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         Interstitial Cystitis:     more books (92)
  1. The Interstitial Cystitis Survival Guide: Your Guide to the Latest Treatment Options and Coping Strategies by Robert M. Moldwin, 2000-10-30
  2. Solving the Interstitial Cystitis Puzzle: A Guide to Natural Healing by Amrit K. Willis, Shira Lee, et all 2006-03-16
  3. A Taste of the Good Life: A Cookbook for an Interstitial Cystitis Diet by Beverley Laumann, 1998-07-01
  4. The Better Bladder Book: A Holistic Approach to Healing Interstitial Cystitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain by Wendy L. Cohan, 2010-11-09
  5. Confident Choices: Customizing the Interstitial Cystitis Diet by Julie Beyer RD, 2005
  6. Along the Healing Path : Recovering from Interstitial Cystitis by Catherine M. Simone, 2000-09-26
  7. IC NATURALLY: A natural remedy approach to treatment of Interstitial Cystitis by Diana Brady, 2009-11-09
  8. Confident Choices Value Pack (Confident Choices for Interstitial Cystitis) by Julie Beyer MA RD, 2008
  9. Interstitial Cystitis: A Guide for Nutrition Educators (A Confident Choices Book) by Julie A. Beyer MA RD, 2010
  10. To Wake in Tears: Understanding Interstitial Cystitis by Catherine M. Simone, 1998-11-11

1. Welcome To The UK IC Support Group
The interstitial cystitis Support Group gives support to people with interstitial cystitis, and their families and
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Welcome to the
UK Interstitial Cystitis Support Group.
The Interstitial Cystitis Support Group gives support to people with Interstitial Cystitis, and their families and friends.
The goals of the support group are:
The relief of sickness of persons suffering from Interstitial Cystitis.
To provide IC patients, their families and friends with contact with other sufferers in their area.
The advancement of education amongst the general public and the medical profession into causes and treatments of IC.
To support research and ultimately find an effective treatment and cure for IC.
What is IC?
A look at IC, its causes and symptoms Treatments
A view of some of the treatments available to IC sufferers. F A Q List
Answers to your questions from our medical panel Diet
Certain foods are known bladder irritants. Is you favourite one of them? Survey
A survey was conducted amongst members of the ICSG. See the results here...
The people behind the scenes - coordinating your support Join today...

2. Interstitial Cystitis Network - Chronic Pelvic Pain, Overactive Bladder, Bladder
Archive of information, including patient materials, a research library, physician resources, support Category Health Conditions and Diseases interstitial cystitis......The interstitial cystitis Network is the largest free archive of IC informationon the web, offering weekly support group meetings, a patient handbook
The ICN Newsletter
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ICN Patient Handbook ICN Patient Handbook
About Interstitial Cystitis

Understanding Your Bladder

Understanding Diet
IC Coloring Book Project

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100+ ICN Message Boards - Join thousands of patients chatting daily in our message board. The only comprehensive message board system today!
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Meet the IC Expert Guest Lectures - The only lecture series now available on the web. We've featured many of the best IC physicians in the world! Read their transcripts today. Research Resources The ICN Library Drug Glossary ICN Industry Newsroom CME's International Resources ICN WORLD CENTER International Physician Listings International Drug Glossary International IC Patient Network ICN Links Whats New!

3. Interstitial Cystitis Association - Home
Dedicated to providing patient and physician educational information and programs, patient support, Category Health Conditions and Diseases interstitial cystitis...... Founded in 1984, the interstitial cystitis Association (ICA) is a notfor-profithealth organization dedicated to providing patient and physician educational

4. Interstitial Cystitis - UrologyChannel
Find information and resources on this disease of the bladder, including information from leading Urologists.
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Anatomy Clinical Trials Education HealthProfiler ... Videos ABOUT US Pressroom Testimonials Overview Interstitial cystitis (IC) is a puzzling, chronic inflammatory condition of the bladder that causes frequent, urgent, and painful urination and pelvic discomfort. The natural lining of the bladder (epithelium) is protected from toxins in the urine by a layer of protein called glycoaminoglycan (GAG). The predominant theory is that, in IC, this protective layer breaks down, allowing toxins to irritate the bladder wall. The bladder then becomes inflamed and tender and cannot store urine well. Interstitial cystitis is unlike common cystitis (inflammation of the bladder caused by bacterial infection), which frequently accompanies a urinary tract infection (UTI) and is usually treated with antibiotics. The cause of IC, however, is unknown. IC is not contagious and does not spread in the body.

