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         Infertility:     more books (100)
  1. The Infertility Cure: The Ancient Chinese Wellness Program for Getting Pregnant and Having Healthy Babies by Randine Lewis, 2005-03-21
  2. Obstetrics, Gynecology and Infertility: Handbook for Clinicians; Pocket Edition by John D. Gordon, Jan T. Rydfors, et all 2007-07-01
  3. Conquering Infertility: Dr. Alice Domar's Mind/Body Guide to Enhancing Fertility and Coping with Infertility by Alice D. Domar, Alice Lesch Kelly, 2004-02-24
  4. Infertility Survival Handbook by ElizabethSwire-Falker, 2004-04-06
  5. Adopting After Infertility by Patricia Irwin Johnston, 1994-11
  6. Empty Womb, Aching Heart: Hope and Help for Those Struggling With Infertility by Marlo Schalesky, 2001-05-01
  7. Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility (Clinical Gynecologic Endocrinology and Infertility (Speroff)) by Leon Speroff, Marc A. Fritz, 2004-09-02
  8. Hannah's Hope: Seeking God's Heart in the Midst of Infertility, Miscarriage, and Adoption Loss by Jennifer Saake, 2005-05-15
  9. Budgeting for Infertility: How to Bring Home a Baby Without Breaking the Bank by Evelina W Sterling, Angie Best-Boss, 2009-03-17
  10. Unsung Lullabies: Understanding and Coping with Infertility by Martha Diamond, David Diamond, et all 2005-06-01
  11. The Infertility Companion: Hope and Help for Couples Facing Infertility (Christian Medical Association) by Sandra L. Glahn, William R. Cutrer, 2004-05-25
  12. Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility: Handbook for Clinicians (pocket sized) by Dan I. Lebovic, John David Gordon, et all 2005-05
  13. Experiencing Infertility: An Essential Resource by Peoples Debbie, Debby Peoples, et all 2000-01-17
  14. Infertility For Dummies by Sharon Perkins RN, Jackie Meyers-Thompson, 2007-03-12

1. Georgia Reproductive Specialists
Find comprehensive information particularly on IVF, endometriosis, and pelvic pain treatment options, provided by Georgia Reproductive Specialists. Welcome to, Your infertility Home on the Net, a service provided by the medical staff of Georgia Reproductive
Welcome to, Your Infertility Home on the Net, a service provided by the medical staff of Georgia Reproductive Specialists. It is our belief that properly informed, you can become an active participant in your healthcare and make better choices. It is the goal of our physicians and IVF laboratory team to provide you with the latest women's healthcare innovations to address infertility, polycystic ovaries, endometriosis, and pelvic pain treatment. Backed by a world reknowned embryology team, Georgia Reproductive Specialists has enabled many couples to resolve their infertility problems. Please take your time reading the information provided in the articles on this site as well as questions that have already been answered. Join in on our Monday evening chat room or contact us if you seek additional information. Search:

2. Infertility Resources - Infertility Information - IVF, ICSI, Fertility Clinics,
Extensive information on IVF, GIFT and other assisted reproductive technologies, listing of clinics, Category Health Reproductive Health infertility Directories......Provides extensive infertility information including in vitro fertilization (IVF),ICSI, infertility clinics, donor egg and surrogacy programs, infertility
Education Main Diagnosis Male Infertility Treatment ... Miscellaneous Resources Main Newsgroups Organizations Research Programs ... Women's Health

Welcome to the Infertility Resources Web Site
Sunday, March 30, 2003 This Web site provides extensive information about IVF, ICSI, infertility clinics, donor egg and surrogacy services (e.g., surrogate mothers), natural infertility treatment, male infertility services, sperm banks, pharmacies, infertility books and videotapes, sperm testing, infertility support, and drugs and medications, such as Metrodin, Pergonal, Clomid. For Infertility Professionals - includes clinical information as well as methods for building and promoting an infertility Web site Infertility News and Announcements
Service Providers
Main Infertility Clinics Egg Donor and Surrogacy Programs Natural Treatment ... Legal Services
Infertility Products
Main - includes sperm testing, software, books, and videotapes
Main Diagnosis Male Factor Treatment ... Miscellaneous
Main Newsgroups Organizations Research Programs ...
Questions or comments
Other IHR Web sites:

