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  1. Aucassin Und Nicolete: Lyrisch-romantische Oper In Vier Aufzügen (German Edition) by Enna August 1859-1939, 2010-09-29
  2. Heksen ... Arrangement for 4 Hænder ved N. Hansen by August Enna, 1892
  3. Das Streichholzmädel. - The Little Match Girl. - Musikalisches Märchen ... Text nach H. C. Andersen. Deutsch von E. von Enzberg und T. Rehbaum, English ... mit deutschem u. englishem Texte, etc by August Enna, 1900
  4. Heksen. Opera i 4 Akter. Teksten efter A. Fitzer ved A. Ipsen ... Klaverudtog med Tekst by August Enna, 1891
  5. Heksen ... Potpourri ved N. Hansen. [P. F.] by August Enna, 1892
  6. Heisse Liebe. Oper in 2 Akten ... Text nach Koloman Mikszáth von P. A. Rosenberg. Deutsche Übersetzung von W. Henzen ... Klavierauszug mit deutschem Texte by August Enna, 1903
  7. Fünf Lieder für eine Singstimme mit Pianoforte-Begleitung ... Uebersetzung der dänischen Texte von M. von Borch. (1. Den Schmerz tief in den Schnee ... mein Träumen und Sehnen. S. Michaëlis.) by August Enna, 1896
  8. Die Schäferin und der Schornsteinfeger. Musikalisches Märchen ... nach H. C. Andersen. Vollständiger Klavierauszug, etc by August Enna, 1902
  9. Aucassin und Nicolete. Lyrisch-romantische Oper in vier Aufzügen ... Text von Sophus Michaëlis. Deutsch von Eugen von Enzberg. Klavierauszug mit Text von Holger Dahl, etc by August Enna, 1896
  10. Die Erbsenprinzessin ... Komische Oper in einem Akt ... Text nach H. C. Andersen von P. A. Rosenberg. Deutsche Übersetzung von Dr. W. Henzen ... Klavierauszug mit deutschen u. dänischem Texte by August Enna, 1902
  11. Gud naade dig! [Song.] by August Enna, 1904
  12. Don Juan Marana. Oper in drei Akten ... Klavierauszug mit text, etc. Ger., Dan. & Eng by August Enna, 1922
  13. Gloria Arsena. Oper in vier Bildern ... Text nach Alexander Dumas vercificiert von Olaf Hansen. Deutsche Umdichtung von Clara Wechselmann. Vollständiger ... mit deutschem und dänischem Text, etc by August Enna, 1916
  14. Hyrdinden og Skorstenfejeren. (Die Schäferin und der Schornsteinfeger.) Musikalsk Eventyr ... Motivet af H. C. Andersen ... Potpourri. < Udtog for Klaver. > by August Enna, 1902

2, $33.98, 9114, enna, august (18591939) Six Songs (+ Bendix/Nielsen)Peter Severin, Tenor/Dorte Kirkeskov, Piano, 1, $16.99, 9101, FROUNBERG
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Back to Home Page Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 ... Page 7 CAT NO TITLE # CD's Price SHOPPING CART ABRAHAMSEN, Hans (b.1952) Walden
(+ Holmboe/Nielsen/Norgard)
Scandinavian Wind Quintet ABRAHAMSEN - Works for Sinfonietta
London Sinfonetta/Elgar Howarth BENDIX,Victor (1851-1926)
4 Songs + Nielsen/Boarresen
Peter Severin, Tenor/Dorte Kirkeskov, Piano BENTZON, Niels (b.1919)
Symphonies #3 Op.4/#6 Op.55
Aarhus SO/Ole Schmidt BENTZON, Niels (b.1919)
Wind Quintet #5, Op.116~Piano Sextet Wind Quintet of the DNSO BENTZON, Niels (b.1919) Wind Quintet #5, Op.116~Piano Sextet Wind Quintet of the DNSO BERG, Gunnar (1909-1989) 2 Flutes/2 Pianos/Danish Nat'l RSO/B.Wagner BORUP-JORGENSEN,Axel (b.1942) Sommasvit for String Orchestra Nordisk Sommerpastorale Musica Autumnallis/Marin Danish RSO/Leif Segerstam BORRESON, Hakon (1876-1954) Symphony #1/Violin Concerto Rebecca Hirsch/Aalborg SO/Owain Hughes Aalborg SO/Owain Arwel Hughes BORREESEN - 2 Songs Op.8

