12. žena)
    Absolvované výstupy do kosmu (EVA)
    Datum Tìleso Délka Kosmická loï Druh Poznámka STS-49 STS-49 En/F-1 EO Testy vybavení pro montáže v beztíži STS-61 STS-61 En/F-5 EO 1.oprava HST (solární panely) STS-61 STS-61 En/F-5 EO 1.oprava HST (COSTAR) Celkem Aktualizováno :23.06.2001 Obsah Pøehled kosmonautù Pilotované lety

    88. Toronto Names
    Bernard); Team Two Health and Recreation - Henricks (Terrence);Team Three - Health and Recreation - thornton (kathryn); Team Four
    List of All Teams Life Support Teams Home Conferences
    Toronto Team Nicknames
    Your team has been given the NICKNAME of an astronaut or cosmonaut. You can change your TEAM NAME but you must use the assigned single word NICKNAME when creating and accessing your web site. The TEAM NAME is what will show up on your web site. Your Mission Training Commander must do this first Use the Internet to find out more about this person and add this information to your team web page. (The first name has been added to help you find out more about this person. DO NOT include that in your nickname. Just use the assigned last name!)
  • Bishop Scalabrini Catholic School - contact C. Putt
  • Team One - Health and Recreation - Gagarin ( Yuri Team Two - Health and Recreation - Covey ( Richard Team Three - Health and Recreation - McNair ( Ronald Team Four - Health and Recreation - Lindsey ( Steve Team Five - Health and Recreation - Sharipov ( Salizhan Bishop Scalabrini Catholic School - contact J. Vowles
  • Team One - Transportation - Musgrave ( Story Team Two - Transportation - Slayton ( Donald "Deke"
  • 89. Ancestry Message Boards [ Mason ]
    2002 Re thornton/Dartt/Shamblin kathryn Kyle Hall 21 Dec 2002.William Strater PA Civil War Dennis Brandt 17 Dec 2002;
    Message Boards Login Search: All Boards Mason Board Advanced Search
    Localities North America ... Counties Mason (2476) List Messages Post New Message Add Board To Favorites Add Board To Notifications Previous Next

    90. GPN-2000-001155 - Thornton Prepares To Release Hubble Array
    Hubble Space Telescope HST Kathy thornton Remote Manipulator System RM Robot ArmCanada Arm STS61 kathryn thornton Extravehicular Activity EVA Spacewalk
    NASA Center: Johnson Space Center Image # : Date :
    Thornton Prepares to Release Hubble Array
    Full Description
    To run all their systems, satellites need a way to generate power for months, even years. Most Earth-orbiting spacecraft, like the Hubble Space Telescope, rely on solar cells to recharge their onboard batteries. But solar panels have their own set of problems. They must be lightweight and flexible to fit inside a relatively small launch vehicle. Consequently, they tend to be fragile, and several satellites have had to cope with damaged panels once in orbit. That is what happened to the Hubble Space Telescope. Fortunately, the telescope was designed for on-orbit repairs, and astronauts were able to remove the damaged panel and replace it with a new one. In this image, Astronaut Kathy Thornton releases the old panel into low-Earth orbit during the first Hubble Space Telescope Servicing Mission in 1993. Earth's gravitation pulled the jettisoned panel toward Earth's atmosphere, where it entered and ultimately burned up.
    Hubble Space Telescope HST Kathy Thornton Remote Manipulator System RM Robot Arm Canada Arm STS-61 Kathryn Thornton Extravehicular Activity EVA Spacewalk
    Subject Category
    Space Shuttle, Hubble