3. Islam And Infertility
Welcome to our homepage about infertility and Islam. In many Muslim communitiesit is often considered a taboo to discuss the topic of infertility openly.
IN THE NAME OF ALLAH MOST GRACIOUS MOST MERCIFUL As salaamu alaikum/Greetings Welcome to our homepage about Infertility and Islam. We hope that you find it beneficial and informative. In many Muslim communities it is often considered a taboo to discuss the topic of infertility openly. Although 1 in 12 couples face infertility problems when trying to conceive a child. And while in many cultures the woman is blamed and shunned by the community, we inshallah would like to shed some light on the situation, in hopes that women will no longer feel ashamed in such an ordeal. It is hard enough for a woman who has difficulty conceiving, having a natural desire to feel a child grow in her womb, to have to deal with cultural ignorances as well. (For the non muslims who have ventured onto our site, please read our brief introduction to What is Islam Every month a couple has basically 1 in 4 chance of conceiving where no infertility factors exist. In a womans' lifetime she will normally produce 4 to 5 thousand eggs. Eight of these eggs are recruited each month, and only one is brought to maturity and relased into the fallopian tube, the other seven eggs deteriorate and die. The egg only lives from 24-36 hours after it is released and if it is not fertilized by the sperm (which can live up to 72 hours inside a woman) the egg will then deteriorate and die. Within two weeks the uterine lining will shed and a woman will have a menstrual cycle. There are other factors in the whole fertilization process, such as the opening of a womans cervix

4. Redirection...
Nonprofit group provides infertile couples with information and support, including tips on handling unwelcome advice. RESOLVE Chat Mourning the Losses of infertility with Kim KlugerBell MFT, Mon 3/17/03 800PM EST or see the schedule

5. Male Infertility Overview
Thorough overview of the causes and treatments of male infertility.
Male Infertility Overview
Assessment, Diagnosis, and Treatment Stephen F. Shaban, M.D. Clinical Assistant Professor
Department of Surgery, Division of Urology
University of North Carolina School of Medicine
Chapel Hill, NC.
ASSESSMENT Male Infertility - Overview
Approximately 15% of couples attempting their first pregnancy meet with failure. Most authorities define these patients as primarily infertile if they have been unable to achieve a pregnancy after one year of unprotected intercourse. Conception normally is achieved within twelve months in 80-85% of couples who use no contraceptive measures, and persons presenting after this time should therefore be regarded as possibly infertile and should be evaluated. Data available over the past twenty years reveal that in approximately 30% of cases pathology is found in the man alone, and in another 20% both the man and woman are abnormal. Therefore, the male factor is at least partly responsible in about 50% of infertile couples. MALE REPRODUCTIVE PHYSIOLOGY The Hypothalamic-Pituitary-Gonadal Axis
The hypothalamus is the integrative center of the reproductive axis and receives messages from both the central nervous system and the testes to regulate the production and secretion of gonadotropin releasing hormone (GnRH) . Neurotransmitters and neuropeptides have both inhibitory and stipulatory influence on the hypothalamus. The hypothalamus releases GnRH in a pulsatile nature which appears to be essential for stimulating the production and release of both

