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         Bergers Disease:     more books (100)
  1. Diagnosis of Genito-Urinary Diseases and Urinalysis by Henry I. Berger, 1934
  2. Encyclopedic Diagnosis of nervous and Mental Diseases by Henry Irving Berger, 1934
  3. Natural Causes: Death and Disease for the Serious Consumer by Stephen A. Berger, 1996-10
  4. Diagnosis of genito-urinary diseases including urinalysis by Henry Irving Berger, 1923
  5. Diagnosis Of Cardiovascular Diseases (1912) by Henry Irving Berger, 2010-09-10
  6. Infektionen II. (Handbook of Experimental Pharmacology / Erzeugung von Krankheitszuständen durch das Experiment / Experimental Production of Diseases) (German Edition)
  7. Brain Fitness: Anti-Aging to Fight Alzheimer's Disease, Supercharge Your Memory, Sharpen Your Intelligence, De-Stress Your Mind, Control Mood Swings, and Much More by Robert Goldman MD, 1999-12-28
  8. Diagnosis of Cardio-Vascular Diseases by Henry I. (MD) Berger, 1925-01-01
  9. Congenital Heart Disease: Impact on the Fetus, Pregnancy, Neonate, and Family (Clinics in Perinatology, Volume 32,)
  10. Urologic Clinics of North America - Sexually Transmitted Diseases. Volume 11, Number 1 (February 1984)
  11. Ameba-associated microorganisms and diagnosis of nosocomial pneumonia.(RESEARCH): An article from: Emerging Infectious Diseases by Pierre Berger, Laurent Papazian, et all 2006-02-01
  12. Human bocavirus in febrile children, the Netherlands.(Letter to the editor): An article from: Emerging Infectious Diseases by Miriam Monteny, Hubert G.M. Niesters, et all 2007-01-01
  13. Epitome of the Diagnosis and Treatment of Nervous Diseases: Including Bromide Therapy by Henry I. Berger, 1910
  14. DIAGNOSIS OF GENITO-URINARY DISEASES by Henry I. Berger, 1929-01-01

61. VUMC - Radiologie
Lobo A, Rutgeerts P, Sachar D. Mild to moderate Crohn’s disease of the Lycklamaà Nijeholt GJ, Uitdehaag BMJ, bergers E, Castelijns JA, Polman CH, Barkhof F
Publicaties Barkhof F . MRI in multiple sclerosis: correlation with expanded disability status scale (EDSS). Multiple Sclerosis 1999; 5: 283-286. Barkhof F . Changes in magnetization transfer ratio of new enhancing lesions: a new way to asses tissue damage in vivo. Int. MS Journal 1999; 6 (1): 35. Barkhof F , Schut G, Flanz JB, Goitein M, Schippers JM. Verification of the alignment of a therapeutic radiation beam relative to its patient positioner. Med. Phys. 1999; 26 (11): 2429-2237. Barkhof F Walderveen MAA van . Characterization of tissue damage in multiple sclerosis by NMR. Philos. Trans. R. Soc. Lond. B. Biol. Sci. 1999; 354: 1675-1686. Barkhof F , Filippi M, Waesberghe JHTM van , Campi A, Miller DH, Adér HJ. Interobserver agreement for diagnostic MR criteria in suspected MS. Neuroradiology 1999; 41: 347-350. Berry I, Barker GJ, Barkhof F , Campi A, Dousset V, Franconi JM, Gass A, Schreiber W, Miller DH, Tofts PS. A multi-centre; measurement of magnetization transfer ratio in normal white matter. JMRI 1999; 9: 441-446. Boxel-Dezaire AHH van, Hoff SCJ, van Oosten BW, Verweij CL, Draeger AM, Adèr HJ, van Houwelingen JC