82. August
Steenstrup (historiker) d. (5/12 1844) august enna (komp.) d. (13/5 1860) Colette(forf.) d. (28/1 1873) Makarios III (kypr. ærkebiskop) d. (13/8 1913).
jan feb mar apr ... dec tilbage til hovedsiden send venligst en e-mail ALLE
1. august
Marcus Antonius d. ( ca. 82
Claudius (romersk kejser) f. (13/10 54)
Pertinax (rom. kejser) f. (28/3 193)
Ludvig VI d. Tykke (fr. konge) d. (1081)
Cosimo de' Medici d. (27/9 1389)
Herman Melville (forf.) f. (28/9 1891)
Walter Ulbricht d. (30/6 1893)
2. august
Slaget ved Chaeroneia Christoffer II d. (29/9 1276) Francesco Borromini d. (25/9 1599) Guillaume Brune (fr. marskal) d. (13/3 1763) Lazare Carnot (statsm.) d. (13/5 1753) Gustav Johannsen (politiker) f. (25/10 1901) Enrico Caruso d. (27/2 1873) Alexander Graham Bell d. (3/3 1847) Paul von Hindenburg d. (2/10 1847) Pietro Mascagni (komp.) d. (7/12 1863) William S. Burroughs (am. forf.) d. (5/2 1914) 3. august Oluf (da. konge) d. Columbus sejelr ud med "Santa Maria" (jf. 12/10) Haakon VII af Norge f. (21/9 1957) Joseph Conrad (forf.) d. (3/12 1857) Joh. Steenstrup (historiker) d. (5/12 1844) August Enna (komp.) d. (13/5 1860) Colette (forf.) d. (28/1 1873) 4. august

83. III Congreso Latinoamericano De La IASPM, Bogotá, August 2000
Department of Music
III Congreso Latinoamericano de la Asociación Internacional de Estudios de Musica Popular (IASPM)
Bogotá (Colômbia), August 2000

84. Cross Rhythms Issue 63 July/August 2001
Magazine central Issue 63 July/august 2001. 2K1; The Called; Johnny Parks; V*enna;Alt Country; dc Talk; RiverDeep; The Mox Files; Sarah Masen. Cover Stories Issue63.

85. Neuerwerbungslisten 08/2002 / Archäologisches Institut
Translate this page Neuerwerbungen im august 2002. Don Carlo In-depth archaeological study, based on excavations,on the Roman Villa at Piazza Armerina, near enna (Sicily) probably
Neuerwerbungen im August 2002
Universität Heidelberg
Stand: 02.09.2002, 09:47 Zahl der Neuerwerbungen: 21
  • Sc 271

ISBN 88-8118-811-2
  • Kb 268 s
Associazione Italiana per lo Studio e la Conservazione del Mosaico:
Atti del ... colloquio / Associazione Italiana per lo Studio e la Conservazione del Mosaico, AISCOM. - Ravenna : Girasole
Nebent.: Atti del ... colloquio dell'Associazione Italiana per lo Studio e la Conservazione del Mosaico. - 1.1993(1994) - 8(Firenze, 21 - 23 febbraio 2001) / a cura di Federico Guidobaldi ...- 2 2002. - 2001. - XII, 730 S. : zahlr. Ill.
ISBN 88-7567-395-0
  • X Florenz 2001
Cahill, Nicholas Dunlap:
Household and city organization at Olynthus / Nicholas Cahill. - New Haven [u.a.] : Yale University Press, 2002. - XII, 383 S. : Ill., graph. Darst.
Includes bibliographical references and index
ISBN 0-300-08495-1
  • Ta Olynth 155

Text teilw. franz., teilw. ital., teilw. span. ISBN 2-903189-65-X
  • X Arles 1995
ISBN 88-435-7831-6
  • Tb Rom 118 o
ISBN 88-09-02015-4
  • S Florenz 54
Metaponto : archeologia di una colonia greca / [Unione Europea ... ] A cura di Antonio De Siena. Contributi di Vincenzo Cracolici ... - Taranto : Scorpione Ed., 2001. - 123 S. : Ill., Kt. + 1 Faltkt.

