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         Wingfield Peter:     more detail
  1. Endocrinology of Social Relationships
  2. Occupation Injury Statistics from Household Surveys and Establishment Surveys: An ILO Manual by Karen Taswell, Peter Wingfield-Digby, 2008-08
  3. The Bridesmaid: Starring Jamie Glover, Rachel Lewis, Peter Wingfield and Oona Beeson (BBC Radio Collection) by Ruth Rendell, 2001-06-04
  4. British Trampolinists: English Trampolinists, Peter Wingfield, Ted Blake, Jaime Moore, Claire Wright, Natalie O'connor, Kirstin Lawton
  5. Bernard Leach, Hamada & Their Circle: From the Wingfield Digby Collection (Contemporary Ceramics) by Tony Birks, Cornelia Wingfield Digby, 1992-04
  6. DreamWatch #34 June 1997 David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson/The X-Files on Cover, 4 Posters, Kate Mulgrew/Star Trek Voyager, Peter Wingfield/Highlander, Todd Masters/Dark Skies, Patrick Macnee/The Avengers, The Man From Atlantis, Tron, The Fifth Element
  7. Measuring household income and expenditure in the third round of the Ghana living standards survey (1991/92): A methodological guide by Peter Wingfield Digby, 1996
  8. General A. P. Stewart,: His life and letters by Marshall Wingfield, 1954
  9. Those Earnest Victorians by Esm-E Cecil Wingfield-Stratford, 1970-06
  10. Wingfield: Edwardian Gentleman by George E. Alexander, 1986-09

1. Wingfield Peter
wingfield peter. wingfield peter Artist Official Site and Fan Page LinksHome Home Film and TV Celebrities W wingfield peter. There

2. Cruise Report: 1999 Highlander Clan Cruise Photos
Peter. Peter wingfield peter wingfield peter wingfield peter wingfield peter WingfieldPeter Wingfield and Maureen Russel Peter Wingfield and Stan Kirch Peter
Home Friday Saturday Sunday ... Links We all know this is what you're really here for. :) Note : these are not small pages. I have tried to keep all the photos around 20-25K (with the exception of the PeterPage, where I figured Bigger Was Better), but when you've got 10 or 12 on a page, it's gonna take a few minutes to load. Patience, grasshopper, or, well, click on the individual thumbnails on this page to see photos one atta time.
Dinner ... email kit (
a miz kit production
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3. Peter Wingfield
Peter Wingfield. Noah's Ark Home Page A page about one of Peter Wingfield'sseries in England. The Clan D.@.MN No, I'm not swearing.
Peter Wingfield
As Methos, he has captured the hearts of hundreds of women (just look at the ranks of his fan club !), and not only because of his amazing good looks. He's a subtle and thoughtful actor, and well worth watching. His ability to play characters like Methos, whose exact nature isn't clear even to the scriptwriters, is amazing. Methos is a fascinating character, in part because one can never be quite sure of who or what he is. In the Bronze Age, he was a killer. When he first met Lord Byron (the poet), he was a doctor, as was he during the Civil War era. When Duncan first met him, though, Methos was posing as a Watcher, hiding from The Game, and doing his best not to fight anyone. And Peter Wingfield played every version of the character perfectly, and somehow made us believe that these different personae weren't incompatable, that one man could indeed be that different in the course of 5,000 years. Wow. Highlander may not be around anymore, but there are still places to see this wonderful man act. Besides Methos, Peter Wingfield has played characters in various British television shows, and is probably best known in the UK as Simon Pemberton, the villain of a radio drama called the Archers. He's also been on a Canadian show, the Cold Squad , and had roles in two American shows which were cancelled by trigger-happy networks. Check out the

4. Peter Wingfield
Peter Wingfield A story about a man destined to become a professional liar copyright1999 by Cassidy Collecting trophies is characteristic for Peter Wingfield.
Peter Wingfield A story about a man destined to become a professional liar Vivid, intense eyes. Mischievous smile. The leisurely, gracious movements of a stray cat. The melodic dark voice of a story-teller, enhanced by a British accent. For the past ten years those attributes have secured Peter Wingfield the audience's attention. But the Welsh actor's continuous success is guaranteed by his acting talent, his pleasantness and his survival talent. No wait. Let's not confuse anything here. The determination to stay alive is Methos', the five thousand year old Immortal from HIGHLANDER. A character that won Peter Wingfield an international fellowship among the fans of fantastic television. Sometimes actors become legends with roles seemingly written for them. And then it's hard for the actor to get rid of the image with which the fans identify him, and their career won't take on a new destination. Other actors move easily from role to role. Harrison Ford for example,next to Al Pacino and Robert Duvall Peter's role modelmanaged to be more than Han Solo. According to Peter, that's because Ford possesses the ability not to play, but rather "to be." That's Peter's goal too. "If you can tell I'm acting I'm not really good at it," he explains his inception as an actor. When Peter Wingfield talks about a role, he's talking about details. "Methos is a bit smaller than me...Adam Pierson wears unobtrusive clothes...of course Tom Kirby from

