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         Alzheimers:     more books (112)
  1. 100 Simple Things You Can Do to Prevent Alzheimer's and Age-Related Memory Loss by Jean Carper, 2010-09-20
  2. Learning to Speak Alzheimer's: A Groundbreaking Approach for Everyone Dealing with the Disease by Joanne Koenig Coste, 2004-09-08
  3. A Caregiver's Guide to Alzheimer's Disease: 300 Tips for Making Life Easier
  4. The Alzheimer's Action Plan: The Experts' Guide to the Best Diagnosis and Treatment for Memory Problems by P. Murali Doraiswamy M.D., Lisa P. Gwyther M.S.W., et all 2008-04-15
  5. The 36-Hour Day: A Family Guide to Caring for People with Alzheimer Disease, Other Dementias, and Memory Loss in Later Life, 4th Edition by Nancy L. Mace, Peter V. Rabins, 2006-10-09
  6. Alzheimer's from the Inside Out by Richard Taylor, 2006-12-31
  7. Alzheimer's Early Stages: First Steps for Family, Friends and Caregivers by Daniel Kuhn, 2003-03-27
  8. The Anti-Alzheimer's Prescription: The Science-Proven Prevention Plan to Start at Any Age by Vincent Fortanasce, 2009-08-04
  9. Jan's Story: Love lost to the long goodbye of Alzheimer's by Barry Petersen, 2010-06-15
  10. Inside Alzheimer's: How to Hear and Honor Connections with a Person who has Dementia by Nancy Pearce, 2007-08-01
  11. Living Your Best With Early-Stage Alzheimer's: An Essential Guide by Lisa Snyder, 2010-04-15
  12. What If It's Not Alzheimer's?: A Caregiver's Guide to Dementia (Updated & Revised)
  13. The Myth of Alzheimer's: What You Aren't Being Told About Today's Most Dreaded Diagnosis by Peter J. Whitehouse, Daniel George, 2008-01-08
  14. Preventing Alzheimer's: Ways to Help Prevent, Delay, Detect, and Even Halt Alzheimer's Disease and OtherForms of Memory Loss by William Rodman Shankle, Daniel G. Amen, 2005-06-07

1. Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral Center - ADEAR - A Service Of The Natio
Research, clinical trials, links to other Federal resources, service of the National Institutes of Health.
Alzheimer's Disease Education
A Service of the National Institute on Aging About AD Caregiving News ...


Clinical Trials

AD Research

Health Info
Literature Search (CHID) Media Room Conference Calendar Sign Up for E-Mail Alerts U.S Department of Health and Human Services Welcome to the ADEAR Center! Use this site to find current, comprehensive Alzheimer's disease (AD) information and resources from the U.S. Government's National Institute on Aging (NIA) Questions? Contact Us. You can reach our Informatio n Specialists by e-mail instant message , or toll-free telephone at Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:00pm (Eastern) Publications Order or view ADEAR publications. (Most are FREE ADEAR Highlights : AD NEWS: Studies Suggest New Ways to Clear AD Plaques NEW! Alzheimer's Disease: Unraveling the Mystery Family Caregivers Home Safety for People with AD Protecci n en el Hogar...

2. Alzheimer's Society - Dementia Care And Research
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The Alzheimer's Society is the UK's leading care and research charity for people with any form of dementia and their carers. News Alzheimer's Talking Point
The first special live chat session where people with dementia were able to get responses to their information needs was successful.
Go to: Alzheimer's Talking Point Who decides? If someone had an accident resulting in head injuries leaving them unable to make decisions for themselves, who do you think would have the right to make decisions on their behalf? The law is not clear. Go to: Press release Tell us your views and experiences Making Decisions Alliance campaign Making a living will Alzheimer's Society website to have new look from April 2003

3. Alzheimers Australia
Contact Frank Schaper on (08) 9388 2800 or for information about grants or how to make a

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to increase the size of the text Alzheimer's Australia Alzheimer's Australia is the peak body providing support and advocacy for the 500,000 Australians living with dementia. As a charity, we rely on fundraising; your donations help us to provide quality services, support and education, and to fund research. National Conference 2003
National Conference Presentations

In the press

Donate online
This website is sponsored by the Commonwealth Government

4. Mayo Clinic - Alzheimers Disease Research Center
Provides general information, services offered, staff directory, and free newsletter.
Alzheimers Disease Research Center Research Mayo ADC


