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         Bronchitis:     more books (100)
  1. On Winter Cough, Catarrh, Bronchitis [&C.] Lectures by Horace Benge Dobell, 2010-01-10
  2. Leben mit Asthma, Bronchitis, Emphysem. by Linus Geisler, 2001-02-28
  3. Pathology of Chronic Bronchitis and Emphysema by Brian E. Heard, 1969-10
  4. Acute Bronchitis - A Medical Dictionary, Bibliography, and Annotated Research Guide to Internet References by ICON Health Publications, 2004-08-20
  5. Chronic exposure to volcanic environments and chronic bronchitis incidence in the Azores, Portugal [An article from: Environmental Research] by A.F.S. Amaral, A.S. Rodrigues, 2007-03-01
  6. Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease: Treating Emphysema and Bronchitis (Special Health Report)
  7. Bronchitis IV by H.J & Van Der Lende, R Sluiter, 1989
  9. Living Well With Emphysema and Bronchitis by Myra Shayevitz M.D., 1985-05-21
  10. Chronische Bronchitis (MMW Taschenbuch) (German Edition)
  11. Consumption, Diseases Of The Heart, Bronchitis, Asthmas, Dropsy, Tumors, Coughs, Etc., Curable By A Peculiar Solvent Process (1876) by Robert Abercrombie, 2010-09-10
  12. Inflammatory Indices in Chronic Bronchitis (Agents and Actions Supplements) by Persson, Agent, et all 1990-09-21
  13. Pulmonary Consumption, Bronchitis, Asthma, Chronic Cough and Various Diseases of the Lungs, Air-Passages, Throat, and Larynx Successfully Treated by Medicated Inhalations: Illustrated with Cases by Alfred Beaumont Maddock, 2010-02-14
  14. The Forms, Complications, Causes, and Treatment of Consumption and Bronchitis by James Copland, 2010-04-03

61. The Bronchitis File: Promising New Treatments
Updated regularly over 100 descriptions of the latest treatments for chronicbronchitis—from specialists in pulmonary medicine worldwide.
The Bronchitis File SM
Home Page
Seal of Approval
The Patient's Network
HONcode Principles of the Health On the Net Foundation Partners of W Bronchitis File
. Learn about late-breaking research from recognized experts in pulmonary medicine and infectious diseases. Compiled from the National Library of Medicine database at the National Institutes of Health, the Bronchitis File Bronchitis File informs you about studies at such renowned institutions as the Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons, the Respiratory Care Department at University of Texas, and the Department of Medicine at SUNY Buffalo. The Bronchitis File brings you the inside medical story on: Pharmacological Approaches to Bronchitis Mucoactive Medications for Bronchitis Bronchodilator Therapy for Bronchitis Immunology Research on Bronchitis Alternative Therapies for Bronchitis General Studies in Bronchitis Care Access to Free Full-Text Articles from Postgraduate Medicine, the British Medical Journal, and the New England Journal of Medicine

62. - File Unavailable
Details as to what acute bronchitis is, the causes, diagnosis, treatment, complications and when to see a doctor.
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63. Krankheiten: Akute Bronchitis
Translate this page Klicken Sie hier! Akute bronchitis. Prim. Dr. Norbert Vetter. Was verstehtman unter einer akuten bronchitis? Eine akute bronchitis
Akute Bronchitis Prim. Dr. Norbert Vetter Was versteht man unter einer akuten Bronchitis? Eine akute Bronchitis ist eine neu entstandene Entzündung in den größeren verzweigten Atemwegen, den Bronchien. Sie entsteht meist im Zusammenhang mit einer Erkältungskrankheit oder einer Grippe Was sind die Ursachen einer akuten Bronchitis?
  • Meist hat sich eine virale Infektion während einer Erkältungskrankheit bis zur Bronchialschleimhaut ausgebreitet. Auch Bakterien, selten Pilze, oft in Verbindung mit oder nach einer Virusinfektion, können eine akute Bronchitis verursachen. Seltener: Dämpfe, Gase, Staub usw.
Begünstigende Faktoren sind:
  • Zigarettenrauch Kaltes, feuchtes Wetter Luftverschmutzung
Was geschieht in meinen Bronchien bei einer akuten Bronchitis? Viren und Bakterien verursachen eine Entzündung der Bronchialschleimhaut und lösen folgende Beschwerden aus:
  • Überempfindlichkeit der Atemwege mit Hustenreiz Vermehrte Schleimbildung, häufig verbunden mit weißlich-gelblichem, schleimigem Auswurf Entzündliches Anschwellen der Bronchialschleimhaut und reaktiv vermehrte Schleimbildung können die Luftwege verlegen und so zu vermehrtem Hustenreiz und gegebenenfalls zu Atembehinderung führen. Die Entzündung geht häufig einher mit Fieber, Müdigkeit und einem allgemeinen Unwohlsein.

