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  1. Rheumatism, Arthritis, Sciatica, Neuritis, Lumbago, neuralgia and Associated Chronic Conditions; Institutional Treatment Through Non-Surgical, Non-Medical Methods at the Ball Clinic by The Ball Clinic, 1951-01-01
  2. Slipped Discs: the Cases and Treatment of Slipped Discs, Lumbago, Sciatica, and Other Alilments
  3. Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine: Sciatica by Kathleen Wright, 2001-01-01
  4. When lower back pain reaches your legs: non-surgical treatments and self-help measures can ease leg pain and prevent complications from sciatica.(Spine health): An article from: Men's Health Advisor by Unavailable, 2009-04-01
  5. Miracles of Healing & How They Are Done in Homoeopathy: Rheumatism, Heart Dis, Gout, Sciatica, Insanity, Epilepsy, Paralysis, Neuralgia, Migrane, Cancer, Constipation, Skine Diseases, Ear Diseases by Ellis J. Barker, 2005-06-30
  6. A pain in the back need not be a pain in the neck. (sciatica): An article from: Medical Update
  7. Sciatica. A Fresh Study by James Bruce, 1913
  8. Arthritifugum magnum. A physical discourse on the wonderful virtues of cold water, in the cure of the gout and sciatica. ... Translated from the Latin of Herman vander Heyden, ... The second edition. by Hermann van der Heyden, 2010-06-10
  9. Sciatica can be treated by surgery or waiting.: An article from: AORN Journal by Gale Reference Team, 2007-01-01
  11. Lumbar Disc Lesions : Pathogenesis and Treatment of Low Back Pain and Sciatica by J. R. Armstrong, 1967-01-01
  12. Rheumatism, Rheumatic Gout And Sciatica (1864) by Henry William Fuller, 2010-09-10
  13. Repertory Of The Symptoms Of Rheumatism, Sciatica, Etc. (1898) by Alfred Pulford, 2010-09-10
  14. Rheumatism And Sciatica (1892) by John Henry Clarke, 2010-09-10

81. Sciatica
Back to John Murtagh indexsciatica. What is sciatica? sciatica isa type of neuralgia (nerve pain). The leg. What causes sciatica?
Sciatica What is sciatica? Sciatica is a type of neuralgia (nerve pain). The sciatic nerve is a huge nerve (about the size of an adult's small finger) that controls the function of the leg, especially the foot. It passes from the spine into the buttock, then into the back of the thigh and leg. What causes sciatica? It is caused by pressure, usually from a prolapsed disc, on the nerve roots from the lower back that form the sciatic nerve. This problem is often called a 'slipped disc', but it is not a good term because the disc is big and only part of it bulges to cause pressure. Sciatica can be caused also by the nerve roots being trapped in the tunnel at the side of the spine through which they pass. This pinching effect causes the nerve to become irritated and swollen. The tunnel is made smaller by surrounding arthritis or a flattened disc space. This problem is quite common in elderly people. A rare cause is a haemorrhage around the nerves in people who are taking blood-thinning tablets. What are the symptoms? The patient usually feels a burning pain or a deep aching pain in the buttock, the thigh, the calf and the outer border of the leg, ankle and foot. Sciatica is not a pain covering the whole leg like a stocking. It commonly causes a pain around the outer part of the leg into the ankle. The pain may vary from very severe to mild. A 'pins and needles' sensation or numbness may be felt in the lower leg and the foot.

82. Sciatica
Resources for sciatica. Understanding back pain. There are sections on sciatica, spondylosis,lumbago, nerve problems, the neck, self help, causes and treatment.

83. Sciatica
sciatica Information about this syndrome causing back and thigh pain;understanding sciatica, treatment, and rehabilitation. sciatica.
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Sciatica A common cause of hip and thigh pain Related Resources Spinal Stenosis
Back Pain


From Other Guides Physical Therapy
Back and Neck Injury
Elsewhere on the Web Spine Surgery MEDLINE: Sciatica By: Jonathan Cluett, M.D. What is Sciatica? The diagnosis of 'sciatica' means that there is an inflammation of the sciatic nerve, the largest peripheral nerve in the body. The sciatic nerve is formed from the lower segments of the spinal cord; it is made up from the L4, L5, S1, S2, and S3 nerve roots from the spinal cord. The sciatic nerve exits the lower part of the spinal cord (lumbosacral region), passes behind the hip joint, and runs down the thigh. What does a normal sciatic nerve do?