86. August 1998 -Feasts And Events
Trapani. From the 19th to the 21st of august Castellamare del Golfo celebratesthe feast of the Madonna del Soccorso, protectress of the fishermen. enna.
Number 8/9 - August/September 1998
Feasts and events
text by Alessandra Bertoncini, M.Giovanna Morreale
Trapani F rom the 19th to the 21st of August Castellamare del Golfo celebrates the feast of the Madonna del Soccorso, protectress of the fishermen. The Madonna is remembered with the representation of the first miracle: her apparition on the Monte delle Scale when she put to flight five English vessels that were attacking a ship full of Spaniards. The procession along the streets of the town is followed by the one at sea, followed by lots of boats, during which 10000 small candles are put on the sea. Fire-works, water fountains and laser effects give the feast a fantastic atmosphere.
On the 13th of September there is at Partanna the feast of the "vastedda" of the Belice Valley, on this occasion, like on every second Sunday of the month, there is the stock-fair that attracts numerous visitors and operators in the field. The fair takes place at the Bevaglio Nuovo (former villaggio Papa Giovanni XXIII) along the state road for Castelvetrano.
And from the 14th to the 19th of September the first Cous Cous World Festival will take place at San Vito Lo Capo . The semolina dish of Arab origin, known all over the world, will be the protagonist of this six-day kermesse that includes a three-day competition and confrontation between cooks of different nationalities with one aim in common - the preparation of cous cous. The final evening will be a feast for the whole town with the distribution of cous cous. Two prizes to be assigned: that of the journalists and that of the critics by a jury formed by the Regional Federation of Sicilian Cooks.

87. F3000 - 1998 Results
FIA F3000 Championship Round 11 ennaPergusa, September 6 1998 Result 1 Juan Pablo August29, SPA Spa F3000 result 1 Gonzalo Rodriguez (Astromega) 1h 03m 10.530
1998 Results FIA Formula 3000 International Championship Austria (testing)
April 11, Oschersleben

April 25, Imola

May 12, Barcelona

May 16, Silverstone
September 26, Nürburgring
September 26, Nürburgring
1 Gonzalo Rodriguez (Astromega) 1h 12m 37.085s
2 Jason Watt (Den Bla Avis) + 25.580s
3 Juan Pablo Montoya (Super Nova) + 30.292s 4 Kurt Mollekens (Arden/KTR) + 38.785s 5 Andre Couto (Prema) + 39.712s 6 Thomas Enge (ASR) + 42.323s 7 Dominik Schwager (RTL Oreca) + 53.647s 8 Fabrice Walfisch (Nordic) + 57.703s 9 Nick Heidfeld (West) + 62.032s 10 Giovanni Montanari (Draco) + 66.813s 11 Bertrand Godin (Durango) + 77.029s 12 Thomas Biagi (Prema) + 78.153s 13 Alex Müller (RTL Oreca) + 83.513s 14 Jamie Davies (DAMS) + 84.780s 15 Hidetoshi Mitsusada (Nordic) + 86.213s 16 Gregoire de Galzain (DAMS) + 91.621s 17 Christian Horner (Arden) + 1 lap 18 Mark Shaw (Redman Bright) + 1 lap 19 Stephane Sarrazin (Apomatox) + 1 lap 20 Gareth Rees (Den Bla Avis) + 2 laps 21 James Taylor (GP) + 2 laps 22 Giorgio Vinella (Coloni) + 2 laps 23 Max Wilson (Edenbridge) + 3 laps Winner's average speed: 169.381 km/h

88. Descendants Of Jacob Missimer
MISSIMER, JACOB 1 ) was born November 16, 1901 in Pennsylvania, and died august 21,1986 in Maryland, Baltimore, St. Agnes Hosp. She married (1) JOHN MCKENNA.
Descendants of Jacob Missimer Generation No. 1 J ACOB M ISSIMER was born March 19, 1814, and died January 1848. He married M ARGARET M ARSHALL October 23, 1834 in Pennsylvania, Methodists. Children of J ACOB M ISSIMER and M ARGARET M ARSHALL are: i. T HOMAS M M ISSIMER , b. September 19, 1835; d. November 09, 1836. ii. R OBERT M ARSHALL M ISSIMER , b. November 16, 1836; d. April 04, 1894, Pennsylvania. iii. J AMES G UTHRIE M ISSIMER , b. March 29, 1838; d. April 08, 1911. iv. M ARGARET J ANE M ISSIMER , b. July 25, 1841; d. November 07, 1895. v. C AROLINE M ISSIMER , b. July 25, 1841; d. July 25, 1841. vi. W ILSON D M ISSIMER , b. September 05, 1844; d. January 31, 1907. vii. J OHN T M ISSIMER , b. November 26, 1846; d. July 29, 1902, Pennsylvania. viii. J ACOB M ISSIMER , b. May 11, 1848. Generation No. 2 J OHN T M ISSIMER (J ACOB was born November 26, 1846, and died July 29, 1902 in Pennsylvania. He married S ARAH Children of J OHN M ISSIMER and S ARAH are: i. G ENEVIE M ISSIMER , m. S EYMOUR H ARTDRAFT ii. E LLIE M ISSIMER , b. 1862. iii. J OHN A NTHONY M ESSIMER , b. 1872, Pennsylvania; d. May 18, 1949, Maryland, Baltimore.

