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61. Alexandra Tydings !
Translate this page Acte plus enfin partouze les dans le, lorie alexandra tydings des Maiscrois dilatation fellation arrivé papiers. plaisir Au film
Alexandra Tydings
Alicia Silverstone
Alyssa Milano Amy Locane Anastacia ... Ann-Kathrin Kramer

62. Alexandra Tydings
Gen Con, August 69, 1998, alexandra tydings. Cherry Hill Con, August29-30, 1998, Alex tydings, Danielle Cormack, Hudson Leick, Karl Urban.
Did you know....
...Alexandra used to make money by walking dogs
...that she used to work in demolition? She does break a lot of 'hearts' at least!
...that the tatoos she has she actually designed herself
...that the first time as an actress she was able to cry on cue was during an Hercules ep?
...that Alex represented the US by Irish dancing in an international competition?
...that the movie Sweet Charity changed Alex's life?
...during the shooting of Hercules "The Apple", Alex was stuck in the seashell she surfed in on?
...while creating Aphrodite's costume, they sewd roses on her panties WHILE she was wearing them?
Real Name: Alexandra Huntingdon Tydings
You can also call her: Alex -or- Lucy -or- Angel
Birthdate: December 15th
Height: Eyes: Blue/Gray Hair Color: "Somewhere over the rainbow" Interests: Dance, Dance, Dance!, bass guitar, swimming, tennis, skiing, roller blading, photography, painting, sculpting, computers, singing, writing, drawing, learning new stuff, dying her hair!!
THE SUNCHASER, Co-Star, Victoria Reynolds

63. RoadTrip To See Alexandra Tydings
5 XOMbies travel 12 hours to see the one and only alexandra tydings,or better known as Aphrodite! One of the coolest things about
5 XOMbies travel 12 hours
to see the one and only
Alexandra Tydings,
or better known as Aphrodite!
One of the coolest things about being a Xena fan is being able to share experiences with other Xena fans :) Four members of the Xenaversity, myself, Theresa, Angie, Matt and my son Cory went to Michigan to a comic convention where Alexendra Tydings was a guest, as well as Ted Raimi (Aphrodite and Joxer!) We decided at last minute to drive 12 hours from Minneapolis to Detroit Michigan to meet her for the first time :) "Just call me Alex!" she says as we ask for her autograph and photo. She was so relaxed and cool headed all weekend. This con was so unlike any other convention we've went to before. Too much security, too tight of schedules, too long a lines for autographs... not here in Novi, Michigan. The Motor City Comic Con was definitely a site to see.
Cupid finally meets his 'mom' I had told myself that I would meet 2 guest stars from Xena this year. One was Alexandra, and the other is Karl Urban! So I'm halfway there. It doesn't seem like either will ever make another Creation appearance, so that is one of the reasons we went to Michigan. That con was SO RELAXED! We were able to camcord meeting her, her autographing even her and Ted's 45 minute panel! She personalized all the autographs and said I was a great CUPID!! I even got down on one knee and gave her a kiss on the hand.
The Barbie Girl Gang (Mother T not pictures :)

64. Alexandra Tydings :) -
Author, Comment. CovingtonFanatic Registered User Posts 168 (7/21/0132310 pm) Reply, alexandra tydings ) Jag ville först och

