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         Wagner Richard:     more books (100)
  1. Richard Wagner Composer of Operas by John F. Runciman, 2009-10-04
  2. Opera & drama (Oper und drama) by Richard Wagner, 2010-09-11
  3. Das Rheingold in Full Score by Richard Wagner, 1985-09-01
  4. Judaism in Music and Other Essays by Richard Wagner, 1995-06-28
  5. The Wagner Operas by Ernest Newman, 1991-09-23
  6. The Ring of the Nibelung by Richard Wagner, 1977-08-17
  7. Jesus of Nazareth and Other Writings by Richard Wagner, 1995-10-01
  8. Richard Wagner and His World (The Bard Music Festival)
  9. Wagner: The Terrible Man and His Truthful Art by M. Owen Lee, 1999-09-11
  10. The Art-Work of the Future and Other Works by Richard Wagner, 1993-12-01
  11. Finding an Ending: Reflections on Wagner's Ring by Philip Kitcher, Richard Schacht, 2005-09-22
  12. Richard Wagner: The Last of the Titans by Joachim Kohler, 2004-12-11
  13. Wagner Androgyne by Jean-Jacques Nattiez, 1997-12-22
  14. Richard Wagner and the Anti-Semitic Imagination (Texts and Contexts) by Marc A. Weiner, 1997-04-01

1. Island Of Freedom - Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner. 18131883. The greatest composer of German opera, Richard Wagnerwas the youngest of nine children of Friedrich and Johanna Wagner.
Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner on the Web
Richard Wagner Archive

Richard Wagner Home Page

Wagner Society of New York

The greatest composer of German opera, Richard Wagner was the youngest of nine children of Friedrich and Johanna Wagner. His father, a police registrar, died 6 months after Wagner was born, and his mother was remarried the following year to Ludwig Geyer, an actor and portrait painter, who moved the family to Dresden. Geyer died in 1821, and in 1827 the family returned to Leipzig.
Wagner was attracted to the theater at an early age. His first creative effort was a spoken tragedy, Leubald and Adelaide (1828), which was heavily influenced by Shakespeare and Goethe. He decided at once, however, that he must also write music, and he proceeded to teach himself the rudiments of composition, supplementing them with the study of scores. His formal training was briefabout 6 months in 1831-32 with the Leipzig cantor C. T. Weinlig. During the 1830s, Wagner held a series of conducting posts with small theatrical companies, and he wrote two operas, Die Feen (The Fairies, 1834) and

2. Richard Wagner Web Site
His life and works. Analyses and commented texts.
search about The subject of the Richard Wagner Web Site, edited by Kristian Evensen , is the German composer Richard Wagner (1813-1883), his works and life.

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3. Wagnermania: Biografía
Richard Wagner, nacido el 22 de mayo de 1813 en Leipzig, recibi³ muy pronto las influencias art­sticas de su familia.

Los comienzos
El comienzo el drama musical wagneriano

Con Tannhäuser, estrenada en Dresde en 1845, avanzaba en la utilización de los temas conductores, ahora más extensos. Revive el mundo legendario medieval de los caballeros Minnesinger alemanes, equivalentes a los trovadores provenzales. Pero aquí el drama toma un aspecto religioso enfrentándose, por un lado, el amor "carnal" que simboliza la diosa Venus y, por otro, el amor espiritual de Elisabeth.
En Lohengrin utiliza el nuevo método dramático musical en forma intensiva. En la obertura, por ejemplo, escuchamos el "tema del misterio" y el del santo Grial; este último reaparece en la misma forma tras casi cuatro horas de ópera, cuando Lohengrin se identifica como un caballero del Santo Grial.
El mecenazgo del rey Luis II de Baviera

4. Richard Wagner Society Of South Australia Inc
Group and contact information, articles, calendar of events.
OF SOUTH AUSTRALIA INC The Richard Wagner Society of South Australia Incorporated ...
... is a non-profit organisation which promotes and encourages artistic, scholastic and public interest in the musical, dramatic, literary, theoretical and aesthetic works, and the life and influence of Richard Wagner through such events as lectures, recitals, exhibitions and films, and assistance to promising young artists. Home Program About Us How to Join ... Contact Secretary The Wake - King Arthur's Court in Camelot - picnic
Friday 21 February 2003 at 6.30pm - click here for details The Adelaide Ring 2004
- click here Details:
  • Secretary: Marian Frost Telephone: Fax: Post : PO Box 307, North Adelaide SA 5006, Australia ABN
Member of the
Richard Wagner Verband International
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5. WIEM: Wagner Richard
( World Polska Leksykon Encyklopedia W...... wersja dla drukarki. Muzyka, Niemcy wagner richard (18131883), widok stronyznajdz podobne pokaz powiazane. wagner richard - Opery. Powiazania. napisz do nas losuj: has³a multimedia Muzyka, Niemcy
Wagner Richard widok strony
znajd¼ podobne

