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         Lucier Alvin:     more detail
  1. Chambers: Scores by Alvin Lucier by Alvin Lucier, Douglas Simmon, 1980-01-01
  2. Notes in the margins by Alvin Lucier, 1988
  3. Circumscribing the Open Universe: Essays on John Cage, Morton Feldman, Christian Wolff, Robert Ashley, Alvin Lucier by Thomas Delio, 1984-04
  4. Source: Music of the Avant Garde, Issue 10
  5. Alvin Lucier by James Tenney, 1988-11
  6. Reflections: Interviews, scores, writings = Reflexionen : Interviews, Notationen, Texte (Edition MusikTexte) by Alvin Lucier, 1995
  7. The machine;: A political satire, by Alvin Joseph Lucier, 1908
  8. Resonant things (Bayou books) by Alvin Lucier, 1991
  9. Music for solo performer 1965 by Alvin Lucier, 1967
  10. Chambers: Scores by Alvin Lucier, 1980
  11. RESONANT THINGS- 16 CARD STOCK PRINTS (IN AN EDITION OF 500) by Alvin Lucier, 1991

Curator Chaya Czernowin Meetings with SEARCH VISITORS Richard Barrett, Paul Koonce,and alvin lucier, composers who have created and shaped individuated and
The UCSD Department of Music Presents
[Saturday, 2 March - Sunday, 3 March 2002] [including Pre-EVENT schedule] [current as of 3 March 2002]
Sound Concept and Metaphor Curator: Chaya Czernowin
Meetings with SEARCH VISITORS Richard Barrett, Paul Koonce, and Alvin Lucier, composers who have created and shaped individuated and unique sound worlds around metaphorical centers. These VISITORS will reflect upon the ways of developing and mastering the transformation of metaphor into sound which has evolved in their own work. This, not only at the pre-compositional stage, but also as a generalized tool which helps one to recognize and understand a particular composer's basic paradigms of engagement. These, being the soil from which a composer's voice is bound to emerge, generate individual works as stages in the maturing and transformation process of that voice.
WEDNESDAY, 20 February 2002
7:00 PM, Room 125; preceding red fish blue fish concert: Preliminary meeting with Alvin Lucier in order to establish individual meetings
THURSDAY, 21 February 2002

82. EAR/Rational Music Catalog - L
6Editions Main $24.00 Lucas, Gary The Edge Of Heaven Gary Lucas Plays Mid-CenturyChinese Pop LBLC2582Indigo $15.25 lucier, alvin - Clocker LCD1019

83. DAVID TUDOR: Testimonials
We called it the Tudor Fest and it featured the music of John Cage, alvin lucier,Toshi Ichiyanagi and my Duo for Accordion, Bandoneon and Possible Mynah Bird
TUDOR testimonials Your submissions are welcome Date: Sat, 17 Aug 1996 From: Renko Ishida Dempster For David - Who once shared that he would be a weaver like me were he not already weaving his wires together. Who taught me how to add a dash of lemon juice after the curry simmered, slowly and leisurely on the stovetop. Who lightened life with his playful genius, bright smile, kind gentleness, persevering patience, generosity of spirit, and joie de vivre. Whose memory will remain in my heart forever with much fondness and love. - Renko Ishida Dempster Date: Sat, 17 Aug 1996 From: Stuart Dempster - Stuart Dempster Date: Mon, 19 Aug 1996 From: Pauline Oliveros David Tudor came into my life - to my good fortune - during an intense period of my development as a composer in San Francisco in 1963. Much to my surprise and delight I received and invitation to meet David at his request at the home of Olive Cowell. I was told that he was interested in my music. This interest was very important to me as I knew what a wonderful musician he was. Little did I know that I was meeting a wonderful friend to be and that his encouragement would be central to my career. David was learning to play the Bandoneon at the time and expressed an interest in performing with me. He was staying in Berkeley with Maro Ajemian and Lionel Galston. I proceeded to compose a duo for accordion and bandoneon. We worked on it together along with Ahmed the Mynah Bird who insisted on imitating our phrases during the rehearsals. Eventually it seemed only right to include Ahmed in the performance which we did.