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66. Alexandra Tydings Current Month TV Schedule
TVNow presents alexandra tydings On TV Jan. 24 Feb. 28, Eastern TimeZone Used, Stars alexandra tydings, Denice Lewis and Anthony Addabo.
TVNow presents
Alexandra Tydings
March 24 - April 30
Eastern Time Zone Used Red Shoe Diaries
Love at First Sight
35 minutes- (CC), In Stereo
A roofer, a bride-to-be and a woman in trouble with the law go on a crime spree. Stars Alexandra Tydings, Denice Lewis and Anthony Addabo.
Mon Apr 14 12:00A SHOE2- Showtime # 2 Xena: Warrior Princess
If the Shoe Fits...
60 minutes- (CC), In Stereo starring Renee O'Connor, Lucy Lawless, Ted Raimi Alexandra Tydings Gabrielle, Xena, Joxer and Aphrodite (Renee O'Connor, Lucy Lawless, Ted Raimi, Alexandra Tydings) use storytelling to help a runaway princess (guest star Olivia Tennet) realize the importance of home Mon Mar 24 04:00P OXGN- Oxygen Xena: Warrior Princess Little Problems 60 minutes- starring Lucy Lawless, Renee O'Connor, Alexandra Tydings Gabrielle and Aphrodite (Renee O'Connor, Alexandra Tydings) must save Xena's (Lucy Lawless) soul from becoming trapped in a girl's body forever. Tue Apr 22 03:00P OXGN- Oxygen Other Entertaining Web Sites Fansites Celebrity Locator

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68. Star Maps Guide To Alexandra Tydings Pictures
A guide to beautiful women on the internet. BACK TO STAR MAPS. alexandratydings. alexandra tydings, Vital stats and picture gallery.

69. Convention Road Show: Alexandra Tydings, Santa Monica '99
Report from alexandra tydings's Santa Monica '99 appearance what happened,what was said, and who said it. Rate-A-Xena, alexandra tydings (Aphrodite).
Alexandra Tydings (Aphrodite)
January 23, 1999 Alexandra is starting to really get into the swing of the convention scene. She arrived in black leather pants, a sleeveless black shirt, big ol' Nikes, and a fluffy light blue boa (a wrap, not a snake). Aphrodite kept sneaking in appearances with occasional "Duh!"s and other surfer-isms. Alexandra's father was in the audience, who she immediately brought up onto the stage to introduce to the crowd. Dad greeted the auditorium with "Hi everybody... do you all love my little girl?" Nahhh, no fatherly pride here. Aphrodite news: 'Dite will be in the next episode of Xena (If the Shoe Fits) and in upcoming Hercules episode (Love on the Rocks), which will include a knock-down drag-out cat fight between Aphrodite and Discord. Alexandra billed it as the follow-up/sequel to Aphrodite's cake fight with Xena. She said there are some pretty great outtakes of her cracking up during the fight filming, especially when the meshy carpet they were working on kept trying to snag her shoes in mid-kick. Alexandra news: She's starring in a play in Los Angeles called Bobbi Xero (dunno the spelling) that will be starting in the end of March or early April. And an Alexandra Tydings web site is in the works.

70. Temple Of Love
Fan site for alexandra tydings and her Xena character Aphrodite. With picture galleries.
Nabiki's Temple of Love
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71. Convention Road Show: Alexandra Tydings, Cherry Hill '98
Report from alexandra tydings's Cherry Hill '98 appearance what happened,what was said, and who said it. Rate-A-Xena, alexandra tydings, Aphrodite.
Alexandra Tydings, Aphrodite
August 30, 1998 Cherry Hill was Alexandra's first serious Xena convention. She'd done two small events before, but nothing that compared to near to a thousand people clapping and yelling like crazy. She stepped onto the stage, took one look at the crowd, and her jaw hit the floor. I think three out of her first four sentences were "Wowwwwww!" Followed closely by "I haven't seen this many people in one place since graduation!" Alexandra kept herself almost against the back screen on the stage, but other than that show of nervousness, she relaxed into story-telling mode for the question-askers. For the grand opening of Aphrodite's cake fight with Xena in the Hercules episode Stranger in a Strange World, Xena and 'Dite had to trade punches. This began Alexandra's complaints that Lucy Lawless gets tons of practice with stage fighting; she described Lucy swinging one punch at her, the director calling out "OK," then switching the angle around for Aphrodite's punch, which Alexandra tried. And tried. And tried again, never quite getting close enough to look real. "An hour later..." she joked. She also mentioned being tempted to throttle Lucy when she offered the advice to "just relax," much to everyone's amusement. But the day's fun had just begun... now the cake came out. There was only one cake to use in the shoot, so they had to get everything in one pass and use what they got. "Now bear in mind

72. Alexandra Tydings At RebCon Summer 1998
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Enter Here for alexandra tydings Russian Teen Model. He made her watch whatAmber alexandra tydings was hot and whispered playfully in her ear.

