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         Computer Chess:     more books (100)
  1. Computer Chess Compendium by David N.L. Levy, 2009-04-21
  2. How Computers Play Chess by David N. L. Levy, 2009-04-14
  3. How to Use Computers to Improve Your Chess by Christian Kongsted, 2003-11-01
  4. The New Chess Computer Book by T.D. Harding, 1985-08-30
  5. Behind Deep Blue: Building the Computer that Defeated the World Chess Champion by Feng-Hsiung Hsu, 2004-03-01
  6. Kasparov versus Deep Blue: Computer Chess Comes of Age by Monty Newborn, 1996-12-13
  7. Advances in Computer Chess: v. 1
  8. Computer chess by David E Welsh, 1984
  9. Chess Software Sourcebook by Robert J. Pawlak, 1999-10-15
  10. Playing Computer Chess: Getting The Most Out Of Your Game by Al Lawrence, Lev Alburt, 1998-06-30
  11. Rate your own chess: Raise your chess IQ in materater competition : includes computer chess notation by F. Donald Bloss, 1981
  12. Beautiful Mates: Applying Principles of Beauty to Computer Chess Heuristics by Ben P. Walls, 1997-12-01
  13. Sargon: A Computer Chess Program by Dan Spracklen, Kathe Spracklen, 1978-11-01
  14. The joy of computer chess by David N. L Levy, 1984

1. Computer Chess, Computer Bridge, Christianity
computer chess welcome to the web pages of ERIC HALLSWORTH and COUNTRYWIDE COMPUTERS Please enjoy our pages covering computer chess COMPUTER BRIDGE.
Please enjoy our pages covering COMPUTER CHESS COMPUTER BRIDGE . You will find PRODUCT and PRICING details plus PHOTOS of most products, as well as information of my MAGAZINE 'Selective Search' and its Computer Chess RATING LISTS . ON-LINE ORDERING facilities are provided. On a personal level I have included some pages of family photos and references to my Christian faith Eric Hallsworth ..................................... Hiarcs8 ................................... Eric's wife Chris with Sky .......................... Kasparov Cosmos
LINKS to PAGES... *COMPUTER Chess PRODUCTS REVIEWED DEDICATED (standalone) CHESS COMPUTERS - information and photos of all the TOP CHESS COMPUTERS. VISIT Chess COMPUTER REVIEWS and PHOTOS PC PROGRAMS and VISIT PC SOFTWARE REVIEWS *COMPUTER Chess MAGAZINE and Computer RATING LIST MAGAZINE "SELECTIVE SEARCH" : for CONTENTS listing of current Issue. New Subscribers can get a free copy of the REBEL DECADE2.0 CD as well as DISCOUNTS off U.K Computer Chess prices

2. Computer Chess Programming
Reference material, programming techniques, endgame databases, and computer game research for chess Category Games Board Games Chess Software Programming......Information about computer chess programming, links to chess program sources, computerchess publications, computer chess research. computer chess Programming.
Last modified: 9 September 2002 Accessed:
Computer Chess Programming
This is my personal collection of (pointers to) information about computer chess programming. I intend to add more information in the future.

3. 14.3 Computer Chess
A chapter from a book on programming chess, emphasizing parallel processing.Category Games Board Games Chess Software Programming......14.3 computer chess. Besides being a fascinating field of study in its own right,computer chess is an interesting challenge for parallel computers because
Next: 14.3.1 Sequential Computer Chess Up: 14 Asynchronous Applications Previous: 14.2.4 Performance Analysis
14.3 Computer Chess
As this book shows, distributed-memory, multiple-instruction stream (MIMD) computers are successful in performing a large class of scientific computations. As discussed in Section and the earlier chapters, these synchronous and loosely synchronous problems tend to have regular, homogeneous data sets and the algorithms are usually ``crystalline'' in nature. Recognizing this, C P explored a set of algorithms which had irregular structure (as in Chapter ) and asynchronous execution. At the start of this study, we were very unclear as to what parallel performance to expect. In fact, we achieved good speedup even in these hard problems. Thus, as an attempt to explore a part of this interesting, poorly understood region in algorithm space, we implemented chess on an nCUBE-1 hypercube. Besides being a fascinating field of study in its own right, computer chess is an interesting challenge for parallel computers because:
  • It is not clear how much parallelism is actually available-the important method of alpha-beta pruning conflicts with parallelism.

