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         Corrigan Mairead:     more books (21)
  1. The human right to a nuclear free world.: An article from: International Journal of Humanities and Peace by Mairead Corrigan Maguire, 2006-01-01
  2. To kvinner for fred: [Betty Williams og Mairead Corrigan] (Norwegian Edition) by Richard Herrmann, 1976
  3. A nonviolent political agenda for a more humane world (Waging peace series) by Mairead Corrigan Maguire, 1992
  4. Peace Movement in Northern Ireland: An entry from Macmillan Reference USA's <i>Encyclopedia of Irish History and Culture</i> by Myrtle Hill, 2004
  5. The Peace people of Northern Ireland by Dalry O'Donnell, 1977
  6. Seis Nobel no estân equivocados.: An article from: Proceso by Marta Lamas, 2008-10-12

In presenting the prize, Norwegian nobel Committee vicechair Egil Aarvik said WhatBetty Williams and mairead corrigan said re-echoed the thoughts of tens of

22. Mairead McGuire
Press Release at nobel Prize Centennial Symposium and Letter to Umm Reyda from nobelLaureate mairead corrigan McGuire EMBARGO 6TH DECEMBER, 2001. (THURSDAY).

23. Corrigan Maguire
PEACE TO YOU ALL, mairead corrigan MAGUIRE nobel PEACE LAUREATE (1976) Voicesin the Wilderness Voices in the Wilderness A Campaign to End the Economic

24. Life
an interesting book about the two nobel Prize laureates, which was published in 1977in English and French Richard Deutsch mairead corrigan, Betty Williams.
Examples Betty Williams Born 22 May 1943 in Belfast married, 2 children Secretary Hobbies: Sewing, gardening, reading and Mairead Corrigan Born 27 January 1944 in Belfast Secretary Hobbies: Swimming Voluntary work including work with handicapped children and prisoners Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan founded the organization known as the "(Community of) Peace People" together with Ciaran McKeown". Their spontaneous action led to the most influential peace movement in Northern Ireland. They were awarded the following awards in recognition of their work Carl von Ossietsky Medal, honorary doctorate at Yale University, Peace Prize from the Norwegian people (1976) and The Nobel Peace Prize [Left: The three founders of the Peace People organization: Mairead Corrigan, Ciaran McKeown, Betty Williams] Even after the Peace People peace movement had reached its zenith in Northern Ireland, they continued to work around the world for peace (more detailed information on this is available in the quotes and materials section. They were both awarded a great number of awards in the years that followed.

77 nobel Peace Prize award ceremony in which she also spoke about the Declarationof the Peace People to the speech. A letter from mairead corrigan Maguire
Examples Quotes, speeches and texts by Betty Williams und Mairead Corrigan Inspired by Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King Jr. , both of these Nobel Prize winners carry a simple message of love, mutual understanding and non-violence into the world. This page contains quotes by Mairead Corrigan and quotes by Betty Williams which make clear this message. In addition to this, the following material is also available on subsequent pages: Extracts from the speech made by Betty Williams at the 1976/77 Nobel Peace Prize award ceremony in which she also spoke about the Declaration of the Peace People" [ to the speech A letter from Mairead Corrigan Maguire to her son Luke [ to the Luke's letter A speech entitled "The Field" about the necessity of change in Northern Ireland, delivered by Mairead Corrigan Maguire in 1999 [ to the speech An in-depth interview with Betty Williams about herself, developments and the work towards peace [ to the interview EA in-depth interview with Betty Williams about herself, developments and the work towards peace [

26. Corriere Della Sera - Proteste, Due Premi Nobel Per La Pace Arrestati
Translate this page La nordirlandese mairead corrigan Maguire, nobel nel 1976, el'americana Jody Williams,premiata nel 1997, sono state ammanettate insieme a 35 leader religiosi
Home Le altre notizie Gli speciali Cerca nel sito nel web ESTERI Manifestazioni a Washington davanti alla Casa Bianca Proteste, due premi Nobel per la pace arrestati La nordirlandese Mairead Corrigan Maguire e l'americana Jody Williams in manette insieme a 35 leader religiosi WASHINGTON Due premi Nobel per la pace sono state arrestate dalla polizia americana per proteste davanti alla Casa Bianca. La nordirlandese Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Nobel nel 1976, e l'americana Jody Williams, premiata nel 1997, sono state ammanettate insieme a 35 leader religiosi e al pacifista dell'epoca del Vietnam Daniel Ellsberg mentre erano seduti nel parco antistante la Casa Bianca cantando canzoni di pace e mentre inalberavano cartelli con foto di vittime civili. 26 marzo 2003
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... della crisi IN RETE Mairead Corrigan Maguire J ody Williams La Gazzetta dello Sport ... EdicolaFabbri