5. Peter Wingfield
Peter Wingfield. Wingfield, Peter IMDb - Get a mini-biography, filmography,and acting credits for the actor best known as Methos from Highlander. ;

Celebrity List
Celebrity News Celebrity Products Celebrity Reviews ... Home Page
Peter Wingfield

6. Doublage En France
Translate this page COMÉDIEN VO wingfield peter, Illustration -. Échantillonvocal -. Remarques Titre, Type, Rôle, VF, Remarques. Peter

7. Chronicles '99 - Peter Wingfield
Peter Wingfield. Hello, Manchester. I'm sorry I'm late! . They hadn’t had muchfan mail at that point and had to look to see who this Peter Wingfield guy was.
Peter Wingfield
"Hello, Manchester. I'm sorry I'm late!"
Before the con started, the MC laid down a number of rules, one of which was that there were to be no questions about slash fiction. This came specifically from the guests, who had asked that this topic be off-limits and was repeated before Peter came on. Work it out for yourselves, folks. Thankfully, everyone respected that and no guest was embarrassed in the same way that Valentine was the year before. Peter bounded onto the stage, grabbed the microphone and said “Hello, Manchester, I’m sorry I’m late”. Perhaps we should have told him...... After a request for him to do cute - which he claimed was so long ago he couldn’t remember how - we started with a question about Modern Prometheus , which confused Methos and Duncan with Peter and Adrian. Peter said he and Adrian had very similar ideas the story they were telling in Modern Prometheus . Adrian had wanted the flashbacks to be lush, with the present day scenes jagged like a rock video, an approach Peter had found interesting. He said it was easier to play the antagonism between Methos and Duncan, as he had been fearful of the relationship between them becoming too pally, which would have taken away the edge that he felt was important to maintain. He said he felt that, when Adrian directs, his acting suffers a lot, as he looks at the overview and doesn't concentrate on being Duncan in the way that he normally does. Peter said that, in those episodes, it was like Adrian wasn’t completely there when he was acting opposite him. He compared this with Clint Eastwood in

8. Peter Wingfield
Peter Wingfield. If you have any comments or critique for my work pleaseemail me at Thank you! Back
Peter Wingfield
If you have any comments or critique for my work please e-mail me at Thank you!

9. The Celebrity Link Directory - Peter Wingfield
Peter Wingfield is one of the celebrities featured at the Internet's premier celebritysite! Get bios, pictures, movies, links, and much more! Peter Wingfield.
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10. Official Peter Wingfield Fan Club Web Page
Includes membership information, convention information, biography, filmography and a photo gallery.
Peter is filming a cable movie for USA Network
Will Peter be in the next Highlander movie or series?
Contribute to Project Edan
Contact Us
Last updated 22 March 2003
No permission is being granted to post the photos or information to any other websites.
You are welcome to download this information for your own personal use, or link to it.
Your cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

11. Welcome To
Site includes career updates, convention appearances and information on becoming a member. Free online membership is available. Printed newsletter available with paid membership.
peter arwen webboard webrings ... . This is a nonprofit fansite produced for the enjoyment of Peter Wingfield fans everywhere. Contact the webmaster

12. Peter Wingfield Current Month TV Schedule
Current month's listings for peter wingfield. Includes network and cable appearances.
TVNow presents
Peter Wingfield
March 24 - April 30
Eastern Time Zone Used Halloweentown II: Kalabar's Revenge
95 minutes- USA, 2001, (CC), Seas
Directed by Mary Lambert and starring
Debbie Reynolds, Kimberly J. Brown, Judith Hoag
Daniel Kountz, Peter Wingfield, Joey Zimmerman
People will be permanently transformed into their costume characters on Halloween if a warlock has his way.
Sun Apr 27 02:00P DISE- The Disney Channel Sun Apr 27 08:00P DISE- The Disney Channel Other Entertaining Web Sites Fansites Celebrity Locator

13. The PWFC Website Has Moved
The official peter wingfield Fan Club.
The PWFC Website has moved! We now have our own domain. Please update your bookmarks and any links you may have made. The new website is at If that link does not work for you (it may not on some older browsers), let me know. If you have any questions, reach us via e-mail at

14. Welcome To Peter Wingfield Online
The biggest site on the web dedicated to peter wingfield, Highlander's dreamy Welshman "I don't have great career plans". peter wingfield, Anglicon 1997. peter watching
"I don't have great career plans"
peter watching
On this page
Site updates



