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         Travolta John:     more books (109)
  1. John Travolta (Livewire real lives) by Julia Holt, 1998
  2. Grooves Presents John Travolta (#4) by various, 1978
  3. George magazine, March 1998-John Travolta Unfurls in Primary Colors. by March 1998-John Travolta Unfurls in Primary Colors. George magazine, 1998
  4. Meet John Travolta by Suzanne Munshower, 1976
  5. Rolling Stone Magazine # 402 August 18 1983 John Travolta (Single Back Issue)
  6. John Travolta: sábado trasnochado.(actor): An article from: Epoca by Érica Montenegro, 2007-06-15
  7. People From Englewood, New Jersey: John Travolta, Upton Sinclair, Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Bill Parcells, Sarah Jessica Parker, Peter Coyote
  8. Architectural Digest 5/99 JOHN TRAVOLTA AND KELLY PRESTON by Paige (editor) Rense, 1999-01-01
  9. People April 20 2009 John Travolta & Kelly Preston on Cover (Mourning Jett), Levi Johnston on Bristol Palin, Academy of Country Music Awards, Tom Brady & Gisele Bundchen Wedding, Rihanna Reaches Out to Leukemia Patient, Paul McCartney
  11. Battlefield Earth (film): Film adaptation, Battlefield Earth (novel), L. Ron Hubbard, Roger Christian (filmmaker), John Travolta, Forest Whitaker, Barry Pepper, Gold mining, Scientology
  12. Life Magazine-March 4, 2005 issue-John Travolta by 2005-John Travolta Life Magazine-March 4, 2005
  13. Biography Magazine April 2003 - John Travolta..Napoleon and Josephine..Doris Day
  14. Architectural Digest 4/04 JOHN TRAVOLTA KELLY PRESTON Cover by Paige (editor) Rense, 2004-01-01

81. Mutant Reviewers From Hell Do "Battlefield: Earth"
Three reviewers poke fun at the john travolta science fiction flick. Includes a Battlefield Earth drinking game. Rated a zero on the rewatchability scale.
    Mutant Reviewers from Hell do
    Battlefield Earth
      Summary Capsule
      John Travolta has taken over the world, which is enough to piss anyone off.
      Justin's Rating: I hurt inside.
      Justin's Review: There was a time, a golden age of anticipation I like to call early 2000, when I was young and innocent and virginal in everything I watched. This was an era when I naively thought that 2000 A.D. would be the best year of movies ever, kicking off with Battlefield Earth , which looked to be a Braveheart in a post-apocalyptic setting. I even read the book! And it's a big, thick book, with many big words and complicated phrases (example: "Jonnie went over to the can. He kicked the side. It hurt his toe."). I tried in vein to shut out the noise of pre-release reviews that stated Battlefield Earth was carcenogenic and would be an atrocity commited to all who bought a ticket. I rushed to see it opening day, deeply wanting to throw my Cloak of Cult Love over the shoulders of John Travolta, to tell the movie that at least I understood what a maligned classic it was. Then I saw it. Screw Battlefield Earth. Screw John Travolta.

82. John Travolta
Detailed biography and filmography.

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    John Travolta is the perennial comeback kid. He has faced more public ups and downs than any other celebrity. In the 1970s he was the "it" boy, defining popular taste in music and fashion. After Saturday Night Fever and Grease , every guy wanted to be him and all the girls wanted to be with him. In the 80s however, Travolta became a cultural relic, a cliche whose movies bombed repeatedly. What little success he found came in the form of the fluffy Look Who's Talking movies, and even then the popularity was derisive. With the 90s came newfound success, due in large part to the brilliant mind of a new director on the scene, Quentin Tarantino. Pulp Fiction regenerated Travolta's career, but his continued success is due mainly to his newfound maturity and the more intelligent management of his career this time round. John has taken on more challenging roles which have allowed him to demonstrate his dramatic range, while recognizing the need to keep up a high profile in box office hits. He has managed to become a leading man, action hero and respecting thespian all in one.
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    Compare Saturday Night Fever
    Dramas, Personal Triumph, Recommended, Romance, Musical, Dance, Pop Music, Nightlife, Racy, Drama, R
    11 reviews
    Lowest price:
    Compare Grease
    84 reviews
    Lowest price:
    Compare Urban Cowboy Dramas, Personal Triumph, Recommended, Romance, Love Story, Country Music, Dance, Pop Music, Racy, Cowboys, Drama, PG 6 reviews Lowest price: Compare Swordfish Dramas, Mystery, Spies, Adventure, R 119 reviews Lowest price: Compare Pulp Fiction Dramas, Buddies, Scams And Cons, Organized Crime, Character Study, Black Comedy, Substance Abuse, R, Best Movie, Best Dance Sequence, 1995, 1994, Best Supporting Actor, 1994, Best Screenplay, 1994, Best Screenplay Original, 1994 74 reviews Lowest price: Compare Carrie Horror/Suspense, Classic, Psychic Forces, Vengeance, Theatrical Release, Campus Life, Demonic Possession, Recommended, Horror, Teenage, R 43 reviews Lowest price: Compare Face/Off Action/Adventure, Enemies, Switching Roles, Psychodrama, Terrorism, Action, Thriller, Recommended, R, Best Action Sequence, Best On Screen Duo, 1998

