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         Wingfield Peter:     more detail
  1. Endocrinology of Social Relationships
  2. Occupation Injury Statistics from Household Surveys and Establishment Surveys: An ILO Manual by Karen Taswell, Peter Wingfield-Digby, 2008-08
  3. The Bridesmaid: Starring Jamie Glover, Rachel Lewis, Peter Wingfield and Oona Beeson (BBC Radio Collection) by Ruth Rendell, 2001-06-04
  4. British Trampolinists: English Trampolinists, Peter Wingfield, Ted Blake, Jaime Moore, Claire Wright, Natalie O'connor, Kirstin Lawton
  5. Bernard Leach, Hamada & Their Circle: From the Wingfield Digby Collection (Contemporary Ceramics) by Tony Birks, Cornelia Wingfield Digby, 1992-04
  6. DreamWatch #34 June 1997 David Duchovny/Gillian Anderson/The X-Files on Cover, 4 Posters, Kate Mulgrew/Star Trek Voyager, Peter Wingfield/Highlander, Todd Masters/Dark Skies, Patrick Macnee/The Avengers, The Man From Atlantis, Tron, The Fifth Element
  7. Measuring household income and expenditure in the third round of the Ghana living standards survey (1991/92): A methodological guide by Peter Wingfield Digby, 1996
  8. General A. P. Stewart,: His life and letters by Marshall Wingfield, 1954
  9. Those Earnest Victorians by Esm-E Cecil Wingfield-Stratford, 1970-06
  10. Wingfield: Edwardian Gentleman by George E. Alexander, 1986-09

61. Peter Wingfield
My Fan Fiction Stories for peter. Mail me about peter, He holds an Advanced LevelStage Fighting certificate. peter also trained as a Dr, but gave it up to act.
DATE OF BIRTH: September 5 1962 Cardiff, Wales
He is former National Trampoline Champion, Peter ran the 1995 London Marathon in 3 hours 8 minutes. He plays saxophone and flute to studio standard. He holds an Advanced Level Stage Fighting certificate. Peter also trained as a Dr, but gave it up to act. Alun Lewis: Death and Beauty,92, Blisters, Chris Isaak Show (It's the Music, Stupid),01, Crocodile Shoes,94, Call My Bluff,96, Cold Squad (season 2),98, Degas and Pissarro Fall Out,94, First Wave (Shadowland), 00, Highlander,92-98,#, Into The Fire,94, Lifeboat, Man Who Used to Be Me,00, Martin Chuzzlewit,95, Medics,90-91,#, The Men's Room,90,#, Murder in Mind,94, Murder Most Horrid (A Life or Death Situation),96,#, Nice Day at the Office,94, Noah's Ark,97,#, Outer Limits (The Beholder),00, Over Here,95, Queen of Swords,00, The Sentinel (Foreign Exchange),98 Six Characters in Search of an Author,92, Soldier Soldier (1st Series),90,#, Stargate SG1 (Crossroads, Exodus, Enemies),00, Strange World (Man Plus, Skin, Age of Reason, Azrael's Breed),99, Trust Me,92, Viper (About Face),98, Antonia and Jane,91, The Flemish Board,93, Miracle of the Cards,01, Highlander IV: World Without End,00, Uncovered,94, Wedding Dress, 01

62. The Ria Awards - Peter Wingfield
Among those actors deserving of the Ria Award is peter wingfield.And here's why. peter wingfield. It's a tossup whether actor
Peter Wingfield
It's a toss-up whether actor Peter Wingfield is better known as Methos, the world's oldest Immortal on Highlander: The Series , or as Dr. Robert Helm on Queen of Swords . Or perhaps it's his recurring role as Tanith on Stargate SG-1
Wingfield, who trained as a doctor at Brasenose College, Oxford and St. Bartholomew's Hospital Medical College, was about four weeks away from taking his finals when he left to become an actor. "I'd started out with the idea that I would qualify as a doctor and then I would always have something to fall back on. But as it got nearer to the finals I felt if I took the exams I would always be a doctor who 'acted' rather than an actor. So it became important for me not to qualify so that I wouldn't have that option." He attended the Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London, and worked as a dispatch rider and a children's entertainer to finance drama school. "I was called Charlie Penknife and I used to dress up as a jungle explorer. If you can keep a roomful of kids entertained for an hour and come out unscathed I reckon you could tackle most jobs in the business."
Miracle of the Cards
The Wedding Dress
Queen of Swords (TV series)
Stargate SG-1: "Between Two Fires," "Exodus,"

63. Star Seeker Actors/Actresses: Peter Wingfield
N/A. FAN SITES. Methos Our BlueFaced Love God! - Comprehensive episode guide,pix, sounds, games bookstore peter wingfield Fan Club. PROFESSIONAL RESOURCES.

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F A N S I T E S Methos: Our Blue-Faced Love God!
Peter Wingfield Fan Club

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64. Celebrities @ Peter Wingfield. Celebrities, News, Gossip
, Buy The Great American Songbook - Rod Stewart - $14.98. PeterWingfield. Filmography. •, Highlander Endgame (2000). •, Uncovered.