The International computer chess Association promotes computer chess programming, through its journal Category Games Board Games Chess Software Programming......International Computer Games Association. (previously International computer chessAssociation). The ICCA/ICGA pages have moved to a new site.
International Computer Games Association
(previously International Computer Chess Association)
The ICCA/ICGA pages have moved to a new site.
Please bookmark the new addresses.
You will be forwarded automatically to the new homepage.

5. Computer Chess
PGN files of tournaments, test suites, and links to chess programs.
Webhosting Domains eMail Mehr Sites Computer Chess
inks T ournaments ... oliath Forum Download Frank Schubert's Elostat here! This page is dedicated to one of my favourite hobbies, Computer Chess. I have put together some interesting data, including PGN files of tournaments and files (ZIP, PGN and EPD) of test suites . You can also find the results of these afore mentioned tournaments plus many chess and computer chess related links I am also always running some popular test suites with various Chessbase and Winboard engines. You can find the results here This site is always changing. Any tips for further improvement are warmly welcomed! I am always looking for Computer Chess games to build a huge database. If you have any, please send them to me! All games are welcome!
Feel free to send me your comments By the way:I have opened two mailing lists: "ComputerChess", dealing with all things related to this topic, and "FritzBase", concerning Chessbase products. You can join us by using the panels below!
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6. Computer Chess / Chess Engines (Winboard) & Chess Programming Info [Chessopolis
45 links to information on computer chess programming (bottom section of this web page)Category Games Board Games Chess Software chess! Links to freeware/shareware chess engines like Crafty, Arasan,and Little Goliath (most Winboard compatible). computer chess.
Computer Chess Amateur
Chess Engines
Chess Programming
Info / Misc / Tutorials
... Variants
whole site Links Books CBC ChessFiles
Advanced Search
Computer Chess Amateur / Freeware Chess Engines Note:
Many of these are Winboard compatible. You will find commercial programs on the Software page. WBEC-Ridderkerk - Maintains a list of Winboard-compatible engines with download links. Aldebaran

- Also has Windows interface.
Armageddon Chess
- Windows interface. No Winboard support.


BACE (Source only - you must compile) Beowulf - Chess engine project with a goal of producing readable source code useful for learning chess programming. Bestia Betsy Blikskottel Chenard - Older program with own interface. Chessterfield - Neural-network based. Cilian Cilk Project - Cilk is a strong program for multi-processor machines. Has source code and info on parallel computing. Not a Winboard engine. ColChess - Engine for Linux/Unix. - Experimental object-oriented chess engine. Does not use brute force.

7. Internet Chess Club
computer chess. Index. Chess Databases. Chess Programs. computer chess Links. computer chess Online Forums
The best place to play live online chess!
Right this minute there are players online, including four Grandmasters and twelve International Masters Come join us! Register a name, install our easy-to-use software, and then use that to connect to our playing site. You can try it for free! With over 25,000 paying members from all over the world, the Internet Chess Club is the longest running and most vibrant chess community on the internet. You can play games and get a rating, watch grandmasters play while discussing the game, take lessons, play in tournaments, play in simultaneous exhibitions, try chess variants like bughouse, crazyhouse and atomic, play chess programs of all levels, and much more. Dos Hermanas Internet Chess Tournament information and results Deutsch Español Slovencina ... Svenska Register a name to use on the Internet Chess Club (free). Download our free software to connect to our playing site. About the Internet Chess Club Membership fees rates free trial ... Links to other sites FEEDBACK Let us know what you think about

8. Chess Boards, Chess Pieces, Chess Software, Chess Sets, Chess Computers
America's largest chess store with over 2,800 items in stock. Features the computer chess Reports (archive), computer chess Club (forum), and reviews of products and software. Ships Internationally. Also available tollfree, mail-order, and email ordering. New York, USA
The Internet's largest and most visited chess shopping site!
America's Largest Chess Store
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9. Computer Chess Games : Play Chess Against Computer!
Play computer chess games! Challenge our online chess computer! Play free chess games against the computer. The computer chess game MACHINE. Now Featuring V1.36!
The computer chess game MACHINE
Now Featuring V1.36!
Play online computer chess!
Challenge the chess MACHINE!
Can you beat it ?
Improve your chess skills!
Play a game if you dare..
The Chess MACHINE is our own free online chess computer. Play as many chess games as you like at PostCardChess.Com! Playing chess against the computer is a good way to improve your chess skills.
Home Page
Play PostCard Chess Play Computer Chess Solve Chess Problems ... Amazon Hot Videos

10. ICGA Redirect
International Computer Games Association. previously known as. Internationalcomputer chess Association. http// The ICGA
International Computer Games Association
previously known as
International Computer Chess Association
The ICGA homepage is now at the above URL.
Please bookmark this URL.
You will be forwarded automatically to the new server.

