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         Travolta John:     more books (109)
  1. People September 28 2009 Patrick Swayze on Cover (Remembering a Romantic Idol), Best & Worst Dressed, Craig Ferguson Memoirs, Dan Brown, John Travolta & Kelly Preston Mourn Jett
  2. Playgirl Magazine March 1977 John Travolta (entertainment for women)
  3. Black stars join John Travolta in comedy movie Be Cool.(Cover Story): An article from: Jet
  4. John Travolta. La star ressuscitée by Philippe Durant, 2000-04-19
  5. Carrie. Starring Sissy Spacek, John Travolta and Piper Laurie
  6. Scientology (Person): L. Ron Hubbard, Chick Corea, John Travolta, Juliette Lewis, Gottfried Helnwein, Tom Cruise, Isaac Hayes, Kirstie Alley (German Edition)
  7. Hopelessly Devoted to You (Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta on Front Cover) (From "Grease", Recorded by Olivia Newton-John) by John Farrar, 1978
  8. Travolta, John (1954): An entry from SJP's <i>St. James Encyclopedia of Popular Culture</i> by Sara Martin, 2000
  9. Propeller One-Way Night Coach: A Fable For All Ages by John Travolta - First Edition 1st Printing 1997 by John Travolta, 1997
  10. Rolling Stone Magazine, Issue 728, John Travolta Cover by Various, 1996
  11. Life Magazine, March 5, 2005 issue-John Travolta by March 5, 2005 issue-John Travolta Life Magazine, 2005
  12. Us Magazine - September 4, 1979 - John Travolta Cover (Volume 3 Number 10)
  13. American Scientologists: Sonny Bono, L. Ron Hubbard, John Travolta, Tom Cruise, Nancy Cartwright, Beck, Mc Lyte, Isaac Hayes, Katie Holmes
  14. Official John Travolta Post Cd by Rh Value Publishing, 1978-12-09

61. Le Bon Numéro
Site officiel fran§ais du film de Nora Ephron avec john travolta et Lisa Kudrow synopsis, interpr¨tes, ©quipe technique et vid©os.

62. E S P A D O N
Site officiel fran§ais du film avec john travolta et Halle Berry synopsis, bandeannonce et bande originale, photos.

63. JulieTango's John Travolta Newsletter
Includes news, filmography, links, and photos.

64. Travolta, John
travolta, john Guide picks. john is one of Hollywood's most successful actor. johntravolta Virtual Home An impressive site, created by a teenager from Brazil.
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Travolta, John
Guide picks John is one of Hollywood's most successful actor. Some of his blockbuster films include Face/Off, The General's Daughter, Saturday Night Fever, Grease, Pulp Fiction, Phenomenon, and Broken Arrow.
Angela's John Travolta Site

A lovely site containing photos, filmography, biography, lyrics, sound clips from various movies and the latest news. John Travolta Virtual Home
An impressive site, created by a teenager from Brazil. Includes, detailed filmography and a biography, lyrics, photos, and a fun quizlett. Travolta Fever Includes lyrics, articles, photos, sound clips, message board and a chat room. Travolta World From Grease to Face-Off, John has kept us entertained for over 20 years. This site includes personal information, a large photo gallery, downloads, news and much more.

