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         Von Trier Lars:     more books (67)
  1. Lars von Trier by Jack Stevenson, 2002-09-02
  2. Lars von Trier: Interviews (Conversations With Filmmakers Series)
  3. The Cinema of Lars von Trier: Authenticity and Artifice (Directors' Cuts) by Caroline Bainbridge, 2007-11-01
  4. Dogme Uncut: Lars von Trier, Thomas Vinterberg, and the Gang That Took on Hollywood by Jack Stevenson, 2003-09-01
  5. Playing the Waves: Lars von Trier's Game Cinema (Amsterdam University Press - Film Culture in Transition) by Jan Simons, 2007-09-15
  6. Dancer In The Dark by Lars Von Trier, 2000-10-06
  7. Il dogma della liberta: Conversazioni con Lars von Trier (L'Atalante) (Italian Edition)
  8. Breaking the dreams: Das Kino des Lars von Trier (Arte Edition) (German Edition) by Achim Forst, 1998
  9. Lars von Triers elementer: En filminstruktørs arbejde (Danish Edition) by Peter Schepelern, 1997
  10. Lars Von Trier (Paidos Sesion Continua) (Spanish Edition) by Jack Stevenson, 2005-04-30
  11. Biography - von Trier, Lars (1956-): An article from: Contemporary Authors Online by Gale Reference Team, 2007-01-01
  12. Il dogma della liberta: Conversazioni con Lars von Trier by Lars) Antonio Addonizio, et al. von Trier, 2000-01-01
  13. Dancer in the Dark by Lars Von Trier, 2001-09
  14. Dancer in the dark (Danish Edition) by Lars von Trier, 2000

1. Von Trier Lars
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2. Lars Von Trier
Lars Von Trier (Dinamarca, 1956) 2000 BAILANDO EN LA OSCURIDAD TO Dancerin the Dark Director TRIER, Lars Von Música Björk Guomundsdottir
Lars Von Trier (Dinamarca, 1956)
T.O.: Dancer in the Dark
Director: TRIER, Lars Von Archivo Midi epdlp

3. Denmark - Culture - Cinema
Bille August Carl Th. Dreyer Asta Nielsen Lars von trier lars von Trier,b. 1956. The Danish film director Lars von Trier (left) makes
Redigeret: 18. februar 2000
Denmark - Culture - Cinema

4.12 Cinema [Main menu] [Previous paragraph] [Next paragraph] Bille August ...
Lars von Trier

Lars von Trier, b. 1956. The Danish film director Lars von Trier (left) makes deeply personal and technically brilliant films with an international appeal. After studying film at Copenhagen University, Trier joined the National Film School, where he made the controversial graduation film Befrielsesbilleder (Liberation Pictures, 1982) about the last days of the Occupation. His breakthrough came with the English-language The Element of Crime (1984), a hypnotic crime story from a Europe in decline. It was the first part of his European trilogy and was followed by the self-reflecting Epidemic (1987) about a film that never came to anything, and the grandiose international production Europa (1991), set in Germany in 1945. For television, Trier has directed Euripedes ' Medea (1987), freely adapted from Carl Th. Dreyer's posthumous manuscript, and the television series Riget and Riget II The Kingdom and The Kingdom II

4. Fine Line Features Presents Dancer In The Dark || Lars Von Trier
Lars von Trier, on making Dancer in the Dark. Director of thecelebrated Breaking the Waves (which won, among many other awards
Lars von Trier Director of the celebrated Breaking the Waves (which won, among many other awards, the Grand Prix du Jury at Cannes 1996, a Cesar for Best Foreign Film, the EFA award for Best European Film and an Academy Award nomination for Emily Watson in the leading role), Lars von Trier is widely regarded as one of Europe's most gifted filmmakers. His films Nocturne and Images of a Relief, made while he was a student at the Danish Film School won Best Film Awards at the 1981 and 1982 Munich Film Festivals respectively; Element of Crime, winner of the Grand Prix Technique at Cannes in 1984; Europa (Special Jury Prize for Artistic Contribution and shared Grand Prix du Jury at Cannes 1991) and Epidemic, in addition to the groundbreaking television serials, 'The Kingdom I' (1994) and 'The Kingdom II' which was presented at Venice in 1997. His most recent film, The Idiots premiered at Cannes in 1998. For The Idiots, von Trier took Dogma's cinematic ' vow of chastity ' eschewing many of the tricks of the filmmaking trade in an effort to recapture the truth, spontaneity and inventiveness of the medium.