11. We Moved .bishop
79 articles on computer chess programming, in Postscript formatCategory Games Board Games Chess Software Programming......we moved .bishop.
we moved: .bishop

12. Maastricht CS Dept. Computer-Games Group
Ph.D. thesis, entitled Computerschaak, Schaakwereld en Kunstmatige Intelligentie(computer chess, the World of Chess and Artificial Intelligence; in Dutch).
Welcome to the home page of the Computer Games Group of the Department of Computer Science, Universiteit Maastricht, Maastricht, the Netherlands. Here you find information on the group's main interests, the members, the projects , and an overview of relevant publications . Furthermore, we have included some pointers to Computer-Games-related pages from all over the WWW.
Main interests
The Computer Games Group is actively engaged in research on the domain of intelligent games. Keywords that characterize the research are: perfect domain knowledge heuristic domain knowledge search techniques opponent modelling and combinatorial games
  • Perfect domain knowledge
    Research on perfect domain knowledge has concentrated on two aspects. Firstly, the information hidden in the perfect knowledge present in chess endgame databases has been subject of investigation. The target is to arrive at human-understandable knowledge and to formulate this into human-applicable rules. Secondly, less complex games have been subject of research. This has led to the development of knowledge-based programs of considerable strength for Connect-Four Qubic Go-Moku , and Awari , of which the first three games have been solved (all three being a win for the first player).

13. E186: Computer Chess
At the Algorithms and Programming Methodology Group (now called Algorithms and Data Structures Group), a special program for playing chess endgames based on a newly developed theory has been implemented.
Computer Chess
Barth Herbeck
At the Algorithms and Programming Methodology Group (now called Algorithms and Data Structures Group ), a special program for playing chess endgames based on a newly developed theory has been implemented. This program uses the strict rules-search method (Barth and Barth, 1991, 1992). It is essential that part of the positions of the endgame considered have to be treated by rules, without it being necessary, however, to find rules for all positions; indeed, some positions may be left undecided. Thus, the finding of simple rules not overburdened by exceptions is facilitated. For every position covered by the rules, they define an interval guaranteed to contain the true value. For example: "If White is to move and can capture the black Pawn the value is in [draw,win]." Note that many positions of the endgame may be ignored by the system of rules; for others an uncertainty may be left (as in the example just given). All deficiencies are supplemented and all uncertainties are removed by an appropriate alpha-beta-search. Herbeck (1995) uses the B* Algorithm. Thus, granted an appropriate amount of time, the program will find the best possible result and a corresponding move for any position of the endgame under consideration. Failing enough time, it will produce an interval showing the knowledge found before curtailment. Yet, the interval is guaranteed to contain the true value of the position. An

14. Computer Chess, Ratings
computer chess RATINGS from Selective Search Magazine. Subscribers alsoget 5% DISCOUNTS off many UK dedicated computer chess prices.
Computer Chess RATINGS from Selective Search Magazine
Special NEW SUBSCRIBER'S OFFER see BELOW . Subscribers also get 5% DISCOUNTS off many U.K dedicated Computer Chess prices
I started my Magazine SELECTIVE SEARCH in 1985 - when it was known as 'The Computer Chess News Sheet' - and my current readership is holding fairly steady at just under 300. As well as the Computer RATING LISTS a wide range of Computer Chess issues are covered: Articles and Reviews of latest machines and programs, 'Best-Buy' Guides, Tournament and Match results, Analysed Games, occasional contributions by Programmers, discussion on Computer Progress, Playing Styles, Studies of Positions which confuse computers, plus Readers' contributions, and much more. It is produced bi-monthly, and always includes updated and separate Rating Lists for Dedicated computers (top 100) and PC programs (top 50). I maintain a 'Top Ten' list here, updating it from time to time. The MAGAZINE has more details, including Ratings of games/matches v. human opposition, and I hope visitors here will consider subscribing, as income I receive from 'SELECTIVE SEARCH' is a vital part of my livelihood!

15. G13GAM -- Game Theory -- Computer Chess Notes
G13GAM Game Theory. Further notes on computer chess. Most of these bad.The computerchess community is split over this. Most programs
G13GAM Game Theory
Further notes on computer chess
Most of these topics are not `examinable'; they are here mainly for interest, especially for those of you who may find yourselves writing programs for some game or other. I have tried to keep the discussion general as far as possible, but a little of it is very chess-specific.
Source code for a complete program
If you are a member of this School, then you can look at real, live, code for a chess-playing program in the directory /maths/staff/anw/chess/Notchess on the School's computers. Otherwise, you may be able to explore an equivalent directory using anonymous ftp . The version there is not my current version, and in particular the static evaluation is very limited. You should be warned that Notchess was written some years ago, and the old version you have access to has not been developed since then; there are much better freebie programs around now, especially if you want a seriously strong opponent.

