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  1. Hong Kong Film Directors: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, John Woo, Sammo Hung, Ringo Lam, Tsui Hark, Wayne Wang, Wong Kar-Wai, Daniel Wu, Nicholas Tse
  2. Asian Canadian Actors: Kristin Kreuk, Charlene Choi, Tommy Chong, Edison Chen, Bernice Liu, Denise Ho, Nicholas Tse, Sandra Oh, Linda Chung
  3. Chinese Canadians From Hong Kong: Adrienne Clarkson, Raymond Chan, Charlene Choi, Lydia Shum, Nicholas Tse, Olivia Chow, Kenneth Ma
  4. Hong Kong Film Producers: Bruce Lee, Jackie Chan, John Woo, Jet Li, Sammo Hung, Ringo Lam, Tsui Hark, Daniel Wu, Andy Lau, Nicholas Tse
  5. Nicholas Tse
  6. Cantopop Singer-Songwriters: Andy Lau, Eason Chan, Edison Chen, Nicholas Tse, Prudence Liew, Hacken Lee, Justin Lo, Gigi Leung, Danny Chan
  7. Hong Kong Songwriters: Wong Jim, Nicholas Tse, Wong Ka Kui, Justin Lo, Danny Chan, Chet Lam, Khalil Fong, George Lam, Daniel Chan, Paul Wong
  8. On Mao Tse-tung's Book of Quotations by Nicholas Boyes, 2010-04-05

81. - Rent English And Chinese DVD Online - Join Now
tse, Ting Fung nicholas. 1 2 3. Master Q 2001 StarringCheung, Pak Ji Cecilia, tse,Ting Fung nicholas Date Released 200203-22 Points 2.75 Status Available., Ting Fung Nicholas&typ=2

82. S U P P O R T - N I C H O L A S . T S E - 2 0 0 2
There has been much adverse comment from the media throughout the NicholasTse trial and even more criticism of the sentence. Should
Letters to the Editor
South China Morning Post
5 November 2002 Perversion of Justice by the Justice Department
by Jon There has been much adverse comment from the media throughout the Nicholas Tse trial and even more criticism of the sentence. Should the Justice Department’s involvement and in particular the reasons they gave, be questioned? Did they encroach into areas of fairness or have they perverted justice? The right to request a Review of Sentence is not being questioned, what is in question, is whether it was necessary for them to justify this decision and the wisdom of expressing views with remarks that could be considered unfair or unlawful. They clearly pronounced the sentence as inadequate in comparison to that handed down in a previous case and even threatened that if the Magistrate’s review was not in accordance with their wishes, it would be transferred to a higher court. If the Department had intervened with such statements and threats prior to the original sentence, I am sure that the legal profession and the media would have rightly deemed this as an unacceptable interference not befitting of an impartial justice system. What is the difference between an unacceptable intervention prior to the sentence and one prior to the final sentence? After all, other than an appeal, the final sentence is the end of the chain for the recipients and could be of vital concern. A Justice Department, by definition, should be seen to be unbiased and expect to exude fairness. It would appear that it lost sight of this principle when making the questionable statements surrounding this case. In effect the dice was loaded, justice perverted, call it what you will with unwarranted pressure applied to those involved in deciding the outcome. It is unlikely that the Magistrate when considering all of the factors will be influenced by the media, as indeed he was not with the original sentence, but can we now be confidant “beyond reasonable doubt” that there will be no adverse affect by pressure from his employer and their apparent siding with the media’s view.

83. ¬PSITE
? ? ? AntiLemon GuestbookNic tse's Planet Nic's Profile nicholas tse's Attitude nicholas tse's Pics
¤¤¤å©m¦W Á¾^¾W
­^¤å©m¦W Tse Ting-Fung, Nicholas
¡@¡@¬P®y ³B¤k®y
¡@¡@¶Ý¦n °Ûºq¡B´å¤ô¡Bºô²y¡B¾r¨®
³ß·Rºq¬P ¶À®a¾s¡BÓµúÅï¡BEnigma¡BJon Bon Jovi
³ß·R¹q¼v Seven
³ß·R©u¸` ³ß·R¹¢ª« ³ß·R­¹ª« ®üÂA ³ß·R¶¼«~ ÂA¥¤ ²z·Q¹ï¶H µu¾v¡B¤­©xºÝ¥¿¡B¦³½u±ø¬ü¡B¿W¥ß¡B²n®Ô «Ç¤º³]­p®v¡BÀ¤H ³Ì·s§@«~ ¼sªFEPµLÁn¥é¦³Án¡B¼sªFºq¤£­n¨è·N§ïÅÜ¡B ¡@¡@¡@¡@¡@ ¹qµø¼@¬X¹D¤p¤l ©ÒÄݤ½¥q ­¸¹Ï®T¼Ö ¤ÏÁÂÂfÂc¹C¼Ö³õ ¥tþÂfÂcºô ¾^¾W¤pÀÉ®× ¾W¶é ... Ting Fung's Little World