65. JoBlo Reviews The Movie "Battlefield Earth"
Critiques the movie, rates it 7/10, features interview with john travolta.
Home Reviews Trailers Wallpapers ... Contact Us BATTLEFIELD EARTH
RATING: 7/10 Review Date: May 1, 2000
Director: Roger Christian
Writers: Corey Mandell and J. David Shapiro
Producers: John Travolta, Elie Samaha, Jonathan Krane
Actors: John Travolta as Terl
Forest Whitaker as Ker
Barry Pepper as Jonnie Goodboy Tyler
Genre: Science-Fiction
Year of Release: 2000 We've seen a lot of alien invasion movies come out over the past few years, but when's the last time we saw a really cool movie about aliens actually running our planet? Not since the original PLANET OF THE APES has such an interesting premise been given such major attention, as John Travolta takes the first half of L. Ron Hubbard's famous sci-fi novel and turns it into this summer's first big science-fiction popcorn ride.
PLOT: It is the year 3000, and our planet is being manhandled by evil Psychlos alien beings. Security chief Terl is the meanest sonnova-bitch of them all, ruling with his arrogance, power and blackmailing skills. It isn't until a peasant man who goes by the name of Jonnie Goodboy Tyler takes a stand that the few surviving humans decide to rally in the hopes of defeating their gigantic oppressors. CRITIQUE: Fun cheese. Despite starting off like a bad Star Trek episode, this film eventually graduates to a higher level with great special effects, some really slick bad-ass aliens, an intriguing premise and a good flow of loud, campy fun. Don't bother seeing this movie if you're expecting a film similar in nature to 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY. This one definitely asks that you bring along a bag of farfetchedness, with many of your likely questions relating to the plausibility of a handful of human beings fighting an entire alien race. But if you consider the pure arrogance of the Psychlos, and the way in which they underestimate and even misdiagnose many of the humans, it becomes a much easier pill of reasoning to swallow. I personally had very few issues with the story, which I found to be interesting and fast-paced enough to keep me entertained.

66. John Travolta
Biograf­a, filmograf­a y galer­a fotogr¡fica.
Ocupación: Actor, Productor, Escritor y Bailarín Fecha de nacimiento: 18 de Febrero de 1954 Lugar de nacimiento: Englewood, USA Familia: Esposa: Kelly Preston, hijos: Jett, Ella Bleu Educación: Abandonó la Secundaria. Es el hijo menor de 6 hermanos. Su padre; Salvatore Travolta, era jugador de fútbol semiprofesional y su madre, Helen Travolta , era profesora de teatro. Según ellos, John fue un regalo de Dios ya que llegó después de muchos años. Durante su infancia, sus noches transcurrieron en el sótano de su casa donde su padre había construido una especie de teatro para su entretención. Esta vida lo llevó a pensar en una vida en el escenario desde muy pequeño, ya a los 12 años había asistido a talleres de teatro en su pueblo natal, Englewood.
Luego apareció en algunos musicales y en pequeñas obras de teatro. Debido a su gran inquietud por este mundo y por el baile, decidió tomar lecciones de tap. A los 16 años, Travolta decidió dejar el colegio con la autorización de sus padres para poder dedicarse a tiempo completo a la actuación, decisión que resulto muy acertada porque solo 2 años mas tarde, Travolta realiza su primera presentación nacional con la obra de teatro "Rain", a la que sigue diversas actuaciones en la comedia musical "Grease" y en el musical de broadway "Over Here". Pero es en 1975 que John Travolta comienza su serie de éxitos al ser contratado para la exitosa serie de televisión "Welcome Back Koffer", donde interpreto a Vinnie Barbarino, papel que lo convirtió en todo un ídolo y gracias al cual grabaría tres álbumes "Can't Let Go"; "John Travolta", y "Travolta Fever" por el que ganaría el premio al mejor cantante masculino de la revista Billboard.

67. Actor Archives John Travolta
Pictures, profile, and a recent filmography.

68. | News : Travolta, John
It appears that one of Hollywood's more enduring manager/client relationships maybe on the rocks, with Jonathan Krane and actor john travolta considering an
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    HOLLYWOOD - John Travolta is negotiating to star in "Harvey," a new screen version of the Pulitzer Prize-winning play that was the basis for the 1950 Jimmy Stewart film.
    Travolta and Manager Re-Evaluating Pairing

    HOLLYWOOD - It appears that one of Hollywood's more enduring manager/client relationships may be on the rocks, with Jonathan Krane and actor John Travolta considering an end to their 17-year association.
    Travolta, Khouri Take Swing at '3000'
    NEW YORK- John Travolta is in early talks to star in "Mr. 3000," about a baseball player who unretires when three of his past base hits are disallowed, dropping him below the esteemed 3,000-hit plateau. `Freddy' Gets 8 Razzie Nominations LOS ANGELES - Tom Green got fingered by the Razzies, a movie-award spoof that singled out his ``Freddy Got Fingered'' with a leading eight nominations, including worst picture of last year.
  • 69. Ananova - John Travolta Says Scientology Helped Him Through Career Slump
    Brief article based on interview with the actor. Ananova
    web Ananova Entertainment
    Latest headlines