16. Artificial Intelligence Site Of Yves Debilloëz
Chess, computer chess, programming, algorithms, AI, and connect 4. Free download of source code and games.
Posted on 25/12/2002: Strategic Games 1.2.
This page has been accessed times.
Last update: Thu, Jan 2, 2003

17. Anticomputer Chess
ICD YOUR MOVE IN CHESS NEW IN CHESS GAMBITSOFT (Chess Software News) REBEL'S MAINPAGE Selective Search Web Site Tony Hedlund Homepage (computer chess) Email
Anticomputer Chess
Last Update(August 9 2002)= link to Fred Isaac's anticomputer games (annotated)! Fred Isaac's latest wins anticomputer games (click here GM latest wins anticomputer games (click here ... ( click here Nemeth (CCC) games as PGN **Interesting!!** here
My favorite chess links
Dean Mazzei´s beautiful wood chessboards! Site
URUCHESS (Nicolas Carrasco)

GM Nigel Davies's Chess Domain

E-mail to Rafael
Last Update Aug 9 2002.

18. Chess Links Directory [Chessopolis > Chess Links]
Also has computer chess tournaments. computer chess. Added March 10 Has informationabout these two programs, plus computer chess programming in general.
New Links New Links Essential Links Archives / Game Collections Computer Chess ... Variants
whole site Links Books CBC ChessFiles
Advanced Search
The World Famous
Internet Chess Links Directory
Latest Links Note: All external links will open in a new window. Added December 4: ChessAnyTime - Chess-only server with java client. [Online] Chess.FM - Internet Chess Radio. Broadcasting live coverage from chess events, as well as the "Chess & Books" show and other specials. [News & Books] Chess Technologies - Training programs based on the "flashcard" technique. One program allows you to import positions of your choice for study. [Software] Chess Visualization Training Hyde Park Chess Added August 24: Alekhine Defense - Theory and "game of the week". [Openings] Altmax Chess Race - Can you be the first player to reach a rating of 2000? Interesting concept. [Online Chess] CajunChess - New Orleans-based chess dealer. [Dealers]

19. Omid's Computer Chess Website
Home of the Genesis chess engine and latest computer chess research by Omid David.
Bar-Ilan University Department of Computer Science BIU Internal Telnet FTP sunshine Source Code str.h v2.01
string header Omid's Talks Introduction to Search in Computer Chess Deep (Re)Search in Computer Chess Misc Pages "For Them"
In Memory of the Israeli Victims of Terror
History of Israel in a Nutshell Winston Churchill Quotations ... Murphy's laws and corollaries
Welcome to Omid's Computer Chess Website!
Email: Genesis v2.0 released! Download from the link below. 'str.h' string header updated (v2.01). Braveheart 3D Checkers II v2.03 to be released soon.
Logo designed by David Dahlem
I am an M.S. Computer Science student at Bar-Ilan University; interested in chess and used to participate in tournaments intensively. My Fide rating is about 2250 Elo at the moment. I have developed the first scientific chess engine from Israel named Genesis.

20. The Computer-Chess Club: Free Membership Application
It was felt that a group where a full range of computer chess ideas could be discussed,and, if necessary attacked, without also making personal attacks on the
Computer-Chess Club Message Board Free Membership Application I agree to all the terms and conditions below.
Sign me up for the Chess Message Boards now!
Computer-Chess Club Charter
Important Information - Please Read Carefully
The Computer-Chess Club is a free service that has been set up by a group of individuals who became concerned with the persistent breaches of netiquette occurring on the newsgroup,, namely a very high level of off-topic posts and a very high level of personal insults and abuse. It was felt that a group where a full range of computer chess ideas could be discussed, and, if necessary attacked, without also making personal attacks on the deliverer of the ideas, would be productive, and might well encourage various well-known figures who were no longer posting in to return to the arena of discussion without fear of insult or abuse. Thus, the Computer-Chess Club is a moderated message board which is open to the general public (known as "members"). Its purpose is to allow the members to disseminate and exchange information as it pertains to computer chess without the distractions of personal attacks and off-topic posts. Once a member gains access to the message board, he may read all messages and post new or response messages with the proviso that these new or response messages:

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