poka¿ powi±zane
Wagner (Wilhelm) Richard (1813-1883), kompozytor niemiecki. Od 1831 studiowa³ na uniwersytecie w Lipsku, nastêpnie dzia³a³ jako dyrygent w teatrach. 1839 przyby³ do Pary¿a, 1842 do Drezna, gdzie w nastêpnym roku zosta³ dyrygentem Królewskiej Opery. 1849 bra³ udzia³ w rewolucji majowej, po jej upadku przyby³ do Zurychu. 1864-1865 mieszka³ w Monachium, wspierany finansowo przez Ludwika II (1845-1886), króla Bawarii. 1870 o¿eni³ siê z Cosim± von Bülow, córk± F. Liszta 1872 przyby³ do Bayreuth, gdzie stworzy³ w³asny teatr, w którym wystawi³ w 1876 tetralogiê operow± Pier¶cieñ Nibelunga oraz operê Parsifal (1882). Wybitny przedstawiciel niemieckiej muzyki neoromantycznej , zreformowa³ operê rozwijaj±c gatunek dramatu muzycznego i realizuj±c nowatorsk± koncepcjê dzie³a syntetycznego (Gesamtkunstwerk), w którym s³owo i muzyka pochodz±ce od jednego twórcy ³±cz± siê w integralny dramat sceniczny, przy czym orkiestra symfoniczna pe³ni rolê komentatora tekstu dramatycznego. Koncepcjê tê opisa³ w pracy Opera i dramat (1851, wydanie polskie 1907). W konstrukcji muzycznej dramatów istotne znaczenie mia³a siatka motywów przewodnich, symbolizuj±cych postaci utworu, idee i uczucia. Wagner dokona³ tak¿e rozszerzenia sk³adu orkiestry symfonicznej. Jego nowatorska twórczo¶æ znalaz³a szeroki odd¼wiêk w¶ród kompozytorów nastêpnych pokoleñ.

6. Wagner Richard Triebchen Switzerland
Celebrities in Switzerland Richard Wagner Home Celebritiesin Switzerland Biography Wagner, Richard (1813 1883),
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Celebrities in Switzerland: Richard Wagner
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Wagner, Richard (1813 - 1883) Germany Music star Triebchen / LU He came to Switzerland in 1866 to escape the political pressure of Bavaria. People there were highly critical of his influence on the young king. The Wagners lived near Lucerne. More celebrities Germany Music star LU All celebrities The information contained in this website is not meant to substitute qualified legal advice given by a specialist knowing your particular situation. We can accept no responsibility for the consequences of decisions made following information found on this website. Mic

7. Wagner Richard Triebschen Suisse
en Suisse Biographies Wagner, Richard (1813 - 1883),
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Wagner, Richard (1813 - 1883) Allemagne Musicien Triebschen / LU Il vint en 1866 à cause de pressions politiques en Bavière (on lui reprochait son influence sur le jeune roi). Il vécut près de Lucerne. Plus de stars Allemagne Musicien LU Toutes les célébrités Les informations contenues sur ce site ne sont pas un substitut pour un conseil juridique donné par un spécialiste connaissant votre situation en détail. Nous déclinons toute responsabilité pour les conséquences de décisions prises sur la base des informations trouvées sur ce site. Mic

8. Accueil 00
Richard Wagner et son oeuvre. Biographie, oeuvres, discographie, calendrier des repr©sentations et des retransmissions, foire aux questions, forum et liens utiles.
site édité et entretenu par le CERCLE RICHARD WAGNER
avec la participation des cercles de NANTES, NIMES et TOULOUSE oeuvre vie articles ernière modification : 18 août 2002.

9. Richard Wagner - CD Shop Musica Bona
Translate this page 1881) Villa-Lobos Hector (1887-1959) Vivaldi Antonio (1678-1741) Viviani GiovanniBuonaventura (1638-1692) Wade John F. (1711-1786) wagner richard (1813-1883
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10. Iscador M/ Qu Spezial Erfahrungen Und Ergebnisse Wagner Richard
Translate this page Iscador M/ Qu Spezial Erfahrungen und Ergebnisse wagner richard. Titel IscadorM/ Qu Spezial. Erfahrungen und Ergebnisse. Autor wagner richard.
Iscador M/ Qu Spezial Erfahrungen und Ergebnisse Wagner Richard
Titel: Iscador M/ Qu Spezial. Erfahrungen und Ergebnisse.
Autor: Wagner Richard
Rubrik: Alternative Medizin Naturmedizin Homöopathie Anthroposophie Medizin Gesundheit Krebs (Krankheit) Iscador
Schätzl Ludwig Wirtschaftsgeo...

Cleffmann Günter Stoffwechsel...

