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         Partch Harry:     more books (53)
  1. Harry Partch: A Biography by Bob Gilmore, 1998-06-16
  2. Genesis Of A Music: An Account Of A Creative Work, Its Roots, And Its Fulfillments, Second Edition (Da Capo Paperback) by Harry Partch, 1979-08-22
  3. American Music Theorists: Arnold Schoenberg, Henry Cowell, Harry Partch, Thomas Delio, Edward T. Cone, George Russell, David Lewin
  4. American Musical Instrument Makers: Les Paul, Harry Partch, Timothy Gilbert, Dean Zelinsky, Leo Fender, Charlie Nothing, Larrivée
  5. Bitter Music: Collected Journals, Essays, Introductions, and Librettos (AUTHOR INSCRIBED FIRST EDITION) by Harry edited and introduced by Thomas McGeary Partch, 1991
  6. Harry Partch: Enclosure 3
  7. Harry Partch: An Anthology of Critical Perspectives (Contemporary Music Review)
  8. Music of Harry Partch: A Descriptive Catalogue (Isam Monographs) by Thomas McGeary, 1991-06
  9. Harry Partch: The Early Vocal Works 1930-33 by Bob Gilmore, 1996-12
  10. Harry Partch. (Music Reviews).(Harry Partch. Barstow: Eight Hitchhiker Inscriptions from a Highway Railing at Barstow, California (1968 Version))(Book Review) (book review): An article from: Notes by Bob Gilmore, 2003-03-01
  11. Modernisme: Symbolisme, Postmodernisme, Harry Partch, Avant-Garde, Minimalisme, Anti-Art, Modernisme Catalan, Michael Fried (French Edition)
  12. Harry Partch: Japan Society.(Delusion of the Fury)(Theater review): An article from: Artforum International by Nicole Lanctot, 2008-04-01
  13. Harry Partch: A Biography.(Review): An article from: Notes by Carol J. Oja, 2000-03-01
  14. Facteur D'instrument: Harry Partch, Maurice Martenot, Lev Sergueïevitch Termen, Alexandre-François Debain, Alexandre Père et Fils (French Edition)

Biography and discography from Eyeneer. Includes an instrument gallery with pictures and AIFF sound Category Arts Music Composition Composers P Partch, Harry......HARRY PARTCH. Biography. Discography. Harry Partch Instrument Gallery.Return to COMPOSERS. Eyeneer Music Archives. All contents
Harry Partch Instrument Gallery
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    2. Harry Partch
    Biography, compositions, and bibliography.Category Arts Music Composition Composers P Partch, Harry......Harry Partch. 23. No.3, March 1985. Partch, Harry(personnal journal), BitterMusic , University of Illinois Press, Urbana and Chicago, 1991.
    Harry Partch
    Harry Partch was born in Oakland, California on June 24, 1901, and died in San Diego on September 3,1974. His parents were American missionaries in China who moved to California just before Partch was born. His family lived in the southwest from the time partch was very young until he finished highschool. It is during this time that Partch says he received most of his musical influence. He was exposed to chinese culture and music through his parents, church hymns through his mom, mexican tunes,and the music of the Yaqui Indians. He also studied various strings and woodwinds as well as piano.
    Following the death of his father, in 1919, Partch's family mother moved the family to Los Angeles,California. He briefly enrolled in the Music School at The University of Southern California in 1920-21, but left stating that his teachers were "no older or wiser than he".
    It was during the period of the 1920's th the early 30's that Partch began to establish his ideas on music. Primarily self-taught, Partch studied music theory and composition in librarys. He focused on the music philosophies of the ancient Greece and denounced the theories of western music. He also studied

    3. Harry Partch
    Classical Composers Database entry features life, commentary on the infrequency of his works being performed, and his individualistic creativity.

