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         To Alex:     more books (99)
  1. From Pictland to Alba: Scotland, 789-1070 (New Edinburgh History of Scotland) by Alex Woolf, 2007-06-15
  2. From Bergen-Belsen to Baghdad: The Letters of Alex Aronson by Alex Aronson, Alan Mendelson, 1992-06
  3. The Last Word According to Alex by Kathryn Lamb, 2001-08-30
  4. Living Next Door to Alex by Catherine George, 1996
  5. For Better or Worse According to Alex by Kathryn Lamb, 2002-01-03
  6. Start Quilting with Alex Anderson, 3rd Edition: Everything First-Time Quilters Need to Succeed; 8 Quick Projects--Most in 4 Sizes by Alex Anderson, 2009-08-25
  7. Vegetarian France: Over 150 Places to Eat and Sleep (Veggie Guides) by Alex Bourke, Alan Todd, 1998-03
  8. FANTASY AND SCIENCE FICTION - Volume 52, number 3 - March Mar 1977: Twilight Reign; Altar Ego; To See The Stars That Blind; The Day The Limited Was Late; An Altogether Peculiar Summer; On The Pike by Edward L. (editor) (Gerald Pearce; Phyllis Eisenstein; Alex Eisenstein; Ferman, 1977-01-01
  9. To Enhance Quality of Life in Institutions, An Empowerment Model in Long Term Care: A Partnership of Residents, Staff and Families by Lilian M Wells, Carolyn Singer, et all 1992
  10. From Man to Ape: Darwinism in Argentina, 1870-1920 by Adriana Novoa, Alex Levine, 2010-12-01
  11. Alex Katz by Alex Katz, Lisa Liebmann, et all 2000-04-01
  12. Climate in Peril: A Popular Guide to the Latest Ipcc Reports by Alex Kirby, 2009-05-15
  13. Standing Before the Shouting Mob: Lenior Chambers and Virginia's Massive Resistance to Public School Intergration by Alex Leidholdt, 2008-01-08
  14. Love from America: A Newsman's Account of Efforts to Aid Hostages in Tehran by Alex Paen, James H. Brown, 1989-02

21. Alex Rosen's Home Page
A Java applet, including source code, that lets you warp Bill Gates' face (or, indeed, anyone else's).Category Computers Programming Applets Graphics and Animation...... Here's the source code for alexWarp. Here's some info on putting alexWarp onyour site. alexWarp is copyright 1996 by alex Rosen. alex Rosen Boston, MA.
"The experts on natural resources around the world are in pretty much complete agreement that the world population as a whole is running down arable land, and the trend shows no sign of being reversible. Also, fresh water is declining around the world, with many of the aquifers scheduled to give out in the next several decades. The forests, estuaries, coral reefs, river systems and, increasingly, even the oceans are being either destroyed or seriously degraded." - E. O. Wilson Find out more about the effects of overpopulation on the environment here . Help fight overpopulation here or here
(Sorry, you need a Java-capable browser to view AlexWarp.) Click and drag on Bill's face to see what happens. AlexWarp* is an image-warping program.
Here's a larger version that looks a little nicer. NEW: Help me test the new and improved version of AlexWarp!
Here's how to save or print your creation.
Here's the source code for AlexWarp.
Here's some info on putting AlexWarp on your site.
Some similar commercial products you can try are SuperGoo and Flo' *AlexWarp used to be called JavaWarp - Sun's lawyers asked me to change the name.

22. GIRL: A Page By Alex
GIRL A website by alex.
@import url(; around here: a girl named alex writing bits photography a-list ... links noted: New section: Girl Bits elsewhere: Hire Me! Travel with me. See women kicking ass My Birthday Wishlist contact: write me mailing list Thursday, March 27, 2003 For those of you in Vancouver who have time to spare this Saturday at Noon, I would highly suggest you join my best-friend Emily on an adventure. To find her, just look for someone dressed as a chicken on a scooter near the totem poles. That's her. She'll be joined by her husband who will be chasing her while resembling Colonel Sanders. Why they're doing this can be read here in my first press release.
I love what she's doing for many reasons. She's usually thought of as a "shy quiet girl" yet when she wants to do something, she does it fearlessly. She thought of an idea and followed through on it in a very public way and I love that about her. I love how there is a war going on that is currently plaguing tv twenty-four seven, yet BCTV rang her up because they want to do a possible story on her. I love that despite what goes on, she still does what she wants to and believes in. She lives everyday and I love her for that.