Wöhlken Egon Einführung in di...

Hansen Hans Robert Wirtschaft...

11. Rationale Misteltherapie Der Misteldifferenzierungstest Nach Wagner Wagner Richa
Translate this page Rationale Misteltherapie Der Misteldifferenzierungstest nach Wagner wagner richard. DerMisteldifferenzierungstest nach Wagner. Autor wagner richard.
Rationale Misteltherapie Der Misteldifferenzierungstest nach Wagner Wagner Richard
Titel: Rationale Misteltherapie. Der Misteldifferenzierungstest nach Wagner.
Autor: Wagner Richard
Rubrik: Alternative Medizin Naturmedizin Homöopathie Anthroposophie Medizin Gesundheit Krebs (Krankheit) Mistel
Breuer Dieter Deutsche Metrik...

Mayntz Renate Soziologie der ...

Franke Ulrike Logopädisches H...

Hesemann Julius Geologie...

12. Koncertna Dvorana Vatroslava Lisinskog
wagner richard, kompozitor. Djela izvedena u Koncertnoj dvorani Vatroslava Lisinskog19.12.1998, Arija Else iz opere Lohengrin. - Das Liebesverbot, predigra.

13. Wagner, Richard At
HOME COMPOSERS Richard wagner richard Wagner. Complete Works. Orchestra.Faust Overture 12 mins. Orchestration 3223/4231/timp/str.
Home Composers Work Search Calendar ... Contact Search by All Composer Work Title News Advanced
COMPOSERS Richard Wagner
Richard Wagner
Complete Works
Orchestra Faust Overture - 12 mins.
Orchestration: 3223/4231/timp/str
Flying Dutchman Overture
- 11 mins.
Orchestration: 3322/4231/timp/hp/str
Götterdämmerung: Funeral March
- 8 mins.
Orchestration: 34(ca)4(bcl)3/44(cnt)41+4Wtba/
Götterdämmerung: Funeral Music

Orchestration: 3(pic)3(ca)3(bcl)3/44(cnt)31+4Wtba/
Götterdämmerung: Siegfried's Death and Funeral March
- 11 mins. Orchestration: 2(pic)222/4231/timp.tri.cym.ten dm/hp/str Götterdämmerung: Siegfried's Journey to the Rhine - 11 mins. Orchestration: 3222/4331/timp.cym.[glock]/hp/str Götterdämmerung: Song of the Rhine Daughters Orchestration: 2222/4320/timp.cym.tri/hp/str Grand March Grosser Festmarsch - 12 mins. Orchestration: 4334/44(cnt)31/timp.perc/str Huldigungsmarsch - 5 mins. Orchestration: 3232/4331/timp/str Kaisermarsch - 9 mins. Orchestration: 3333/4331/timp.perc/str Lohengrin: Bridal March and Chorus - 5 mins.

14. Wagner Richard
Translate this page wagner richard 1813-1883. Photographie de J. Albert, 1865 Max Graf. RichardWagner à Paris (Basque). Richard Wagner parisien. Infomart, mai 2000.
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Notices biographiques S'abonner au bulletin (courriel vide) Liens vers des dictionnaires et des collections de notices en ligne a b c ... z Wagner Richard Photographie de J. Albert, 1865 Max Graf. Le cas Nietzsche-Wagner . Traduit de l'allemand par Francois Dachet et Marc Dorner. Postface par Francois Dachet. Buchet-Chastel, Paris, 1999. [134 p., 60 F] (Cet essai de Graf, date de 1900) Baudelaire Charles. R ichard Wagner à Paris (Basque). Richard Wagner parisien . Infomart, mai 2000. [64 p., ISBN 8495225042 ; 54,00fr.] Le Site Wagner Bayreuth: Richard-Wagner-Museum []

15. Wagner, Richard (1813 - 1883)
Provides information on the composer. Includes comments on his particular musical style, works and Category Arts Music Composition Composers W wagner, richard......wagner, richard (1813 1883). wagner was a remarkable innovator bothin harmony and in the structure of his work, creating his own
Wagner, Richard (1813 - 1883)
Wagner was a remarkable innovator both in harmony and in the structure of his work, creating his own version of the Gesamtkunstwerk, dramatic compositions in which the arts were brought together into a single unity. As a man he was prepared to sacrifice his family and friends in the cause of his own music and his overt anti-semitism has attracted unwelcome attention to ideas that are remote from his real work as a musician. In the later part of his career Wagner enjoyed the support of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and was finally able to establish his own theatre and festival at the Bavarian town of Bayreuth. He developed the use of the Leitmotiv (leading motif) as a principle of musical unity, his dramatic musical structure depending on the interweaving of melodies or fragments of melody associated with characters, incidents or ideas in the drama. His Prelude to the love tragedy Tristan und Isolde led to a new world of harmony. Recommended Recordings
The Flying Dutchman (Orchestral excerpts)