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    Latest video report

    Ananova: John Travolta says Scientology helped him through career slump John Travolta says his faith helped him pull through when his career hit the doldrums. The 47-year-old got few starring roles in the '80s despite his '70s successes with Grease and Saturday Night Fever. His says his belief in Scientology pulled him through, until Quentin Tarantino offered him a role in Pulp Fiction. Travolta told Ananova: "I guess I have almost always been a positive person but my studies in Scientology have made me even more positive. "I can be very resilient when needs be. I can get down like anybody else for a while but then I have this reflex to pick myself up. "There are folk in Hollywood who get addicted to suffering and pain and almost enjoy being sad. I'm not one of those. "I like a good cry but that's usually in front of a movie screen or at home when I'm watching one of those black and white classics." Travolta's latest movie Domestic Disturbance is released in the UK on January 11. Story filed: 13:32 Thursday 10th January 2002 Are you interested in this type of story?

    70. The General's Daughter Discussion
    Analytical review of the plot, setting, theme, and structure of the film starring john travolta, Madeleine Stowe, James Woods, Timothy Hutton, and James Cromwell.
    Choose from hundreds of plot, theme, character, and setting options to find precisely what you're looking for!
    Sci-Fi/Fantasy Action Dramas Movies - Reviews - The General's Daughter
    Go to the exciting
    The General's Daughter Message Board Search for another movie (click here) Resident Scholar Profiles
    David Loftus
    SCHOLARS: Would you like to be a scholar? Click here to submit a review! The General's Daughter
    Starring: John Travolta, Madeleine Stowe, James Woods, Timothy Hutton, James Cromwell
    Review Summary
    David Loftus, Resident The General's Daughter Scholar
    Overall Review Our unique search engine provides a wealth of detail about
    books by breaking them down into many different literary
    elements, all of which are searchable (click here).
    Ratings are on a 1-10 scale (Low to High)
    How difficult to spot villain? ... Return to The General's Daughter topic page Free E-Books! Invasion of the Insectiods (click here) Insectoid Book 1 The Insectoids have destroyed most of the fleet in a cowardly sneak attack. Now, humanity's only hope is left with War Admiral Norman North and the surviving ships of the line, while Clifford Croft leads a ragtag resistance against the invaders...

    71. John Travolta Interview: Well Rounded Entertainment
    The actor tells about his comeback, his family and Scientology.
    MOVIES In Cinemas Now Review Archive
    • Action
    • Comedy
    • Drama
    • Family ... SUBSCRIBE John Travolta
      The Well Rounded Interview
      JUNE 1999 - Despite having to watch hundreds of hours of dreck every year, being a film critic definitely has its perks. Sometimes you get the chance to meet famous and almost-famous personalities. Once in a very great while, you’re offered the chance to sit down and interview a movie star who may become a legend. Last week, WRE spent some time with John Travolta, one of our favorite screen personalities, a man who is that rare combination of both actor and movie star. Few can discount his significance as a good will ambassador for the film industry, his dedication as a loving father and family man and his influence on popular culture for the better part of the last quarter century. Having first gained notoriety as the smart-mouthed Vinnie Barbarino on the sitcom "Welcome Back, Kotter," Travolta’s career has had more ups and downs than a yoyo. In 1977, he made Saturday Night Fever , a movie about a working class New York kid who spent his nights dancing to disco. More than a mindless musical

    72. CBS News | Battlefield Earth Tops Razzies | February 12, 2001 17:21:24
    john travolta's bomb was nominated for worst in eight of nine categories. Associated Press
    Home America At War U.S. World ... CBS News i-Video February 12, 2001 17:21:24 The Early Show CBS Evening News 48 Hours 60 Minutes ...
    Section Front

