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         Bad Breath:     more books (100)
  1. Breath Malodor: A Step-by-step Approach by Daniel Van Steenberghe, 2004-05
  2. Bad Breath Secrets: "What My Doctor Told Me About Halitosis!" AAA+++
  3. Bad Breath Secrets - What Your Doctor Didn't Tell You About Halitosis
  4. 60 Ways to Cure Bad Breath
  5. Tips and Tricks to Help Combat Bad Breath
  6. Bad Breath Basics by, 2010-03-15
  7. Boogers Gave Me Bad Breath by Stephen R. Fitch, 2010-07-26
  8. "GETTING RID OF BAD BREATH" by Michelle Tason, 2008-11-23
  9. How To Win Your War Against Bad Breath by Kingdom PLR, 2009-08-19
  10. Bad Breath - Tips & Tricks to Help Combat Bad Breath! by James Louis, 2009-01-04
  11. Zap Bad Breath Away: Get Rid of Bad Breath Remedies, Tips & Tricks by Kenneth Vega, 2009-12-01
  12. Curing Chronic Bad Breath:Why Dental Hygiene May Not Be Enough by Harold Howard, 2010-08-12
  13. Bad Breath - Tips & Tricks to Help Combat Bad Breath! by Dr. J. Phillips, 2009-08-22
  14. Guide To Bad Breath Secrets - What My Doctor Told Me About Halitosis! by CompTel Services, 2008-10-06

21. Logging Into Site
Clinic provides consultations and products for elimination of bad breath. Buy products online.

22. Bad Breath- Fresh Breath And Halitosis
Offers techniques to fight bad breath like flossing and brushing, gargling, tongue cleaning, and tips to make toothpaste better. Provides plastic strip style tongue cleaners.

bad breath cure
bad breath cause bad breath remedy bad breath treatment ... kissing tip Bad Breath
more and more dentists recommend it.
Are You Kissable ? Don't be embarrassed. Most probably you are not aware of its negligence. But think about it. Frankly, here is a legitimate question if your tongue is not cleaned daily! By using a tongue-scraper called "Breathcleaner", you can improve your oral hygiene in 5 seconds. In the morning and after meals, you can scrape the yellowish, odor-producing, bacteria-flourished sludge off the tongue surface swiftly & easily. For a good date, in any day, tongue-scraping is as important as teeth-brushing. Free Family Kits of Tongue-cleaners
other health benefits are also good for every person.) We believe people should be well-informed of its benefits and have the proper, effective tools to scrape/clean their tongues twice daily. (Note: tooth brush is not the proper tool for tongue-scraping. More at FAQ#5 Surely you want fresh breath. How?

23. Welcome To The Breath Terminator! - Are You Concerned About Bad Breath & Halitos
What is the bad breath Terminator TM? How is Your Breath? Fact Sheet. Oral HealthCare Links. Testimonials. FAQ. ORDER NOW. You may never have bad breath again!!!
What is the
Bad Breath Terminator
TM How is Your
Fact Sheet Oral Health ... [HOME]

TM Tongue Cleaner Bad Breath Terminator Tongue Cleaner is an Incredibly Effective Tongue Scraper that provides an Instant, Tangible and Permanent Fresh Breath Solution by eliminating the offensive foul odor generating bacteria, the coating of white plaque and decaying food particles from the ridges and valleys on the back of the tongue. You may never have bad breath again!!! The unique, patented concave head with an effective scraping edge, is specifically designed for gentle forward and side to side motions, to effectively scrape all the surface of the tongue, especially dorso-posterior part. It embraces the scraped area, preventing decaying food particles, those evil bacteria and other oral debris from scattering all over the mouth and being swallowed. The BAD BREATH TERMINATOR gives you the FULLEST CONFIDENCE that your breath is FRESH, CLEAN, ODOR FREE and KISSING SWEET! Scrape Away harmful bacteria, the coating of white plaque and decaying food particles from the valleys and ridges on the back of the tongue for a

24. Welcome To ODOR Free -- Pet Odors Gone With New Pet Spray
Formula that when sprayed on the pet's food will eliminate offensive odors such as bad breath, body and urine/stool odors.