23. Alex Aiken
Berkeley Type systems, static program analysis and abstract interpretation, constraint resolution Category Computers Computer Science People A......alex Aiken. alex was a Research Staff Member at the IBM Almaden Research Center beforejoining the Berkeley faculty in 1993. He is married to Jennifer Widom.
Alex Aiken
Professor and Vice Chair for Graduate Matters (EECS)
In the good old days Now (more or less)
Contact Information
phone fax email Before sending me email please read this. address Computer Science Division
773 Soda Hall
University of California, Berkeley

, CA 94720-1776 USA
Areas of Research
Tools for detecting errors and checking specifications of software, type systems, static program analysis and abstract interpretation, constraint resolution algorithms, parallel programming, language design.
Biographical Sketch
Alex Aiken received his Bachelors degree in Computer Science and Music from Bowling Green State University in 1983 and his Ph.D. from Cornell University in 1988. Alex was a Research Staff Member at the IBM Almaden Research Center before joining the Berkeley faculty in 1993. He is married to Jennifer Widom . Jennifer and Alex have a son Tim and a daughter Emily Here are some photos from the family's travels.
  • CQual : Adding specifications to programs with programmer-defined type qualifiers. Open Source Quality Project : Applying technology to software engineering problems.

24. Boston Globe Online / Columnists / Alex Beam
A month's worth of alex Beam Click here to search the Globe Archivesfor more . Take me out of this new ballgame (3/18/2003) `You

25. Landscape Photography Stock Photographs By Travel Photographer
Landscapes, and cityscapes from locations around the world including Venice, Italy, Tuscany, India Category Shopping Visual Arts Realistic Travel and Location...... photographs. ENTER. Landscape photography and travel stock photographsfrom around the World by photographer alex Donnelly© 19992002.
Landscape photography and travel stock photographs
Landscape photography and travel stock photographs from around the World
by photographer Alex Donnelly© 1999-2002

26. Fanpage Von Profi-Radsportler Alex Zülle
Translate this page Fanpage von Profi-Radsportler alex Zülle Hier finden Sie Informationen zu den folgendenThemen alex Zuelle, Zuelle, Radprofi, schweizer Radprofi, Radsport
Fanpage von Profi-Radsportler Alex Zülle
Hier finden Sie Informationen zu den folgenden Themen:
Alex Zuelle, Zuelle, Radprofi, schweizer Radprofi, Radsport
Per Email koennen Sie uns unter erreichen.
weiter zur Startseite

27. Alex Zanardi Official Website
Sito ufficiale del pilota di Formula Uno.Category World Italiano Sport Motori Automobilismo Piloti......The alex Zanardi Official Website - The alex Zanardi OfficialWebsite - - The alex Zanardi Official Website - www
The Alex Zanardi Official Website - - The Alex Zanardi Official Website - - The Alex Zanardi Official Website - - The Alex Zanardi Official Website -

28. Alex Anderson Quilts !!
alex Anderson, host of HGTV's Simply Quilts. Site provides a vast quiltingresource including quilt block patterns, quilt show schedule

Gørdet-selv opslagsværk.Category World Dansk Reference Spørgsmål og svar...... Tilmeld dig. Nyt job. Her kan du læse om aktuelle, ledige jobs Jobhos alex. Top 10 artikler. Her kan du se de ti mest læste artikler."/postnr.php", "post", "width=460,height=250,scrollbars"); Velkommen Her finder du gode råd om alt fra renovering af huset til pasning af stueplanter.
Søg svar på dine spørgsmål ved at klikke på en fane som: Bil, Bolig eller Cykel. Brugerprofil
og tilmelde/afmelde
Her kan du lave din egen gratis hjemmeside
Aktuelle artikler
Hvordan bygger jeg en havebænk?