    E-mail This Story Printable Version
    Battlefield Earth Tops Razzies
    LOS ANGELES, Feb. 12, 2001
    Battlefield Earth (WARNER BROTHERS)
    The Golden Raspberry Foundation won't have a ceremony this year to present its gaudy $4.27 trophy, a gold-painted, golf-ball sized plastic raspberry atop a film canister.
    On the eve of Hollywood's second most anxious moment, the Golden Raspberry Foundation picked contenders for 2000's worst movies with John Travolta's Battlefield Earth getting the most Bronx cheers.
    Travolta's box office bomb got eight nominations worst picture, director, screenplay, actor, screen couple and three supporting actors to lead Monday's nominees for dis-stink-tion by the Golden Raspberry Foundation.
    Academy Award nominations are announced Tuesday

    Battlefield didn't set a record for nominations, Raspberry founder John Wilson said. Showgirls was the all-time Razzie Award nomination leader with 13. "We don't even have that many categories now,"

    73. John Travolta Pictures, Wallpapers, Screen Savers, Desktop Themes, And Merchandi
    main actors john travolta. travolta, john. Add Url. altoCelebs johntravolta High quality pictures, wallpapers, posters, bio, and links.,-john/
    altoEntertainment rings:
    actresses musicians models ... cartoon search Alto Entertainment for: - or - pick your favorite destination: Actors Actresses Musicians Models Other Celebs Movies Television Sports Games Anime Cartoon Comparison Shopping main actors : John Travolta John Travolta photos, videos, CDs, and memorabilia @ eBay
    John Travolta
    posters and photos @
    John Travolta
    books and videos @
    John Travolta merchandise @
    download movies online. details here...
    free: wallpapers and screensavers @ webshots! altoEntertainment
    actors actresses musicians ... cartoon shop @
    Travolta, John
    Add Url altoCelebs: John Travolta
    High quality pictures, wallpapers, posters, bio, and links. Entertainbilia: John Travolta
    Posters, videos, CDs, DVDs, and other memorabilia. EntertainPosters: John Travolta
    Posters, photos, and prints. John Travolta picture gallery Hot pictures, ecards, biographies, filmographies, trivia and quotes of John Travolta. EntertainGuide: John Travolta Links to image galleries, wallpapers, desktop themes, bio, and memorabilia. John Travolta games at

    74. Deep Discount DVD
    Search by Actor Results for travolta, john Displaying 1 5 of 32 Results. BLOWOUT - 1981 Starring travolta, john , ALLEN, NANCY Why Pay $ 19.95?, John

    75. Battlefield Earth - DVD Movie Central
    A fan of john travolta reviews the DVD, and rates the video, audio, features, and the film itself.
    BATTLEFIELD EARTH Review by Gordon Justesen Stars: John Travolta, Barry Pepper, Forest Whitaker, Kim Coates, Richard Tyson, Kelly Preston
    Director: Roger Christian
    Audio: English Dolby Digital 5.1, French Dolby Digital 5.1
    Video: Widescreen 2.35:1 Anamorphic Transfer
    Studio: Warner Bros.
    Features: See Review
    Length: 119 Minutes
    Release Date: January 16, 2001 Film *1/2 Battlefield Earth actually marks a crucial point for me as a film reviewer. It is the first review I have written for this site where I have given my lowest rating for a movie. There have been many movies I have loathed much more than this, but this just happens to be the first one. Battlefield Earth seemed destined for trouble right from the get go. Even before its release, many were predicting that it would fail miserably, and would easily become more of a bad movie debacle than such films as Waterworld, The Postman , and Wild Wild West , though I easily find those three to be better by comparison, especially The Postman , which I felt was unfairly panned. What makes the case of Battlefield Earth worse is the fact that it’s star and co-producer, John Travolta, is one of my top five all time favorite actors, and I can’t bare to see him fail any more miserably than he has here. He reportedly fought long and hard to bring this film to the screen. Travolta is a student of Scientology, and L. Ron Hubbard, who was the founder of Scientology, wrote the original novel of

    76. Deep Discount DVD
    Search by Actor Results for travolta, john Displaying 1 5 of 32 Results. BLOWOUT - 1981 Starring travolta, john , ALLEN, NANCY Why Pay $ 19.95?, JOHN

    77. BBC Religion & Ethics
    Mark Lawson speaks with john travolta, a high profile member of the Church of Scientology, about his beliefs. travolta describes Scientology assist technology and how he has used it. The Big Question