The Mayo Alzheimer’s Disease Research Center is one of 29 Alzheimer’s disease research centers across the country designated and funded by the National Institute on Aging of the National Institutes of Health. The purpose of the center is to provide care for dementia patients and promote research and education on Alzheimer’s Disease. The Mayo ADRC is organized into six cores:
  • Administrative Core The purpose of the Administrative Core is the oversee and coordinate all research activities of the Mayo ADRC. It facilitates new research projects on dementia and Alzheimer’s Disease. Director: Ronald C. Petersen, PhD., M.D
  • Clinical and Research Support Core The purpose of the Clinical Core is to assess persons with memory and related complaints and persons of the same age and gender who have normal cognitive abilities. Patients with Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and other dementias and normal volunteers are invited to participate in a variety of different research projects. The ADRC closely cooperates with the Alzheimer’s Disease Patient Registry which studies the changes in AD patients as they age. Normative information has been gathered on neuropsychological tests that has increased our Center’s ability in the early detection of dementia, including AD. It compares AD patients with normal subjects of the same age and sex and notes the changes in each over the years. Drug trials, risk factor analyses, patient management and prognosis research can also occur within this core.

5. Alzheimers Resource
alzheimers Resource for care and treatment of alzheimers and alzheimers symptoms "Tip of the Day". alzheimers News and Information

Support .com One of the World's Largest Alzheimers Site! Over 3 million Annual Visitors 1,000+ Alzheimers 300 Alzheimers Items Chat Rooms Message Boards Advisory Board ... "Tip of the Day"
Alzheimers News and Information New Studies Suggest Ways to Clear Alzheimer's Amyloid Plaques - Two new research findings suggest that boosting normal, protective processes in the brain might help degrade or prevent damaging protein plaques associated with Alzheimer's disease (AD). READ MORE
Gene Transfer Reduces Levels of Key Alzheimer's Disease Protein
- A molecule that naturally degrades a protein linked to Alzheimer's disease appears to reduce the levels of that protein by nearly 50 percent when delivered by gene therapy, researchers at the Salk Institute and University of California, San Diego have fou ... READ MORE
Age Related Changes in the Brain's White Matter Affect Cognitive Function in Old Age
- Age-related changes in the brain the appearance, starting around age 60, of "white-matter lesions" among the brain's message-carrying axons significantly affect cognitive function in old age. READ MORE
Scan Visualizes Poor Memory in the Elderly
- Dutch psychologists have found that elderly persons with a poor memory demonstrate less activity in the mediotemporal lobe when storing new information than elderly persons with a normally functioning memory.

6. ALZHEIMERS: Research,links,products
Diagnosis, treatment and useful products.
When my father was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease in 1990, I began collecting all the information I could about the disease and how to be a good caregiver...I read articles in journals,listened to experts,talked with other caregivers, and went to websites. I collected so much useful information about how to be a caregiver, that I decided to write a book about it...and,well,all that knowledge is found in our new book, called Alzheimer Solutions- A Personal Guide For Caregivers
Judith Harch,a journalist and medical editor, has been my trusty co-author on the book right from the start. She has done a wonderful job...sometimes I get a bit wordy, and she has made the book easy to read, no matter what the reader's expertise level. The user-friendly Question and Answer format shows you how to handle specific problems with scores of useful tips. The book is larger than normal,and the publisher chose a type size that is comfortable and easy to read for older caregivers.
The book shows caregivers how to recognize when they are under too much stress, and how to cope with it..The book lists many wonderful resources.
I thought you might be interested in looking at the Table of Contents...

7. Alzheimer's:Coping With Alzheimer's Disease By Denise Cooper
Chronicles the life of Denise Cooper from 1996.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Alzheimer s Personal Pages......Currently, there is an estimated 4 million Americans afflicted with alzheimersDisease (AD).It is expected that more than 34 million people worldwide will
Currently, there is an estimated 4 million Americans afflicted with Alzheimers Disease (AD).It is expected that more than 34 million people worldwide will develop Alzheimer?s disease by 2025 if an effective form of prevention and treatment are not found. The cost of caring for a person with AD is extremely high, an estimated $4.4 billion dollars per year is covered by the government, states cover an additional $4.1 billion per year. Most of the remaining costs fall on the patient and their family. If you think that Alzheimers won't affect you, perhaps you better think again. We are an aging society and the prevalence of the disease is increasing dramatically. Doctors now look at people between the ages of 30-50 and see the next generation of AD suffers. Could that be you, your mom, dad, sister, brother? If anyone had of told me in 1987, that in just a few years I would become my mothers full-time caregiver because of Alzheimers I would not have believed them. You see, my mother graduated from our local college, at the age of 72, June, 1987, the oldest person ever. She received her AA and a standing ovation from her class. Yet, just a few years later the signs of AD began to rear their ugly heads. The forgetfulness, agitation, distraction, confusion etc...