Det er praktisk, at havemøblerne kan stå ude hele året. En havebænk til helårsbrug skal helst laves af solide materialer og planlægges med detaljer, der tåler årstidernes skiftende påvirkning. Det er ...
Ny maling på havemøbler
Havemøblerne trænger måske til en helt ny farve, men hvad gør man, hvis de er malet med gennemsigtig træbeskyttelse?
Tidens tand sætter også sine spor på malerier. De bliver støvede og matte at se på. Er det værdifulde malerier, eller malerier med stor affektionsværdi, der er tale om, bør man overlade rensningen til...
Debatforum Her debatterer du med andre Brugernes tips
Nyt job Top 10 artikler Her kan du se de ti mest læste artikler Hvem er Alex Info om

30. Alex's Paper Airplanes
Clear instructions showing how to make over 20 paper airplanes.Category Arts Crafts Origami Paper Airplanes......Index of alex's paper airplanes. Learn how to make the best paper airplanes.LEARN TO FLY alex's Paper Airplanes,
Free paper airplanes, paper helicopters and gliders, LEARN TO FLY... - Alex's Paper Airplanes Main Planes Index Links Bookstore ... search
A new paper airplane for the first time in 3 months (sorry I have been so lazy). It is called the Flying Fish Paper Airplane (don't ask why it is too convoluted). Please try it out. I have also updated the paper airplanes links page which had a number of broken links. As of Friday 13th December 2002 they are all working but if you spot a broken paper airplanes link Contact me . I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a happy new year, I shall be celebrating in Scotland on the top of a mountain. I will of course make some paper airplanes while there! I have added a Privacy policy to the site. It is very basic and simply states I will not give away your details to third parties for money should you give them to me for any reason. Alex 14 th December 2002 Paper Airplanes The Planes This is an index listing all the paper airplanes currently on the site ranked by how easy they are to make. The dragon paper airplane (my design) is a repeat favourite in my site poll...

31. Heretical Ideas -- We Challenge The Orthodoxy, So You Don't Have To.
Weblog on current events and culture.Category Society Politics Libertarianism People Personal Pages...... Posted by alex Knapp Movies Link Comments (0) TrackBack (0). Posted by alexKnapp Warblogging Link Comments (6) TrackBack (0). GOING IT ALONE .
March 28, 2003 FIGHT TERROREND THE WAR ON DRUGS Jacob Sullum has a great article in Reason pointing out that the War on Drugs is counterproductive and costly, especially as we wage war on terror. In addition to hurting innocent people, this policy costs a lot of money, going well beyond the resources allocated to police, prosecutors, and prisons. The government estimates, for instance, that Americans spend between $50 billion and $100 billion a year on illegal drugs. Almost all of that spending is a cost of prohibition, since it represents the "risk premium" that criminals earn by supplying contraband. This gift from the government enriches and empowers murderous thugs, subsidizes terrorism, and contributes to property crime by heavy users trying to support their habits. Since stolen goods typically are sold at a steep discount, their value far exceeds the already inflated cost of drugs. The war on drugs is an insane diversion of law enforcement resource from the far more pressing problem of terrorism. The North Korean military, al-Qaeda, and the Taliban all raise or raised a significant amount of money through drug trafficking. Drug trafficking is diverting military resources by causing us to send aid, materiel, and troops to battle "narco-terrorists" in Colombia. The drug trade has caused numerous problems with our neighbors to the south, helping to corrupt the governments and drain the economies of what should be our strongest trading partners. The drug war is insaneand it's costing us dearly. It should end now.

