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         Wingfield Peter:     more detail
  1. Endocrinology of Social Relationships
  2. Occupation Injury Statistics from Household Surveys and Establishment Surveys: An ILO Manual by Karen Taswell, Peter Wingfield-Digby, 2008-08
  3. The Bridesmaid: Starring Jamie Glover, Rachel Lewis, Peter Wingfield and Oona Beeson (BBC Radio Collection) by Ruth Rendell, 2001-06-04
  4. British Trampolinists: English Trampolinists, Peter Wingfield, Ted Blake, Jaime Moore, Claire Wright, Natalie O'connor, Kirstin Lawton
  5. Bernard Leach, Hamada & Their Circle: From the Wingfield Digby Collection (Contemporary Ceramics) by Tony Birks, Cornelia Wingfield Digby, 1992-04
  6. DreamWatch #34 June 1997 David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson/The X-Files on Cover, 4 Posters, Kate Mulgrew/Star Trek Voyager, Peter Wingfield/Highlander, Todd Masters/Dark Skies, Patrick Macnee/The Avengers, The Man From Atlantis, Tron, The Fifth Element
  7. Measuring household income and expenditure in the third round of the Ghana living standards survey (1991/92): A methodological guide by Peter Wingfield Digby, 1996
  8. General A. P. Stewart,: His life and letters by Marshall Wingfield, 1954
  9. Those Earnest Victorians by Esm-E Cecil Wingfield-Stratford, 1970-06
  10. Wingfield: Edwardian Gentleman by George E. Alexander, 1986-09

21. Everything
Add your web page to this ring devoted to peter wingfield.
There are many groups on the web that are fans, in one fashion or another, of the actor Peter Wingfield.. Whether it be as Methos, from Highlander, or as a fan club for Peter... we all have the same goal..... So this web ring is for all of us... whether we write fanfic on a loop, or a fan club that likes to talk about his work.. or if we like to find and post pictures and sounds.... all of us enjoy Peter. To Join the ring your site or organization has to be about Peter. Its simple... doesn't matter if you are a harem... a city.....a club or just personal pages.... if your topic is Peter, then this ring is for you. My goal is to have people to be able hit on the ring and see all the different ways that We, as fans, have found to show our appreciation for the work that Peter has done. So Join us...Bond together and let Peter know that there are LOTS of us out here . So much for the sales pitch.. now down to business... Like Peter's career I want this ring to be varied, and that includes not just the sites, but the web design itself. Once you have filled out the standard, "let me on the ring" form you will be able to choose Several different designs and graphics for your page....

22. AB's Home!
Fan site detailing the roles played by peter wingfield. Lots of photos and links, including one to an email list devoted to all these characters.
htmlAdWH('7002441', '120', '30'); htmlAdWH('7002378', '234', '60'); Main Create Edit Help Abby's Home Page
This is me with Peter Wingfield, the actor who played Methos, the 5,000 year old Immortal in Highlander, The Series. The picture was taken at ACCESS, the one and only con I've been to! My big interest is Peter, and the characters he plays. I also love Valentine Pelka and Sean Bean so I will include links for them, too.
For Pete's Sake
Another actor I really like, who was on Highlander and Queen of Swords with Peter, is Valentine Pelka! See below for some links to HIS wonderful stuff! Official Fan Club Val's Place Finally, though never with Val or Pete in anything (I can HOPE), there is my third favorite, Sean Bean. So many actors have been in his series, Sharpe that have also acted with Valentine and Peter that he is just as good as being seen with them! Look Sharpe

23. Celebrities/W/Wingfield, Peter - Fractured Atlas Links Directory
Everything peter Web Ring Add your web page to this ring devoted to peter wingfield.For Pete's Sake! Fan site detailing the roles played by peter wingfield.

24. The Definitive Film Resource: Actors: W: Peter Wingfield
peter wingfield. (alphabetical order by last name). peter wingfield from theLeague of Obscure British Actors; wingfield, peter -;
Blackstar Videos and DVDs Peter Wingfield (alphabetical order by last name) main A B C ... In Association with Click Here for Great Posters at Great Prices ... link to

25. The Definitive Film Resource: Regions: England (and The U.K.): Actors And Actres
Blackstar Videos and DVDs. peter wingfield. peter wingfield from the Leagueof Obscure British Actors; wingfield, peter -;
Blackstar Videos and DVDs Peter Wingfield In Association with Click Here for Great Posters at Great Prices ... link to