6. Infertility
Our members comprise mainly couples undergoing infertility treatments, or those who have faced infertility in the past,
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7. Hannah's Prayer: Christian Infertility & Pregnancy / Infant Loss Support provides couples experiencing infertility with information about the causes and treatment of infertility including IVF. Welcome to This website is designed by infertility specialists primarily for couples who are
Hannah's Prayer Ministries
Christian Support for Fertility Challenges
Including Infertility or the Death of a Baby at Any Time From Conception Through Early Infancy
...Hannah wept much and prayed to the LORD... "...I have been praying here out of my great anguish..." First Samuel 1:10-16 (NIV) Hannah's Prayer Ministries provides Christian based support and encouragement to couples around the world who are struggling with the pain of "fertility challenges" including infertility pregnancy loss or early infant death Hannah's Prayer is a California based, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization. All staff members are unpaid volunteers who are proclaiming Christians (from a range of denominational backgrounds) and have personal experience with the heartache of fertility challenges. You are one of people who has come to this page for comfort and support since May 24, 1997. You are not alone in your struggle through infertility or the death of your child! Welcome!

8. Society For Reproductive Endocrinology And Infertility
SREI is a professional organization for physicians certified in both obstetrics/gynecology and reproductive endocrinology. Its aim is to promote excellence in reproductive healthcare through research, education and patient care.
Officers Find Members WRHR Links Fellowships ... Update Reproductive Endocrinologists Reproductive Disorders that affect children, women, men, the mature woman, and infertility in both men and women. SREI Membership requires certification by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology in both Obstetrics and Gynecology and the subspecialty of Reproductive Endocrinology Associate Members have completed fellowship training in Reproductive Endocrinology, and are waiting to complete the Subspecialty Board Examination process. Members of SREI are dedicated to providing excellence in Reproductive Health through Research, Education, and the Care of our Patients. You can find the Reproductive Endocrinologists that practice in your area by clicking on the Find Members link , and obtain additional information by viewing this pdf file for SREI physicians What's Hot!! WRHR Scholar A position in the Women's Reproductive Health Research (WRHR) Career
Development Program
is available in the Department of Obstetrics and
Gynecology at Stanford University School of Medicine for July, 2003

9. IHR - Infertility And Fertility Information - IVF, GIFT, ICSI, Infertility Clini
infertility information and resources. Features articles, resources for consumers and professionals, and a list of service providers,
Welcome to Internet Health Resources - your hub for infertility information, services, and products For Consumers Infertility Education:

Egg donation

Drugs and medications
Online infertility books
Support groups

Clinical research trials
Service Providers:
Infertility clinics

Egg donor / surrogacy services
Natural treatment Male reproduction ... Financial Assistance Products and Tools: Books for consumers Infertility products - videotapes, fertility monitors, pregnancy test kits, ovulation prediction kits, LH kits, sperm enhancement, and sperm testing For Professionals Clinical Information: Professional organizations Professional journals Research Products and services: Suppliers Books Business: Positions for infertility professionals How to develop and promote a Web site IHR Web site development: Main Advantages Client List IHR Web site promotion: Main Free trial promotion Advantages Banner ads ... Order Form IHR hosting and promotion package: Main Advantages IHR Web Sites Infertility Resources Infertility information, support, and products for consumers

10. Infertility Homepage INCIID March 2003

11. Infertility Clinics, Fertility Clinics, Fertility Doctors - Fertility And IVF Tr
infertility clinics and fertility clinics with fertility doctors providing fertilitytreatment, in vitro fertilization (IVF), GIFT, ZIFT, TET, ICSI, diagnosis
Education Main Diagnosis Male Infertility Treatment ... Miscellaneous Resources Main Newsgroups Organizations Research Programs ... Women's Health

Infertility Clinics directories of infertility services and products: Infertility Clinics
Male Infertility

Legal Services
Egg Donor/Surrogacy ...
Financial Assistance
This Web page contains a list of infertility clinics located in the United States, Australia, Canada, China, and the United Kingdom. These clinics typically provide infertility testing and diagnosis, IVF, embryo freezing, donor egg, ICSI, and infertility surgery. United States: Alabama Arizona California - Northern California - Southern ... Louisiana I Maine Maryland Massachusetts Michigan ... West Virginia
Outside United States: Australia Canada China United Kingdom
United States Infertility Clinics
(Listed by State)
Alabama (AL)
  • ART Program of Alabama
    (Birmingham, Huntsville, Montgomery)
    A dignified approach, in conjunction with state-of-the-art assisted reproductive technologies characterizes our mission to serve couples experiencing infertility. We are dedicated to providing compassionate care.
Arizona (AZ)
  • Arizona Center for Fertility Studies
    Over 6000 babies born since 1982, more than any other Southwest program. The clinic embraces all patients, regardless of age, marital status or gender preference.