32. Imperfect Girl
) oh and check this out omg LOL link via the one and only Su(zi)e alex 0520PM Comments (4) yada yada TrackBack (0) February 13, 2003. Untitled.
March 27, 2003
Top 3 Reasons I'm Having a Sucky Day
I'm having a very bad day. It's that whole thing about what goes up must come down... and down I am going. I know some of the reasons why and they are as follows. 1) I know I've only been taking it a couple weeks, but so far the Wellbutrin isn't affecting me the way I wanted it to. I'm taking 300mg and I have a dr. appt. in April, so if I still feel the same way, I guess I'll ask to be upped to 400mg. 2) I looked in the mirror today and wanted to scream. I hate, loathe, despise my body today. More than usual. If I could take a knife and just slice off everything that I hate, I would. 3) The car that we bought in September, the one that was supposed to be mine? My freedom? *buzzzzz* incorrect again. Supposedly Mom can't get a car loan, so from now on she's taking my car to work every day. Which means I either have to get up at 6:30 in the morning (after working most of the night) or I'm going to be trapped in this fucking house every day like I used to be. Why does she bother to tell me something is a "present for me" or that "it's going to be mine" when in the end, she always takes it for herself? although she's still saying it's mine, she's just borrowing it. yeah, right, whatever the fuck you say. I have to ask permission to use my own damn car, that doesn't sound like I own it to me. And this also means we're down to one car again, which means my plans for road trips this summer are screwed.

33. Alex Pertout's Welcome
Australian percussionist and composer. News, biography, discography and bibliography, articles and pictures.Category Arts Music Bands and Artists P......

34. Meine Kleine Homepage
Translate this page Viel Spaß damit! alex ForumForum Ein schlichtes Forum mit Thread- und Board-Ansicht,Editierfunktion, E-Mail-Benachrichtigung, Admin-Modus usw.
meine kleine Homepage
Home News Forum Kontakt ... Links
Forum News Kommentar Umfrage ... Thumbnail
Forum oder bei den Scripten unter "Kommentare" posten.
Die Scripte:
mein kleines Forum

Ein kleines, einfaches Umfrage-Script.
Ein Script um Formulardaten an eine E-Mail-Adresse zu senden.
Thumbnail weiter...

35. Alex Sievers / OASE Photography - China Silk Road, Burma, Outback Australia, New
Images from Africa, Asia, Australia, America and Europe. Featuring people, nature and architecture.Category Business Arts and Entertainment Travel and Location......alex Sievers Photography Around the world Africa, Asia, Australia, America andEurope travel, nature, architecture, people, metropolis, the sun and many

36. Alex Haley
Biographical information and a list of selected works.Category Arts Literature Authors H Haley, alex......alex Haley was born in Ithaca, New York, as the son of Simon alexander Haley andthe former Bertha George Palmer. Haley's father was a teacher of agriculture.
Choose another writer in this calendar: by name:
B C D ... Z by birthday from the calendar Credits and feedback Alex Palmer Haley (1921-1992) American biographer, scriptwriter, author who became famous with the publication of the novel ROOTS, which traces his ancestry back to Africa and covers seven American generations as they are taken slaves to the United States. The book was adapted to television series, and woke up an interest in genealogy, particularly among African-Americans. Haley himself commented that the book was not so much history as a study of mythmaking: "What Roots gets at in whatever form, is that it touches the pulse of how alike we human beings are when you get down to the bottom, beneath these man-imposed differences." He said that three groups of people lived in every village. First were those you could see - walking around, eating, sleeping, and working. Second were the ancestors, whom Grandma Yaisa had now joined.
"And the third people - who are they?" asked Kunta.
"The third people," said Omoro, "are those waiting to be born."