8. Alzheimers Sjukdom
Om symptom och sjukdomsutveckling.

Mage, Lever och Tarm
Lexikon Sjukdomar Symptom Interaktivt Diskussionsgrupper Chat Forum Depression Nyheter Reportage Service NetDoktor Internationellt Patient-organisationer Alzheimers sjukdom
Hur yttrar sig Alzheimers sjukdom?
Andra stadiet
Tredje stadiet
The materials presented within are in no way meant to be substitutes for professional medical care or attention by a qualified practitioner. The materials within cannot and should not be used as basis for a diagnosis or choosing a treatment. Click here - Conditions for use - Important legal information.
Mage, Lever och Tarm
LEXIKON: Sjukdomar Symptom INTERAKTIVT: Diskussionsgrupper Chat FORUM: Depression Nyheter Reportage SERVICE: NetDoktor Internationellt Patient-organisationer

9. Alzheimer's Association Of WA
Upcoming Events. Alzheimer's Australia National Conference (18 21 March2003) 'Today's Challenges - Tomorrow's Choices' Melbourne Victoria. Category Health Conditions and Diseases Alzheimer s Associations

10. MEDLINEplus: Alzheimer's Disease
Alzheimer's disease directory features links to diagnostic resources, treatment overviews and support groups.
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Alzheimer's Disease
Contents of this page:

From the NIH



Search MEDLINE for recent research articles on Alzheimer's Disease:


Hereditary and Other Causes
Therapy You may also be interested in these MEDLINEplus related pages: Alzheimer's Caregivers Caregivers Dementia Brain and Nervous System ... Seniors' Health

11. Virtual Hospital: Guidelines For Alzheimer’s Disease Management
Univ of Iowa resource on diagnosis and treatment of Alzheimer's disease.
Iowa Geriatric Education Center
Department of Neurology The University of Iowa Peer Review Status: Internally Peer Reviewed by Robert Wallace, M.D., Kathleen Buckwalter, Ph.D., and The Iowa / Missouri Consortium for Alzheimer Education
First Published: April 26, 1999
Last Revised: December 13, 1999 Table of Contents See related Provider Textbooks about Neurology or Psychiatry See related Provider Topics Alzheimer's Caregivers Alzheimer's Disease Brain and Nervous System Mental Health and Behavior ... Seniors' Health or Social/Family Issues See related Patient Textbooks about Neurology or Psychiatry See related Patient Topics Alzheimer's Caregivers Alzheimer's Disease Brain and Nervous System Mental Health and Behavior ... Seniors' Health or Social/Family Issues Virtual Hospital Home Virtual Children's Hospital Home Site Map ... UI Health Care Home

12. Page Not Found - 404 - Alzheimer's Disease Education & Referral Center - ADEAR
General information, treatment and research of Alzheimer's Disease.
Alzheimer's Disease Education
A Service of the National Institute on Aging Home About AD Caregiving ...


Clinical Trials

AD Research

Health Info
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13. Nursing Home, Assisted Living, Long Term Care Information
Directory for assisted living, alzheimers care, retirement and nursing homes.
Sun Mar 30
Nursing Homes, Assisted Living Facilities, Long Term Care, RN Care Managers, Care Planning, Information and more ... REVIEWS
HOME CARE eStore Relocating Staying@Home Caregivers ...
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    An Internet community created and maintained by Registered Nurses (RNs) dedicated to providing seniors and their families access to quality information and creditable services. Thoughtful gifts and monthly specials. List you Facility or Home Care Agency for FREE List Your Products or Services When staying @ home just isn't possible. Find a good Independent Living Community, Assisted Living Facility, Continuing Care Community or Nursing Home / Skilled Care Facility. Please take a moment to check out our new eStore. Our nurses have compiled a selection of their favorite products and written short reviews and tips on each. Good prices, quick delivery. Planning ahead by exploring living arrangements and care for a loved one with Alzheimer's is critical in making the right decision. Our RN Care Managers will locate facilities in your area based upon your individual needs and preferences. Facility Match is available for:
  • 14. Alzheimer's Society - CJD Support Network
    CJD case coordinator Gillian Turner If you haveany comments to make about this webpage please email