5. Lars Von Trier
Lars von Trier. Based in Denmark, the author brings a unique perspective toLars von Trier creating a multidimensional portrait of the director.

LARS VON TRIER. Wlasciwie Lars Trier, ur. 30 kwietnia 1956 r. w Kopenhadze. Epidemic(1988); Orchidegartneren (1977). Lars von Trier zrealizowal takze ok.
LARS VON TRIER W³aœciwie Lars Trier, ur. 30 kwietnia 1956 r. w Kopenhadze. Re¿yser, scenarzysta, operator i aktor filmowy, jeden z najwybitniejszych twórców filmowych lat 80. i 90. Ukoñczy³ szko³ê filmow¹ w Kopenhadze. Jeszcze jako student rozpocz¹³ swoj¹ miêdzynarodow¹ karierê od dwukrotnego zwyciêstwa na festiwalu filmów studenckich w Monachium, gdzie prezentowa³ swoje dwie etiudy Nocturne i Befrielsesbilleder Wyobra¿enia wolnoœci) . Jego debiut pe³nometra¿owy Element zbrodni przyniós³ mu s³awê oraz renomê nowatora i uzdrowiciela kina wspó³czesnego. Film ten stanowi³ pierwsz¹ czêœæ "trylogii europejskiej", na któr¹ z³o¿y³y siê jeszcze Edipemic (1986) i Europa (1991). Filmy te by³y typowymi przyk³adami autorskiego kina artystycznego - poszukuj¹cego i wyrafinowanego stylistycznie. Pomiêdzy nimi, w 1988 roku nakrêci³ film Medea , bêd¹cy realizacj¹ scenariusza samego Dreyera, opartego na tragedii Eurypidesa, którego ten wybitny twórca nie zd¹¿y³ zrealizowaæ.
W 1995 r. og³osi³ wraz z grup¹ innych duñskich re¿yserów "Manifest Grupy Filmowej Dogma"

7. FCN 2001 : Lars Von Trier
Lars von Trier RÉALISATEUR / DIRECTOR 1999, Dancer in the Dark Dancer in theDark, de Lars von Trier 1998, Idiots (Les) Idioterne , de Lars von Trier 1997

8. "Dancer In The Dark": Interview With Lars Von Trier
Lars von Trier speaks about Dancer in the Dark . (Björk, Lars vonTrier and Catherene Deneuve at the film festival in Cannes 2000).
Lars von Trier speaks about " Dancer in the Dark"
word explanation:
The Golden Heart triology: Lars von Trier often refers to his three movies "Breaking the waves", "The Fools" and "Dancer in the Dark" as the "Golden Heart triology". All three movies are about the martyrdom of self-sacrificing women. They are all said to be inspired by one of Lars' favorite children's books, "Golden heart".

- You are currently preparing for the production of your first musical, "Dancer in the Dark". - Yes, her voice is very powerful. But oddly enough, she wasn't considered a good singer as a child. She wanted singing lessons but the teachers refused to give it to her because they thought she was a hopeless case. - That's what we have planned. And she will compose the music. We'll see if it works out well. But so far it seems very promising. The other day I received a letter from Catherene Deneuve, who asked for a part in the movie. So now she has got a part in it as well. - So she will act in another musical, after "The Umbrellas of Cherbourg" and "Les demoiselles de Rochefort". - Yes, but her manager told me that she can't really sing. She was synchronized in both those movies. But it seemingly worked out well, so I'm glad she wants to act in another musical again.

9. Lars Von Trier -
, . Lars von Trier. , , 1. Tranceformer- A Portrait of Lars von Trier (1997) ?/?. von Trier

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11. Trier's Fan Site
Biography, filmography, reviews, interviews, and images.
fan site
"Forget all the excuses - the 'childish fascination' or the 'all embracing humility' - for this is my confession: I, Lars Von Trier, am but a simple masturbator of the silver screen"

12. Il Cinema Di Lars Von Trier
Tutto il cinema e le dichiarazioni di intenti di uno dei registi più innovativi e rivoluzionari della moderna scena europea.
"Un film dev'essere come un sassolino in una scarpa"

13. Ecran Noir / Lars Von Trier
Epidemic. Avec lars von trier (luimême), Niels Vorsel (lui-même), Udo Krier (lui-même)
Dancer In The Dark