37. Virginia Employment Commission - Automated Labor Exchange
alex, An Automated Labor EXchange system to help you find a job, Your browsermust be able to receive cookies in order to do a search on alex.
ALEX An Automated Labor EXchange system to help you find a job Search more than 43768 jobs now! Main Home Page Help Advanced Search March 28, 2003 Print Self Directed Local National ... Self-Directed Job Search
This search allows you to search through various occupational categories. Search by Military Specialty
This search is specifically designed for veterans or current military personnel. Local Area Job Search
This search allows you to search for jobs in specific Virginia cities and counties. Search by Job Codes
This search will identify job listings in the job bank database that are related to a 9 digit job code and location. National Job Search By State
This search allows you to search for jobs by state. Other Job Searches
Key Word Search
Click for Search Options
Your browser must be able to receive cookies in order to do a search on ALEX. Please see our regarding cookies.
"ALEX" is a service provided by the Virginia Employment Commission. The Virginia Employment Commission is an equal opportunity employer/program. Auxiliary aids and services are available upon request to individuals with disabilities.

38. Home Page For Alex Borgida
alex Borgida Professor Department of Computer Science Rutgers UniversityPiscataway, NJ 08855 , USA Phone (732) 4454744 Fax (732) 445-0537.
Alex Borgida Professor
Department of Computer Science

Rutgers University

Piscataway, NJ 08855 , USA Phone: (732) 445-4744
Fax: (732) 445-0537 Email: borgida@cs.rutgers.eduu
Office: CoRE 315
Office hours: Thursday 1:45pm - 3:45pm, anytime by email, and by appointment
Improved software development techniques, especially for Information Systems. Since IS maintain models of some aspect of reality that can be inspected and modified through programs, my approach is often based on the use of knowledge representation and reasoning techniques.
Selected Publications:

39. Hand Coding. Refenestration Daily.
Posted by alex in category Photography at 0942 PM Comments (0) TrackBack (0). Postedby alex in category Work at 1204 AM Comments (0) TrackBack (0).
Hand Coding
Refenestration Daily.
March 27, 2003
Recipe: Mexican Muffins
I saw this recipe on the WhatsInTheFridge mailing list (and I would have linked to the specific post, but it seems that archives are only viewable by subscribers). Mexican Muffins Ingredients
  • 1 lb. lean ground beef 1 pkg. (1 1/4 oz.) Taco seasoning mix 1/2 c. water 5 English muffins, split 1 c. grated Cheddar cheese (4 oz.)
Preparation Serves 5. Note: For a Mexican hamburger, substitute hamburger buns for the muffins. Do not bake. Posted by Alex in category Food Recipes at 06:18 PM Comments (2) TrackBack (0)
March 26, 2003 1.1 Beta Available
mailing list that 1.1 Beta has been released. New features include:
  • Many new import/export formats like PDF, Macromedia Flash, DocBook, several PDA Office file formats, flat XML and XHTML Support for Complex Text Layout (CTL) and vertical writing languages, such as Thai, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew Enhanced integration with Java, with up to 10 times better performance Support for Accessibility throughout the entire suite Support for add-on components Initial support for recovering damaged OOo files Support for a new data source type - MySQL Improved online help
the e-mail announcement . There are some interesting gems from the complete list as well:
  • The splash screen now has a progress bar.

40. The Official Alex Keegan Home Page
Author of the Caz Flood series.Category Arts Literature Genres Mystery Authors K......Welcome to the Official Web Site for. Crime and Literary Fiction Writer alex Keegan,Creator of the Caz Flood novels. But this is not just an author site!
Welcome to the Official Web Site for Crime and Literary Fiction Writer Alex Keegan, Creator of the Caz Flood novels But this is not just an author site! Sure, you can learn the latest Keeg news, read extracts
from Alex's five Caz Flood mysteries, and prize-winning stories, but there's more! Browse
to other crime-writing and literary fiction sites on the Internet, or take a look at Alex's ideas
on creative writing. Mr K is keen to help Beeg Inna and advice on how this site can make
that help better and easier to access will be very welcome. SPECIAL NOTE July 17th 2001 Family problems and personal illness have meant that I have been "out of it" for almost six months. I'm back. Boot Camp and the Ashes competition have been on hold. There are approximately 40 outstanding stories in Ashes
which I hope to clear in the next month and announce winners by end-July. Please not the word "hope". I will post
regular updates of progress and a growing list of finalists as the back-log is dealt with.

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