26. Community Directory
Similar pages peter wingfieldTV Tome is your guide to peter wingfield. Biography, rolesand appearances, gossip and more. peter wingfield.
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Welcome to the new, improved message boards for and Methos / Peter Wingfield Message Forums Home Login Register You are here: Methos / Peter Wingfield Message Forums Most Active Topics Communities Posts Last Post Chatters Announcements/Commentary Read this first! A place for general news, info, and announcements about the forums. Also, comments about the forums, and can be posted here. None Peter Wingfield Talk about our favorite dreamy Welshman and his many roles. None Methos Talk about Highlander and everyone's favorite Real Old Guy. Note: If you'd like to talk WITH Adam Pierson instead of ABOUT Adam Pierson, drop by Adam's Apartment below! None Adam's Apartment Can't get enough of Adam Pierson's Homepage? Want to chat about Methos with the expert? Come on up to Adam's place. BYOB of course! None Joe's Bar Settle back, put on some cool blues tunes and grab an icy cold beer. A place for off-topic musings. None
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27. Peter WINGFIELD - Highlander : Le Site Web
Translate this page peter wingfield. Methos. .Biographie. Filmographie Werner STOCKER Darius. AlexandraV. Tessa Noël. Elizabeth GRACEN Amanda. peter wingfield Methos. Haut de page.
Peter WINGFIELD Methos .:Biographie:. Filmographie
Son personnage de Methos Methos .:Biographie:. Filmographie
Philip AKIN
Charlie DeSalvo Jim BYRNES Joe Dawson Lisa HOWARD Anne Lindsay Stan KIRSCH Richard Ryan Adrian PAUL Duncan MacLeod Werner STOCKER Darius Alexandra V. Elizabeth GRACEN Amanda Peter WINGFIELD Methos Haut de page

28. Peter WINGFIELD - Highlander : Le Site Web
peter wingfield. Methos. Biographie .Filmographie. Films. Alexandra V.Tessa Noël. Elizabeth GRACEN Amanda. peter wingfield Methos. Haut de page.
Peter WINGFIELD Methos Biographie .:Filmographie:.
TITRES ANNEES PERSONNAGES Highlander: Endgame Methos Alun Lewis: Death and Beauty Alun Lewis Degas and Pissarro Fall Out Phillip Uncovered Max Six Characters in Search of an Author Acteur Trust Me Paul Antonia and Jane Taxi Driver Men's Room, The Tom Walton
TITRES ANNEES PERSONNAGES Man Who Used to Be Me, The Over Here Tully Murder In Mind D.S. Pete Dyson
TITRES ANNEES PERSONNAGES Queen of Swords Strange World Terrance Shepard Cold Squad Simon Ross
Noah's Ark Tom Kirby (1997) Into the Fire 1995/III Karl Candy Crocodile Shoes Danny Lifeboat, The Rufus Nice Day at the Office Barry Martin Chuzzlewit John Westlock Highlander: The Series Adam Pierson/Methos (1994-1998) Soldier Soldier Lieutenant Nick Pasco (1991) Medics Dr. Alex Taylor, medical student / house officer
TITRES ANNEES PERSONNAGES Stargate SG-1 Outer Limits, The Cold Feet Sentinel, The Viper Murder Most Horrid Biographie .:Filmographie:.
Philip AKIN
Charlie DeSalvo Jim BYRNES Joe Dawson Lisa HOWARD Anne Lindsay Stan KIRSCH Richard Ryan Adrian PAUL Duncan MacLeod Werner STOCKER Darius Alexandra V.

29. V's Peter Wingfield Page
*** V's peter wingfield Page ***. peter is a movie roles. The Twins'peter wingfield Page Maintained by Sophie and Nora Duncan. This
*** V's Peter Wingfield Page ***
Peter is a very talented Welsh actor that has been in many different shows. Mostly in the UK, but recently more shows in the US/Canada. He is probably most well known for his role of Methos in the television show 'Highlander'. Mr. Wingfield has appeared on episodes of "The Sentinel" and "Viper" and is currently filming a Vancouver based series, "Cold Squad." Also, it has been announced that he will be in several episodes of a new ABC Network series, "Strange World." Other appearances include the BBC radio drama "The Archers", "Noah's Ark", "Soldier, Soldier" The Peter Wingfield Fan Club is not your usual fan club. While we all met because of our common interest in a certain Welsh actor, along the way we discovered that we have much more in common and close friendships. We have great fun and I'm honored to be associated with Peter and his fan club. Click on the logo to visit the web site for the PWFC. There you will information on joining the PWFC, our current projects and yes, information on that Peter fellow and more pictures.
Strange World
The show had good press and still ABC cancelled it after four episodes. Go figure. Their decision to cancel Strange World was named Starlog Magazine's "Stupid Network Decision of the Month". Check out

