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         Corrigan Mairead:     more books (21)
  1. Mairead Corrigan And Betty Williams: Partners for Peace in Northern Ireland (Modern Peacemakers) by George Mitchell, Susan Muaddi Darraj, 2006-12-30
  2. The Vision of Peace: Faith and Hope in Northern Ireland by Mairead Corrigan Maguire, 2010-08
  3. Mairead Corrigan, Betty Williams by Richard Deutsch, 1977
  4. Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams: Making Peace in Northern Ireland (Women Changing the World) by Bettina Ling, 1998-11-01
  5. Peace in a Restless World: Writings From the Spiritual Traditions of the World by Irwin Abrams, Douglas Roche, et all 2004-01
  6. Nobel laureate injured in West Bank.(Mairead Corrigan Maguire): An article from: National Catholic Reporter by Margot Patterson, 2007-05-04
  7. Prix Nobel Irlandais: Samuel Beckett, William Butler Yeats, Seamus Heaney, George Bernard Shaw, Seán Macbride, Ernest Walton, Mairead Corrigan (French Edition)
  8. Nordire: C. S. Lewis, Gary Moore, Eddie Irvine, Van Morrison, Mairead Corrigan, Jessica Kürten, Betty Williams, Brian Faulkner, Joseph Larmor (German Edition)
  9. Peacemakers ponder the tough questions.(PATHS TO PEACE)(Camilo Mejia, Fr. Roy Bourgeois, Shirin Ebadi, Chris Hedges, and Mairead Corrigan-Maguire)(Interview): ... An article from: National Catholic Reporter by Gale Reference Team, 2007-10-19
  10. Person (Belfast): C. S. Lewis, William Thomson, 1. Baron Kelvin, George Best, Gary Moore, Van Morrison, Mairead Corrigan, Danny Blanchflower (German Edition)
  11. The Tanner Lectures on Human Values 1997 by Thomas E. Hill, Antonim Scalia, et all 1997-06
  12. The Tanner Lectures on Human Values 1997 --1997 publication. by Antonim Scalia, Edward W. Said, Harold Bloom, Gunther Schuller, Mairead Corrigan Maguire, Onora O'Neill Thomas E. Hill, 1997-01-01
  13. Mairead Corrigan, Betty Williams (Nobel Peace Prize winners from Northern Irelan by Richard (Jack Bernard, Translator & Joan Baez, Intro) Deutsch, 1977-01-01
  14. Mairead Corrigan Betty Williams by Richard Deutsch, 1977-01-01

41. Qué Piensan Los Que Piensan
Translate this page mairead corrigan Maguire , Premio nobel de la Paz 1976 Betty Williams, Premio nobelde la Paz 1976Adolfo Pérez Esquivel , Premio nobel de la Paz 1980 Desmond
Qué piensan los que piensan; La escéptica esperanza (Subcdte. Marcos) no te salves M.Benedetti Mairead Corrigan Maguire , Premio Nobel de la Paz 1976 ... indice

42. PJCC: Notes From PeaceJam 1998
On March 2728, 1998 nobel prize winner mairead corrigan Maguire will be sharingher story and supporting 200 youth in implementing their plans to improve the
PeaceJam 1998-Retreat On March 27-28, 1998 Nobel prize winner Mairead Corrigan Maguire will be sharing her story and supporting 200 youth in implementing their plans to improve the quality of life in their communities and schools. She will be demonstrating that, with courage, any committed person can make a real difference in the world. Special emphasis will be placed on exploring ways youth can reduce the amount of violence in homes, neighborhoods, schools and communities. Prior to the two-day forum, students will study the history of conflict in Northern Ireland and the role Mairead has played in being a peacekeeper. They will also develop a plan for local action. The two-day forum and supporting training and resources is being co-sponsored by PeaceJam ( a non-profit organization based in Colorado), Project Service Leadership and the Vancouver School District.
  • Nobel prize winner Mairead Corrigan Maguire shared her story and supported 140 secondary students, college mentors, and teachers in implementing their plans to improve the quality of life in Clark communities and schools.
More than 175 high school and college students representing many cultures and speaking many languages came together to explore ways to make the Vancouver community a safer, more supportive community for all students. This year we plan to involve 200 high school youth, 30 college mentors and 30 teachers and adult advisors.