Catherine Deneuve
(Kathy), David Morse (Bill), Peter Stormare (Jeff), Joel Grey (Oldrich Novy) et aussi Stellan Skargard, Jean-Marc Barr...
Idioterne (Les Idiots)
Dogme 1
Avec : Bodil Jorgensen (Karen), Jens Albinus (Stoffer), Anne Louise Hassing (Suzanne)...
Breaking The Waves
Avec : Emily Watson (Bess), Stellan Skarsgard (Jan), Katrin Cartlidge (Dodo), Jean-Marc Barr (Terry)...
Forbrydelsens Element (Element Of Crime)
Avec : Michael Elphick (Fisher), Esmond Knight (Osborne), Me Me Lai (Kim) Images Of The Relief Befrielselsbilleder Nocturne 1979 : Menthe La bienheureuse 1) Breaking The Waves 2) Les Idiots 3) Europa Le meilleur site zentropa Breaking the waves Dancer in the dark ... DVD Les Idiots Au fil des Jours Ou se mire le ciel Cannes 2000 Yannick Converti au catholicisme en 1991. Anecdotes : Lille : 2000 : Digima's Award au FIFI Cannes : 2000 : Palme d'Or pour Dancer in the Dark 1996 : Grand Prix du Jury pour Breaking The Waves 1991 : Prix du jury pour Europa European Film Awards : 1997 : Meilleur film pour Breaking The Waves Fantasporto : In Le Monde 22 mai 1998 (C) Ecran Noir 1996-2000

14. TRANCEFORMER A Portrait Of Lars Von Trier
Documentary by Stig Bjorkman, who followed lars von trier for more than two years.Category Arts Celebrities V von trier, lars......TRANCEFORMER A Portrait of lars von trier. lars von trier talks— with a mixof humor and seriousness— about his phobias, fears and selfhate.
A Portrait of Lars von Trier
A Film by Stig Björkman
Sweden, 52’
Tranceformer is a fascinating private portrait of provocative Danish film director Lars von Trier and his remarkable and often strange film universe. Bjorkman followed Von Trier during a period of more than two years. We see him at work, at home and at leisure. We witness the artist as a young boy making his first experiments in film at the age of ten with his mother's Super-8 camera, and how he has become a mature and uncompromising author that created a strong personal vision with his award-winning feature Breaking the Waves . Lars von Trier talks— with a mix of humor and seriousness— about his phobias, fears and self-hate. But he also speaks about his ideals and beliefs, and gives us insight into his world, which is illustrated with film clips from The Element of Crime, Epidemic, Europa, The Kingdom and Breaking the Waves

15. Lars Von Trier - Protrait
Ein Portrait und Filmografie des Regisseurs. von Trier - Portrait.html
Lars von Trier - Portrait
Europa Europa Europa Europa ... Epidemic Filmographie: 1984 Element of Crime

1988 Medea

Geister / The Kingdom I

Breaking the Waves

Geister / The Kingdom II

Taps Eine Kritik von realisiert durch Ein Service von

16. Lars Von Trier - Dirk Jasper Filmstarlexikon
Ein Interview des Regisseurs zu seinem Film Breaking the waves.
+++ Anzeige +++
Interview mit Lars von Trier Lars von Trier über den Film Breaking The Waves Ich hatte schon seit geraumer Zeit den Wunsch, einen Film zu machen, in dem alle treibenden Kräfte "gut" wären. Es sollte in diesem Film nur "Gutes" geben. Aber weil "das Gute" oft mißverstanden oder mit etwas anderem verwechselt wird, weil wir ihm so selten begegnen, entstehen Spannungen. Bess' Charakter ist "gut" in einem spirituellen Sinn. Sie lebt überwiegend in der Welt ihrer Vorstellungen, ohne jemals zu verstehen, dass noch andere Dinge als "das Gute" existieren könnten. Sie ist eine starke Persönlichkeit, fähig, die volle Verantwortung für ihr eigenes Leben zu tragen, auch wenn andere ihr das nicht zutrauen. Bess' Stärke resultiert aus ihrem Glauben und ihrer Liebe. Mit dieser Stärke gelingt es ihr sogar, sich gegen die strengen Regeln ihrer Gemeinde aufzulehnen und gegen die Kirche, die ihr einst so lieb und teuer war. Jan ist "gut" auf kompliziertere Weise, denn er strebt "das Gute" bewußt an. Er lebt in der realen Welt, wo es natürlich sehr viel schwieriger ist, "Gutes" zu tun. Die Tatsache, dass er sich in die naive Bess, die kein anderer Mann haben will, verliebt und sie heiratet, ist ein Beispiel für die Treue zu seinen Überzeugungen. Er will "das Gute" oder "das Richtige" tun. Wenn er einen Menschen liebt, dann dürfen sich weder die Gesellschaft noch irgendwelche Leute einmischen. Jan hat genaue Vorstellungen über die Liebe und wie sie gelebt werden sollte. Er hat viele Erfahrungen gesammelt und dabei immer ein "Evangelium der Liebe" befolgt, wie es Carl Theodor Dreyer einmal formulierte.