5. Interstitial Cystitis Association - Treatment Options - IC And
IC patients have found that they can relieve some of the symptoms of this disease by diet. Here is Category Health Conditions and Diseases interstitial cystitis......any interstitial cystitis (IC) patients find that diet modificationhelps to control symptoms and avoid flareups. Others note that

6. Interstitial Cystitis Sufferers: Welcome To!
interstitial cystitis sufferers can utilize this resource, which includes a reading list and a mailing list where questions can be addressed. services we provide to all those who suffer from interstitial cystitis. We've provided a number of resources here
Welcome to . The purpose of this web is to enhance the support services we provide to all those who suffer from Interstitial Cystitis . We've provided a number of resources here to help you resolve problems, report successes, and suggest improvements to the way we deal with this disease. This site is a product of Valerie Johnson, BSW, and a sufferer from IC. "While continuing to learn how to cope with IC, it is my goal to work with those who suffer from chronic pain. I hope the information exchanged here will be profitable for all." "Only in the last ten years have researchers focused on Interstitial Cystitis. Diagnosis is a long and painful process. Many IC patients benefit from support of others with the disease. Intercyst welcomes comments, questions, and exchange of information among IC patients and families. Please navigate through the site for more information. I look forward to hearing from you soon!"
Buy Best Selling Books right here! is an Award Winner!

7. Elmiron® - Interstitial Cystitis
interstitial cystitis (IC) is a chronic inflammatory condition of the bladder lining. The cause is not known; there may be more than one cause. IC can be difficult to diagnose.

8. Interstitial Cystitis
In depth look at interstitial cystitis and its causes, types, diagnosis and treatment.Category Health Conditions and Diseases interstitial cystitis......What Is interstitial cystitis? Interstitial 25). interstitial cystitis Helpfor a puzzling illness. New York Times, p. B7. Hanno, P. (1998).

What Is Interstitial Cystitis?
Interstitial cystitis (IC), one of the chronic pelvic pain disorders, is a condition resulting in recurring discomfort or pain in the bladder and the surrounding pelvic region. The symptoms of IC vary from case to case and even in the same individual. People may experience mild discomfort, pressure, tenderness, or intense pain in the bladder and surrounding pelvic area. Symptoms may include an urgent need to urinate (urgency), frequent need to urinate (frequency), or a combination of these symptoms. Pain may change in intensity as the bladder fills with urine or as it empties. Women's symptoms often get worse during menstruation. In IC, the bladder wall may be irritated and become scarred or stiff. Glomerulations (pinpoint bleeding caused by recurrent irritation) may appear on the bladder wall. Some people with IC find that their bladders cannot hold much urine, which increases the frequency of urination. Frequency, however, is not always specifically related to bladder size; many people with severe frequency have normal bladder capacity. People with severe cases of IC may urinate as many as 60 times a day. Also, people with IC often experience pain during sexual intercourse. IC is far more common in women than in men. Of the more than 700,000 Americans estimated to have IC, 90 percent are women.

9. Elmiron® -- For The Treatment Of Interstitial Cystitis
Manufacturer's information for this oral medication for the relief of bladder pain or the discomfort of interstitial cystitis.
Clickable image...
The first oral
proven effective
for the relief
of the bladder
pain or
discomfort of
interstitial cystitis
About Interstitial Cystitis
About Elmiron

Click here to find out about:
Elmiron is a prescription medication, and only your physician can determine whether you should take it. Elmiron has been approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for the relief of the bladder pain or discomfort associated with interstitial cystitis. This approval relates only to the United States and its residents, and the information provided in this site relates only to the prescription and use of the drug in the United States. Elmiron has not been approved for use in any other country. REFERENCES 1. Ratner V, Slade D, Whitmore KE. Interstitial cystitis: a bladder disease finds legitimacy. J Women's Health. 1992;1:63-68. 2. Held PJ, Hanno PM, Wein AJ, Pauly MV, Cahn MA. Epidemiology of interstitial cystitis 2. In: Hanno PM Staskin DR, Drane RJ, Wein AJ, eds. Interstitial Cystitis.