Naxos 8.550136

16. Richard Wagner Archive
Family tree, opera's, letters, quotations and a biography on the composer.
Richard Wagner
(1813-1883) who regarded himself as "the most German of men", "the German spirit" is not only known because of his 13 operas and numerous other compositions but also because of his inevitable influence on our understanding of German culture and history. He has been classified as an anarchist and a socialist and, simultaneously, as a proto-fascist and nationalist, as a vegetarian and an antisemite... In fact, his name has appeared in connection to almost all major trends in German history of the 19th and 20th centuries. Besides his activity as a composer and a librettist Wagner wrote an astonishing number of books and articles (this link includes some complete works as hypertext), in fact about 230 titles. The literary spectrum ranges from theories of opera to political programs. You may catch some of his political ideas from the quotations I have chosen. You may also read what contemporaries and later scholars have written about him In addition to these activities Wagner wrote about 10.000 letters Richard Wagner is undoubtedly one of the leading figures of the 19th century. Already at his time, he was a source of debate and controversy. When Wagner died in 1883, over 10.000 books and articles were written about him. The amount of research has multiplied after his death. I have included a list of

17. WagnerWeb - Der Online Werkführer
Schwerpunkt dieser recht umfangreichen Seite von G. Diesinger bilden die dreizehn Opern Wagners, zu denen jeweils umfassende Materialien zusammengestellt wurden (nebst Downloads). Infos auch zu den ¼brigen Werken, den Schriften Wagners und den Festspielen.
WagnerWeb - Der online Werkführer
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18. Wagner, Richard - Zenith Of German Romanticism
Includes a brief biography of wagner, listing his major works and giving insights into his personality.
by Charles K. Moss, M.M.Ed., M.Mus.
Although he was undoubtedly the most controversial musical figure of the Nineteenth Century, Richard Wagner was a great literary, philosophical and political activist whose contributions to the development of German Romanticism were unrivaled by any of his contemporaries. His life and works may be said to crown the musical achievements of German Romanticism, but they are simultaneously celebrated and condemned like the works of no other composer in music history. His Music Dramas are hated as much as they are worshiped in the world today, but even among those who damn Wagner as a human being, his genius as a composer is not denied.
But in more recent days, with the widespread renaissance of tonality in serious music, many familiar sounds of Wagnerian origins are evident in new compositions heard at symphony concerts and on Hollywood sound tracks. It was not Wagner's style of vocal composition in his Music Dramas that has remained so influential, but his orchestral language of chromatic tension and release, his brilliant use of instrumental tone color, and his flair for dramatic effects balanced with his long, sensually serene harmonic progressions that have become a mainstay in the arsenal of modern composers.
Wagner attended school in Dresden and then Leipzig. At age fifteen, he wrote a play, and at sixteen he composed his first music: two piano sonatas and a string quartet. In 1831 he attended Leipzig University, and he also studied piano and composition with the Cantor of St. Thomas Choir School, Christian Theodor Weinlig, but unlike many other prominent composers, he never became proficient on this or any other instrument. Wagner's formal training in music was brief, and he was largely a self-taught musician. He composed a symphony, and it was successfully performed in 1832. In 1833 he was employed as the chorus master at the Würzburg theater where he wrote the text and music of his first opera

19. Richard Wagner Verband International E.V.
Informationen zu den folgenden Themen richard wagner Oper Libretto Ring Siegfried Rheingold Götterdämmerung Walküre

20. Richard Wagner Werkstatt, Die Andere Wagnerseite
die andere richard wagner Seite. CDHör-Shop
Die Leitmotive im R ing des Nibelungen
Daten der Wagner- A
Der K ... ommentar des "gemeinen" Nibelungen
Die T
Kiese Dir Dein eigenes T
"Im B ach erblickt' ich mein eigen Bild!"
Der Ring als Bilder- G
L inks / K ontakt
Oft lesen wir kopfnickend Kritiken und finden sie spannend, informativ… Aber gibt es da nicht manchmal "Wotans-Berichterstatter", die aus wonnigen Höhen am Publikum vorbeischreiben und sich in ihren Verträgen versrticken ?!
Kurz und gut: hier schreiben wir, die "gemeinen" Nibelungen aus dem dunklen Zuschauerraum, kurze Berichte! Gleichgültig, ob man moderne Umsetzungen mag oder nicht: Hier
17. November 2002
Ansonsten war die Inszenierung so langweilig
Isolde Scheurer , Oberriexingen
3. November 2002
Trotzdem: Diese Inszenierung muss man gesehen haben!
Vorstellung vom
19. Oktober 2002
"Die Musik ist aber auch ganz schön!"
CG, Geilenkirchen
Vorstellungen vom
18. Juli 2002
CG, Geilenkirchen

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