84. Sciatica
What Is sciatica? sciatica is a severe pain in the leg caused by compression,irritation, or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. Symptoms Of sciatica.
Sciatica can be a distracting pain that starts in the lower back and extends down into one or both legs. Chiropractic care has proven to be quite helpful.
What Is Sciatica?
Sciatica is a severe pain in the leg caused by compression, irritation, or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerves are the largest and longest nerves in the body, reaching about the size of your thumb in diameter, and running down the back of each leg. Each sciatic nerve is composed of five smaller nerves that leave the spinal cord from the lower spinal column, join together and then travel down each leg It then divides into ninny smaller nerves that travel to the thigh, knee, calf, ankle, foot and toes When these nerves are irritated or affected by the inflammation of nearby soft tissues, doctors refer to this as sciatica.
Symptoms Of Sciatica
People with "sciatica" can suffer from a wide range of symptoms. Often the pain will come and go at times, it may be constant, but then it may subside for hours or days. Some people may feel only a dull ache or numbness, which travels down the back into the upper leg. For others, it may be intense "shooting pains" down the leg into the foot and toes. Many factors affect the pain of sciatica. Sitting in one position for long periods of time as when driving or working at a computer can increase the pain. Working out or running, or even simple things like walking, bending, turning or standing up may be difficult and painful. Tennis or golf and other twisting activities can cause sciatica pain to flare up. For some, the pain may be in both legs or change from side to side. For a number of others, back pain may occur before the sciatica itself. In the most severe cases, sciatica can damage reflexes, or even cause a wasting of the calf muscles.

85. Sciatica Nerve Or Sciatic Nerve Relief
Best sciatica Nerve Paine Relief with Emu oil that carries proven ingredients deeperinto joints and muscles for proven pain relief from arthritis, muscle
Sciatica Nerve Pain Relief
sciatica nerve in legs as well as relief for fibromyalgia , muscle strains, arthritis and more etc... Order by phone1888 529-1699 Order securely by internet below or by mail arthritis relief sciatica nerve pain Sciatica Pain Relief Only $19.95 for relief! If you have experienced sciatica then you know pain. It seems to be worse when standing or sitting for long periods of time. Tight muscles can be a major cause of sciatic nerve pain. the muscle pinch the nerve. The muscle must be loosened to prevent sciatic pain or sciatica. Ironically our customers told us that our cream (with Glucosamine Chondroitin Tea Tree Oil Aloe Vera gel and more) was working unbelievably well for their sciatica. It was working short term but also helping to prevent long term problems. Even if you have tried other arthritis products... learn more emu oil arthritis pain relief joint relief ... ORDER HERE "I have tried everything for a consent battle I have had with Sciatic nerve pain. The pain seemed so deep I didn't know if anything would work. I started your arthritis cream at a recommendation from a friend. The relief came within 30 minutes. I started the gel caps soon after and now my mild arthritis is gone and my sciatica is all but gone. Occasionally I still have to use the cream when I ride in the car. Thank you!"

86. Symptoms And Treatments For Sciatica-acupuncture
Wonder Life Clinical References sciatica. Mechanisms of actions involvedAcupuncture and Chinese medicine treats sciatica by doing the following
Your health is in good care with W onder L ife Clinical References: Sciatica What's new? Ask Tenercy Tell a friend Online Consultation ... Stress Definition: Pain in the lower back that is caused by abnormal stimulation such as pressure, on the sciatic nerve Pain in the lower back and/or buttock, and follow down a line at the back or side of the leg. Possible Causes: Swelling or inflammation of the vertebral disk Vertebral disk injury or displacement Herniated disk Accumulated physical exhaustion Poor posture Deep muscle spasm Treatments with Acupuncture: Highly recommended, All in One treatments Treatments with Chinese herbal medicine: Depending on the individual assessment Mechanisms of actions involved: Acupuncture and Chinese medicine treats sciatica by doing the following: Releasing muscle tensions Relieving deep muscle spasm Reducing local inflammation and swelling Reducing harmful hormones accumulated in the affected areas.

87. The Spine Program
sciatica Program. What is sciatica? sciatica describes unusual sensationsradiating down the back and/or outside of one leg due to

The Spine Program

Programs and Services Acute, Recent Back Pain
Case Management

Cervical Program

Chronic Disability Management

Spine Team Assessment
Functional Restoration
Pain Management
Exercise Classes

EMG Program
Injections Manual Medicine ... Sports and Performing Arts Program Interview with Athletes Surgical Liaison Program Occupational Therapy Physical Therapy Physician Clinics ... Psychology Services Sciatica Program What is Sciatica? Sciatica describes unusual sensations radiating down the back and/or outside of one leg due to irritation of the sciatic nerve. This is a relatively common form of "back pain" which may have symptoms that come and go or may be constant. Often, there is no specific area of low back pain, however, you may have symptoms such as: pain in one buttock and/or leg, burning, numbness, or tingling down the leg or into the foot, feeling of weakness primarily in the knee or ankle and/or limping when walking. What happens in the program?