    Biography.Category Arts Music Composition Composers P Partch, Harry......HARRY PARTCH A Biography Bob Gilmore 1998 Music 480 pp. 30 illus HarryPartch A Biography reads like a great mystery. How did
    A Biography
    Bob Gilmore 1998 Music
    480 pp. 30 illus., 6 1/8 x 9 1/4
    Cloth ISBN 0-300-06521-3
    Bob Gilmore is lecturer in music at Dartington College of Arts in England. back to top
    This engaging book is the first biography of one of the great "originals" of American classical music. It provides a full portrait of Harry Partch (1901-1974), a composer, theorist, and creator of musical instruments whose life and works were marginalized and unconventional, yet who had an enormous influence on later experimental composers. Harry Partch: A Biography reads like a great mystery.... How did one of America's truly visionary composers, instrument builders, and rough-hewn individualists survive and persevere through horror at a young age, homelessness in the prime of his life, and nearly constant rejection and alienation by our culture? Bob Gilmore tells the whole story in this thoroughly researched, tragic, poignant, warm, and vividly memorable biography."David Harrington, Kronos Quartet "I visited Harry Partch in 1972 and had the opportunity to play on his instruments. I was interested in Partch's basic research on pure intonation, also in the totally original music which derived from his alternative tuning other than equal temperament and changed my concept of harmony."György Ligeti

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    Harry Partch. (1901 1974).
    Harry Partch
    And on the Seventh Day, Petals Fell in Petaluma
    And on the Seventh Day, Petals Fell in Petaluma for Large Ensemble of Original Instruments/CRI CD7000
    Harry Partch (conductor)
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    6. Harry Partch
    HARRY partch harry Partch (19011974), one of the greatest and mostindividualistic composers of all time, was not only a great
    HARRY PARTCH Harry Partch (1901-1974), one of the greatest and most individualistic composers of all time, was not only a great composer, but an innovative theorist who broke through the shackles of many centuries of one tuning system for all of Western music, a music instrument inventor who created dozens of incredible instruments for the performance of his music, and a musical dramatist who created his own texts and dance/theatre extravaganzas based on everything from Greek mythology to his own experiences as a hobo. Between 1930 and 1972, he created one of the most amazing bodies of sensually alluring and emotionally powerful music of the 20th century: music dramas, dance theater, multi-media extravaganzas, vocal music and chamber music-mostly all performed on the instruments he built himself. With parents who were former missionaries to China, living in isolated areas of the American southwest, Partch, as a child, was exposed to a variety of influences from Asian to Native American. After dropping out of the University of Southern California, he began to study on his own and to question the tuning and philosophical foundations of Western music. During and after the Great Depression, he was a hobo and itinerant worker and rode the trains, keeping a musical notebook of his experiences, which he later set to music. In 1930 Partch broke with Western European tradition and forged a new music based on a more primal, corporeal integration of the elements of speech with music, using principles of natural acoustic resonance (just intobnation) and expanded melodic and harmonic possibilities. He began to first adapt guitars and violas to play his music, and then began to build new instruments in a new microtonal tuning system. He built over 25 instruments, plus numerous small hand instruments, and became a brilliant spokesman for his ideas. Largely ignored by the standard musical institutions during his lifetime, he criticized concert traditions, the roles of the performer and composer, the role of music in society, the 12-tone equal-temperament scale and the concept of "pure" or abstract music. To explain his philosophical and intonational ideas, he wrote a treatise

    7. : Partch Harry
    Chargement de la page partch harry
    Chargement de la page : Partch Harry

    8. Harry Partch
    Harry Partch ? µs ?a Partch, Harry, Genesis ofa Music (Madison The University of Wisconsin Press, 1949); Partch

    HARRY PARTCH. June 24 1901 – 1974. Composer Unmutilated. . “HarryPartch is an American visionary and stubborn individualist. . . . He PARTCH.htm
    HARRY PARTCH June 24 1901 – 1974 Composer, microtonal theorist, instrument-builder, writer, visual artist, satirist, philosopher, flunky, musicologist, copy editor, hobo, man of letters, publisher, iconoclast, record producer, eccentric, teacher…. The 12-tone equal tempered tuning system has been around for about 300 years in the Western world but is scientifically an impure system of pitch relationships. In other words, notes have been ‘adjusted’ or put out of tune from the pure intervals of the harmonic series. This is borne out by the fact of much non-western music having different pitch relationships to the 12-tone system and, of course, much so-called ethnic music has been around since the dawn of time. One of the most ancient scales exists in Javanese gamelan. In the Paris fair of 1898 composers such as Debussy were strongly influenced by these strange oriental scales and tuning systems. However, this wasn’t the first encounter by a westerner of such tuning systems. In 1580, for instance, Sir Francis Drake logged in his diary that the music of this land ‘was of a very strange kind, yet the sound was pleasant and delightful.’ Partch is perhaps best known for his innovative so-called 43-tone-to-the-octave scale structure. Partch realised that Western music since Gregorian chant was completely out of tune and set about devising a scale system based on the overtones of a vibrating string or column of air. He calls this system Monophony, as all the musical principles relate to ONE tone (i.e. the first eleven partials of the harmonic series). Partch spent 12 years researching the science and musical theories which led him to this system beginning with Pythagoras (6

    10. Harry Partch Collection Vol 2
    Harry Partch Collection Vol 2. partch harry Harry partch harryPartch Collection Vol. 2. Pop Klassik Oper Audio CD
    Harry Partch Collection Vol 2
    Partch Harry Harry Partch
    Harry Partch Collection Vol. 2
    Audio CD
    A Sprig Of Andromeda (und andere Werke)...