64. Bronchitis
bronchitis. As mentioned above, when a patient has bronchitis, the mucus becomesvery thick and sticky hard to pump up. So we have to cough it up.

Help for sleepless parents
Encyclopedia Index B bronchitis Search
Bronchitis refers to inflammation of the large breathing tubes of the lungs (as contrasted with pneumonia, which means infection or foreign material in the air sacs). These tubes are lined with glands that secrete mucus to trap any foreign material (dust and germs mainly) that get down in the lungs. When the lining of the bronchi is irritated and inflamed, the response is swelling of the lining (which makes the tubes smaller inside and harder to breathe through), and the secretion of increased amounts of mucus. The mucus may get thicker and stickier as well. Ordinarily, mucus in the lungs is pretty watery. This allows the cleaning system (cilia - billions of microscopic "fingers" on the lining cells of the tubes that all wave in the same direction - up and out of the lungs) to pump it out of the lungs, up the windpipe (trachea) and out through the larynx (voicebox) to be swallowed and sterilized by the acid in the stomach. As mentioned above, when a patient has bronchitis, the

65. Bronchitis
bronchitis, bronchitis is a respiratory tract infection (viral or bacterial)that causes inflammation of the mucous lining of the bronchial tubes.,7064,241012_245568,00.htm


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66. Chronic Bronchitis -- Respiratory Disorders Health Guide
of chronic bronchitis as well as a look at the symptoms, causes, diagnosis and treatment.......

Respiratory Diseases
Lung Cancer Lung Diseases and Disorders... COPD... ... Site Index
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Chronic Bronchitis What is chronic bronchitis?
Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) COPD is a term that refers to a large group of lung diseases which can interfere with normal breathing. It is estimated that 11 percent of the US population has COPD. The two most common conditions of COPD are chronic bronchitis and emphysema. The causes of COPD are not fully understood. It is generally agreed that the most important cause of chronic bronchitis and emphysema is cigarette smoking. Causes such as air pollution and occupational exposures may play a role, especially when combined with cigarette smoking. Heredity also plays a contributing role in some patients' emphysema, and is especially important in a rare form due to alpha 1-antitrypsin deficiency. Symptoms
Patients with chronic bronchitis usually have cough and sputum for many years before they develop shortness of breath.

67. No More Bronchitis.
No More bronchitis!!! 710 Eliminate Acute or Chronic bronchitis and KeepIt Away. Give the Breath of Life to yourself or someone you care about.
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68. BRANY: Clinical Trials: Trial #9554 - Bronchitis
Details about a clinical trial for people who suffer from chronic bronchitis. Contact information on site.
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Summary: A clinical trial for the treatment of Chronic Bronchitis. We are conducting clinical trials for people who suffer from chronic bronchitis. If you are 18 years of age or older you might be eligible to participate and receive an FDA approved study drug free of charge. You will be compensated for your time. Please call 1-800-545-0774 and someone will return your call. Contact
Study Coordinator
225 Community Drive, Suite 100
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Telephone: 1-800- 545-0774
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69. Bronchitis
Learn about symptoms, triggers and treatments for adults and children. Includes informationon bronchitis. bronchitis. Also includes information on bronchitis.
Whether you are seeking effective asthma management for you or your child, the budesonide family of preventative asthma medicines may have a treatment that’s right for you. For more information on these products; including asthma resources, product information and usage instructions, simply click below:
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PULMICORT RESPULES is a preventative type medicine for children with asthma 12 months to 8 years of age.
PULMICORT RESPULES is not a quick relief medicine (bronchodilator) and should NOT be used to treat an asthma attack.
IMPORTANT : If your child is switching to PULMICORT RESPULES from an oral (syrup or pill) corticosteroid, carefully follow the health care provider's instructions. This will help your child avoid health risks that may be linked with stopping the use of oral corticosteroids.
If your child is exposed to chicken pox or measles, consult your child's health care provider.

70. Information On Bronchitis Which Can Be Caused By An Imbalance In Your System
FAQs about bronchitis, includes what it is, the symptoms, the causes and prevention.
Bronchitis FAQ
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Health Sites
Bronchitis - Frequently Asked Questions
  • What is a bronchitis?
Bronchitis is an inflammation of the mucus membranes of the bronchial tubes (the main air passages connecting the trachea or windpipe to the lungs) which causes a persistent cough and produces considerable phlegm. It is usually caused by a viral or bacterial infection. It is aggravated by exposure to smoke, dust, allergens, strong fumes or chemical irritants.
Acute bronchitis is characterized by sudden onset and short duration (It usually clears up in a few days).
Chronic bronchitis is persistent over a longer period of time and may last several years. It can result from prolonged exposure to bronchial irritants such as cigarette smoke or other respiratory irritants such as allergens, dust, or chemical fumes.
  • What symptoms can be associated with bronchitis?
* Phlegmy Cough (produces considerable yellow, green, or gray phlegm)
* Wheezing
* Shortness of breath or difficult breathing, aggravated by exertion
* Runny nose.