First Look! "The Matrix Reloaded" Movie Stills and Posters
Everything You Want To Know About the Academy Awards Hilary Swank Is No "Miracle Worker" News, March 28: Chris Rock Takes on Drudge, Charity Rejects Susan Sarandon, Madonna Blasts Homogenized Pop, More... ... Pre-Order "Ghost Ship" - $22.56
Peter Wingfield
Cast Highlander: Endgame (2000) Methos Uncovered Max
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66. Peter Wingfield At The Celebration
THANK YOU. peter wingfield at The Celebration. This picture is ofpeter wingfield checking in at the special concierge level. It
Please do not link to OR post this or any other picture on this site on your site without the written approval of this sites owner. THANK YOU.
Peter Wingfield at The Celebration
This picture is of Peter Wingfield checking in at the special concierge level. It was taken by Stardust and posted with much gratitude to her.
These pictures fondly dedicted to my favorite Methos Fan Mousie
Click here to hear Methos deliver a "Candy Gram"


67. Peter Wingfield ROCKS!
Thanks a lot to Jeanne Rose for the next pics! Special thanks to Mistress Wandererfor these photos. Thanks to Mareva for the next pic. MORE peter PICS?
There Can Be Only One
Hubba Hubba
Click on left image for a treat "You want me to SPRAWL?"
BIG Thanks to Claudia who made these pics possible =)
I'm down on my knees THANKING the Gods and You
HilndrLvr for letting me post t'is image
let it load, definitely worth the wait More Sprawl from Mistress Wanderer , Thanks! You want MORE?
Hugs galore to mymethos for these pics
Wouldn't you want to be the one around his neck? =)
What a profile!
Bridgit! Holy Ground! Thanks a lot to Jeanne Rose for the next pics! Special thanks to Mistress Wanderer for these photos Thanks to Mareva for the next pic MORE PETER PICS? Home Forumlanders Welcome Party FLers Con Reports ... Convention Links For comments, suggestions, anything at all, email The Dagger

68. GateWorld - Stargate News: 'Peter Wingfield To Guest Star'
peter wingfield to guest star 'Highlander' actor plays a Goa'uld onSG1 June 12, 2000 peter wingfield, known to some sci-fi/fantasy
Welcome! Today is document.write(lmonth + " "); document.write(date + ", " + year);

Babylon 5
Andromeda ...

Shanks to chat at on April 16
Shanks chat set for 9 p.m. Eastern
Season Seven gets June 13 start date
Sci-Fi to start new episodes June 13
RATINGS: 'The Changeling'
Season Six still tops at Sci-Fi, with a 1.7 rating
First 'Lifeboat' info available
Episode to air in early Season Seven Stargate role-playing game coming in August Alderac to publish first Stargate RPG Shanks chat to be rescheduled 'Daniel Jackson' actor to chat with fans at RATINGS: 'Forsaken' Season Six episode first with a 1.5 household rating RATINGS: Syndication Week of February 24 'Wormhole X-Treme!' earned a 2.4 rating RATINGS: Syndication Week of February 10 'Fail Safe' earns a 2.6 rating Chat with Joseph Mallozzi! Executive producer to chat at GateWorld on March 22 Peter Wingfield to guest star 'Highlander' actor plays a Goa'uld on SG-1 June 12, 2000 Peter Wingfield , known to some sci-fi/fantasy fans as Methos on "Highlander: The Series," is set to make a guest appearance in an upcoming episode of "Stargate SG-1." The actor will play a Goa'uld, according to reports.

69. Celebrity Photos And Photographs - Peter Wingfield
photos. To find additional fotos including for peter wingfield then checkout our celebrity links to the left. Thanks. peter wingfield. peter
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Peter Wingfield
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  • Most Beautiful Man - Celebrity gossip, pictures, and profiles of little known male celebrities, and details of the "Most Beautiful Man" contest.
  • 70. Syndi-Con '97 Peter Wingfield Pictures
    SyndiCon '97. Yes, this is the moment you've been waiting for ..peterPictures!!!!! I managed to attend all three of peter's Q A Sessions.
    Syndi-Con '97
    Ingrid This is my favorite picture. God, he's really cute.
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    71. Peter Wingfield Page
    WELCOME TO THE. peter wingfield. PAGE. If you would like more information aboutthe peter wingfield Fan Club or PWFC, for short, come and visit our site.
    W E L C O M E T O T H E
    P E T E R W I N G F I E L D
    P A G E
    This is Peter Michael Wingfield. He is an actor who is probably best known for his portrayal of the oldest living Immortal " Methos" on "Highlander: The Series". I came across him one day while channel surfing and saw this VERY cute guy tossing a beer can. The rest as they say is history. I became a fan of the show but more specifically a fan of Peter's. How devoted am I ? Well, I'm a member of his fan club. If you would like more information about the Peter Wingfield Fan Club or PWFC, for short, come and visit our site. Peter is also a cast member of a British radio show called " The Archers" . His character isn't bad ,merely understood by everyone in that show. For a more complete list of his work, go to Peter's Work . Another place in which to find information on Peter and/or his character "Methos", surf on over to either Methos Madness or MethosLuvr's Page . Most of the pictures on this page are taken from other people's pages. These people are very creative in obtaining pictures and are very good are sharing. Be assured that if I ever meet Peter, pictures will be put up. And anyone can borrow them. To Go Home