10. Interstitial Cystitis
Disease profile contains incidence, cause, description, differentiating features and treatment.Category Health Conditions and Diseases interstitial cystitis...... Name, interstitial cystitis. References, Ratner V, Slade MA, Whitmore KE Interstitialcystitis A bladder disease finds legitimacy. J Women's Health 1992.

About us Articles Books ... Quizzes Woman's Diagnostic Cyber Disease Profile Name Interstitial Cystitis Synonyms bladder ulcers, Hunner ulcer, Hunner Syndrome, panmural fibrosis, submucosal cystitis, submucosal ulcer of the bladder, lower urogenital tract epithelial dysfunction
description inflammatory disease of the bladder wall of unknown etiology. It mimics urinary tract infection symptoms but bacterial urine cultures are negative and it does not respond to antibiotics. It may be ulcerative or non-ulcerative
Is it common? Incidence is about 10-500/100000. About 0.01%-0.5% of population ( ). (about 450,000 - 700,000 in the U.S.) 90% of cases occur in women and 10% in men. Average age of onset is 40 years old. Differentiating
features The onset of symptoms is subacute building up to a steady level of symptoms. Once that level is reached it does not progressively worsen over time. Urinary frequency during day (up to 50-60 times) and night (up to 20-30 times), pain with urination, all in the absence of laboratory signs of infection. The urinary pain is relieved by voiding. There is general agreement that there are at least two types of presentation - classic disease with ulcerations and non ulcerative disease ( ). In the classic presentation, there are ulcers or diffuse glomerulations seen on cystoscopy. Cystoscopy is necessary to confirm and also to rule out carcinoma insitu of the bladder, urethral diverticula, and schistosomiasis. A complete blood count with differential is performed to rule out an eosinophilic cystitis.

11. IC Hope For Interstitial Cystitis
Offers To Wake in Tears and Along the Healing Path.
Welcome to IC Hope For Interstitial Cystitis
Look for our new expanded links page where you will find links to other sites
that offer information on Interstitial Cystitis, homepages of other IC patients, as well as
links to information on herbs and various alternative/natural treatments.
Newly Released!
Awakening Through the Tears
Interstitial Cystitis and the Mind/Body/Spirit Connection

by Catherine M. Simone
For more information click here or scroll down
Please feel free to join in discussion with other IC patients on our
Message Board
or in our new 24 hour chatroom. NEW Live IC Chat Meetings Meetings will be held every Wednesday evening at 9:00pm EST beginning February 5, 2003. Every other week we will have a special topic which will be e-mailed to people before the meeting. The weeks in between will be open chats. If you would like to be on the list to receive a meeting notice with the chat topic included, please send an e-mail request to

12. Interstitial Cystitis IC
Comprehensive article covers facts about IC from an expert in questions and answers format.Category Health Conditions and Diseases interstitial cystitis...... interstitial cystitis Questions and Answers. This week I interviewedJill Osborne, Founder CEO of the interstitial cystitis Network.
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Interstitial Cystitis: Questions and Answers Interstitial Cystitis Network What is Interstitial Cystitis (IC)?
What causes IC?

What are the symptoms of Interstitial Cystitis?
Is there anything I haven't addressed that you feel is important for women to know?
Q: Please tell me about your background and interest in Interstitial Cystitis... A: I am very typical of IC patients. I was 32 (1992) when my symptoms started and interrupted my career at a very critical stage. I have a BA in Pharmacology and M.A. in Psychology/Organizational Development. Several times a month, I experienced intense bladder pain, discomfort and the need to urinate frequently, particularly at night. Yet, though it certainly felt like an infection , bacteria was never found in my urine It took over a year to diagnose my IC. By summer of 1993, I was barely able to walk around the block without crying. Driving was very difficult