    84. Bankability 101 - John Travolta
    Box office data for john travolta. Includes averages, totals, domestic and international box office breakdowns for his movies.
    Box Office Mojo
    Bankability John Travolta Updated 12/4/00 1990-Present # of Movies as Star Average Opening Weekend Total Domestic Gross Average Domestic Gross Total Overseas Gross Average Overseas Gross Total Worldwide Gross Average Worldwide Gross By Release Date
    (Grey font equals supporting roles or re-issues.) Release Title Domestic Gross Theaters Opening / % of Total / Theaters / Average Overseas* Lucky Numbers Battlefield Earth The General's Daughter A Civil Action Grease (Re-issue) Primary Colors Mad City She's So Lovely Face/Off Michael Phenomenon Broken Arrow White Man's Burden Get Shorty Pulp Fiction Look Who's Talking Now Shout Look Who's Talking Too Italics: Still playing. * In millions. ^ First weekend of wide release.
    By Total Domestic Gross Rank Title Total Gross Theaters Face/Off Phenomenon The General's Daughter Michael Get Shorty Broken Arrow A Civil Action Look Who's Talking Too Primary Colors Battlefield Earth Mad City Look Who's Talking Now Lucky Numbers White Man's Burden Shout Italics: Still playing. By Domestic Opening Weekend Rank Title Opening Theaters % of Total Average Release Face/Off The General's Daughter Michael Phenomenon Broken Arrow A Civil Action Get Shorty Primary Colors Battlefield Earth Look Who's Talking Too Mad City Lucky Numbers Look Who's Talking Now White Man's Burden Shout By Total Overseas Gross Rank Title Gross* Face/Off Broken Arrow Phenomenon The General's Daughter Get Shorty Michael A Civil Action Battlefield Earth Primary Colors * In millions.

    85. John Travolta - Biografie Rasscass
    Translate this page john travolta. john travolta war einer der Top-Verdiener Hollywoods und hattein seiner Karriere mehr Hochs und Tiefs als so manche Achterbahn.

    Information, credits and pictures.
    Same site. Same info. Click HERE if you don't get redirected.

    87. > Travolta, John
    Video/DVD. travolta, john Viewing 12 of 2 results. 1. Greased Lightnin' travolta,john Audio CD, Price $12.95. 2. Sings travolta, john Audio CD,

    88. > Travolta, John/Newton-John, Olivia
    travolta, john/Newtonjohn, Olivia Viewing 1-1 of 1 results. 1. Grease travolta,john/Newton-john, Olivia Audio CD The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack.

    89. Entertainment Sleuth John Travolta
    News, reviews, profile, and related information.

    90. Travolta, John
    travolta, john, f. 1954, amerikansk filmskuespiller. Han blev 1970'ernesdansende ungdomsidol med Saturday Night Fever (1977) og Grease (1978).
    All over press 237606 REX
    Travolta, John, f. 1954, amerikansk filmskuespiller. Han blev 1970'ernes dansende ungdomsidol med Saturday Night Fever (1977) og Grease (1978). Efter Staying Alive Look Who's Talking Det er mig der snakker Pulp Fiction Get Shorty Face/Off (1997) og Primary Colors

    91. Does Todd Alan Johnson Look Like John Travolta? YOU Be The Judge!
    Harmless tonguein-cheek fun. Help to answer this totally irrelevant, and therefore very important question.
    What is this?
    This is an issue so vital, so important that the Fate of the Universe may well rest in your, yes YOUR, hands. The issue, of course, is whether or not Todd Alan Johnson looks like John Travolta (you may expect this to be THE topic of debate of the new millenium), and it's up to YOU to help decide! Actually, it's a humorous tongue-in-cheek survey, but play along, okay? How the heck did this get started?
    It all began when Lindsay and Lindsay's brother Keith took their friend Katie (whom they used to think was only mildly insane) to see Les Misérables in Tampa. Sadly, Katie's brain was addled by watching not only the phenomenally bad movie The Urban Cowboy , which stars an alarmingly young and skinny John Travolta, but also Primary Colors , which also features you-know-who (John Travolta!). Since she'd recently seen John Travolta, Katie must have had him on her brain. As the show unfolded, Katie looked through the binoculars (always bring binoculars) and had an epiphany. "That guy looks like John Travolta." "No he doesn't," Lindsay replied. Further research revealed that "that guy" was Todd Alan Johnson, who had been playing Javert. And so started the Great Johnson/Travolta Debate, with Lindsay taking the adamant position that no, Todd Alan Johnson does NOT look like John Travolta and Katie taking the equally adament position that yes, Todd Alan Johnson DOES look like John Travolta while Keith watched with amusement.