62. Multiple Sclerosis Abstracts: 07d-2g1
distinct ImmuneEndocrine effects play a decisive role in determining disease progressionin De Groot CJ, bergers E, Kamphorst W, Ravid R, Polman CH, Barkhof F
MS Abstracts 7d-2g1
    10 Abstracts
  • Peripheral blood cell bulk cultures are not suitable for the analysis of the Genetic control of T-Cell Cytokine function
    Immunol Lett 2001 Aug 1;78(1):21-7
  • Patterns of disease in concordant parent-child pairs with MS
    Neurology 2001 Jul 24;57(2):290-5
  • Cortical activation in Multiple Sclerosis
    Ugeskr Laeger 2001 Jul 2;163(27):3788-92
  • Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis with Multiple Sclerosis: a clinical and pathological report
    Amyotroph Lateral Scler Other Motor Neuron Disord 2000 Dec;1(5):349-53
  • Changes in Serum levels of soluble InterLeukin-2 receptor and soluble InterCellular Adhesion Molecule-1
    Neurol Neurochir Pol 2001 Jan-Feb;35(1):47-56
  • The clinical profile of childhood Optic Neuritis
    Arq Neuropsiquiatr 2001 Jun;59(2-B):311-7
  • Disease progression in CREAE is associated with reduced inflammation-driven CorticoSterone production
    Endocrinology 2001 Aug;142(8):3616-24
  • Post-mortem MRI-guided sampling of Multiple Sclerosis Brain lesions: Increased yield of active DeMyelinating and reactive lesions
    Brain 2001 Aug;124(Pt 8):1635-45
  • A Virus-induced molecular mimicry model of Multiple Sclerosis
    J Clin Invest 2001 Jul;108(2):311-8
  • 63. Multiple Sclerosis Abstracts: 02a-2g1
    which is considered the prototype model for the human disease Multiple Sclerosis MRI,HistoPathology And Clinical Phenotype Nijeholt GJ, bergers E, Kamphorst W
    MS Abstracts 02a-2g1
      8 Abstracts
  • Viral induced DeMyelination
    Brain Pathol 2001 Jan;11(1):92-106
  • Decreases in InterLeukin-4 secretion by Invariant CD4 Valpha24JalphaQ T-Cells in Relapsing/Remitting Multiple Sclerosis peripheral blood
    Clin Immunol 2001 Jan;98(1):11-17
  • Acute posterior Cord lesions in Multiple Sclerosis: an MRI study of clinical course in 20 cases
    Rev Neurol (Paris) 2000 Dec;156(12):1126-1135
  • Chemokines and chemokine receptors in inflammation of the Nervous System: manifold roles and exquisite regulation
    Immunol Rev 2000 Oct;177:52-67
  • InterLeukin-1 in the Brain: biology, pathology and therapeutic target
    Trends Neurosci 2000 Dec;23(12):618-25
  • Involvement of the Choroid Plexus in Central Nervous System inflammation
    Microsc Res Tech 2001 Jan 1;52(1):112-129
  • Post-mortem high-resolution MRI of the Spinal Cord in Multiple Sclerosis: A correlative study with conventional MRI, HistoPathology and clinical phenotype
    Brain 2001 Jan;124(Pt 1):154-166
  • Multiple Sclerosis with very late onset: a report of a case with onset at age 82 years and review of the literature
    J Spinal Disord 2000 Dec;13(6):545-9
      Additional Abstracts
      Viral Induced DeMyelination
      Stohlman SA, Hinton DR
  • 64. Pub
    MG, Dorant E, Brummer RJM, Kruijs MA van de, Muris JW, bergers JM, Goedhard J. StockbrüggerRW and the south Limburg inflammatory bowel disease study group.
    Registratienet Huisartspraktijken
    RNH - publicaties -RNH-menu Publicaties Publicaties(oud) -RNH-Rapporten RNH-medewerkers kunnen via het printicoontje - na het intypen van gebruikersnaam/wachtwoord - naar de fulltext van betreffend artikel. Benodigde software : Adobe Acrobat Reader Dit programma kunt U downloaden door de volgende link te volgen : download page
    Opmerking: De toegang tot elektronische tijdschriften van Universiteit Maastricht is alleen bedoeld voor persoonlijk gebruik, in de context van studie en wetenschapsbeoefening. Het systematisch of regelmatig downloaden van grote hoeveelheden artikelen is in strijd met de voorwaarden van de licenties die de Universiteitsbibliotheek Maastricht is aangegaan. ALGEMEEN PROJECTEN Dissertaties Dissertaties Internationale publicaties Geaccepteerd* Submitted Internationale publicaties Geaccepteerd Submitted Nationale publicaties Geaccepteerd* Submitted Nationale publicaties Geaccepteerd Submitted* Abstracts Abstracts * niet aanwezig * niet aanwezig Publicatielijst Registratienet Huisartspraktijken (RNH) sept.2001