    91. I3869: Fabian Mervyn APOSTOLIDES (____ - ____)
    Time. kathryn Anne FREW. . Time. Lionel Clifford thornton. - . Father Alfred Thomas thornton Mother Sarah DODD
    Fabian Mervyn APOSTOLIDES
    • BIRTH
    Father: Leslie George APOSTOLIDES
    Mother: Christine Ann TODD
    Fabian Mervyn APOSTOLIDES
    _Christine Ann TODD INDEX ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95-UNREGISTERED (Jan 18 2000) on 06/21/02 03:49:16 AM AUS Eastern Standard Time
    Albert Percy BEST
    1 Nov 1897 - 1 Jan 1962
    • BIRTH : 1 Nov 1897, Emu Bay, Tasmania
    • DEATH : 1 Jan 1962, Burnie, Tasmania
    • REFERENCE : b. 33/569
    Father: Arthur BEST
    Mother: Madeline Rhuebell JOHNSTONE
    Family 1 Eileen
  • Rita BEST _George BEST Albert Percy BEST ... HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95-UNREGISTERED (Jan 18 2000) on 06/21/02 03:49:16 AM AUS Eastern Standard Time
    Ella Nette BEST
    15 Dec 1872 - 3 Mar 1956
    • BIRTH : 15 Dec 1872, Westbury, Tasmania
    • DEATH : 3 Mar 1956, Ballarat, Victoria
    • REFERENCE : b. 33/1767 m. 37/737
    Father: John BEST
    Mother: Amelia SMITH
    Family 1 Thomas John CLERKE
    • MARRIAGE : 28 Mar 1893, Sheffield, Tasmania
  • Arthur George CLERKE
  • Reginald Lindsay CLERKE
  • Lina Marjorie CLERKE
  • Richard Martyn CLERKE ... _Christina DUFF + (1804 - ....) m 1834 INDEX HOME HTML created by GED2HTML v3.6-WIN95-UNREGISTERED (Jan 18 2000)
  • 92. Astronaut Bio: K. C. Thornton 6/96
    Administration, Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center Houston, Texas 77058,NAME kathryn C.(Cordell) thornton (Ph.D.) NASA Astronaut, PERSONAL Cordell Thornton.html
    Biographical Data National Aeronautics and Space Administration Lyndon B. Johnson Space Center
    Houston, Texas 77058
    Kathryn C.(Cordell) Thornton (Ph.D.)
    NASA Astronaut
    Born August 17, 1952, in Montgomery, Alabama. Married to Stephen T. Thornton, Ph.D., of Oak Ridge, Tennessee. She has two stepsons and three daughters. She enjoys scuba diving and skiing. Her parents, Mr. William C. Cordell and Mrs. Elsie Cordell, are deceased. His mother, Mrs. Helen Lee Gardner, and his father, Mr. Barton Brown Thornton, are deceased.
    Graduated from Sidney Lanier High School, Montgomery, Alabama, in 1970; received a bachelor of science degree in physics from Auburn University in 1974, a master of science degree in physics from the University of Virginia in 1977, and a doctorate of philosophy in physics from the University of Virginia in 1979.
    Member of the American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, Sigma Xi, Phi Kappa Phi, and Sigma Pi Sigma.

    93. Astronauts - T
    Thorne, Stephen Douglas, USA, * 195302-11, † 1986-05-24. thornton, KathrynCordell, USA, * 1952-08-17. thornton, William Edgar, USA, * 1929-04-14.
    Tamayo Mendez, Arnaldo CUB Tani, Daniel Michio USA Tanner, Joseph Richards USA Taranin, Lev RUS Taylor, James Martin USA Tìreškova, Valentina Vladimirovna RUS Terrile, Richard J. USA Thagard, Norman Earl USA Thiele, Gerhard Paul Julius DEU Thirsk, Robert Brent CAN Thomas, Andrew Sydney Whitiel USA Thomas, Donald Alan USA Thompson, Milton Orville USA Thompson, William David USA Thopson, Glenn Scott USA Thorne, Stephen Douglas USA Thornton, Kathryn Cordell USA Thornton, William Edgar USA Thuot, Pierre Joseph USA Timèenko, V. RUS Tingle, Anna Lee USA Tito, Dennis RUS Titov, German Stìpanoviè RUS Titov, Vladimir Georgijeviè RUS Tittle, Theresa Mary USA Tjurin, Michail Vladislavoviè RUS Tognini, Michel Ange Charles FRA Tokarev, Valerij Ivanoviè RUS Tolbojev, Magomed Omaroviè RUS Townsend, Ronald Dean USA Tresvjatskij, Sergej Nikolajeviè RUS Trešèov, Sergej Jevgenìviè RUS Trinh, Eugene Huu-Chau USA Truly, Richard Harrison USA Tryggvason, Bjarni Valdimar CAN Turovec, Vladimir Jevgenìviè RUS Abecední index Domovská stránka SPACE40

    94. Arts/Celebrities/T/Thornton,_Kathryn vi permette di accedere al directory di siti italiani. E' organizzato per aree geografiche e aree temeatiche. Fa parte del portale Vaionline che ti offre molti altri servizi.
    Search: Category Description:
    Thornton completed her initial training as a NASA astronaut in 1985, and since then has logged more than 593 hours in space, including more than 21 hours of extravehicular activity (spacewalks). STS-33 which launched at night from Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on November 22, 1989, aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery. STS-49, May 7-16, 1992, on board the maiden flight of the new Space Shuttle Endeavour. STS-61 Hubble Space Telescope (HST) servicing and repair mission. STS-61 launched at night from the Kennedy Space Center, Florida, on December 2, 1993. STS-73 on October 20, 1995 aboard Space Shuttle Columbia. Arts Celebrities T Thornton, Kathryn Kathryn Thornton
    Ask An Astronaut - Shuttle Mission Specialist - Biography - Has logged more than 593 hours in space including more than 21 hours of extravehicular activity (spacewalks).
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    95. AAN: Profile: K.V. Thornton And Associates, Inc.
    KV thornton and Associates, Inc. 860 Herbert Chief Financial Officer L.Jay thornton Ph.D. View another AAN member