17. IMusic - Breaking The Waves Movie/Soundtrack On The ARTISTdirect Network
Film, soundtrack, and hear all the tracks via Real Audio.





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ClassifiedsFeatures ShowcasesSoundtracks More Soundtracks ABCD ... ZClick On Artist Name For More Info Breaking the Waves Original Soundtrack To listen to sound clips from this album: Click Here 1. In A Broken Dream - Python Lee JacksonRod Stewart 2. Hot Love - T Rex 3. Child In Time - Deep Purple 4. Suzanne - Leonard Cohen 5. Virginia Plain - Roxy Music 6. All The Way To Memphis - Mott The Hoople 7. He's Gonna Step On You Again (bonus track) - John Kongos 8. Whisky In The Jar - Thin Lizzy 9. Whiter Shade Of Pale - Procol Harum 10. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road - Elton John 11. Cross Eyed Mary - Jethro Tull 12. Siciliana - Johann Sebastian Bach
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    18. Lars Von Trier
    Biografie und Foto des Regisseurs.

    19. Lars Von Trier Und Das Dogma 95
    Der Film wird beschrieben und kritisiert.
    studnik Ausgabe 7 Rubriken: In eigener Sache Dossier Studium Campus ... AStA Home Lars von Trier und das Dogma 95 Weitere Links:
    Die Idioten
    (mb) Nach Thomas Vinterbergs "Festen" ("Das Fest") liegt nun der zweite Film der Gruppe dänischer Regisseure vor, die sich dem Dogma 95 verschrieben haben. Die Idioten, die bereits im letzten Jahr in Cannes für Irritationen und Gesprächsstoff gesorgt haben, sind das jüngste Werk Lars von Triers ("Element of Crime", "Breaking the Waves"), für das er auch als Autor verantwortlich zeichnet. Vier Tage benötigte er, um das Drehbuch für diesen Film zu schreiben und allein dieser Umstand -zusammen mit seinem Ruf als "Wunderkind" des dänischen Films -scheint auszureichen, ein gesteigertes Medieninteresse hervorzurufen. Immerhin liefert die "Dogma 95"-Gruppe Filme, die von sich reden machen und das junge europäische Kino mit neuen Ideen bereichern. Spannend bleibt die Frage, inwieweit die Regisseure sich treu bleiben werden. Dogmen engen ein, sind mit Vorsicht zu genießen. Am 10. Juni startet übrigens "Mifune" der dritte Teil in der Dogma-Reihe.

    20. BBC News | ENTERTAINMENT | Von Trier Boosts Euro Campaign
    lars von trier is to shoot a campaign film to encourage his fellow Danes to adopt the euro.
    low graphics version feedback help You are in: Entertainment Front Page World UK ... AudioVideo
    Tuesday, 18 July, 2000, 11:28 GMT 12:28 UK Von Trier boosts euro campaign
    Lars von Trier wants Danes to vote 'yes' in their euro-referendum
    Award-winning director Lars von Trier is to shoot a campaign film to encourage his fellow Danes to adopt the euro. Denmark will hold a referendum on whether to join the European Monetary Union and adopt the European Union's single currency in September. The critically-acclaimed director of Breaking The Waves, The Idiots and Bjork vehicle Dancer in the Dark, wants Danes to vote "yes". Von Trier and his film company, Zentropa, have dropped their fees for the film, which is being made for the pro-European Danish party Centrum Demokraterne. Euro-sceptic "Trier and I find it important that Denmark's cultural scene participates in the euro debate," Zentropa chief Peter Aalbaek said on Monday.
    Bjork and Lars von Trier both won awards for Dancer in the Dark
    Of the 15-member EU, only Denmark, Sweden and the UK opted not to adopt the euro when it was launched in January 1999. Euro-scepticism is strong in Denmark with recent opinion polls showing more Danes against the common currency then in favour of it.

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