84. LyricsStyle - Nicholas Tse Lyrics
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Nicholas Tse
Let Me Die

85. Nicholas Tse
Home N nicholas tse. Celebs? GotThem! N nicholas tse. Click hereto visit our sponsor Items Links nicholas tse (Rating 10.00
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Celebs? GotThem!: N: Nicholas Tse

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86. Time And Tide De Tsui Hark Avec Nicholas Tse Et Wu Bai - Cinema Asie Passion
Translate this page Time and Tide. Time and Tide, de Tsui Hark, avec nicholas tse et Wu Bai(2001). Ayant nicholas tse fait alors la rencontre de Wu Bai. La
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:: Angela MAO

:: CHENG Pei-pei
:: The valiant ones

Time and Tide Time and Tide , de Tsui Hark , avec Nicholas Tse et Wu Bai (2001) Apres les echecs de Double Team (1997) et de Knock off (1998) (tous deux avec Jean-Claude Van Damme), Time and Tide marque le retour cinematographique du genial Tsui Hark a Hong-Kong. Courtise par Hollywood, Tsui Hark Mais paradoxalement, a la vue de Time and Tide , on se dit qu’on ne peut que se feliciter de la deroute americaine de Tsui Hark. En revenant filmer a Hong-Kong, ce dernier a retrouve cette liberte, cette integrite, cette inventivite que son ancien disciple a du sacrifier pour pouvoir servir la soupe aux stars americaines. Passionnant de bout en bout grace a une narration palpitante, Time and Tide regorge de trouvailles et d’effets novateurs (certaines idees ont deja ete utilisees dans Knock Off , mais elles le sont cette fois-ci de meilleure facon et avec plus d’a propos), qui, comme d’habitude, devraient integrer le cinema de l’Oncle Sam avec quelques annees de retard.

87. Nicholas Tse Realm
~Click on image to enter~. © Copyright nicholas tse Realm 20002002.This site was created on 12/11/2000. Best viewed in 800x600
Click here to continue. Nicholas Tse Realm New website from Singapore! contains biography, pictures, mobiletones, downloads, magazine articles, and much more! Nicholas Tse

88. S U P P O R T - N I C H O L A S . T S E - 2 0 0 2
Click Here! BREAKING NEWS NIC IS OKAY! CONGRATULATIONS! Magistrate refusesHong Kong request to jail pop star nicholas tse. Read details. Dear Nic,.
Click here to continue. S U P P O R T - N I C H O L A S . T S E - 2 2 support nicholas tse nicholas tse ting fung

89. TIME Asia Magazine: 10 Questions For Nicholas Tse -- Mar. 17, 2003
161 No. 10 Interview 10 questions for nicholas tse The Baddest boy in Cantopopspeaks to TIME BY KATE DRAKE VIRGILE SIMON BERTRAND/RED DESERT LTD.,13673,501030317-430922,00.html
Complete Coverage of Gulf War II

Islam in Asia

Muslims Stand Up All of Past 30 Days Current Issue Advanced Search
March 17, 2003 / Vol. 161 No. 10

10 questions for Nicholas Tse
The Baddest boy in Canto-pop speaks to TIME
VIRGILE SIMON BERTRAND/RED DESERT LTD. FOR TIME Hanging Out: Nicholas Tse is back in the limelight. Can he stay out of trouble? Last year, actor and singer Nicholas Tse was convicted for letting his driver take the rap after Tse slammed his sports car into a guard rail. Still paying his debt to society, Tse tells TIME's Kate Drake about his fortnight in the slammer, what happened to that famous Ferrari and why he is still the baddest boy in Canto-pop. You seem less confident since the accident. You used to come across as a little cocky. Have you changed? I've learned that it's even—to put it your way—more cocky if you don't say anything. It's like Muhammad Ali (and the rope-a-dope strategy he used against George Foreman in Zaire)—that kind of cocky. I think he won more impressively doing that than if he'd come out swinging and KO'd Foreman in two minutes. Do you still have your Ferrari 360 Modena?

