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         Schickele Peter:     more books (80)
  1. Peter Schickele: A Bio-Bibliography (Bio-Bibliographies in Music) by Tammy Ravas, 2004-06-30
  2. Oh, Calcutta! (Applause Books)
  3. The Definitive Biography of P.D.Q. Bach by Peter Schickele, 1977-08-12
  4. Three Choruses From E.E. Cummings. for Four Part Chorus of Mixed Voices a Cappella by Peter Schickele, 1967-01-01
  6. NOEL: THE JOAN BAEZ CHRISTMAS SONGBOOK by Joan (Maynard Solomon, Eric Von Schmidt, Peter Schickele) Baez, 1967
  7. Happy Birthday, Bach by Peter Schickele, 1985-01
  8. American Comedy Musicians: Tom Lehrer, Christopher Guest, Harry Shearer, Steve Martin, Paul Shaffer, Adam Sandler, Peter Schickele
  9. Film Score Monthly (Film Noir Issue--no color photos or color covers, Articles on film noir music, John Williams' score for "Minority Report", the work of Michael Kamen, the collaboration of Jerry Goldsmith and Phil Alden Robinson, and an interview with Peter Schickele) by Stephen B. Armstrong Jeff Bond, 2002
  11. Sonata for Viola four Hands and Harpsichord (S. 440) ... faithfully edited by professor Peter Schickele. [Score and part.] by P. D. Q Bach, 1971
  12. Another Evening with P.D.Q. Bach, Peter Schickele Signed Program Philharmonic Hall 1966 by P.d.Q. Bach. Peter Schickele, 1966
  13. People From Fargo, North Dakota: Mayors of Fargo, North Dakota, Peter Schickele, David B. Danbom, Aloisius Joseph Muench, Roxana Saberi
  14. Biography - Schickele, Peter (1935-): An article from: Contemporary Authors by Gale Reference Team, 2002-01-01

1. Peter Schickele Links
2. Rene schickele peter's maternal grandfather was a famous German writer.
"Why does this man have 4 arms?"
    Who is Peter Schickele?
    taken from the liner notes to Baptism an album by Joan Baez with music by PS (1968)
    Peter Schickele was born in 1935 in Ames, Iowa, grew up in Ames, Washington, DC and Fargo, North Dakota, took up whatever musical instruments were handy, began composing at 13 and played bassoon in the Fargo-Moorhead Symphony Orchestra. His BA from Swarthmore College and MS from Juilliard School of Music led to his becoming an instructor in both these institutions, but he dropped teaching for a career as a freelance composer. While respect for his compositions is steadily growing among musicians, fame before the broad public came when he topped the Baroque revival by reviving a Baroque composer whe never existed. PDQ Bach. A town hall concert meant to be good musical fun aroused such an ovation that concerts of succesive PDQ Bach rediscoveries have drawn capacity crowds to Carnegie Hall, Philharmonic Hall, the Hollywood Bowl and elsewhere. But if this overshadowed other musical sides of PS, it must be said that the more knowing listeners and laughers at these extravaganzas observed that only a highly gifted and expert creative mind could have produced such succesfully wacky parodies. Shcickele's TRIO, performed at a contemporary music concert was reviewed by NY Herald Tribune as the most rewarding work on the program... He has won may awards and commissions, including a Ford Foundation grant to write music for Los Angeles high schools, has written stage music, eight film scores, piano pieces, songs and chamber works, and has formed, with 2 other composer-performers, a group