84. MetaEUREKA Metasearch
1. alvin lucier Biography and discography. http// Site info - Alexa info 2. alvin lucier Biography from Lovely Music.

85. Brief
Bayle, Francois L'Oiseauchanteur. lucier, alvin I am Sitting in a Room.Parmegiani, Bernard Danse. Artikulation. lucier, alvin I am sitting in a room.
archive de electronic music
    Tape Music:
      Schaeffer, Pierre
      Reich, Steve
      Cage, John
      Xenakis, Iannis
      Ussachevsky, Vladimir
      Luening, Otto Dockstader, Tod Takemitsu, Toru Bayle, Francois Lucier, Alvin Parmegiani, Bernard Alphabetical list by Composer: Appleton, Jon:
        Georganna's Farewell. Syntrophia.
      Arel, Bulent:
        Stereo Electronic Music No. 1 and 2.
      Ashley, Robert:
        The Wolfman Songs With Electronic Music
      Babbitt, Milton:
        Composition for Synthesizer Ensembles for Synthesizer
      Badings, Henk:
        Cappriccio for Violin and Two Sound Tracks Genese Evolutions Music from Forbidden Planet
      Bayle, Francois:
        L'Oiseau-Chanteur Solitude
      Berio, Luciano:
        Thema Visage
      Brown, Earle:
        Times Five
      Cage, John:
        Cartridge Music Imaginary Landscape No.1. Williams Mix
      Carlos, Walter:
        Switched On Bach
      Davidovsky, Mario:
        Synchronisms 2,3,5,6
      Dockstader, Tod:

86. Cornish College Of The Arts - Library
Meister, Thomas Lauck Lilburn, Douglas, Instrumental music 19451957 Rec CL 108.62b Loevendie, Theo, Flexio 1979 / Rec CL 112.1 lucier, alvin Music on a april 2002.asp
@import url(/include/sophisticate.css);
Recent Additions to Library Catalog April 2002
Return to "New Title" page. These lists show the most recent titles added to the Cornish Library Catalog. Titles include new purchases as well as gifts. Due to system limitations we are not able to sort the lists by author, title, or subject. Titles are listed in the order they were added to the Library Catalog and include titles that are "on order" and "in process" along with new titles that are shelf-ready. Please check the Library Catalog for current location and status of each title. Departments: Art Dance Design Music ... Contact Web Team

87. Alvin Lucier "I Am Sitting In A Room"¡Ê£Ð£Á£Ç£Å£³¡Ë
alvin lucier. I am sitting in a room . (? Lovely Music , LCD1013). ?CD
Alvin Lucier
"I am sitting in a room"
(Í¢ÆþÈס§ Lovely Music , LCD 1013¡Ë ¤â¤ó¤È¤¤¤¦¤Î¤¬·ë¹½¤¢¤ë¤ó¤Ç¤¹¤Ê¡£¤³¤ì¤â¤½¤¦¤¤¤¦££Ä¤ÎÆâ¤Î°ì¤Ä¤Ç¤¹¡£°ì±þ¤³¤ÎAlvin Lucier¤È¤¤¤¦¤Ò¤È¤Ï¡¢¸½Âå²»³Ú²È¤È¤¤¤¦°·¤¤¤Ë¤Ê¤ë¤Î¤«¤Ê¡¦¡¦¡¦¤è¤¯Î¤ê¤Þ¤»¤ó¤¬¡£¤¿¤À¡¢¤³¤Î¿Í¤ÎÊ̤κîÉÊ¡Ê"Crossing")¤âÆó¤Ä¤ÎÎÙÀܤ¹¤ë²»³¬¤Î»ý³²»¤Î´Ö¤Çµ¯¤³¤ë¶¦¿¶¸½¾Ý¤Î¤ß¤ò±ä¡¹¤È°ìËç¤Î¥¢¥ë¥Ð¥à¤Ë¤ï¤¿¤¤Æµ¤¤Æ¤¤¤ë¤è¤¦¤ÊÆâÍƤǤ·¤Æ¡¢ÁêÅö