27. Le Moyne College | Student Life | International House Activities
We are pleased to announce that mairead corrigan Maguire, recipient of the1976 nobel Peace Prize, will deliver the annual Berrigan Lecture.
Nobel Peace Prize Recipient To Deliver Berrigan Lecture
We are pleased to announce that Mairead Corrigan Maguire, recipient of the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize, will deliver the annual Berrigan Lecture. This event is scheduled to take place during Women's History Month and is being organized by International House, the Women's Studies Program, and the Center for Peace and Global Studies. Maguire will deliver the Berrigan Lecture on Wednesday, March 19, 2003 at 7:30 PM in the Panasci Family Chapel. Her talk, which is titled "Building a Culture of Peace and Nonviolence," will be about her own experiences in Northern Ireland and her visits to places in the Middle East, including Iraq. All members of the Le Moyne community and the public will be invited to attend. It is hoped that interested faculty will find ways to incorporate this event into their course syllabi. More details about Maguire's visit will be forthcoming. To learn more about Mairead Corrigan Maguire, log on to The Peace People

28. Pagina Nueva 1
Dones Premi nobel. ADDAMS, Jane, 1931; BALCH, Emily Greene, 1946; BUCK, Pearl Sydenstricker,1938; CORI, Gerty Theresa Radnitz, 1947; corrigan, mairead, 1976; DELEDDA

29. Pagina Nueva 1
corrigan, mairead. Pacifista irlandesa (Belfast, 1944). Aquesta iniciativa els valguéa totes dues el Premi nobel de la Pau, l'any 1976. Tornar a biografies.

30. Act To Save The Children Of Iraq, By Mairead Corrigan Maguire
mairead corrigan Maguire, a member of the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation’s AdvisoryCouncil, is a nobel Peace Laureate from Northern Ireland and a founder of

31. Perspective Of A Nobel Peace Laureate And Co-founder Of Peace
Perspective of mairead corrigan Maguire, nobel Peace Laureate,regarding the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001.

32. Nobel Prizes
is nobel Prizes report in alphabetic order; if you click upon a name you will beconnected with relative page of nobel Prizes Archive. corrigan, mairead, 1976.

33. Premi Nobel
alle relative pagine dell'Archivio dei Premi nobel. corrigan, mairead, 1976.

34. International Committee For The Peace Council Budget
Iraq . mairead corrigan Maguire, 1976 nobel Peace Prize winner, continuesdaily vigil outside White House; calls for a ceasefire.

35. Nobel Laureates Speak Out Against Terrorism
The eight laureates were 1976 nobel Prize winner mairead corrigan Maguire, 1976nobel Prize winner Betty Williams, 1980 nobel Prize winner Adolfo Perez

36. Laureates Attending The 100th Anniversary Of Nobel Peace Prize
to mark the 100th anniversary of the first nobel Prizes 2001 Perez Esquivel (Argentina)1977 Amnesty International 1976 mairead corrigan (Northern Ireland

Mrs. mairead corriganMAGUIRE nobel Peace Laureate (Peace People, Email - URL http

38. Mairead Corrigan And Betty Williams, Feminist Press
Despite the lifethreatening risks involved, mairead corrigan and Betty Williams,joint winners of the 1976 nobel Peace Prize, united Catholics and Protestants

details educator reviews recommend
Also of interest
Ela Bhatt
by Jyotsna Sreenivasan Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams
Making Peace in Northern Ireland
by Sarah Buscher Bettina Ling Click here to buy: Hardcover - $19.95 Paperback - $9.95 Despite the life-threatening risks involved, Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams, joint winners of the 1976 Nobel Peace Prize, united Catholics and Protestants by leading nonviolent demonstrations protesting the bloodshed.

39. Using The Internet -- Brown Quarterly -- V. 5, No. 1 -- Winter 2002
Notable women). mairead corrigan Betty Williams Ireland Other Sites
Women As Leaders of Their Nations Book Nook
Volume 5, No. 1 (Winter 2002) Women's History Month Issue Using the Internet
Women Who Made a Difference Irish Women Peach Activists:
Three children were killed by a Irish (IRA) gunman's car fleeing British soldiers. This senseless tragedy was a part of the ongoing violence in Northern Ireland between Catholic and Protestant extremists. Two women, Betty Williams, who came upon the scene, and Mairead Corrigan, the aunt of the children, led marches in which Protestants and Catholics walked together to demonstrate against violence. Many people in Northern Ireland recognized that violence would not bring social justice, but Williams and Corrigan had the courage to take the first step. At the presentation of their Nobel Peace Prize in 1976, it was said, "In the name of humanity and love of their neighbor; someone had to start forgiving... [and] shine forth when hatred and revenge threaten to dominate." Betty Williams emigrated to the United States, where she taught and lectured. Mairead Corrigan Maguire continued to carry the message of non-violence to other countries. Making Peace in Northern Ireland is a book about them for ages 9-12. On the Web, visit

40. Women Nobel Prize Winners
See nobel Prizes for Peace at for the full list of winners. 1976,mairead corrigan and Betty Williams (both Northern Ireland).

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