The award ceremony always takes place on December 10, the anniversary of nobel'sdeath, and ceremonies are held on that date in both corrigan, mairead 1976.
III. Alfred Nobel And The Nobel Prizes Alfred Nobel is the man who invented dynamite. He is better known today, however, as the man who established some of the most prestigious prizes in the world. Born in 1833 in Stockholm, Sweden, Nobel from his youth had a dream of inventing an explosive so devastating it would deter humans from making war. Instead, his invention made war easier. Though he was a Swede by birth, he was very much an international man, being educated in St. Petersburg, Russia, where his family moved when he was a child. In St. Petersburg, he studied with private tutors, particularly showing interest in chemistry and languages. He mastered Swedish, Russian, English, French, and German. At the age of 17 he began two years of educational travel throughout Germany, France, Italy and to the United States. Then at the age of 19 he became a chemist, working with his father in St. Petersburg. The family returned to Sweden and in 1863 he was a chemist in his father's explosives factory at Heleneborg near Stockholm. In 1864 Nobel received a patent covering detonating charges and percussion caps. Called "The Nobel Igniter," it was to be called at a later time "the greatest discovery ever made in both the principle and practice of explosives." His 1866 invention of dynamite revolutionized mining, road building and tunnel blasting. In 1875 a later improvement was patented as blasting gelatine. In 1887 he patented ballistite, the first of the nitroglycerine smokeless powders. This was to serve as the basis for cordite which was eventually to change the use of firearms.

44. Nobelpreisträgerinnen
Translate this page Sie regte Alfred nobel zur Stiftung des Friedensnobelpreises an. 1976 - BettyWilliams (*1943), Nordirland mairead corrigan Maguire (*1944), Nordirland.
Als erste Frau wurde Marie Curie
Nobelpreis Physiologie
oder Medizin
1947 - Gerty Therese Cori
1977 - Rosalyn Sussman Yalow

1983 - Barbara McClintock

1986 - Rita Levi-Montalcini
1995 - Christiane Nusslein-Volhard
Nobelpreis Chemie
1911 - Marie Curie
1935 - Irene Joliot-Curie

1964 - Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
Nobelpreis Physik
1903 - Marie Curie
1963 - Maria Goeppert-Mayer
Nobelpreis Frieden
1905 - Berta von Suttner
1931 - Jane Addams

1946 - Emily Greene Balch
1976 - Betty Williams ... 1997 - Jody Williams
Nobelpreis Literatur
1926 - Grazia Deledda 1928 - Sigrid Undset 1938 - Pearl S. Buck 1945 - Gabriela Mistral ... 1996 - Wislawa Szymborska
Nobelpreis Physiologie oder Medizin
1947 - Gerty Theresa Cori (*1896, †1957), USA
1977 - Rosalyn Yalow (*1921), USA
1983 - Barbara McClintock (*1902, †1992), USA
1986 - Rita Levi-Montalcini (*1909), Italien
1988 - Gertrude B. Elion (*1918, †1999), USA
Nobelpreis Chemie
1911 - Marie Curie, geb. Sklodowska (*1867, †1934), Frankreich
Nobelpreis Physik
1903 - Marie Curie (*1867, †1934), Frankreich
1963 - Maria Goeppert-Mayer (*1906, †1972), USA

45. Nobel Barýþ Ödülü Alan Ýsimler
nobel Barýþ Ödülü Alan Ýsimler. ÖDÜLÜ ALAN, YIL. Addams, Jane, 1931. Constant,Paul Henribenjamin Balluet D'estournelles De, 1909. corrigan, mairead, 1976.
Nobel Barýþ Ödülü Alan Ýsimler ÖDÜLÜ ALAN YIL Addams, Jane The American Friends Service Committee Amnesty International Angell, Sir Norman Arafat, Yasser Arnoldson, Klas Pontus Asser, Tobias Michael Carel Bajer, Fredrik Balch, Emily Greene Beernaert, Auguste Marie Francois Begin, Menachem Belo, Carlos Felipe Ximenes Borlaug, Norman Bourgeois, Leon Victor Auguste Brandt, Willy Branting, Karl Hjalmar Boyd-Orr Of Brechin, Lord John Briand, Aristide Bride, Sean Mac Buisson, Ferdinand Bunche, Ralph Butler, Nicholas Murray Cassin, Rene Cecil, Lord Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne Chamberlain, Sir Austen Constant, Paul Henribenjamin Balluet D'estournelles De Corrigan, Mairead Cremer, Sir William Randal Dalai Lama Dawes, Charles Gates De Klerk, Fredrik Willem Doctors Without Borders (Médecins Sans Frontières) Ducommun, Elie