    92. Travolta, John
    travolta, john. Filmography WebRing, john travolta first gained fame as the swaggeringVinnie Barbarino on the TV series Welcome Back, Kotter (1975).
    Travolta, John Filmography WebRing John Travolta first gained fame as the swaggering Vinnie Barbarino on the TV series "Welcome Back, Kotter" (1975) . In 1977, he parlayed his teeny-bopper fame into a big-screen career with the disco blockbuster Saturday Night Fever (1977) . He languished in light dramas and TV movies in the 1980s, but started a comeback in 1989 with Look Who's Talking (1989) . He further resuscitated his career with an Oscar nomination for his role as a heavyset sympathetic hitman in in Pulp Fiction (1994) in 1994. Movie Store Academy Award Winners Academy Award History
    Directors Chair
    (Full Size Image)
    Primary Colors Click here to buy this item now (DVD)
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    (VHS, Subtitled in Spanish)

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    Pulp Fiction Click here to buy this item now (DVD)
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    (VHS, Widescreen)
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    (VHS, Special Collector's Edition)

    (Full Size Image)
    Saturday Night Fever Click here to buy this item now (VHS)
    (Full Size Image)
    Broken Arrow Click here to buy this item now (DVD)
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    (VHS) Click here to buy this item now (VHS, Widescreen)

    93. The Definitive Film Resource: Actors: T: John Travolta
    travolta, john; john travolta -; Carfax-Abbey.comjohn travolta - bio and horror filmography at the Horror Film
    Blackstar Videos and DVDs John Travolta (alphabetical order by last name) main A B C ... In Association with Click Here for Great Posters at Great Prices ... link to

    94. Travolta, John - Leggi Le Opinioni -
    Translate this page travolta, john. Gradimento prodotto john travolta ha fatto un sacco di bei film,dimostrandosi sempre all'altezza della situazione. di pappaeciccia,
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    95. Koobuycity - Travolta, John : Grease (B.O.F.) - CD Et Disques D'occasion - Achat
    Translate this page pseudo. Achat CD. Grease (BOF) travolta, john Editeur Polydor. Meilleurprix 4,30 € / 28,21 F Prix neuf 19,67 € / 129,00 F.
    Accueil Livres / BD Musique DVD / VHS ... Informatique 1 263 100 produits disponibles Inscription Mon compte Panier Aide
    Rechercher Tous champs Titre Artiste Code barre / EAN
    CD Album

    Musique internationale: Pop, Rock, Rap...
    Variété française: Rock, Rap... Musique du monde ... CD Single Ne manquez pas Meilleures ventes C'est donné CD Album !
    frais de port

    Achat CD Grease (B.O.F.)
    Travolta, John

    Editeur : Polydor
    Plus d'informations...

    Liste des annonces Comme Neuf - Prix : / 32,14 F - Economie :
    Vendeur : amickey (4,8/5) - Envoi normal ou suivi Excellent état. Envoi rapide et soigné. Voir le détail de l'annonce... Etat Correct - Prix : / 32,80 F - Economie : Vendeur : kikigio Voir mon compte pour envoi groupé Voir le détail de l'annonce... Comme Neuf - Prix : / 36,08 F - Economie : Vendeur : mlcombes d'autres cds de musique de films en vente pensez à regarder Voir le détail de l'annonce... Bon Etat - Prix : / 39,36 F - Economie : Vendeur : wash qualité assuré! Voir le détail de l'annonce... Etat Correct - Prix : / 45,92 F - Economie : Vendeur : styliss (4,3/5) - Envoi normal ou suivi

    96. John Travolta Star Store - Shop Hot Celebrity Merchandise
    196. The john travolta Super Star Store. AMERICA'S FLYING ACES THEBLUE ANGEL'S 50TH ANNIVERSARY Narrated by john travolta. 1996.
    The John Travolta
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    97. Buy Travolta,john Music CDs At Songsearch
    Shopping for travolta,john music CDs is easy at Songsearch. We are andimports. Buy travolta,john Music CDs This list shows CDs only.

    98. EntertainmentStudios.Com Entertainers With Byron Allen
    including Mel Gibson, Tom Hanks,Whitney Houston, Michelle Pfeiffer, Barbra Streisand,Bruce Willis, Tom Cruise, Goldie Hawn, john travolta, Eddie Murphy

    99. John Travolta
    john travolta. CELEB QUIK BROWSER Select A Celebrity. john travoltaOVERVIEW,

    100. Alphamusic - Suchergebnisse Für 'John Travolta'
    Translate this page Suchergebnisse Ergebnisse für den Suchbegriff john travolta. travolta,john - BestOf john travolta CD, 21.99 EUR weitere Artikel zu travolta,john, Details. Travolta

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