71. Bronchitis
bronchitis. bronchitis is a condition which is clinically defined asa chronic cough with mucus production most months of the year.
Bronchitis is a condition which is clinically defined as a chronic cough with mucus production most months of the year. The mucus secretions and inflammation in the bronchi tend to narrow the airways and provide an obstacle to airflow, thus increasing the resistance of the airways. In this manner bronchitis may cause obstructive pulmonary symptoms. On pulmonary tests, a bronchitic may present a decreased FEV1 and FEV1/FVC. However, unlike the other common obstructive disorders, asthma and emphysema, bronchitis rarely causes a high residual volume. This is because the air flow obstruction found in bronchitis is due to increased resistance, which does not generally cause the airways to collapse prematurely and trap air in the lungs. See Also: Send comments about this page to the Office of Academic Computing (OAC) at

72. Cochrane Review Abstract
To assess the effects of oral mucolytics in adults with stable chronic bronchitis or COPD.

73. Asthmoide Bronchitis - Qualifizierte Diagnostik In Den NEUEN WICKER KLINIKEN Bad
Translate this page Asthmoide bronchitis ist ein Begriff der Pulmologie und bezeichneteine Erkrankung, bei der die Ausatmung erschwert ist.
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Wollen Sie unsere Homepage besuchen? Dann klicken Sie HIER Unser Informationsservice zum Thema: ASTHMOIDE BRONCHITIS
(= chronische Bronchitis spastisch-allergischen Charakters. Ist von Asthmabronchitis nicht immer zu unterscheiden) Asthmoide (= asthmaähnliche) Bronchitis ist ein Begriff der Pulmologie, der Lehre von den Lungenkrankheiten, und bezeichnet eine Erkrankung, bei der die Ausatmung erschwert ist durch die Entzündung der kleinen Luftwege. Dabei geht man davon aus, dass es die Entzündung ist, die zu einer Spastik (= Verengung) der kleinen Luftwege führt. Meistens wird ein allergisches Geschehen für die Entzündung verantwortlich gemacht, insbesondere dann, wenn die asthmoide Bronchitis in den Zeiten auftritt, in denen verstärkt Pollenflug anzunehmen ist, und wenn bei den Patienten eine allergische Neigung nachgewiesen werden konnte. Die Verengung der kleinen Luftwege führt, wenn sie lange anhält, zu einer Widerstandserhöhung bei der Ausatmung und zu einem tückischem „Giemen“ wie es der Gesunde erzeugen kann, wenn er mit ganzer Kraft die Luft aus den Lungen herausbläst.

74. Natural HealthLink - The Next Horizon In Health!
Detailed information on acute and chronic bronchitis, its symptoms, treatments and related nutritional and herbal supplements.

75. Bronchitis
bronchitis is a respiratory tract infection (viral or bacterial) thatcauses inflammation of the mucous lining of the bronchial tubes.
Table of Contents Conditions Bronchitis Also Listed As: Signs and Symptoms What Causes It? Risk Factors What to Expect at Your Provider's Office ... Supporting Research Bronchitis is a respiratory tract infection (viral or bacterial) that causes inflammation of the mucous lining of the bronchial tubes. Acute bronchitis generally is reversible. Chronic bronchitis, often referred to as smoker's cough, is not usually reversible. Signs and Symptoms Acute bronchitis:
  • Cough that produces mucus or pus Burning sensation in the chest Sore throat and fever (with some types) Fatigue Blue-tinted lips Wheezing Weight gain
Chronic bronchitis:
  • Chronic cough that produces excessive amounts of mucus or pus Wheezing, shortness of breath Present for three consecutive months, two years in a row
What Causes It? Acute bronchitis is usually caused by a virus, but can also be caused by bacteria. Generally, acute bronchitis is passed from person to person. The main causes of chronic bronchitis are cigarette smoking and prolonged exposure to air pollution or other irritants such as dust and grain. Risk Factors
  • Cigarette smoking Severe pneumonia early in life Being a man over age 50
What to Expect at Your Provider's Office Your provider will listen to your chest and back, look at your throat, and may draw blood and take a culture of the secretions from your lungs.