    28th March 2003
    Text only

    BBC Homepage
    Religions Ethics ... Help Like this page? Send it to a friend! Celebrities and their Faith Mark Lawson speaks with Hollywood movie star John Travolta, a high profile member of the Church of Scientology, about his beliefs and his faith. Originally transmitted as part of "The Big Question" series) Mark Lawson You have had two spells of being very hot in Hollywood. When you were growing up was being famous something that you wanted to be? John Travolta I never looked at it that way. What I wanted very much was to become an actor and a performer, even at age 6, 7 8. It was very much part of my agenda. I enjoyed, tremendously, entertaining people. Mark Lawson You come from a big Italian, Irish family. It was a Catholic family, what impression did that have on you? John Travolta I have to be honest with you although I was brought up a Catholic I wasn’t sure I understood it. I felt the confession aspect of it was good but I didn’t know that you were actually supposed to confess things that you did. I thought you were supposed to make up things that you did to get through confession. Now I realise that is probably a very good thing, that if someone really wanted to unload their heart and their mind, they should go and do it. Mark Lawson Were your parents very strict about things like about attending Mass and so on?

    78. Lycos Homepage > Celebrities > S T/m Z > Travolta, John
    Lycos Home. Je bent nu hier Lycos Home Zoeken Webgidsen Celebrities St/mZ travolta, john. Webpagina's Verzameld en uitgelegd door Roos.
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    Lycos Home Je bent nu hier: Lycos Home Zoeken Webgidsen Celebrities ... S t/m Z
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    is a registered trademark of Carnegie Mellon University.

    79. Actor: John Travolta [The Movie Times]
    Box office information, vital statistics, links, and message board.
    Last Update 3.16.02 Actor Pages: Adam Sandler Alec Baldwin Alan Rickman Al Pacino Anthony Hopkins Arn. Schwarzenegger Ben Affleck Billy Dee Williams Bill Paxton Bill Murray Bill Pullman Billy Zane Brad Pitt Brendan Fraser Bruce Willis Christopher Lloyd Chris O'Donnell Christian Slater Clint Eastwood Cuba Gooding Jr. Danny DeVito Danny Glover Dan Aykroyd Daniel Stern Denzel Wahington Dustin Hoffman Eddie Murphy Ed Harris Ewan McGregor Gabriel Byrne George Clooney Gene Hackman Gary Sinise Harrison Ford Hugh Grant Jeff Daniels Johnny Depp Josh Hartnett John Travolta John Malkovich James Earl Jones Jeff Goldblum Jim Carrey Jeremy Irons Jack Nicholson Joe Pesci Judge Reinhold Kevin Bacon Kevin Costner Keanu Reeves Kurt Russell Kevin Spacey Laurence Fishburne Leonardo DiCaprio Liam Neeson Macaulay Culkin Mark Hamill Matt Damon Mark Wahlberg Matthew Broderick Matthew McConaughey Mel Gibson Michael Douglas Michael Keaton Mike Myers Morgan Freeman Michael J. Fox Nicolas Cage Pierce Brosnan Ralph Fiennes Richard Dreyfuss Richard Gere Rick Moranis Robert De Niro Robin Williams Rupert Everett Russell Crowe Sean Connery Samuel L. Jackson

    80. - Entertainment - Travolta Brings Hubbard's 'Battlefield Earth' To The B
    Interviewed focused on his adaptation of L. Ron Hubbard's Battlefield Earth, his involvement in Scientology, and his new baby daughter.
    entertainment > movies News Lists More Editions myCNN Video Audio ... Feedback
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    More than 11,000 killed in India quake

    Mideast negotiators want to continue talks after Israeli elections

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    John Travolta's 18-year journey
    Actor brings Hubbard's 'Battlefield Earth' to the big screen
    By Jamie Allen Senior Writer May 9, 2000 Web posted at: 4:51 p.m. EST (2051 GMT) ATLANTA (CNN) Much has been written about John Travolta's involvement in Scientology, the spiritual and philosophical organization founded by sci-fi author L. Ron Hubbard.

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