12. Infertility Homepage INCIID March 2003
Provides information about infertility and pregnancy loss, including prevention and treatment. Resources Category Health Reproductive Health infertility Organizations......infertility search engine. infertility resources. Resources interest. TheInterNational Council on infertility Information Dissemination, Inc.
Resources for the informed patient
News and Journal Summaries Repository of essays, articles,
commentaries and fact sheets Renowned infertility experts
who participate on INCIID Directory of Fertility
Industry Professionals Mission Founders
and Organizational Structure Subscribe to our monthly newsletter directory of sponsors, clinics, companies and organizations The InterNational Council
on Infertility Information
Dissemination, Inc. Cover the Uninsured Week - March 2003!
INCIID, along with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and a great many other national organizations, are joining together to support "Cover the Uninsured Week" (CTUW) that we might increase awareness and promote discussion about the nation's 41 million uninsured Americans. Former Presidents Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter will serve as honorary co-chairs.

13. Male Factor Infertility
Discusses factors in infertility, diagnosis, treatment, artificial and donor insemination and nutritional issues.
Male Factor Infertility
Misconceptions are very common in the world of infertility. One popular myth is that infertility is the woman's problem and that once that "problem" is fixed, the couple will be able to conceive. This could not be farther from the truth. In fact, in nearly 30% of all infertility cases, the cause is attributed to a factor in the male and in an additional 30% of cases the cause is attributed to both male and female factors. Less than a decade ago, treatment for a severe male factor was limited to inseminations or IVF using donor sperm. Today, exciting advances in male infertility have introduced innovative therapeutic options that offer men, including those with no sperm in their ejaculate due to genetic conditions, a greatly improved chance to conceive their own biological offspring. At GRS, we understand that couples seeking treatment for infertility are in search of a program that will provide them with the best chance possible for conceiving a child. In order to maximize the chances for conception, we create a partnership with each couple to determine exactly what the goals are and establish a treatment plan to maximize all resources in an effort to reach those goals. Male factor infertility is one of our specialties at GRS. In fact, Michael Tucker, Ph.D.,

14. CHILD : National Infertility Support Network
Support and information to people undergoing infertility investigations or treatment. Printable applicati Category Regional Europe Health Sexual and Reproductive......
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15. INCIID Infertility Glossary: Definitions On Infertility, Multiple Miscarriage An
Extensive infertility glossary with detailed fertility terms acronymsfrom A Z. infertility Information InterNational Council
InterNational Council on
Infertility Information Dissemination

Fact Sheets Fertility News INCIID Interact This page contains terms beginning with A B and C -A- A B C D ... Z Ablation separation or detachment; extirpation; eradication. 2. removal or destruction of a part, expecially by cutting. Ablation of endometriomas. Abortion Spontaneous : A pregnancy loss during the first twenty weeks of gestation Habitual : When a woman has had three or more miscarriages. Incomplete : An abortion after which some tissue remains inside the uterus. A must be performed to remove the tissue and prevent complications. Missed : The fetus Therapeutic : A procedure used to terminate a pregnancy before the fetus can survive on its own. Threatened : Spotting or bleeding that occurs early in the pregnancy. May progress to spontaneous abortion ACA See Anticardiolipin Antibodies Acrosome The enzymes in a sperm's head that allows it to make a hole in the coating around an egg, penetrate and fertilize the egg.