    65. ISMRM 2000 Posters: MR Imaging Of Brain - White Matter
    Magnetization Transfer Ratios in Inflammatory Brain disease, PJ Gareau, SJ Karlik Remittingand SecondaryProgressive MS, F. Barkhof, L. bergers, SARB Rombouts
    Hall C
    Fractional Anisotropy Revisited: The Impact of Intrinsic Regional Differences in Diffusion Anisotropy on the Assessment of MS Lesions, R. Bammer, M. Augustin, T. Seifert, S. Strasser-Fuchs, R. Stollberger, F. Ebner, K.V. Toyka, H.P. Hartung and F. Fazekas, Karl-Franzens University, Graz, Austria and Ludwig-Maximilians University, Würzburg, Germany. Magnetization Transfer Ratios in Inflammatory Brain Disease, P.J. Gareau, S.J. Karlik, B.K. Rutt and J.R. Mitchell, The John P. Robarts Research Institute, London, Ontario, Canada. Neuropsychological Impairment in Multiple Sclerosis Correlates with T Hypointense Lesions Demonstrated on 3D-High Resolution T Weighted MRI, D.M. Moriarty, A. Blackshaw, P.R. Talbot, H.L. Griffiths, J.S. Snowden, V.F. Hillier and A. Jackson, University of Manchester, Manchester, UK. Systematic Comparison of Atrophy Between Relapsing-Remitting and Secondary-Progressive MS, F. Barkhof, L. Bergers, S.A.R.B. Rombouts, P. Scheltens, R.C.H. Lazeron and C.H. Polman, Vrije Universiteit Academic Hospital, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Stability and Consistency of Automatic Registration of Serial MR Studies in MS

    risk of developing a disease, and be able to tailor drugs to combat disease moreeffectively to share news of a family from Sweden (Way to go bergers!!) who are
    CHROMOSOME 22 CENTRAL TOGETHER ISSUE 13, SEPTEMBER 2000 A Word from the Editor…..
    This past June I was so fortunate to be able to attend the 22q11 Conference in Philadelphia, (Dr. Emanuel, Donna, I can’t thank you enough!) What an amazing thing to be a part of. At the conference I was honored to be included in a meeting of interested parties, in establishing a Chromosome 22 Foundation, which would be an all encompassing vision to support many smaller groups, do fundraising which would be able to help with research, education, summer camps, grants, and other possibilities. It is expecting to cover all Chromosome 22 disorders not just 22q11. Paula Goldenberg, a mom (medical student and way more!) from Oregon, to be commended for this effort and our hats are off to her and also Ross Retter, a parent from Washington who is brainstorming with her. Many others are helping them out. Paula and Ross, it was an honor and a pleasure to meet both of you! And then in July, to be a part of our group’s very first annual (and very successful!) picnic in Barrie, Ontario. What an emotional time for us, followed by the UK picnic to bring more people TOGETHER! It certainly was a summer I will never forget! I hope many of you will plan for our next year’s event, July 2001 in Raleigh, NC. A second UK Picnic is also being planned. Also, I would like to announce the creation of an open email list, which everyone is welcome to be a part of. I also recently established a separate list for 22q13 deletion families to participate in. There are currently email groups for separate disorders, (The Ring 22’s, 22q11 families, French families etc. have individual lists). On my website the new 22q13 and C22C group lists are easily joined by entering your email address. This is a service provided by egroups, and subscription also allows access to the egroups chat room, and message archives. The C22C email list is open to all interested parties, and I thought one chromosome 22 interest list would be good for teachers, doctors as well as parents. And as always, our website’s message boards are available too (see our website), as a more permanent way to ask questions of each other.