2. Schickele,Peter (geb.1935)
schickele peter (geb.1935). schickele peter (geb.1935) Sextet

3. Peter Schickele
Peter Schickele. California 196061 Honorable Mention, Gershwin MemorialAward 1959 Back to top of page. The Music of Peter Schickele.
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Peter Schickele
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Personal Appearances
There are few areas of music in which Peter Schickele has not been involved. In a long and active career he has written and arranged for classical, jazz, rock, and folk ensembles, providing music for concerts, films, television, radio, and the stage. In the space of one year he composed an orchestral work commissioned by the Schickele completed his schooling with an M.S. from The Juilliard School of Music in New York City, where he studied composition with Vincent Persichetti and William Bergsma and became a teaching fellow. The three years at Juilliard were followed by a year on a Ford Foundation grant, writing music for public high schools in Los Angeles, after which, in 1961, he joined the faculty of the Extension Division at Juilliard, eventually teaching in the Regular and Pre-college divisions as well. In 1959 he and several of his friends formed Composers Circle, a group that held workshop sessions and presented concerts of their own and other composers' music for over five years. During the early 1960's Schickele found that the preparation for his teaching duties more and more interfered with his music-making activities; also, as a composer who was interested in all kinds of music, he felt more and more constrained by the academic environment, which, especially then, tended to be highly intellectual and narrowly focused. In 1965 he took several steps that moved him into a less dogmatic, more eclectic musical world: he gave up teaching, wrote his first feature film score (

4. Schickele,Peter
Schietroma Robert J. . schickele peter (1935). Sex. Male
Find: The Database Home Page < Schiboni,Barton A. To the Index Schietroma,Robert J. >> Schickele,Peter (1935-) Sex Male Comments Capriccio "La pucelle de New Orleans" ("The maid of New Orleans")
Written Duration Comments Actually composed by P.D.Q Bach.Eedited with abandon by Prof. P. Schickele Publisher T. Presser
Inst. Flute (2), Oboe (2), Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon, Trumpet in Bb, Trombone, Soprano Grade Comments Dances for three
Written Duration Comments Publisher Elkan-Vogel
Inst. Clarinet in Bb (2), Bassoon Grade Comments Diversions
Written Duration Comments Publisher Elkan-Vogel
Inst. Oboe, Clarinet in Bb, Bassoon Grade Comments Elegies
Written Duration Comments Movements I and II are lovely, flowing compositions. The last movement requires a good sense of rhythm and is largely written in 7/8 meter. Publisher Elkan-Vogel
Inst. Clarinet in Bb, Piano Grade Comments Little suite for winter
Written Duration Comments Publisher Elkan-Vogel
Inst. Clarinet in Bb, Tuba Grade Comments Octoot for wind instruments Written Duration Comments Publisher T. Presser Inst.

5. Schickele: Peter Meets P.D.Q. Bach
Peter Schickele meets PDQ Bach, 2001. all images © Peter Schaaf.high five. handshake. shoulders. horns. bow hair. grammy horn.
Peter Schickele meets P.D.Q. Bach, 2001 high five handshake shoulders horns bow hair grammy horn Next Schickele page
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6. Peter Schickele
Peter Schickele decades of photos. I have had the pleasure of photographing PeterSchickele nearly every year since 1976. 1979. Peter Schickele meets PDQ Bach.

7. Peter Schickele
Peter Schickele's entry in the Guinness Encyclopedia of Popular Music entry for Peter Schickele. Schickele, Peter. b. 17 July 1935, Ames Iows USA. Peter Schickele was a composer and
The Guinness Encyclopedia of Un Popular Music
Edited by Colin Larkin
Volume 5: Primitives - Three's A Crowd
entry for Peter Schickele
Schickele, Peter
b. 17 July 1935, Ames,Iows,USA. Peter Schickele was a composer and humorist who, although he also wrote serious classical music, gained popularity through his satirical compositions recorded as the fictitious character PDQ Bach. Schickele and his family moved to Washington, DC, when he was eight-years-old and there he became exposed to the satirical jazz of Spike Jones . At the age of 12, Schickele moved to North Dakota where he became involved in theatre, learnt to play the bassoon and studied classical music. He became a classical composer while attending college in New York, where he settled in his 20s. He also discovered jazz, fold and rock music while at school, all of which he would later draw on in his composing. Schickele developed the concept of PDQ Bach in 1953. While experimenting with a primitive tape recorder, he taped the first movement of Bach's second Brandenburg Concerto performing all of the wind parts on bassoon. Inspired by one of Bach's few humorous pieces