25. ABS - Causes & Treatment
Learn ADA tips to prevent bad breath/halitosis Category Listing. bad breath (Halitosis). Consumer questions
Bad Breath
Bad breath or halitosis has been a problem for mankind since the beginning of most of recorded history. Never before have there been effective treatments for this condition until now. Most people will notice the advertising media is saturated with products promoted to help with this condition. Most, if not all of them, really do not work very long and some make the problem worse. Alcohol based mouthwashes can, for example, dry out the tissues in the mouth and cause the tissues to secrete plasma proteins which worsen the condition over time. Odors coming from the stomach are almost never the cause of chronic bad breath. It is estimated that nearly 60 million people suffer from chronic halitosis in the United States. It is also estimated that nearly ten billion dollars a year are spent to treat the condition; most of it wasted.
The usual treatment of the condition includes the use of compounds containing some kind of chlorine dioxide or combination of chlorine dioxide and chemically altered forms of oxychlorine species and also zinc compounds. The VSCs are then chemically changed into harmless compounds with no odor by the use of toothpastes and mouthrinses containing those oxchloride species. Treatment should also include tongue scrapping with specific instruments to remove the coating of white plaque. This not only removes the odor causing agents but lowers the overall bacteria count in the mouth which can have positive effects on the health of the gum tissues.

26. Toronto Based Treatment Of Halitosis, And Other Bad Breath Problems!
A clinic dedicated to the treatment of halitosis, dry mouth, and other bad breath problems.
Want fresh breath? Halitosis
The Fresh Breath Clinic halitosis or bad breath . We offer a caring and personal environment within a professional clinical setting. Our assessments and patented treatments are unique and successful, and we have made substantial contributions to the understanding of this debilitating problem. Our outreach is international.
The Fresh Breath Clinic Anne Bosy during her continuing scientific research on oral malodour. Anne became the first person to attain a Master of Science in Oral Malodour at the University of Toronto in 1993 and has gained international recognition as a result of her ground-breaking research on the causes and treatment of bad breath. The Clinic was established in the same year, becoming the first facility of its kind in North America.

27. Causes Of Bad Breath And Halitosis
bad breath cures and halitosis treatment. Australian help. Learn aboutbad breath causes, halitosis causes, and mouth odor cures.
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Bad Breath
Overview Causes Symptoms Treatment ... Recaldent Post Nasal Drip PND Overview PND Symptoms PND Causes PND Treatment Tongue Sores Types of Ulcers Ulcer Treatment Latest Research Breeze Shops
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Great Britain


Hong Kong
... Distributors Wanted Halitosis
Treatment Bad Breath Kits
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It is impossible to smell your own breath. Therefore breathing into your hand and smelling that as you often seen done, is of no diagnostic value at all. We have described some common ways to check if you have bad breath or halitosis. Also please use our Online Breath Quiz for help your diagnosis.

28. The Metro - Dallas/FtWorth
Lewisville, TX. Cosmetic dentistry. Information on halitosis (bad breath) and gum diseases.
You have reached a discontinued site at The Metro.
Please visit one of our sponsors or return to

29. Mohammed Shorab - Periodontist - Treatment Of Various Gum Disease.
Offers treatment of periodontal diseases, such as gum disease, bad breath, pus from gums and bleeding gums.
Web Site.

30. Filson Gentle Dentistry
Cosmetic, restorative, family dentistry. Tips on dry mouth for seniors, poorly fitting dentures and halitosis (bad breath). Free monthly email newsletter.
277 N. Third Street
Bayport, Minnesota 55003 Phone:
What We Do Providing Healthy Smiles with a Gentle Touch Dr. Bruce F. Filson provides the personalized attention you deserve. He will listen to your needs and answer all your questions. Plus, you'll enjoy our friendly, caring staff.
And, you'll appreciate our use of the latest materials, modern treatment techniques and our pleasant relaxed environment. Your Comfort Is Our First Concern Our team of friendly, caring professionals is specially trained in the latest techniques in virtually "pain-free" care. Site Map Contact Us
Hosted by