88. Scheinschlag-online - Ausgabe 05 - 1999
Translate this page Diese Ausgabe. Inhaltsverzeichnis. Zur Homepage. Schönheit der Schwebung.Zwei Klanginstallationen von alvin lucier in der Parochialkirche.
Ausgabe berliner stadtzeitung
scheinschlag Diese Ausgabe Inhaltsverzeichnis
Zur Homepage
Zwei Klanginstallationen von Alvin Lucier in der Parochialkirche minimal
Twins - Zwillinge
Die Waffen nieder. -
i g wilms Inhalt dieser Ausgabe Home Aktuelle Ausgabe Archiv ... E-Mail

89. Instalaciones - Esculturas Sonoras
lucier, alvin, Bird and person Dyng, Milán, Cramps Records, 1975. Recordings, 1997.lucier, alvin, I am sitting in a room, Nueva York, Lovely Music, 1990.’a/html/Instal.html
Instalaciones / Esculturas sonoras
SINGLE ABRAMOVIC, Marina, Sound Environment Sea , Belgrado, 1972. AGAM Yaacov, Tast-und Tonbild , Kaiser Wihelm Museum, s.f. Performance JULIUS, Rolf, RUTHENBECK, Reiner, Daschskulptu TINGUELY, Jean, Sound of Sculpture , Tokio, Minami Gallery, 1963. LP BERTOIA, Harry, Sonambient (Bellissima, Bellissima, Bellissima. Nova), s.f. Sonambient (Space Voyage, Echoes of Other Times), s.f. Sonambient (Unfolding. Sounds Beyond), s.f. Sonambient (All And More. Passage), s.f. Sonambient (Swift Sounds. Phosphorescence), s.f. Sonambient (Gong Gong. Elemental), s.f. Sonambient (Energizing. Mellow Top), s.f. Sonambient (Continuum. Near And Far), s.f. Sonambient (Ocean Mysteries. Softly Played), s.f. Sonambient (Swinging Bars. Vulcans Plays), s.f. Sonambient (Here And Now. Unknown), s.f. 4 Espaces sonores DAVIES, Hugh, Shozyg: Music for Invented Instruments FOX, Terry, Linkage (Acoustic Wire Sound) , Lucerna, Kunstmuseum Luzern, 1982. Berlino/Rallentando , Eindhoven, Apollo Records/Het Apollohuis, 1988. FULLMAN, Ellen

90. Trade List
Translate this page LIVING MUSIC To Allen Ginsberg RCA (DPSL 10574) 1972 gatefold laminated cover lucier,alvin I am sitting in a room - Cramps Nova Musicha No.11 MARCHETTI WALTER
A R C H I V E T R A D E O B J E C T S E D I T I O N S ... D I A R Y All the lps are in excellent condition and original first pressing. contact me italian progressive
AKTUALA Aktuala Bla Bla (BBL 11054) 1973 gatefold cover
BATTIATO, FRANCO Clic - Bla Bla (BBXL 10006) 1974 gatefold cover
BATTIATO, FRANCO Fetus - Bla Bla (BBXL 10001) 1972 gatefold laminated cover - cutout lyric inner
BATTIATO, FRANCO M.lle le gladiator - Bla Bla (BBXL 10008) 1975 single cover
BATTIATO, FRANCO Pollution - Bla Bla (BBXL 10002) 1972 gatefold laminated cover - lyric inner
BATTIATO, FRANCO Sulle corde di Aries - Bla Bla (BBXL 10003) 1973 gatefold cover
CERVELLO melos Ricordi (SMRL 6119) 1973 single cover with small shaped window opening on the front - lyric inner
DEDALUS Materiale per tre esecutori e nastro magnetico Trident (TRI 1008) 1974
DELIRIUM Dolce acqua Fonit (LPX 11) 1971 triple gatefold laminated cover

91. Lucier-Festival In Berlin
Translate this page Staebel/ Bericht vom Festival des Komponisten und Klangkuenstlers AlvinLucier in Berlin (1999). Der Herr der Klänge. Berliner Klanggalerien
Volker Straebel 5.99 up home

kein Abdruck ohne schriftliche Genehmigung des Autors / no reprint without author's written permission

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