13. Interstitial Cystitis: Progress Against Disabling Bladder Condition
A case history of a woman from age 2046. Informative reading followed by a history of this disease, Category Health Conditions and Diseases interstitial cystitis...... interstitial cystitis Progress Against Disabling Bladder Condition. by EvelynZamula Thus, interstitial cystitis becomes a diagnosis of exclusion.
Interstitial Cystitis
Progress Against Disabling Bladder Condition
by Evelyn Zamula The woman knew she was going to be fired from her job. Since her 20s, this insurance firm middle manager has suffered from interstitial cystitis (IC), an inflammatory disease of the bladder wall. The chief symptoms Marsha (not her real name) has are a smaller than normal bladder capacity, urgent and frequent urination, feelings of pressure and pain around the bladder and in the pelvic area, and painful sexual intercourse. Now 46 years old, she has coped with these symptoms fairly well until recently, when they have worsened. On some days, Marsha is in such agony that she can barely walk. Though sympathetic at first, Marsha's supervisor became impatient with her frequent bouts of pain and trips to the bathroom, as well as time lost from sick days and doctor's appointments, even though she's made up every minute. When she started to miss policy meetings, Marsha began to get indications that she would be fired. Her boss would comment that she couldn't know what was going on because, "You aren't always here." Finally, when Marsha needed to urinate every 20 minutes at work and 10 times during the night, leaving her exhausted and depressed in the morning, she became so fearful of being asked to leave that she decided to retire on disability instead. She hopes to return to her job when she feels better, but so far it hasn't been possible.

14. Interstitial Cystitis Information Center
Information about this not-for-profit organization as well as about interstitial cystitis.Category Health Conditions and Diseases interstitial cystitis...... Memorial contributions may be made to the STAR Project MCV Foundation for InterstitialCystitis (IC) Research and sent to MCV Foundation, PO Box 980234
Home Our Center Information Articles Our Director ... Our Advisory Board Kay's book: Ten Myths about Doctors: What you can do to Dispel Them IC Research-STAR Project Kay's Story Links
Sad News:
It is with deepest regret I must inform you that the ICIC director/founder, Kay Hutchison Benton, passed away on February 21st, 2003. Memorial contributions may be made to the STAR Project - MCV Foundation for Interstitial Cystitis (IC) Research and sent to MCV Foundation, P.O. Box 980234, Richmond, VA 23298-0234. Or you may wish to contribute to the College Church Building Fund, P.O. Box 13, Hampden-Sydney, VA 23943. - The Webmaster posted 26/02/03
A Note from the Founder/Director:
Our construction has been concluded.
  • Please go to the "Information Articles" section to see all the free info now available to you. For general IC information, please contact Myra at 703-765-6221 ($25 donation requested). For supplement orders, please contact Ruth Kriz at
  • Kay H. Benton, Founder/Director posted 12/06/02
    For more information, phone Myra at (703) 765-6221

    15. Interstitial Cystitis Success Stories
    Read how one woman healed from this devastating disease. Also invites other patients of IC to share their success stories.
    Hello and welcome to my website
    This site has been established to provide hope to those who are suffering from Interstitial Cystitis. It is my mission to create a site where patients of IC and other bladder related disorders come to learn from the successes of others. I am one of those successes and in this site you will find my story. There are people who find ways to get their IC under control and lead a normal life again and there are people who heal completely from the symptoms of IC who have been doing well for a number of years now. I only hope they will join me in sharing their experiences for the benefit of others. For more information about this website click on: About this Site If you wish to be added to the mailing list for updates to this site please send your request to me via e-mail. or click here... February 22nd 2003- Today the IC community grieves for our beloved Kay Benton who passed away last night. Kay struggled with a multitude of medical problems for many years including IC. She spent much of her life fighting bravely, and through all her pain and suffering she never stopped working to help others. She is a person who made a positive difference in people's lives. A rare gem who cared about others. We offer our sympathy and prayers to her family, friends, and most of all her husband Duane. The man who remained by Kay's side through it all. We should all be so lucky to be blessed with such a loyal companion in life.

    16. Interstitial Cystitis
    Developed by two patients of Dr. Matia Brizman, a Doctor of Acupuncture and practitioner of Chinese medicine. For patients suffering the ravages of IC, disease information, and hope for recovery from this disease.
    A Road To Recovery!
    So you have Interstitial Cystitis (IC); you have been told that there is no end to the suffering. You probably do not have a doctor who understands what you are going through, your symptoms are not improving and your daily life revolves around your bladder. You share your misery with others who have IC; they are empathetic and encouraging, but you have lost hope because you need more than just supportyou need to feel better. What if an answer existed? What if it were possible that you could actually be relieved of your symptoms? Would you want to investigate that possibility? This website has been developed to offer you the possibility of regaining control over your life. All we ask is that you read, learn and make your own informed decision. OUR MISSION - WHY WE CREATED THIS SITE! This website has been developed by two patients of Matia Brizman, a Doctor of Acupuncture and practitioner of Chinese medicine. We have taken it upon ourselves to get the word out to patients suffering the ravages of IC that there is hope out there; that there is someone who is consistently helping people by providing a treatment regimen that allows them to lead a better life. It has been a very frustrating task trying to inform people about the existence of Matia and about her in-depth knowledge of the disease and how her methods effectively treat IC in a healthy, logical way. We understand the resistance of people to something that is not mainstream, something that, in most cases, is dismissed by Western doctors as unproven, or not worth consideration. But then again, what in Western medicine has been proven to work to help all us desperate IC patients recover?