88. Some Of The Common Causes Of Back Problems Are Disc Injury
sciatica is pain radiating down one or both buttocks and one or both legs. Irritationof the nerve can cause crippling pain and discomfort. Causes of sciatica
Sciatica is pain radiating down one or both buttocks and one or both legs. Sciatica is usually caused by DEGENERATIVE DISC DISEASE or COMPRESSION, by a disc nerve root irritation of the sciatic nerve Definition of the SCIATIC NERVE: The two sciatic nerves are the largest nerves in the body going down both legs and connecting in the lower spinal column. It is the communication line between the brain and the lower part of the body. Irritation of the nerve can cause crippling pain and discomfort. Causes of Sciatica
  • Pinching of sciatic nerve (most common) Vitamin deficiencies Slipped disc at level that nerve roots emerge in lower back. Arthritic inflammation in lower spine.
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89. Conditions & Info - Sciatica
What is sciatica? If you've found this page its probably because youthink you may have sciatica but aren't sure. What you DO know
What is Sciatica? If you've found this page its probably because you think you may have sciatica but aren't sure. What you DO know is that you literally have a pain in the butt! You're wondering if it's sciatica and what you should do about it. Technically speaking, sciatica is a symptom not a diagnosis. Although it is mistakenly used to describe any types of leg pain, true sciatica means an irritation of the sciatica nerve along its pathway giving rise to symptoms of pain radiating from the buttock down the back of the upper leg and then continues down the back or side of the lower leg. Symptoms can vary from extreme pain to a mild sensation in the leg or buttock. Typically, sciatic pain increases on exertion or bending forward. There may be numbness in the area of pain or weakness in the leg, especially when standing on the toes or heels. Pain may be triggered by coughing or straining while on the toilet and can be so severe that the lower back becomes locked in sideways bending position. Alternatively, it may only come on when sitting, standing in a certain positions or when you walk. The location and character of the pain, aggravating and relieving factors and clinical tests are all clues to the source of the problem. For example, a disc herniation pressing on the nerve might give quite a different pattern of pain as compared to the leg pain coming from a nerve entrapped in a muscle or an irritated joint referring pain down the leg. Depending on the cause, the treatment might be quite different.

90. 1Up Health > Sciatica > Causes, Incidence, And Risk Factors Of Sciatica (Neuropa
Comprehesive information on sciatica (Neuropathy sciatic nerve, Sciatic nerve dysfunction). sciatica Causes, Incidence, and Risk Factors. Alternative names
1Up Health Sciatica Alternative Medicine Clinical Trials ... Health Topics A-Z Search 1Up Health Sciatica Information Sciatica Causes, Incidence, and Risk Factors Alternative names : Neuropathy - sciatic nerve, Sciatic nerve dysfunction Definition : Sciatica is a condition involving impaired movement and/or sensation in the leg, caused by damage to the sciatic nerve.
Causes, Incidence, and Risk Factors
Sciatica is a form of peripheral neuropathy . It occurs when there is damage to the sciatic nerve, located in the back of the leg. This nerve controls the muscles of the back of the knee and lower leg and provides sensation to the back of the thigh, part of the lower leg and the sole of the foot. Incomplete damage to the sciatic nerve may appear identical to damage to one of the branches of the sciatic nerve ( tibial nerve dysfunction or common peroneal nerve dysfunction A problem in a single nerve group, such as the sciatic nerve, is classified as a mononeuropathy . The usual causes are direct trauma (often due to an injection into the buttocks), prolonged external pressure on the nerve, and pressure on the nerve from nearby body structures. It can also be caused by entrapment pressure on the nerve where it passes through a narrow structure. The damage slows or prevents conduction of impulses through the nerve. The sciatic nerve is commonly injured by fractures of the pelvis, gunshot