90. Katalog - Wirtualna Polska
Serwis Katalog w Wirtualna Polska S.A. pierwszy portal w Polsce.
Poczta Czat SMS Pomoc -Katalog -Polskie www -¦wiatowe www -Wirtualna Polska -FTP/Pliki -Grupy dyskusyjne -Encyklopedia -Produkty Katalog Katalog ¦wiatowy DMOZ ... Celebrities > T Fakty o Katalogu Pomoc Regulamin Serwis szukaj ... Ostatnio dodane
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91. | Gallery : Entertainment : Music : Singers : Individuals : Tse, Nichol
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©]¥ú·s»D ¤ì¤lºô¹C ... §Úªº¤ì¤l ·s»D ©ú¬P ¼vµø ¹Ï®w¥D­¶ À³N ®T¼Ö ¬Fªv ... ¥þ²y
³Ìªñ§ó·s: 2003-03-23 ¬d¸ß·Ó¤ù
¨ä¨eþ§O ¨ü³X±Æ¦W ¤Hª«©ú¬P


·s¨ì¹Ï¹³ ¤Hª«©ú¬P
¨ä¨eþ§O ¼öªù±MD ¼Ò¯S¹Ï®w ­x¨Æ¹Ï®w ¨T¨®¹Ï®w ¤k¬Pͼ¿â ... ¤j¾Ç¹Ï®w ¼öªù¤Hª« «C¤ì¸Î¤l ©¬´µ¦h«½ ±i¬fªÛ µÎ²N ... ­Ó¤H Á¾^¾W English GB
®T¼Ö»P¼vµø : ¹q¼v : ¤kºt­û : ­Ó¤H : ¤ýµá@
®T¼Ö»P¼vµø : ¹q¼v : ¤kºt­û : ­Ó¤H : ±i¬fªÛ@ ®i¥Ü³o±i·Ó¤ù : ­»´äºq¬Pºt­ûÁ¾^¾W ®i¥Ü³o±i·Ó¤ù ®i¥Ü³o±i·Ó¤ù : ­»´ä¨kºq¬P¡Mºt­ûÁ¾^¾W ®i¥Ü³o±i·Ó¤ù ®i¥Ü³o±i·Ó¤ù : ­»´ä¨kºq¬P¡Mºt­ûÁ¾^¾W ®i¥Ü³o±i·Ó¤ù ®i¥Ü³o±i·Ó¤ù : ­»´ä¨kºq¬P¡Mºt­ûÁ¾^¾W ®i¥Ü³o±i·Ó¤ù ®i¥Ü³o±i·Ó¤ù : ­»´ä¨kºq¬P¡Mºt­ûÁ¾^¾W ®i¥Ü³o±i·Ó¤ù §ó¦h·Ó¤ù 6 ¤ì¤l¦U°Ï ©]¥ú·s»D ¤ì¤lºô¹C ¤ì¤l¹Ï®w ¤ì¤l®Ñ«Î ¬P¥úºô»x ¼vµø¦b½u ¤¤µØ¤§¬P ¤ì¤lªÀ°Ï §Úªº¤ì¤l ¥Î¤áµù¥U ¤ì¤lªÀ°Ï ­Ó¤Hºô­¶ ½×ÂIªÀ°Ï ¤ì¤l¨FÀs ¤ì¤lBBS ²á¤Ñ¤pÀ] ¥Î¤áµù¥U §Úªº¤ì¤l eBoxºô¶l eBuddyºô¦ñ eWebºô± eBuilderºô«Ø e·s»D§¨ e©ú¬P§¨ ¥Î¤áµù¥U ºô¯¸·§­z ºô¯¸¾É¹C ¼s§iÆg§U ... Ápµ¸§Ú­Ì ª©Åv©Ò¦³ 1994-2002

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