89. TOCCATA - Composer Index Of E

The summary for this Japanese page contains characters that cannot be correctly displayed in this language/character set.
yEz ¶”N –v”N E‹Æ Ebbe ƒGƒx Ebell, David ƒGƒxƒ‹iƒAƒxƒ‹jAƒf[ƒ”ƒBƒY Eckersberg, Christoffer Wilhelm ƒGƒJ[ƒXƒxƒAAƒNƒŠƒXƒgƒtƒ@[Eƒ”ƒBƒ‹ƒwƒ‹ƒ€ Eduard ƒGƒhƒDƒA[ƒh Ehrling, Sixten ƒG[ƒŠƒ“ƒO ƒXƒEƒF[ƒfƒ“ ŽwŠö Ejnar ƒAƒCƒi[ Eklund, Hans ƒGƒNƒ‹ƒ“ƒh ƒXƒEƒF[ƒfƒ“ Elof ƒGƒƒt Emanuel Emil ƒGƒ~ƒ‹ Engberg, Christina Wagner ƒGƒ“ƒOƒxƒAAƒNƒŠƒXƒeƒBƒiEƒ”ƒ@ƒEƒi[ Enna, August(Emil) ƒGƒiAƒAƒEƒSƒXƒgiƒGƒ~ƒ‹j Erasmus ƒGƒ‰ƒXƒ€ƒX Ericson, Eric ƒXƒEƒF[ƒfƒ“ Erik Erik ‡YAMenved ƒG[ƒŠƒN‚U¢‰¤ƒƒ“ƒ”ƒFƒY Ernst ƒGƒAƒ“ƒXƒg Erslev ƒGƒAƒXƒŒƒE Evald, Johannes ƒG[ƒ”ƒ@ƒ‹Aƒˆƒnƒ“ƒlƒX Žl yFz ¶”N –v”N E‹Æ Fabricius-Bjerre, Bent ƒtƒ@ƒuƒŠ[ƒVƒEƒXƒrƒƒ[Aƒxƒ“ƒg ƒsƒAƒmAŽwŠöAì‹È Fabricius(Fabritius), Petrus(Schmidt Peter) ƒtƒ@ƒuƒŠƒcƒB[ƒEƒXAƒy[ƒgƒ‹ƒXiƒVƒ…ƒ~ƒbƒgEƒy[ƒ^[j _ŠwAƒŠƒ…[ƒgAì‹È‰Æ Fabricius, Jacob ƒtƒ@ƒuƒŠ[ƒVƒEƒXAƒ„ƒRƒv Fabricius, Jakob (Christian) ƒtƒ@ƒuƒŠ[ƒVƒEƒXAƒ„ƒRƒviƒNƒŠƒXƒ`ƒƒƒ“j ì‹ÈAŠÇ—ŽÒA‰¹Šy”á•] Fieve, Peter ƒtƒB[ƒ”ƒFAƒy[ƒ^ Fini ƒtƒBƒj Finn ƒtƒBƒ“ Fitzllugh ƒtƒBƒcƒ‹ƒO Fjeldmose, Lars ƒtƒBƒGƒ‹ƒ‚[ƒZAƒ‰[ƒX Fjelrad, Georg ƒtƒBƒGƒ‹ƒ‰ƒYAƒQ[ƒI Flemming ƒtƒŒƒ~ƒ“ƒO Fog, Dan

91. The North Czech Philharmonic Teplice
ENESCU Georges Rumunská rapsodie c.2 Adur. Rumunská rapsodie c.1 A-dur. ENNAAugust Devcátko se sirkami. ERFELD Ch. Fantazie a balada pro smyccový orch.
E E.H. z.S. Santa - Chiara ECKLEBE Alexander Píseò domova EHLERT Louis Hafis EHRENBERG Carl Mír EILENBERG Richard Král Mydas ELBE Carl Koncert pro Es alt saxofon a orch. ELGAR Edward Enigma Serenáda pro smyècový orch. Pozdrav lásky ENESCU Georges Rumunská rapsodie è.2 A-dur Rumunská rapsodie è.1 A-dur ENNA August Dìvèátko se sirkami ERFELD Ch. Fantazie a balada pro smyècový orch. ERKEL Ferenc Huanyady Laszló ERTEL Paul Jean Belizar Noèní vojenská pøehlídka EŠPAJ Andrej Uherské melodie pro housle a orch. A B C D ... Z

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