    17. Digital Urology Journal: Urethral Syndrome And Interstitial Cystitis
    A look at urethral syndrome and interstitial cystitis, their symptoms, diagnosis and treatment.
    URETHRAL SYNDROME Urethral syndrome refers to a primarily female syndrome in which women suffer from irritative bladder symptoms (urinary frequency, urgency, burning, and more) in the absence of any objective urologic findings. That is to say, when they under medical evaluation their physicians discover no specific findings to account for their symptoms. Because the symptoms of urethral syndrome are similar to symptoms common for many irritative bladder problems, the diagnosis of urethral syndrome is often delayed. Symptoms, Causes, and Diagnosis Once again, the irritative symptoms accompanying urethral syndrome include: urinary frequency, urgency and burning in addition to possible low buck pain, suprapubic pain, and hesitant or slowed urinary stream. Because these symptoms are so common with other urinary problems, your physician must eliminate other disease possibilities and diagnose urethral syndrome by exclusion. Many urethral syndrome patients were initially told that they have recurrent urinary infections. Upon closer history, however, it is discovered that their supposed urinary infections have been poorly documented. Other disease processes which must be excluded are: Chlamydia infections, Ureaplasma infections, neurological disorders, gynecological disorders, bladder tumors, urethral narrowing, interstitial cystitis (see below) and more. Your physician may wish to perform certain tests in order to clarify the diagnosis. These tests may include X-ray studies and bladder studies. The X-rays may be done in order to be sure there is no stone or other physical abnormality. The bladder studies may include cystoscopy, which allows direct visual inspection of the interior of the bladder.

    18. Urology Disorders - Interstitial Cystitis (IC) - Methodist Health Care System -
    Looks at interstitial cystitis, its symptoms, diagnosis, treatment, causes and types.

    Urology Disorders Home
    La Urologia - Los Trastornos Genitourinarios
    (en español) La Salud de la Próstata
    (en español) Clinical Services
    Urology Institute at

    The Methodist Hospital

    Methodist Diagnostic Hospital

    Methodist Sugar Land Hospital

    Interstitial Cystitis (IC) What is interstitial cystitis (IC)?
    Interstitial cystitis (IC) is complex, chronic disorder characterized by an inflamed, or irritated, bladder wall. It can lead to scarring and stiffening of the bladder, decreased bladder capacity, glomerulations (pinpoint bleeding) and, in rare cases, ulcers in the bladder lining. IC may also be known as:
    • painful bladder syndrome frequency-urgency-dysuria syndrome
    An estimated 500,000 people have IC, and about 90 percent of them are women. People of any age can be affected with IC, although it is rare in children. About two-thirds of patients are in their 20s, 30s, or 40s. There is no evidence that the disorder is hereditary, or genetically passed from parent to child. What are some of the types of IC?

    19. Interstitial Cystitis Association - US
    Dedicated to providing patient and physician educational information and programs, patient support, public awareness and, most importantly, research funding.

    20. Interstitial Cystitis Of The Bladder
    Offers a question and answer about interstitial cystitis of the bladder.
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    Interstitial Cystitis of the Bladder
    I am a female in my 70's and have had a cystoscopy under sedation and was diagnosed as having an inflammation of the bladder. I was told to avoid coffee, tea, chocolate and diet sodas. I'm taking Prosed DS twice a day but it doesn't seem to be helping that much. Are there other foods I should avoid or is there anything else I could do to give me relief from the almost continuous burning feeling?
    A: You may have interstitial cystitis which is a chronic problem of the bladder mainly experienced by women. Besides pain and burning, patients often feel an urgency to void and urinate very frequently in small amounts, have pelvic pressure with sitting, and experience pain with sex which may persist for days afterwards. Some women have ulcers or bleeding of the bladder. The good news is that you are not alone. Over 500,000 women may suffer from IC and the Interstitial Cystitis Association is an excellent organization which has up-to-date information on research and treatment of this baffling disorder. Their web site is

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