91. Sciatica, Acupuncture And Traditional Oriental Medicine
sciatica, Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine takes a look at the wayin which sciatic pain is addressed with acupuncture and other TCM, or TOM
Sciatica, Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine
by Al Stone L.Ac.
Introduction; my own experience with an Oriental sciatica treatment
My very first experience with traditional Chinese medicine came when I had some sciatica pain during a kung fu workout. I asked my kung fu teacher about it. He showed me some acupoints on my leg to press at home that night and the next day. They weren't too hard to get to, but it was nice for him to press them for me this first time. To my utter amazement, the pain was 95% gone the very next day. The sciatica pain that began in my lower back and radiated down to my little toe was gone after one session of acupressure. In my experience, the pain would peak for about three days, and then take about two weeks to completely fade away. But in this case it was completely gone in two days. Not all sciatica patients respond to just acupressure. Cases such as mine did because, even though it wasn't a pleasant situation for me, it was just a minor ache. Some patients require the stronger stimulation of acupuncture. I get many letters from people reading this article who want to know what points to press or how to press them. It is difficult to answer this question briefly, but I can say that if you want to simply mash your thumb into any location on the lower back or leg that is sensitive along the trajectory of the sciatica pain, you'll be helping the problem. Don't push so hard that it causes a bruise and don't do it so hard that it is very painful. Just a little painful is really what you want to shoot for. Use the thumb for points on the legs. For tendor points on the buttocks, you'll want ot use your elbow to get in there deeply. Hold down each point for two minutes.

92. All-Natural Products For Sciatica!
Questions About sciatica? Call Customer Service 1 (888) 3236364, sciatica,Bone/Skin Poultice BON-C Bones / Swelling / Cartilage / Wounds,
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93. Team Clinic
sciatica What is sciatica? sciatica is pain that starts in the back andradiates down one of the legs. It is quite a common complaint.
Tension Headaches

Thoracic Outlet

Plantar Fasciitis

Sciatica What is Sciatica?
Sciatica is pain that starts in the back and radiates down one of the legs. It is quite a common complaint. It is caused by pressure on the sciatic nerve that runs down into the leg. The cause of pressure can be varied from a slipped disk to muscle tension or something less common such as tumors, bony growths and infections. Depending on where the sciatic nerve is pinched will determine where you feel the pain which can radiate to the front of the knee or right down the back of the leg to the foot. Symptoms
  • Pain that shoots down the leg. Numbness and weakness in the affected area.
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94. Team Clinic
sciatica sciatica is a nerve disorder, which affect the sciatic nerve.This nerve is a major nerve that starts at the base of the
Tension Headaches

Jaw Pain/TMJ

Neck Pain
Degenerative Disc Disease

Sciatica Sciatica is a nerve disorder, which affect the sciatic nerve. This nerve is a major nerve that starts at the base of the spine, runs down through the buttocks and the back of the leg into the foot. The condition most commonly occurs when this nerve is pressured due to injury of the prolapsed of a disk. Occasionally pressure may come from a tumor, blood clot or from sitting in an awkward position. Symptoms include pain, which shoots down the leg. There may be numbness and weakness in the affected area. Treatment begins by determining, if possible, the underlying cause. If the source of the pressure is found, treatment means removing that pressure. If the source is not found, treatment centers on reducing the pain.
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95. Todd Creighton, D.C. P.A.
sciatica sciatica is a severe pain in the leg caused from compressionor irritation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerves are
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Sciatica is a severe pain in the leg caused from compression
or irritation of the sciatic nerve

The sciatic nerves are the largest (and longest) nerves of the body, reaching about the size of your thumb in diameter and running down the back of each leg. When these nerves are irritated or affected by the inflammation of nearby soft tissues, doctors refer to this as sciatica. One of the most common causes of sciatic leg pain is the bulging or herniation of the soft, pulpy discs which separate each spinal bone. This can irritate or put pressure on the sciatic nerve roots as they leave the spinal cord. The result can be an intense pain shooting down either or both legs.
In the past, treatment has involved pain medications, muscle relaxers, physical therapy, and even surgery. The chiropractic approach is to use carefully directed and controlled pressure to remove the interference from spinal structures. These chiropractic “adjustments” can be quite effective in reducing nerve irritation and its associated pain.
Sciatica, like other health problems that can be traced to the spine, often responds dramatically to the restoration of normal spinal function through chiropractic care.

96. - Personal Care - Sciatica
sciatica. sciatica is a severe pain in the leg caused by compression,irritation, or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic
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Sciatica Likely Causes Area of pain Symptoms of Sciatica Pain could start ... Treatment for Sciatica Other related topics: Sciatica S ciatica is a severe pain in the leg caused by compression, irritation, or inflammation of the sciatic nerve. The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in human body, stretching from the end of the spine all the way down to your feet. Each sciatic nerve is composed of five smaller nerves that leave the spinal cord from the lower spinal column, join together and then travel down each leg. It then divides into tiny smaller nerves that travel to the thigh, knee, calf, ankle, foot and toes. When these nerves are irritated or affected by the inflammation of nearby soft tissue, one experiences severe pain. It is common for sciatica to be confused with a hamstring pull, and it is important to determine which you have, since stretching the hamstring muscle can further aggravate sciatica.
Try this test: lie on your back with the painful leg up, knee straight. Have a friend flex your foot, bending it down toward your knee. If you have sciatica, this will be very painful, marked by a burning sensation or a feeling of electric shock down your leg or in your upper back.