    72. Peter Wingfield
    peter wingfield. CELEB QUIK BROWSER peter wingfield OVERVIEW, GENRESFEATURING peter wingfield Select a genre

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    73. Miracle Of The Cards (2001): Catherine Oxenberg, Peter Wingfield, Richard Thomas
    Please check out a preview of the film below Cast Catherine Oxenberg,peter wingfield, Richard Thomas, Kirk Cameron, more cast crew

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    74. Peter Wingfield []
    filmweb, peter wingfield, 8.02.2003, 2134. peter wingfield. zaglosujna te osobe srednia ocena 10.0/ 10 (glosów 1) TOP ludzie,Wingfield,aktor,aktorka,opis,aa=8665,lkportret.xml
    ludzi filmu
    zaloguj siê
    zmieñ skin Fresh Matrix Classic Tolkien w portalu tytu³u filmu ludzi filmu bohatera filmu w newsroomie w wywiadach w recenzjach u¿ytkownika w katalogu
    wywiady repertuar premiery ...

    1. Shrek
    2. Seksmisja 3. Katedra 4. Forrest Gump ...
    Top 100 Ludzie

    Peter Wingfield
    zag³osuj na tê osobê ¶rednia ocena:
    TOP ludzie:
    wybierz ocenê kto lubi tê osobê dodaj do ulubionych aktor / aktorka filmografia - (aktor / aktorka) ¦lubna suknia (Wedding Dress, The (TV)) jako Steve Blaine Nie¶miertelny IV (Highlander: Endgame) jako Methos Szachownica flamandzka (aka Szach mat) (Uncovered) jako Max Nie¶miertelny (Highlander (serial TV)) jako Adam Pierson/Methos (1995-1998) Zostañ autorem tej strony! tworz± internauci tacy jak Ty. Je¶li pasjonujesz siê filmem a to jest i masz na jego temat ciekawe informacje lub zdjêcia, prze¶lij je do nas koniecznie a my je zamie¶cimy w tym miejscu, podpisuj±c je Twoim imieniem. Skorzystaj z prostego formularza zobacz kto lubi tê osobê: Nicky Gabriel Adrian Paul Ben Cross Gabriel Byrne Hugo Weaving Kevin Spacey Russell Crowe promocje filmwebu!

    75. Highlander - Bio - Peter Wingfield
    Translate this page Highlander - The Series. Biographien - peter wingfield. peter wingfieldstellt Methos, den 5.000 Jahre alten Unsterblichen, dar, der

    76. Peter Wingfield: Les Meilleurs Sites Retenus Par Célébrités Sélection
    Translate this page Les meilleurs sites de peter wingfield . C'est ici que vous trouvereztoutes les informations dont vous avez besoin sur peter wingfield.
    Top 15 des Célébrités Photos de stars Forum Offrez: Posters ... Devenez une Célèbrité! Recherche par nom de scène ou de famille: A B C D ... Contact, star absente NAVIGATION Accueil Ajouter aux favoris Recommander le site à un ami Joueurs de basket-ball ... Lien rompu SHOPPING Recherche: livres, DVD, CD, K7 Posters Publicité annonceurs) Peter Wingfield
    The Peter Wingfield Fan Club

    Convention Photos

    Everything Peter Web Ring

    For Pete's Sake!
    Unofficial Peter Wingfield Appreciation Guild

    77. Peter Wingfield Gallery
    Web Network. Click here to return to the Index QUICK LOAD VERSIONLast Update 4 JANUARY 2003, peter wingfield Gallery. QUICK FACTS

    focusIN Specialty Web Network


    Last Update: 4 JANUARY 2003
    Peter Wingfield Gallery
    • Date of birth: 5 September 1962; Cardiff, Wales, UK
    • Height: 6' 6"
    • Married to: Carolyn Stewart
    Want to see more?

    78. That Guy Named Peter Wingfield
    That Guy Named peter wingfield.
    That Guy Named Peter Wingfield.

    79. That Guy Named Peter Wingfield
    More of That Guy Named peter wingfield.
    More of That Guy
    Named Peter Wingfield.

    80. #cienciaficcion: Television: Series De TV: Actor/Actriz: Peter Wingfield
    Translate this page peter wingfield. peter wingfield ha participado en las siguientes series en nuestrabase de datos Ver ficha de peter wingfield en la Internet Movie Database. Wingfield

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