74. Alexandra Tydings - Wallpaper, Saver, Skin And Theme
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75. Alexandra Tydings--1999 Hercules And Xena Convention
We returned to the auditorium after buying some picturesin time to hear alexandra tydings speak. At first, she was......
Click on the thumbnail for a larger picture
We returned to the auditorium after buying some pictures in time to hear Alexandra Tydings speak. At first, she was a bit show-offish, but eventually she got better. Her father was in the audience, and she insisted he come up. She introduced him and talked about him, which was kind of cute, but also a bit strange to me.
She was very animated, and gave off a few spoilers, such as: Aphrodite gets in an all-out fight with Strife later in the season.
She was very nice, even with the to-be-expected stupid questions. Example: "Will you take my card? It has my homepage on it, and I have a Xena chat. I want you to come!" Now, that's all fine and dandy for the person, but the rest of us really don't care. Plenty of people seemed to give her cards, and somehow she fit them all into the back pocket of her leather pantsnow, had I been wearing those nothing, and I mean *nothing* would be fitting in those pockets ;)
saturday events sunday events

76. Alexandra Tydings And Claire Stansfield
alexandra tydings and Claire Stansfield at Toronto Trek, July 15, 2000. Transcribedby Karen Bennett. alexandra tydings Hi, guys. Claire Stansfield Hi, guys.

Interviews, Speeches, Articles

Upcoming Events
Club History

Alexandra Tydings
Claire Stansfield
at Toronto Trek,
July 15, 2000

[Transcribed by Karen Bennett. Photos taken by Sharon Lowachee are available offsite Alexandra Tydings: Hi, guys. Claire Stansfield: Hi, guys. I’m from Toronto, so this is home. Alex: And she knows all the bars downtown. Claire: It is so intensely bright, I can’t see. You could all leave and we would never know it. I play the evil Alti on Xena: Warrior Princess . I was also the Jersey Devil, for The X-Files fans. I'll do a little bit of a talk about how I got my part on Xena and a little bit of how I got my X-Files part, and then Alex will talk and we'll take questions. X-Files happened first. I was good friends with David Duchovny. We did some commercials together. His brother’s a pretty big commercial director. We were both out-of-work actors and hanging out. He was doing some films and went up to Toronto to do this new series which nobody really knew much about. My agent called me and said, "They want to offer you the part of this beast-woman on this show called The X-Files ." I wasn't sure if this was something I wanted to do, especially because she's naked. But David was a good friend and he assured me that the show was going to be something really different and new. I'm so grateful and glad now that I did it.

77. Toronto Trek 14 - Xena - Claire Stansfield & Alexandra Tydings
Toronto Trek 14 (July 2000) Claire Stansfield alexandra tydings.
Toronto Trek 14 (July 2000)
Doing the Alti dance
Dance Alti dance!
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78. SM '99 - Alexandra Tydings Pictures
Free Lake Scene Screen Saver Santa Monica '99. alexandra tydings Onstage. The images are all tiny to save room to display them all.

offers the highest quality hardcore alexandra tydingsgallery live natural redhead channels on the net!

80. Warrior Palace Photo Album: Chat With Alexandra Tydings - October 14, 2000
Chat with alexandra tydings October 14, 2000. Alex tydings, alsoknown to us as Aphrodite from XWP and HTLJ, came to our palace
Chat with Alexandra Tydings - October 14, 2000
Alex Tydings, also known to us as "Aphrodite" from XWP and HTLJ, came to our palace for a chat on October 14, 2000. We had a moderated chat with guests submitting questions through a moderator and Alex also chatted casually in the palace rooms as well. A great time was had by all. Screen shots for this chat are included below, courtesy of Breen.
Click here to read the log of Alex's chat.

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