76. HONselect - Bronchitis
bronchitis. MeSH Narrow term(s) Bronchiolitis. Browse New search. MEDLINE'sarticles for bronchitis , English - French - German - Spanish - Portuguese.
HONselect: Introduction Search Browse Favourites List of Rare Disease add HONselect Contents on "Bronchitis": MeSH hierarchy and definition Research Articles Web resources Medical Images Medical News Medical Conferences Clinical Trials Wondering about the holiday blues! MeSH Hierarchy English French German Spanish Portuguese MeSH Broader term(s) Diseases
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Bronchitis MeSH Narrow term(s) Bronchiolitis Accepted term(s)
New search MEDLINE 's articles for " Bronchitis English French German Spanish Portuguese All categories Selection by study category Refinement by recall or precision All recent articles
Diagnosis Etiology Prognosis Therapy by recall Diagnosis by recall Etiology by recall Prognosis by recall Therapy by precision Diagnosis by precision Etiology by precision Prognosis by precision Browse New search Web resources for " Bronchitis English French German Spanish Portuguese info: enter the site: (click below) domain of the site: Acute Bronchitis - March 15, 1998 - American Academy of Fami...

77. HON Allergy Glossary Bronchitis
HON Allergy Glossary, bronchitis bronchitis is an inflammation of thebronchus. META name=. bronchitis Wheezy bronchitis bronchitis
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External survey
"Questionnaire on mood"
conducted by the "IMSP- Faculty of Medicine - University of Geneva" Bronchitis
Wheezy Bronchitis
Bronchitis is an inflammation of the bronchus usually caused by an infection. This often includes the trachea and the bronchioles Bronchiolitis is an inflammation of the bronchioles . Generally a mild condition that eventually heals totally, however, bronchitis can also be chronic. In this condition there is diffused inflammation of the air passages in the lungs, leading to decreased uptake of oxygen by the lungs and increased mucus production. Two main types of bronchitis exist :
  • Infectious Bronchitis Caused by viruses and bacteria (e.g. Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydia ). Most frequent in Winter. Smokers and those with chronic sinusitis , bronchochietasis, allergies and children with enlarged tonsils and adenoids may experience recurrent infections.
  • Irritative Bronchitis Caused by dust

78. Bronchitis
bronchitis. Definition. bronchitis is bronchi). bronchitis can eitherbe of brief duration (acute) or have a long course (chronic). Acute

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Bronchitis is an inflammation of the air passages between the nose and the lungs, including the windpipe or trachea and the larger air tubes of the lung that bring air in from the trachea (bronchi). Bronchitis can either be of brief duration (acute) or have a long course (chronic). Acute bronchitis is usually caused by a viral infection, but can also be caused by a bacterial infection and can heal without complications. Chronic bronchitis is a sign of serious lung disease that may be slowed but cannot be cured. Description
Although acute and chronic bronchitis are both inflammations of the air passages, their causes and treatments are different. Acute bronchitis is most prevalent in winter. It usually follows a viral infection, such as a cold or the flu, and can be accompanied by a secondary bacterial infection. Acute bronchitis resolves within two weeks, although the cough may persist longer. Acute bronchitis, like any upper airway inflammatory process, can increase a person's likelihood of developing pneumonia Anyone can get acute bronchitis, but infants, young children, and the elderly are more likely to get the disease because people in these age groups generally have weaker immune systems. Smokers and people with heart or other lung diseases are also at higher risk of developing acute bronchitis. Individuals exposed to chemical fumes or high levels of air pollution also have a greater chance of developing acute bronchitis.

79. Bronchitis
bronchitis can be helped with proper nutrition have a look at what is helpful,and where to get it. bronchitis may dealt with by the following multivitamin
bronchitis treatment a variety of illnesses, diseases and problems can be helped by using vitamin, mineral and nutritional supplements - and on this page, and accompanying pages, we try to bring you a selection of nutritional ingredients, including vitamins and other nutritional ingredients that may benefit your particular problem. These suggestions must not be seen as an alternative to medical treatment or medical advise, and if in doubt, please consult your registered medical professional. Left untreated these problems can have a ripple effect and cause other situations to become more problematic - if you are interested in helping your body to fight this particular problem, have a look at the suggestions below, which could be beneficial to you.
bronchitis may dealt with by the following:
For dosage of the individual ingredients, simply click here , and follow the hyperlink to the specific page dealing with that ingredient. Although extra supplements may assist greatly with a particular problem, keep in mind that you should always follow a balanced diet, and that moderate exercise and sufficient water will also improve your nutritional status.

80. - The Doctors Book Of Home Remedies: Bronchitis
Ch.20, Breastfeeding. Ch.21, bronchitis. Ch.22, Bruises. Ch.23, Bruxism. ClickHere To Learn More! bronchitis. 9 Tips to Stop the Cough. It starts with a tickle.
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