8. Peter Schickele In Who's Who In Music
16th Edition 1998/1999. edited by David M.Cummings. Entry for PeterSchickele schickele peter, b. 17 Jul 1935, Ames,IA, USA. Musician.
International Who's Who in Music and Musicians' Directory
in the Classical and Light Classical Fields
16th Edition
edited by David M.Cummings
Entry for Peter Schickele:
SCHICKELE Peter, b. 17 Jul 1935, Ames,IA, USA.
Musician. m. Susan Sindall, 1962, 1 son, 1 daughter. Education:
MS, Juilliard School of Music, 1960; BA, Swarthmore College, 1967.
Career: Composer of serious music as well as sole discoverer of works of highly figmental PDQ Bach, with public concerts of PDQ Bach's music from 1965. Compositions include:
Chamber Music:Elegies, 1974, Hansel and Gretel And Ted Anbd Alice, Howdy Symphony, Iphigenia in Brooklyn, The Abduction Of Figaro, Bestiary, 1982, Quarter, 1982, String Quartet No 1, 1983, String Quartet No 2, In Memorian, 1987, String Quartet No 3, The Four Seasons, 1988, Concerto for Flute and Orchestra, 1990.
Hobbies: Solving and Making Crossword Puzzles; Cinema; Tennis
Current Management: Harold Shaw, Shaw Concerts Inc.
Address: c/o Shaw Concerts Inc, 1990, Broadway, Ney York, NY 10023, USA.

9. Innovative Library /All Locations
Schicke Walter, 1963, 1. Schickedanz Judith A 1944, c1986, 1. Schickel Richard,6. schickele peter, 10. Schiddel Edmund, 2. Schider Fritz 1846 1907, 2. SchieberPhilip, 2.,1927/search/aSchickele, Peter/aschickele peter/-

10. Waukegan Public Library /All Locations
Num Mark AUTHORS (112 of 16) Year schickele peter 1 1712 Overture Other MusicalAssaults / Sound Recording / PDQ Bach. Professor Peter Schickele.,1899,1901/search/a?Schickele, Peter.

11. Waukegan Public Library /All Locations
See Schikaneder Emanuel 1751 1812 1 Schickel Julia Whedon See Whedon Julia1 Schickel Richard 10 Schickele P Peter See schickele peter 1 Schickele,1899,1927/search/aSchickele, Peter./asch
WORD AUTHOR TITLE SUBJECT Children's Collection Bookmobile Collection Audio/Visual Collection Spanish Collection View Entire Collection Mark Nearby AUTHORS are: Year Entries Schick Renee Schick Ron Schickaneder Emanuel 1751 1812 See Schikaneder Emanuel 1751 1812
Schickel Julia Whedon See Whedon Julia
Schickel Richard

Schickele P Peter See Schickele Peter
Schickele Peter

Schickhard Johann Christian Ca 1680 1762
Schickling Mary ... Schiedermayer Ellie

12. Aurora Public Library /All Locations
WORD, Num Mark AUTHORS (12 of 2) Year schickele peter 1 The Maurice Sendak Library/ Videorecording / Compiled By CC Studios.,1763/search/a?Schickele, Peter

13. Peter Schickele Records - PDQ Bach
schickele peter LP Vanguard An Historic Return VSD79223 VG+ VG+ pdq bach at carnegiehall 20.00 Intimate PDQ Bac VSD-79335 VG+ VG+ pdq bach 20.00 PDQ Bach On
Records - Peter Schickele - PDQ Bach
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Prices in US$ do not include S/H and are subject to change.
Condition is disc/cover.
Schickele Peter LP Vanguard An Historic Return VSD-79223 VG+ VG+ p.d.q. bach at carnegie hall 20.00 Intimate P.D.Q. Bac VSD-79335 VG+ VG+ p.d.q. bach 20.00 P.D.Q. Bach On The VSD-79268 VG+ VG+ p.d.q. bach 20.00 Stoned Guest VSD-6536 VG+ VG+ wlp - p.d.q. bach opera 30.00