    Night Of The Four Moons...

    Turning, Returning (Kammermusik)...

    Hymns-A Portrait of Christ [US-Import] [IMPORT]...

    11. American Classics: Harry PARTCH
    Bibliografie * partch harry,. Bitter Music . ed. university of Illinois,IllinoisUSA,1991. ISBN 0252-01660-2. * partch harry,. Genesis of a music .
    Dr.Godfried-Willem RAES Kursus Experimentele Muziek : Boekdeel Terug naar inhoudstafel kursus American Classics Harry PARTCH (24 juni 1901-3 september 1974) De hiernavolgende notities werden samengesteld door Joachim Brackx , als lesopdracht voor het vak muziekgeschiedenis, in 1996. Leven : Harry Partch werd geboren op 24 juni 1901 in Oakland,Californië_.Zijn ouders,Franklin Partch (1860 - 1919) en Jennie Childers (1863 - 1920),waren toen net terug van een missie in China. In 1904 verhuisde de familie Partch naar zuidwest Arizona,eerst naar Tucson,daarna naar Benson.Deze kleine dorpjes waren de laatste restanten van het "Wilde Westen",er leefden bijvoorbeeld echte vogelvrij verklaarden en ook enige Yaqui indianen. In zijn jeugd werd Partch dus beïnvloed door een amalgaam van culturen : in de eerste plaats was er de Chinese traditie die zijn ouders meegebracht hadden : Chinese meubels,vazen,boeken en zelfs volksmuziek en kinderiedjes die zijn moeder voor hem zong; daarnaast was er de invloed van het ruige "Wilde Westen" : de omgeving van de saloons,waar Partch de Mexicaanse volksmuziek leerde kennen en de muziek van de Yaqui indianen; ten slotte werd er in de Partch-familie ook Westerse muziek beoefend : Partch speelde piano,viool en mandoline.Bovendien had zijn vader ook een collectie Westerse muziek op 'cylinders'.

    12. Malcolm Ball - Harry Partch
    Harry Partch. However, you may be lucky enough to pick up 'The Music of HarryPartch' played by the Gate5 Ensemble on Composers Recordings Inc.
    Harry Partch Homepage Biography Writings and Articles 'Close your eyes and see'... ... Messiaen Nice one 'arry!
    Nowadays, when microtonality seems to be the 'in' musical buzz word among contemporary music seekers, it is easy to forget that it has been around for centuries in various shapes and forms.
    The 12 tone equal tempered tuning system has been around for about 300 years in the Western world but is scientifically an impure system of pitch relationships, in other words, notes have been 'adjusted' or put out of tune from the pure intervals of the harmonic series. This is bourne out by the fact of much non western music having different pitch relationships to the 12 tone system and of course much so called ethnic music has been around since the dawn of time. One only need listen to Indonesian gamelan to here these microtonal nuances which existed in 1580 and experienced by Sir Francis Drake who logged in his diary that the music of this land 'was of a very strange kind, yet the sound was pleasant and delightful'.
    Detailed explanations and explorations into this system can be found in Partchs' own Genesis of Music first published in 1949, reissued in 1973 then out of print until this year where soft cover copies can be obtained from the British Harry Partch Society.

    13. Harry Partch Used CDs -
    Buy, sell, or trade new and used CDs. CD's by Partch, Harry. Used music cds atdiscount prices. CD's by Partch, Harry. Used music cds at discount prices.