31. Dental Tooth Whitening .com
Professional dental care, tooth whitening systems for teeth bleaching and remedies for bad breath and halitosis.
2819 Woodcliffe
San Antonio TX 78230 Phone:(210) 316-2864
Fax:(210) 349-7005 offers customized solutions for complete dental care. We have a staff of professionals that work closely with all the newest products available on the market as well as products only available through your dentist. All our recommendations for product usage are based on direct customer feedback and testing.
Featured product: Crest WhiteStrips
Professional Kit
Not available in stores

Commercial formula also available here
Package Includes:
42 Upper strips
42 Lower strips
4.8oz. Crest dual action whitening toothpaste 1 crest complete toothbrush Sale Price:$39.99 Click to buy Apply in seconds For details on our other products like Braun OralB electronic tooth brush

32. Bad Breath - Halitosis, Post Nasal Drip
Offers halitosis and post nasal drip products.Category Shopping Health Dental Halitosis......Cure bad breath and treat halitosis with Breeze Dental Rinses. We guarantee freshbreath. No more sour tastes, dry mouth or canker sores. bad breath Halitosis.

Bad Breath, Post Nasal Drip, Halitosis Treatments
Bad Breath Halitosis
  • Coated tongue (white or color) Metal or bitter taste in the mouth Morning breath or dry mouth People turn heads or touch noses
Cure bad breath, treat halitosis. Restore confidence, give yourself fresh breath HALITOSIS KIT
Free Support
Our Fresh Breath Kit treats Halitosis smells, from mouth or nose. Our kit guarantees fresh breath. Stop dry mouth, sour taste.
Post Nasal Drip
  • White round globs in your tonsils Throat suffers with blocked feeling Constant swallowing, clearing throat Poor or reduced sense of smell Asthmatic or allergy sufferer
Nasal systems from ENT surgeons. Treat post nasal drip. Treat sinus problems NEW ULCER GEL NASAL SINUS KIT Free Advice New products available. Made by ENT surgeons. Will clean old mucous. Available in simple to use kit

33. Bad Breath
bad breath Kits (Click Your Currency). bad breath is caused by sulphur compoundsmade by non oxygen type bacteria (anaerobic) that live within our bodies.
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Bad Breath
Overview Causes Symptoms Treatment ... We Can Help You Post Nasal Drip PND Overview PND Symptoms PND Causes PND Treatment Tongue Sores Canker Sores Latest Research Types of Ulcers Ulcer Treatment Other Information Online Breath Quiz Lactose Quiz Who Are We Testimonials ... Distributors Wanted Bad Breath Kits
Click Your Currency) US$ UK£ AU$ HK$ ... EU$ Bad breath
is caused by sulphur compounds made by non oxygen type bacteria (anaerobic) that live within our bodies. This is a very simplified statement as there are many reasons why the bacteria that cause this problem get out of hand. There are also many myths as to the causes of bad breath. Our information is collected from years of running fresh breath clinics. We have listened to our patients and have developed a database of information and special products unique to us. We are serious about a cure for this embarrassing problem. We always listen to feedback and appreciate it.

34. Just A Hint - Body Odor, Bad Breath, Foot Odor, Offensive Behavior, Annoying Hab
Service which anonymously and tactfully alerts others of hygiene problems such as body odor and bad breath, annoying habits or offensive behavior.
Body odor, bad breath, halitosis, foot odor, offensive behavior, annoying habits, personal hygiene Just A Hint We are a service which anonymously and tactfully alerts others of hygiene problems such as body odor and bad breath, annoying habits or offensive behavior. P. O. Box 74
Mt. Zion, IL 62549 body odor, bad breath, halitosis, foot odor, offensive behavior, annoying habits, personal hygiene body odor, bad breath, halitosis, foot odor, offensive behavior, annoying habits, personal hygiene body odor, bad breath, halitosis, foot odor, offensive behavior, annoying habits, personal hygiene

35. Bad Breath Cures
Features plastic tongue scrapers in multiple colors as well as plaque fighting tooth brushes.Category Shopping Health Dental Halitosis......New dental health breakthroughs effectively eliminate bad breath, gum disease, dentaldecay causing bacteria and ensure fresh breath, healthy gums and overall
YOU CAN ENJOY CLEAN, FRESH BREATH NOW! Over 1 Million People in 57 Countries Are Already Enjoying Fresher Breath! Discover What Dentists and Hygienists Do When They Have Bad Breath! The American Dental Association (ADA) Recommends Daily Tongue Scraping for Better Oral Health! IMAGINE... Never Having To Worry About " BAD BREATH " ... ® Tongue Scraper Attack Bad Breath At Its Source! Your Tongue! OraFlosBrush Flossing Brush! A New Secret To Excellent Oral Health! Brush Floss At Once!