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14. Peter Schickele
Peter Schickele. Peter Schickele is a composer, conductor, and performerof music. He has recorded several albums as PDQ Bach. He

15. Peter Schickele - Wikipedia
Peter Schickele. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Peter Schickele(1935present) is a composer, musician, and musical parodist.
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Peter Schickele
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Peter Schickele (1935-present) is a composer, musician, and musical parodist. He was born in Ames, Iowa on July 17, 1935, and graduated with a degree in music from Swarthmore in 1957. He graduated from Julliard with an M.S. in musical composition. He has created music for school bands, film and television, folk singers, musicals and concert performances. His musical creations have won him multiple awards. He is perhaps best known for his clever parodies of classical music, written under the name of " P. D. Q. Bach ." He hosted the radio program "Schickele Mix" (

16. Peter Schickele
Peter Schickele. The Wurst of PDQ Bach. Version A. Front cover has Vanguardlogo at the bottom; Back cover has Quadraphonic in the top left corner;
Peter Schickele
The Wurst of P.D.Q. Bach
Version A
  • Front cover has Vanguard logo at the bottom
  • Back cover has Quadraphonic in the top left corner
  • Gatefold cover
  • No inserts
  • Label has a yellow and brown background with a multicolored pattern
Version B
  • Front cover has Vanguard logo at the top
  • Back cover has nothing in the top left corner
  • Regular cover
  • Insert on which is printed the same thing as on the gatefold cover of Version A
  • Label is all yellow
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17. Mid-Hudson Library System /ALL
Num Mark AUTHORS (15 of 5) Year schickele peter 1 The Abduction Of Figaro A SimplyGrand Opera In Three Acts / Videorecording Music And Libretto By PDQ,1901/search/a?Schickele, Peter.

18. Lancaster County Library System /All Locations
Num Mark AUTHORS (12 of 2) Year schickele peter 1 Abduction Of Figaro.Videorecording. 1984 2 The Short-Tempered Clavier And,1901/search/a?Schickele, Pete

19. This Page Has Changed
Biography with list of works, recordings, and books from Presser. Includes portrait.Category Arts Music Composition Composers S schickele, peter......If you are not redirected to peter schickele's page in a few seconds, pleaseclick on the link below (don't forget to update any bookmarks)
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20. The Peter Schickele/P.D.Q. Bach Web Site
Official site of the composer and his fictitious 18th Century alter ego. Includes compositions, concert Category Arts Music Composition Composers S schickele, peter......The Many Faces of peter schickele. Just as smoke signals gave way to the telephone,the august but paleolithic peter schickele Rag has given way to a Web site.
The Many Faces of Peter Schickele
Read the composer’s biography Read the Professor’s biography Check the Concert Schedule
Check the complete Schickele Mix Program Database Buy some records and other neat stuff Try solving Mr. Schickele’s Crossword Puzzle
The One Face of P.D.Q. Bach
Read the composer’s biography Just as smoke signals gave way to the telephone, the august but paleolithic Peter Schickele Rag has given way to a Web site. All the features that the Rag featured will be featured on this Web site, which will be updated even more frequently than the Rag was published—that’s right, even more frequently . Featured features include crosspuzz wordles , complete information about the concertizing activities , plus ordering information for whatever merchandising rip-offs are being made available.
March 7, 2003: March Premieres in March
A short march written by Peter Schickele a couple of years ago will make its premiere this year in March. The composition, Finish Line at the Rat Race , was written for Les Misérables Brass Band (you may remember Les Misérables Brass Band from Schickele Mix program number 19 , which was broadcast on the radio a few weeks ago) to use as part of The March Project , a large collection of small marches from many different composers. Les Misérables Brass Band has spent the last couple of years collecting these short marches and finally has enough of them to present

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