    96. Celebrites Selection : Les Meilleurs Sites
    Translate this page Thompson Lea. Thompson Scott. Thorne-Smith Courtney. thornton Billy Bob. thorntonKathryn. thornton Sigrid. Thurman Uma. Tibbs Casey. Tielrooy Elise. Tiels Sabien.
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    97. Oe Magazine - Spie World
    SPIE awards. a walk in space. Former NASA astronaut kathryn Thorntonis honored for her science leadership. By Anne Bradley. As a college
    may 2001
    special focus: MEMS
    exploding onto the scene

    little machines make it BIG

    microsystems mature
    tuning across the band

    it's transparent
    diffracting light
    editor's letter

    eye on technology

    industry forum

    business spotlight
    ... SPIE membership SPIE awards
    a walk in space
    Former NASA astronaut Kathryn Thornton is honored for her science leadership.
    By Anne Bradley As a college student, former NASA astronaut Kathryn Thornton says that physics intrigued her. "We actually got to do things," she says. "You could crash cars together and calculate the energy." Thornton has carried this attitude through her twenty-five year career in physics, and she is now the recipient of the AeroSense Honoree of the Year 2001 award. Thornton received the award at SPIE's AeroSense Symposium banquet in April for her consistent and courageous leadership in science and engineering at both the government and academic levels. Thornton received her bachelor-of-science degree in physics from Auburn University (Auburn, AL) in 1974, a master-of-science degree in physics from the University of Virginia (Charlottesville, VA) in 1977, and a doctorate of philosophy in physics from the University of Virginia. In 1979 Thornton was awarded a NATO postdoctoral fellowship to continue her research at the Max Planck Institute (Heidelberg, Germany). She returned to Charlottesville in 1980, when she joined the U.S. Army's Foreign Science and Technology Center as a physicist.

    98. Thornton Descendency
    Descendants of John thornton. Captain (USN Retired) Richard thornton Fox of Portsmouth,Virginia has provided the information for the thornton Lineage.
    Home Add Banner Privacy Contacting ...
    Award Program
    Descendants of John Thornton Email Page Print Page
    The report was generated with The Master Genealogist (Gold Version) which I personally recommend for proper genealogical collection and publication purposes. Generation One . John Thornton; born 1472; married Dorothy Chelsam (Richard Thornton Fox, Thornton - Branches to Westward (Portsmouth, Virginia: Privately printed, 1996), 5. Hereinafter cited as Branches to Westward Captain (USN Retired) Richard Thornton Fox of Portsmouth, Virginia has provided the information for the Thornton Lineage. He states "My work is accurate as best I as I know, but it is not cast in concrete. I am receptive to change, but would request back up data from those who suggest corrections so all the records may match." Please contact him as not all of his exhaustive work has been published on They Live Again at this time and he may be able to provide additional information you are interested in. CHESHIRE / MIDDLESEX THORNTONS According to Richard T. Fox, "the Thornton surname is said to have originated when the township of Thornton-le-Moors, near Chester in the county of Cheshire, was granted to Peter le Clerc Secretary to Randle Blundville, Earl of Chester. The grant was made by Richard de Aldford, Lord of the fee, of which Thornton was a part. Exactly why the grant was made is not known. The grant was made prior to 1150.

    99. The HooK: NEWS- Columbia Tragedy: Local Astronaut Looks Ahead
    Now is the time to get going on that, she says. Assistant Dean KathrynThornton during her astronaut days. PHOTO COURTESY NASA. .
    classifieds personals advertise contacts ... archives Letters to the Editor
    Send one now! Web Search
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    NEWS- Columbia tragedy: local astronaut looks ahead Published February 6, 2003 in issue #0205 of The Hook MARY JANE GORE MJGORE@ADELPHIA.NET For one Central Virginian, news of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster on Saturday hit particularly close to home. Kathryn C. Thornton, former astronaut and now assistant dean and professor in the UVA School of Engineering, completed her final mission in space on the Columbia shuttle on November 5, 1995. She is reticent about her own feelings for the human cost of the shuttle program, the Columbia and Challenger tragedies. Her first flight aboard the shuttle Discovery in 1989 came just three years after the Challenger disaster, so no doubt safety was a personal concern on her travels. Thornton knew three of the astronauts aboard Columbia's last flight, which began disintegrating 207,000 feet above Texas on February 1. "They had just entered the program and were doing their training. We overlapped by a year. I spoke with them, but I didn't spend a lot of time with them," she recalls before falling silent. Asked about any further reactions, she says succinctly: "It's very sad for the families."

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