97. Sciatica
Up, YOGA FOR SCIATIC NERVE PAIN. I have been asked so many times what Asanaswill help with sciatica, that I have created a separate page just for this.

98. Clinical Reports
Periarthritis of Shoulder. sciatica. Headache. Addictions. More Treatment of sciaticaby Acupuncture and Massage. sciatica is a symptom caused by many diseases.
Home Dr. Lingling Li Acupuncture Chinese Herbs ... Patient's Comments ] [ Clinic Reports ] Arthritis Lower Back Pain Tennis Elbow Cervical Spondylopathy Ankle and Foot Pain Periarthritis of Shoulder Sciatica Headache Addictions Anxiety and Depression Facial Paralysis Stroke Rehabilitation More... Treatment of Sciatica by Acupuncture and Massage Sciatica is a symptom caused by many diseases. According to the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, I have treated 62 cases of sciatica mainly by acupuncture and massage successfully. Materials: Among the 62 cases, 37 patients were male, 25 female, the ages were from 23 to 68, the duration of the disease ranged from 3 weeks to 12 years. Out of 62 cases, 26 were primary sciatica, 30 secondary sciatica and 6 other type sciatica. Methods of Treatment: Acupuncture: The main acupoint are Zhibiang, Huantiao and Huanzhong. Puncture with the needle tip to the direction of the sciatica, deep needling for 3-3.5 Cun to make the patient feel radio-electric shock. Assistant points are Yinmen, Yanglingquan, Chengshan, Juegu, Kunlun, and Taichong. Take 2-3 points each time, connecting to an Electrical Stimulator, keep for 25 to 30 minutes. 2. Massage:

99. Injury:piriformis-sciatica(3.0)
injurypiriformissciatica(3.0). Marginal rate of injurypiriformis-sciatica(3.0)+among subgroups (by strength). All rates are per 100 respondents.
Rate of piriformis-sciatica is 3.0 per 100 respondents (26 of 870)
Patterns: sciatic sciatica piriformis-sciatica piriformis
Marginal rate of injury:piriformis-sciatica(3.0)+ among subgroups (by strength)
All rates are per 100 respondents. People who report this term Marginal rate
Baseline rate: 3.0 Chi p p dredging
(n , n , n , n Both terms are also associated with address:cold-winters(13.8)+ injury:all-foot-injuries(36.7)+ address:great-lakes(17.3)+ address:northeast-usa(13.0)+ ... address:cold-winters(13.8)+
Effect of injury:piriformis-sciatica(3.0)+ on other terms (by strength)
All rates are per 100 respondents. Term Effect Chi p p dredging
Rate with piriformis-sciatica Rate without piriformis-sciatica Baseline rate of Term (n , n , n , n address:cold-winters(13.8)+ injury:all-foot-injuries(36.7)+ address:great-lakes(17.3)+ address:northeast-usa(13.0)+ ... training:bike(11.5)+
See all possible effects of injury:piriformis-sciatica on other terms, sorted by strength of effect or alphabetic
View the local portion of the association graph: GML
Fields matching this term
Pretty much injury free - some recurring sciatic problems
Terms found: all-overuse-injuries piriformis-sciatica recurrent Tendons in calf this spring - solved with orthitics now dealing with tendon pain in thigh. Similar to Sciatic nerve but I believe it is a tendon.

100. Sciatica - Emu Oil Health News
Emu Oil and sciatica In the US each year, 1.5 million people have lumbar MRIscans to look for the cause of buttock and leg pain called sciatica .
EmuOilShop at JavelinaCreek Emporium Home About Us Catalog and Ordering FAQ ... Feedback
Emu Oil Health Care News What is Emu Oil? Origin of Emu Oil Properties of Emu Oil How Emu Oil Works ... The Marketplace Emu Oil and Sciatica In the U.S. each year, 1.5 million people have lumbar MRI scans to look for the cause of buttock and leg pain called "sciatica". Sciatica refers to pain radiating along the sciatic nerve, which originates in the lower spine as a combination of several nerves from the lumbosacral region. The pain associated with sciatica radiates from the buttock area and is felt in the back of the thigh, and may extend to the foot. It is very painful, and usually only one side is affected.
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Although the pain is felt in the fleshy part of the body, the origin of the pain is a pinching of one or more of the nerves departing the spinal cord in the area of the intervertebral disks. The lower back/spine (lumbar) has the largest and strongest vertebrae and some of the largest muscles supporting it.

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