    67. Santé
    Translate this page races, tel les Terriers de Manchester (Standard et Nain), les Doberman pinschers,les Scottish Terriers et les bergers de Shetland vWD or Von Willebrand disease.
    vWD ou La maladie de von Willebrand
    v WD or Von Willebrand disease
    Von Willebrand's disease is a blooding disorder common in a number of breeds, including Manchester Terriers (both standards and Toys), Doberman Pinschers, Scottish Terriers and Shetland Sheepdogs. Affected dog can bleed to death from relatively minor injuries because his blood does not clot properly as a result of a deficiency or dysfonction of von Willebrand factor (vWD), a plasma protein. The prevalence of severity of the disorder depends on the breed of dog. This is a disease which can be eliminated through proper selection of sire and dam. vWD is a genetic disorder and the responsible gene has recently been identified. Prior to this discovery, vets used to offer a blood test to diagnose the disorder. The blood test (which is still available) is cheaper, but the results can be affected by a number of factors (e.g. hormonal cycles). Now, a genetic test is available from VetGen of Genesearch. The test is genetic, only needs to be done once, and is conclusive. The test tells if your dog is affected (has the disorder), is a carrier (does not have the disorder, but does carry the gene and could create affected puppies if breed with another carrier), or clear (does not have the disorder or carry the responsible gene for the disorder). Provided i nformation by VetGen indicated that approximatly 59% of the Manchester Terriers genetically tested to date are clear of vWD, 35% are carriers and 6% are affected with the disorder. Little information is available that deals specifically with Manchester Terriers, but they do not appear to be as severely affected as some other breeds.

    68. [diabetes-forum] Archiv
    disease-Management-Programme Dr. T. Pieber/Graz sowie bergers Ehefrau Prof.

    69. Untitled
    Translate this page Les bergers allemands semblent particulièrement disposés à cette condition pattesEn anglais Panosteitis Veterinarian's overview of this disease which causes
    La Claudication errante (Eosinophilic Panosteitis) Aussi connu comme douleurs de croissance dans chez le chien et les enfants
    A faire: Utiliser les produits suivants : Bioguard (Dismutase) (800 -368-5057)
    CONCLUSION programme d'alimentation Blackwatch
    Malgré toutes ces précautions, nous rencontrons parfois des boiteries des pattes avant qui portent le nom barbare de "Panostéite éosinophile". Il s'agit de boiteries, d'apparition brutale touchant une patte, parfois les deux ; les douleurs ne sont pas constantes, le chiot peut boîter et 2 minutes après faire une course sans anomalie puis revenir sur 3 pattes
    En anglais
    Veterinarian's overview of this disease which causes lameness in young, large breed dogs. Sirius Dog - Panosteitis Contains an article about the disease that affects growing dogs, sometimes refereed to as growing pains or shifting leg lameness. Panosteitis in Young Dogs Offers insight into the bone disease which often affects large, young dogs. Read theories about the cause, learn how to treat a sick dog.