16. InfertilitySOS: Insight - Clinical Infertility Counseling
Specializing in treatment of emotional and psychological issues associated with infertility.
Help is just a phone call away…
Click Here for our New Award Winning Video Offer
" Emotional Aspects Of
In Vitro Fertilization" Insight Clinical Consultants, Inc.
Further enhancing patient care by addressing the psychological issues associated with infertility. Help is a phone call away... Or send us an email:

Design and technical inquiries email

17. Ask Fertilitext, Your Guide To Getting Pregnant: PreConception, Fertility Drugs,
Provides information about infertility and reproductive issues to those pursuing fertility treatment.Category Health Reproductive Health infertility Directories...... Fertilitext is your single source of information for reproductive health, ovulation,ovulation prediction, male factor infertility, PreConception instructions

Choose CVS ProCare

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Choose CVS ProCare

Your Cycle
... About CVS ProCare

18. Delaware Valley Ob/Gyn & Infertility Group - Obstetrics, Gynecology, Infertility
Specializing in infertility, obstetrics, gynecology, menopause, high risk pregnancy, adolescent gynecology. Affiliated with Capital Health System and The Medical Center at Princeton.(New Jersey)
Princeton Midwifery Care
Send us e-mail! To learn more about each doctor and midwi f e, click on a name Scott Eder, M.D.
Bruce Pierce, M.D.

Seth Derman, M.D.

Kenneth Ung, M.D.
Sandra Friedman, M.S.N, C.N.M.
and Princeton Midwifery Care are affiliated with Capital Health System and The Medical Center at Princeton . We have arrangements for coverage at other select hospitals should the need arise.
HIPAA Notice of Privacy Practices
Click here to download "Authorization to Disclose Health Information" (MS Word document) The information provided in the Delaware Valley OB/Gyn and Infertility Group Home Page should be relied upon for medical education purposes only. It is not intended to replace the independent judgment of a health care provider. The appropriateness of a course of treatment for a patient may vary from the medical information provided herein due to individual conditions and/or complications.
[ Delaware Valley Ob/Gyn ] Welcome Office Information The Doctors Princeton Midwifery Care ... Applied Information Technology, L.L.C.

19. American Infertility Association Home Page
Offers education, referrals, research, support and advocacy for those dealing with infertility and Category Health Reproductive Health infertility Organizations......The American infertility Association offers education, referrals, research, supportand advocacy for those dealing with infertility and reproductive health
We Are Here To Help The American Infertility Association is a national non-profit organization dedicated to assisting women and men facing decisions related to family building and reproductive health - from prevention and treatment of infertility to social and psychological concerns. The mission of The AIA is to serve as a lifetime resource for men and women needing reproductive information and support and to forward the causes of adoption and reproductive health through advocacy, education, awareness building and research funding. At The American Infertility Association, we are dedicated to helping people get home to find the family they are looking for. Breaking News It's Only Once a Year! Don't Miss It!
The American Infertility Association's
National Infertility and Adoption Conference 2003
Sunday, April 27, 2003

20. RHO Home
Summaries and links on topics including family planning, AIDS, reproductive tract infections, infertility, harmful traditional practices, safe motherhood, cervical cancer, and refugee reproductive health.
What's New: Winter 2002/2003
Visit Spanish RHO!

Order RHO on CD-ROM
Welcome to Reproductive Health Outlook (RHO), the reproductive health website produced by Program for Appropriate Technology in Health (PATH). RHO is especially designed for reproductive health program managers and decision-makers working in developing countries and low-resource settings.
RHO provides in-depth information on 13 reproductive health topics:
Adolescent Reproductive Health
Information, services, and life skills for adolescents. Cervical Cancer Prevention
Resources and strategies for low-resource settings. Contraceptive Methods
Contraceptive methods and eligibility criteria. Family Planning Program Issues
Designing and implementing high-quality programs in low-resource settings. Gender and Sexual Health
Gender disparities, violence against women, sex workers, and mental health

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