United States
In this section
Current news
2001 news

2000 news

1999 news
Write Peter
Site updates
7 January 2002 Bliss Strange World to air on the Sci-Fi Channel! See the PW Guide below for the US airdate. Queen of Swords on video. Peter ends up on Wilderness Station 's cutting room floor. Methos Collectors Package delayed. Updates to the Stargate page and minor date corrections in the Filmography 29 October 2001 Miracle of the Cards update. Also see the PW Guide below for US airdates Filmography updated. I apologize for the lack of updates recently. I've been pretty sick for the past month and haven't had the time or energy to spend online. (It's nice to find things in common with Peter, but developing asthma was not what I had in mind...) And this isn't an update to this site, but just another small site I created:

15. Lori's Peter Wingfield Page
Welcome to the peter wingfield Portrait Page! I was fortunate enough to meet peter wingfield at Anglicon 10. He was charming, wonderful, and an absolute sweetheart. And I was able to get some nice pics of the gentleman
Welcome to the Peter Wingfield Portrait Page!
I was fortunate enough to meet Peter Wingfield at Anglicon 10. He was charming, wonderful, and an absolute sweetheart. And I was able to get some nice pics of the gentleman... and thought I ought to share.
So without further ado, please click away!
These were some of the color photos I took: One of my favorites
I'm looking at you...

Why are you all smiling at me?

You guys are nuts!
Another one of my favorites

These were some of the black and white photos I took: Awww... how cute...
I love this crinkly grin!

You lookin' at me?

Just a guy
... Such a nice boy... (the kind you take home to mother) Something's funny! Settled back The tongue... Ok, that last one was silly ... Not so evil Marcus (sorry, blurry) Now this is dedication to a role! That's amusing And what would a con be without PWFC friends? Brothers? Marcus and Jen Allen (aka MethosInDrag) Marcus and Lori Paul More pictures to come in the near future!!! Let me know what you think about my first attempt at a webpage. Send mail by clicking here Peter Wingfield fans have visited this site!

16. Peter Wingfield
wingfield, peterGoogle, Directory Help Search only in wingfield,peter Search the Web. wingfield, peter,, Peter

17. Peter Wingfield
Get a minibiography, filmography, and acting credits for the actor best known as Methos from "Highlander.",+Peter

18. PWFC: News
I went into my agent's office in Vancouver and they said 'Man, you are the kiss ofdeath to network shows!' peter wingfield, on the cancellation of Cold Feet.
"Question: What sound or noise do you love? Answer: The applause of a very large crowd." -Peter Wingfield, in the PWFC Newsletter, 1999.
Peter is filming a movie for cable TV
Peter is currently filming a cable movie called Touching Evil directed by the Hughes Brothers (Menace II Society, Dead Presidents, From Hell). The movie is a U.S. version of a British TV series that starred Robson Green and is a pilot for a potential USA Network series. Peter plays a cop named Krakauer and will be a regular if the series is picked up. The original show was a compelling mystery series with cops that focus on high-concept crime stories. Posted 11 March 2003
Will Peter be in the next Highlander
movie or TV series
As of March 10, 2003, Peter Wingfield has confirmed that he has not been contacted about playing Methos in any Davis-Panzer project. If anyone is telling you differently, it is not true. If anything should change you can be sure we will post it here as soon as we get word.
President, PWFC

19. Methosluvr's Methos Page
Screen captures, sounds, convention photographs, and quotes from Methos and Kronos, plus information about peter wingfield's other projects.
Here are lots of screen captures from the episodes Comes a Horseman Revelation 6:8 The Modern Prometheus, Forgive us our Trespasses, To Be and Not to Be.. Also from other Peter Wingfield work : Soldier Soldier, Crocodile Shoes and The Men's Room. There are also lots of sounds from Indiscretions To Be and Not To Be , as well as some from Comes a Horseman and Revelation 6:8 Forgive us our Trespasses, and The Modern Prometheus As you've probably realised by now, I have a real weakness for photos, and collect lots of them. These publicity photos are mainly of Methos/Peter Wingfield. More photos of other characters/actors are available on my other pages. Lots of convention photos all in one place. See pictures of Peter Wingfield, Valentine Pelka, Roger Daltrey, Adrian Paul and others, from various conventions. It had to happen. Don't fight it... visit my Kronos page. There are lots of screen captures from Comes a Horseman Revelation 6:8, To Be and Not To Be , lots of publicity photos, and links to other Kronos and Valentine Pelka sites. oops, Kronos will be back later....

20. Peter Wingfield Pictures, Wallpapers, Screen Savers, Desktop Themes, And Merchan
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Peter Wingfield
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Peter Wingfield
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Wingfield, Peter
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