    14. Harry Partch - Wikipedia
    Harry Partch. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harry Partch(June 24, 1901 September 3, 1974) was an American composer.
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    Harry Partch
    From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Harry Partch June 24 September 3 ) was an American composer . He is one of the most famous composers to work with microtonal scales , writing much of his music for instruments he built himself tuned to a just intonation scale with 43 notes to the octave Partch was born in Oakland, California . Both his parents were Presbyterian missionaries . He learnt to play the clarinet and guitar as a child, and there was also a harmonium in the house, which he played. He began to compose at an early age using the chromatic scale normal in western music, but burned all his early works after becoming frustrated with what he saw as the imprefections of that particular system of musical tuning Eventually, he divised his 43 note scale and built an adapted

    15. Harry Partch Information Center
    Events, Biography, compostitions, and instruments.
    Harry Partch
    Information Center
    We have suffered tremendous computer difficulties from viruses to a stolen computer. If you wrote us in late 2001 and we did not respond, your letter was probably on that stolen computer. Please write again.
    maintained by NEWBAND Events Who was Harry Partch? Compositions ...

    16. Harry Partch -- His Online Home IS Corporeal Meadows
    Corporeal Meadows is about the life and works of harry partch iconoclastic Americancomposer, theorist, instrument builder, raconteur, big-time crank and
    Updated: January 14, 2003
    World News Upcoming Partch Concerts
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    Harry Partch iconoclastic American composer, musical theorist, philosophic instrument builder, raconteur, hobo, artist presents unique challenges and aesthetics. This site, centering on the life and works of Partch, is maintained by people who knew him, worked with him, and are familiar with what moved him. We are one set of viewpoints, presented in a tone that we hope Harry himself would have approved: sometimes irreverent, occasionally bordering on the academic, essentially uncompromising. His beliefs, concepts and attitudes are advocated here. We are loose, but we are serious. And, just so you know, this is all produced under the auspices of the Harry Partch Foundation (Danlee Mitchell, Executive Director) which makes Corporeal Meadows

    17. Harry Partch : An American Original
    Official Site. Life and works of the iconoclast, theorist, instrument builder, raconteur, bigtime crank, and one-time hobo. Entries by friends, coworkers, and associates under the auspices of the harry partch Foundation.

    18. Komponisten - Partch, Harry
    Analysis of his compositional style with biographical background from Schott International.Category Arts Music Composition Composers P partch, harry......harry partch. harry partch was born in Oakland, California as son of missionaryparents on 24 June 1901. harry partch died in San Diego on 3 September 1974.,7a05afb59c4
    Composers The A - Z of Composers International UK
    Text search Product search Detailed search Shop Sheet music Books CDs Multimedia ... The A - Z of Composers Harry Partch Harry Partch was born in Oakland, California as son of missionary parents on 24 June 1901. Largely self-taught, he enhanced his skills as instrument maker and developed during the 1920s and 1930s his own theory of music. Taking his authority from the Greeks, he argued for music as a 'corporeal' rather than an intellectual art. He used the natural intervals of just intonation and built his own percussion and wind instruments for this purpose in a 43-note scale. His own major works were dramatic, their drama enhanced by the striking presence of his instruments. Largely ignored by standard musical institutions, he criticised concert traditions, the roles of performer and composer, the role of music in society, the twelve-tone equal-temperament scale and the concept of pure or abstract music. To explain his ideas, he wrote "Genesis of a music". Between 1930 and 1972, Partch, who held no teaching appointments, but had research posts at the universities of Wisconsin, Illinois, and California, created music dramas, dance theatre, vocal music and chamber music - mostly performed on instruments he built himself.

    19. Harry Partch Instrument Gallery
    harry partch Instrument Gallery. ZymoXyl Instrument Return to harrypartch; Return to COMPOSERS. Eyeneer Music Archives. All contents of
    Harry Partch Instrument Gallery
    ZYMO-XYL (1963)
    Click on photo for 187K WAV sound file
    187K AIFF
    sound file Harry Partch
    built his whole musical world out of micro-tones, hobo speech, elastic octaves and percussion instruments made from hubcaps and nuclear cloud chambers. We are making an gradual effort to bring you the world of the Partch's hand-built instruments. The one-of-a-kind, unique-in-this-world, far-out, beautiful works of scuptural grace that are his instruments defy description. They have to be seen as well as heard. To be able to play his own multi-tone scale, Partch had to design and build every one of them. There was no one else to do it. He had called himself "a music man seduced into carpentry."
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    20. Harry Partch : Biographie - Médiathèque De L'Ircam © 2003
    harry partch biographie du compositeur, catalogue des oeuvres, disques, sites internet Biographie. harry partch. Se déplacer. Biographie. Sites Internet
    Harry Partch: biographie du compositeur, catalogue des oeuvres, disques, sites internet.

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