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    CJD support network
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    Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease (CJD) is one of a small group of fatal diseases caused by infectious agents called prions. These attack the brain, killing cells and creating gaps in tissue. The brain takes on a characteristic sponge-like appearance. Early symptoms include memory problems, mood changes and lack of co-ordination. The disease progresses to shakiness and dementia. Those affected are eventually unable to move or speak. The CJD Support Network is the only registered charity providing help and support for people with Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease, their carers and concerned professionals. Founded in 1994 by relatives of people with CJD, with the help of the Alzheimer's Society and other professionals, the aims of the Network include:

    15. Brookcare Pharmacy Services - Home
    Provides over the counter and prescription drug pharmacy services to Assisted Living residences, alzheimers Care residences and skilled nursing facilities.
    Visit MayoHealth B rookcare Pharmacy Services provides pharmacy services to Assisted living residences, Alzheimer's Care residences and nursing homes throughout North Carolina. We have over 50 years of combined experience, including a consultant pharmacist who has a Doctor of Pharmacy Degree with a clinical background. We offer same day delivery 5 days a week to our clients as well as pharmacists on call at all times. Our experience has helped us to provide the highest level of care possible at very competitive prices. With our experience, Brookcare can service any need from filling your prescriptions with top quality generic and brand name pharmaceuticals to providing all needed forms and documentation. Brookcare even accepts 3rd party prescription drug cards for your customer's convenience. Call (336) 712-0280 or email Brookcare for quality and thoughtful pharmacy services for your facility... Brookcare supports the following Medicare Part B Programs: Wound Care, Enteral Nutrition, Orthotic, Urological and Ostomy Programs.

    Looking for financial help needed to continue home health care for their father who is in the late stages of Alzheimer's Disease.

    17. Introduction
    Welcome to alzheimers NZ, National Office and Resource Centre. Our aims are To providesupport. This is what alzheimers NZ can do for you Provide information.
    Welcome to Alzheimers NZ, National Office and Resource Centre Our aims are:
    • To provide support.
    • To educate and inform the public.
    • To stimulate research.
    • To raise government and community awareness.
    This is what Alzheimers NZ can do for you:
    • Provide information.
    • Offer support.
    • Help you cope.
    This site is hosted courtesy of DIGIWEB " Making life better for all people affected by dementia." "Kia piki te ora mo nga tangata mate porewarewa." This site is sponsored by Sutherland Self Help Trust

    18. Alzheimer's And Dementia For Patients And Caregivers
    Links, information, books, and support for caregivers.Category Health Conditions and Diseases Dementia Care Givers......This section of our site features information,links,support, and books referralsfor those who have alzheimers Disease or some form of dementia, and for their

    Message Board Chat Gift Shoppe Clink on the links above to go to the information you want... A Thought from the Heart "I can't think. I can't plan. I feel as though my feet were in sand. . .
    and I have no solid ground to stand on." Quotation of an elderly woman with end-stage Alzheimer's disease who I was blessed to visit during one of her "window" moments. Perhaps this gift she so eloquently shared with me that evening, as no other lesson, has taught me what it may be like to have this disease. She died several months later - but her life, and her gift, will remain solidly implanted in my heart forever.
    Thank you, dear heart.
    by Barb Remakel LAST UPDATED: June 5, 2001 Contact Us

    19. Alzheimers, Dementia & Driving
    hig logo,

    More than 4 million people in the U.S. are afflicted with dementia, with Alzheimer's Disease being the most com mon form. Deciding when to limit or stop driving can be a confusing issue for individuals diagnosed with dementia and their caregivers. Earlier diagnosis and better medications may allow people to drive longer, further complicating the decision. Most information about dementia warns against driving, but does not describe when or how to stop. The Hartford Financial Services Group, Inc., the MIT Age Lab and Connecticut Community Care, Inc., have developed a guide to Alzheimer's Disease, Dementia and Driving as a tool to help individuals and caregivers determine when it is time to stop driving. Home FAQs Warning Signs Tips ...

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