    70. Untitled
    RJM, Kruijs M van de, bergers JM, Goedhard J, Stockbrügger RW Appendectomy andthe risk of developing ulcerative colitis or Crohn=s disease Results of a
    output 1997
    Division 2
    Clinical aspects of nutrition

    Treatment of reflux-oesophagitis of moderate and severe grade with Ranitidine or Pantoprazole - Comparison of 24-hour intragastric and oesophageal pH
    Aliment Pharmacol Therapeut 11: 959-965, 1997
    Baarends EM, Schols AMWJ, Akkermans MA, Wouters EFM
    Decreased mechanical efficiency in clinically stable patients with COPD
    Thorax 52: 981-986, 1997
    Baarends EM, Schols AMWJ, Marken Lichtenbelt WD van, Wouters EFM
    Analysis of body water compartments in relation to tissue depletion in clinically stable patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Am J Clin Nutr 65: 88-94, 1997 Baarends EM, Schols AMWJ, Mostert R, Wouters EFM Peak exercise response in relation to tissue depletion in patients with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Eur Respir J 10: 2807-2813, 1997 Baarends EM, Schols AMWJ, Pannemans DLE, Westerterp KR, Wouters EFM Total free living energy expenditure in patients with severe chronic obstructive pulmonary disease Am J Respir Crit Care Med 155: 549-554, 1997

    Bot JC, Barkhof F, Nijeholt GJ, bergers E, Polman CH, Adèr HJ, Castelijns JA W. Depressionand risk of cognitive decline and Alzheimer’s disease Results of
    Bleiker EM, Pouwer F, van der Ploeg HM, Leer JWH, Ad Psychological distress two years after diagnosis of breast cancer: frequency and prediction. Patient Education and Counseling JUN 2000; 40:209-217. Bot JC, Barkhof F, Nijeholt GJ, Bergers E, Polman CH, Ad Castelijns JA. Comparison of a conventional cardiac-triggered dual spin-echo and a fast STIR sequence in detection of spinal cord lesions in multiple sclerosis. European Radiology 2000; 10:753-758. van der Feltz-Cornelis CM, Ad . Randomization in psychiatric intervention research in the general practice setting. International Journal of Methods in Pscyhiatric Research 2000; 9:134-142. Geerlings MI, Schoevers RA, Beekman AT, Jonker C, Deeg DJ, Schmand B, Ad , Bouter LM. and van Tilburg W. Depression prospective community-based studies in The Netherlands. British Journal of Psychiatry JUN 2000;176:568. Kalkers NF, de Groot V, Lazeron RH, Killestein J, Ad , Barkhof F, et

    72. Nature Publishing Group
    adenovirus vector expressing VEGF 121 cDNA to individuals with clinically significantsevere coronary artery disease. Article PubMed ISI ; bergers, G. et

    73. Seminars And Symposiums
    Rex Moats, PhD MicroCT and MicroMR Imaging in Mouse Models of disease. SpeakerGabriele bergers, Ph.D. Stage and Tissue-Specific Regulation of Angiogenesis
    Seminars and Symposiums April 2, 2002 Speaker: David L. Brautigan, PhD
    April 9, 2002 Speaker: Rex Moats, PhD
    April 16, 2002 Speaker: Mary Kearns-Jonker, PhD
    April 23, 2002 Speaker: Brigid Hogan, PhD
    May 7, 2002 Speaker: John Denu, PhD
    May 15, 2002 Speaker: Vito Quaranta, MD
    September 10, 2002 Speaker: Elena B. Basquale, PhD
    September 17, 2002 Speaker: Jason Eiserich, Ph.D.
    October 1, 2002 Speaker: Sanford H. Barsky, M.D.
    October 8, 2002 Speaker: Nicholas R.J. Gascoigne, Ph.D.