36. Welcome To OraMedix | OraSweet Tongue Scraper
OraSweet tongue scraper effectively eliminates bad breath causing oral bacteriaand ensures fresh breath. Never Having To Worry About bad breath Again!
Stop Embarrassment And Agony of Bad Breath Now by Removing The Harmful Bacteria, Plaque, And Decaying Food Particles On The Back Of Your Tongue And Enjoy Fresh Breath! Tongue Cleaning is clinically proven to be the single most effective way to reduce Bad Breath Now and Forever! The OraSweet® Tongue Cleaner has a unique, patented concave head with a scraping edge that is specifically designed for gentle forward and side to side motions. This design allows for the proper cleaning of the entire surface of the tongue, especially the very back of the tongue, where the majority of foul odor-causing bacteria and decaying food particles are lodged. It encompasses the tongue surface, preventing decaying food particles from scattering all over the mouth and being swallowed. The OraSweet Tongue Scraper affords a crucial cleaning edge that effectively reaches the back and concave portion of the tongue. Because of the excellent design and construction, FDA Grade bio-compatible quality plastic, the OraSweet Tongue Cleaner maintains its effective scraping edge for months.

37. Untitled Document
Anonymously inform friends or coworkers of their bad breath, body odor, or other problems in a tactful manner.

38. ProFresh International Corp
Features kits of chlorine dioxide rinses, tongue cleaner and supplies to eliminate bad breath and mouth bacteria. Also sells refills of individual items.

39. Bad Breath And Halitosis Can Now Be Eliminated
Offers a range of products and kits to address bad breath, as well as breath meters and research articles.
Don't Cover Up Bad Breath
Eliminate the Cause
How it works Order Now! Special Offer Take Our Survey ... FAQ's Welcome to the first step in getting your confidence back! Here you will find out about research conducted to identify the true cause of bad breath. Take a look at an informative book devoted to the subject written by Dr Gary Guillory D.D.S. Findout how Biofresh works and what makes it different. Finally see what a great value Biofresh is compared to other products on the market today. Answers to frequently asked questions and how do you test your breath. e-mail a Dentist any question
Risk Free
100% Money Back
Guarantee. Best Value.
Measure your breath odor with the palm size: BreathAlert
Brand Tongue Cleaners, proven to be the most effective! It is estimated 85 million Americans suffer from bad breath on a regular basis. Now, thanks to research on what causes bad breath, there is no reason to suffer embarrassment anymore. ABC News Medical Editor Dr. Timothy Johnson

40. Get Fresh Breath, Prevent Bad Breath And Halitosis
bad breath NO MORE ! bad breath, learn how to eliminate bad breath forever. Findout what dentists do when they have bad breath. 5 Common bad breath Myths.
Click Here for Discount Prices on Popular Electric Toothbrushes
Are you ready for truly fresh, kissable breath ? With the proper understanding and care bad breath can be virtually eliminated. The Bad Breath Relief Center provides you with complete information so you can conquer bad breath and prevent it from interfering with your life. 5 Common Bad Breath Myths Think mouthwashes are great for preventing bad breath ? Think again. Mouthwashes can actually make bad breath worse. Find out about the benefits of mouthwash and other bad breath myths. Everything You Wanted to Know About Eliminating Bad Breath Learn what truly causes bad breath - it may surprise you. Discover what simple habits may actually make it worse. Find out how to eliminate bad breath for good.
Tips and Techniques for Eliminating Bad Breath
Frequently Asked Questions About Bad Breath Find the answers to the most commonly asked bad breath questions
...find out why

Bad Breath Cure
Complete system provides absolutely everything you need for fresh breath.
Advanced formula toothpaste, mouthwash, and breath spray fight bad breath

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