30. Syndicon 96 Pictures (Peter Wingfield)
Baltimore. These photos are all of peter wingfield, on his own andwith Jim Byrnes, Elizabeth Gracen and Nigel Bennett. Click here
Syndicon 96 photos Thanks to Kathy Mclaren for these great photos from Syndicon 96, held in May of last year in Baltimore. These photos are all of Peter Wingfield, on his own and with Jim Byrnes, Elizabeth Gracen and Nigel Bennett. Click here for more Syndicon photos of Jim, Elizabeth and Nigel, and of Stan Kirsch. Clicking on one of the small photos will bring up the larger image. Have fun! If you like these photos, drop Kathy Mclaren a line and let her know. Here she is with Peter Visit the online home of the Peter Wingfield Fan Club Here are more pictures for you to enjoy! Forever Knight Quantum Leap More Syndicon 96 photos Return to Eastleap home page This page brought to you by Gillian Eldridge . If you like the photos, I'd love to hear from you. people have visited this page since January 12th. Photos last updated 6/25/96, page updated 8/1/96.

31. Peter Wingfield
peter wingfield did so, so very, very well that he became an enduring presenceon the series. peter wingfield and Valentine Pelka as the Horsemen.
Peter is currently working on a new series Queen of Swords . He plays Doctor Robert Helm Methos almost loses his head to an evil Duncan MacLeod in Deliverance By Lyria Wollich The Methos Mystique He's Welsh, he's handsome and he's vaulted into the hearts and minds of Highlander Fans everywhere as Methos , the oldest living immortal and as his alter ego - Watcher Adam Pierson ; He's enjoyed every minute of it. "Methos was fantastic to play because he was a different guy every time I met him." Peter admits to us during a recent interview. (which was forwarded to us by his wonderful personal assistant Kelly Andrews.) According to David Abramowitz , the shows head writer, the Methos character was truly original, "Well, Methos was great fun because we thought, rather than playing him as the old sage, we thought about someone who had been through the old sage moment and through the irony moment and through all those moments in his life for every couple hundred years and now he comes to this conclusion that - I have to say what Methos' philosophy was. It was "Shit happens" - and deal with it, and survive. That's what Methos was about. " It took an actor who fully understood this philosophy to be able to play it well and to really, fully realize the part that Methos would become. Peter Wingfield did so, so very, very well that he became an enduring presence on the series. His ability to play the wise yet unpredictable 5000 year old immortal brought this charming, charismatic actor to the forefront of Highlander lore.

32. Peter Wingfield
Cardiff, Wales. peter wingfield Biography. peter wingfield was born inCardiff, Wales on September 5, 1962. peter wingfield Filmography. FILM
Peter Wingfield Actor Born: September 5, 1962 Cardiff, Wales
Peter Wingfield Biography
Peter Wingfield was born in Cardiff, Wales on September 5, 1962. Peter Trained as a Doctor at Brasenose College, Oxford and St. Bartholomew’s Hospital Medical College. He was on the verge of completing his medical training when he realized he didn't want to be a doctor and dropped out to pursue and acting career. As a child in Cardiff, Wales, he studied drama at the National Youth Theater, and resumed his dramatic training years later at the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London. Landing his first acting role because he knew how to drive, Peter debuted in Beeban Kidron's "Antonia and Jane". He has gone on to become a British Television staple, having starred in countless productions over the past ten years, including the series Medics, Soldier Soldier, Antonia Bird's The Men's Room, Lifeboat, Nice Day at the Office, and Noah's Ark. He has the mini-series Into the Fire, Martin Chuzzlewit, and Crocodile Shoes under his belt as well as the telefilms, Six Characters in Search of an Author, Trust Me, Alun Levis:Death and Beauty - in the title role, Degas and Pissaro Fall Out, Murder in Mind, and Over Here. American Audiences know and love Peter as Methos, the oldest living Immortal on the cult hit Highlander-the series. Peter will reprise the role of Methos in the upcoming feature "Highlander - Engame"

33. Peter Wingfield @ FANSITES.COM - Links
peter wingfield page @ FANSITES.COM. There are 9 links for this star. Choose LinkType to View peter wingfield, 8 Staff Reviewed Links. 0 Roger Ebert Reviews.
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34. EBroadcast Internet Directories You'll Find It At The Internet
eTopic Arts Celebrities W wingfield, peter (7) Add to favorites. For Pete's Sake!Add to favorites Fan site detailing the roles played by peter wingfield.