    74. P
    MG, Dorant E, Brummer RJ, van de Kruijs MA, Muris JW, bergers JM. Appendectomy andthe risk of developing ulcerative colitis or Crohn?s disease results of a
    P.O.Box 2345, Beijing 100023,China World J Gastroenterol Dec Email: WJG ISSN 1007-9327 CN 14-1219/ R http:// 1999 by The WJG Press Intestinal stasis associated bowel inflammation Komatsu S, Nimura Y, Granger DN Subject headings intestinal stasis; bowel inflammation; endothelial cell intercellular adhesion molecule
    Komatsu S, Nimura Y, Granger DN. Intestinal stasis associated bowel inflammation. World J Gastroentero, 1999;5(6):518-521
    Anatomical structures that create reservoirs for stagnant intestinal contents are a characteristic feature of common inflammatory disorders such as diverticulitis and appendicitis. Intestinal diverticula, surgically constructed blind loo ps and pouches, obstructing carcinomas of the colon, and Hirschsprung s disease are accompanied by chronic inflammatory changes in the intestine, and are occasionally associated with mucosal ulceration followed by massive bleeding. These diseases are etiologically associated with disorders characterized by intestinal stasis and/or an altered fecal stream, resulting from

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    carcinogenesis, bergers et al 22 recently showed distinct efficacy profiles offour inhibitors of angiogenesis. Three distinct stages of disease progression
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    76. The Craniocervical Spine And Multiple Sclerosis, Part 1 Of 2
    MRI method with potential to monitor disease progression. Brain 1996 Jun;119(pt3)7018.Lycklama à, Nijeholt GJ, Uitdehaag BM. bergers E, Castelijns JA
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    The Craniocervical Spine and Multiple Sclerosis, Part 1 of 2
    by Michael Flanagan DC, DABCN Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a slow, progressive degenerative disease of the brain and spinal cord in which myelin (white matter) breaks down and forms sclerotic plaques. During active demyelination, chemical changes can occur in the lipid and protein constituents of myelin around the plaques, and the concentration of myelin basic protein in cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) may be elevated. Recent studies suggest that axonal injury (involving gray matter) may actually precede demyelination, and that axonal degeneration and brain and cord atrophy, rather than the extent of demyelination, are better indicators of the rate of progression and degree of disability of MS. MS shows an increased family incidence, suggesting that genetic factors may play a role in susceptibility, and it affects women more than men. Environmental factors also appear to play a role in MS, in that it is much more prevalent in temperate climates than in the tropics. The geographic effect, however, is applicable only when a person lives in one place for the first 15 years, and it does not fluctuate with subsequent relocation after that time period. There are also racial variations in the incidence of MS; for example, Eskimos never get MS, and Asians and most aboriginal people have a much lower incidence.

    77. Invasion And Metastasis In Pancreatic Cancer
    Ann Surg Oncol 2002, 9668 674.PubMedFull Text; bergers, G, Brekken, R, McMahon genesin papilla of vater and pancreatic cancer correlates with disease stage

    The mortality rate for the disease is close to 100% in these areas Dans la nuit du21 au 22 fevrier, 12 bergers ont ete egorges dans le hameau de Medghoussa et

    79. Bergers Glomerulonephritis Of The Kidney
    (Image Contrib. by UCHC ). bergers Glomerulonephritis. Pathogenesis •The diseaseis defined by the presence of IgA immune complexes in the glomerular tufts.

    80. Neurosurgery Research Faculty
    development and characterization of experimental models of Parkinson’s disease. GabrieleBergers PhD Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery Principal
    Patient Care
    Research Faculty
    Emeritus Faculty
    Clinical Faculty Collaborating Faculty Residents Nurses
    research faculty
    UCSF Department of Neurological Surgery Research Faculty
    Krys S Bankiewicz MD PhD Associate Professor of Neurological Surgery Principal Investigator, NSRC Dr Bankiewicz’s major research activities include restorative interventions in models of Parkinson’s disease, the delivery of therapeutic substances into the brain, the use of magnetic resonance imaging and positron emission tomography as tools for the detection of in-vivo changes in the brain and their correlation with functional outcome, gene-transfer based delivery of therapeutic agents into the central nervous system, and the development and characterization of experimental models of Parkinson’s disease. Scott C Baraban PhD Assistant Professor of Neurological Surgery Principal Investigator and Director

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