35. Peter Wingfield

36. Peter Wingfield Filmography
For more detailed information on peter's career, check out thesesites peter wingfield Fan Club; The Unofficial peter wingfield
Queen of Swords (2000-2001) A retelling of the Zorro myth with a heroine, Tessa Alvarado, who poses as the Queen of Swords in a fight for justice. Peter plays Dr. Robert Helm, an ex-soldier with a strict code to save lives, not take them. He falls for the Queen but doesn't realize she and Tessa are one and the same. Official site Higlander: Endgame (2000) The fourth Highlander movie, starring Adrian Paul and Christopher Lambert. Peter has a small role as Methos. Official site The Man Who Used To Be Me (2000) In a made-for-TV movie for Fox Family Channel, Peter plays a scientist involved in a time-travel experiment. Cold Feet (1999) This NBC hourlong drama about relationships was canceled after Peter's first appearance. He played an author of books on marriage; one of the main characters had a crush on him. Strange World (1999) Peter was scheduled to appear in three episodes of Strange World in as Shepard, but ABC canceled the show before any of his appearances. Cold Squad (1998) Peter was a cast member of the Canadian production "Cold Squad" about a team of investigators who look into old murder cases. He joined the show in fall 1998 as Inspector Simon Ross and was on for one season. Highlander: The Series (1995-1998) Peter appeared in 21 episodes from seasons 3 to 6 in this series about immortals involved in a Game to the death. He played Methos, the oldest immortal.

37. Obsazeni - Peter Wingfield
Bioinfo. Postava Methos; Rocník (1994-1998); Vek 38; Datumnarození 5.9.1962; Místo narození Cardiff, Wales, UK; Barva ocí
  • Postava: Methos
  • Roèník:
  • Vìk:
  • Datum narození:
  • Místo narození: Cardiff, Wales, UK
  • Barva oèí: hnìdá
  • Stav: ženatý (Carolyn)
  • Žije v: Los Angeles, California, USA
  • Další práce: studoval medicínu
  • Zajímavost: šampion na trampolínì, hraje na saxofon a flétnu
  • Highlander: Endgame (2000) .... Methos
  • "Strange World" (1999) TV seriál .... Terrance Shepard
  • "Cold Squad" (1998) TV seriál .... Simon Ross (1998-1999)
  • "Noah's Ark" (1997) TV seriál .... Tom Kirby (1997)
  • Over Here (1996) (TV) .... Tully
  • "Into the Fire" (1995/III) (mini) TV seriál .... Karl Candy
  • "Martin Chuzzlewit" (1994) (mini) TV seriál .... John Westlock
  • "Crocodile Shoes" (1994) (mini) TV seriál .... Danny
  • "Lifeboat, The" (1994) TV seriál .... Rufus
  • "Nice Day at the Office" (1994) TV seriál .... Barry
  • Alun Lewis: Death and Beauty (1994) .... Alun Lewis
  • Degas and Pissarro Fall Out (1994) .... Phillip
  • Murder In Mind (1994) (TV) .... D.S. Pete Dyson
  • Uncovered (1994) .... Max
  • "Highlander" (1992) TV seriál .... Adam Pierson/Methos (1994-1998)
  • "Medics" (1992) TV seriál .... Alex Taylor (1992)
  • Six Characters in Search of an Author (1992) .... Actor

38. The League Of Obscure British Actors: Peter Wingfield
title, Ar Internet. This page presented by AR Internet© The Riddler 19952002.
the league of obscure british actors


peter wingfield
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title star director This page presented by: AR Internet
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39. Peter Wingfield
hospedado no tripod. peter wingfield Adrian Paul, peter wingfield, Jim Byrnes,Elizabeth Gracen, Stan Kirsch, Alexandra Vandernoot, Highlander, Music.

40. Peter Wingfield: Links And Pics Offered By, peter wingfield. Home P peter wingfield. The peter wingfieldFan Club The Internet Movie Database Entry Copyright © 2003 NetVision.
Peter Wingfield
Date of Birth
September 5, 1962

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