46. Irish News, October 3, 1998
Belfast women, mairead corrigan and Betty Williams, who had founded the Women'sPeace Movement in Northern Ireland, won. Ireland has also won the nobel Prize

47. SIPAZ (Servicio Internacional Para La Paz) - Peacebuilding In Chiapas, Mexico/Co
Coalition of North American, Latin American, and European organizations formed in 1995 to support Category Society Issues Peace Activism and Peace Work...... mairead corrigan Maguire, Premio nobel de La Paz, 1977, Irlanda, maireadcorrigan Maguire, nobel Peace Prize, 1977, Ireland. Adolfo
Servicio Internacional para la Paz / International Service for Peace
In English Auf Deutsch In Italiano
SIPAZ in Chiapas
Servicio Internacional para la Paz/International Service for Peace is a coalition of North American, Latin American and European organizations formed in 1995 to support the peace process in Chiapas, Mexico. SIPAZ combines violence reduction and peacebuilding strategies in Chiapas with efforts to inform and mobilize the international community.
Job opportunity in Chiapas
Servicio Internacional para la Paz/International Service for Peace es una coalición de organizaciones de América del Norte, América Latina y Europa formada en 1995 para apoyar el proceso de paz en Chiapas, México. SIPAZ combina estrategias para reducir la violencia y construir la paz en Chiapas con esfuerzos para informar y movilizar a la comunidad internacional.
Oportunidad de trabajo en Chiapas
"An international presence in this moment eases the tensions here." -Parish Priest
"An international presence could raise up the voices of the peasants who are not with one army or the other. They are an often unheeded voice for peace." -Human Rights Advocate
Statement of Purpose
In Italiano The uprising in Chiapas that began on January 1, 1994 was sparked by indigenous resistance to deep-seated injustice. It continues today in a low intensity conflict marked by stalled negotiations, a tense military situation, deep polarization of communities in the region, and a high level of violence.

48. Learning Centre: Betty Williams And Mairead Corrgan
for the Maguire children Betty and mairead joined forces For their work corrigan andWilliams received worldwide 1977 they were awarded the nobel Peace Prize.
Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan Who they were: They were the co-founders of the "Peace People" - or The Community of the Peace People of Northern Ireland. The Peace People advocated non-violence as the best means to resolve conflict. The organisation is involved in youth, welfare, and justice work. Mairead Corrigan was a shorthand typist. The daughter of a window cleaning contractor, She was born in 1944 and educated at St Vincent's Primary School in Belfast. Betty Williams was an office receptionist. The daughter of a butcher, she was born in 1943 and educated at St Dominic's Grammar School in Belfast. She is married with two children. What they did: It is the tenth of August, 1976 Mairead Corrigan's sister Anne Maguire is out for a walk with her three children Andrew, a baby only six weeks old, John, 2 and Joanna aged 8. Betty Williams, also walking nearby, is startled by a loud bang and goes to investigate. Seconds earlier a car driven by an IRA gunman has been racing down the road whilst being shot at by members of the British Army. The driver is killed and the car, now out of control, mounts the pavement crushing to death all three Maguire children. After the tragedy Mairead Corrigan appeared on television with her brother-in-law, Jackie Maguire, to condemn the violence of the IRA. Betty Williams immediately circulated a petition. Going from door to door, she soon collected 6,000 signatures, then appeared on television two days after the deaths to present the petition. At the funeral for the Maguire children Betty and Mairead joined forces and agreed to work for peace.

49. Nobel Peace Prize Laureates Appeal For Restraint
mairead corrigan Maguire, nobel Peace Prize 1976 Betty Williams, nobel Peace Prize1976 Adolfo Perez Esquivel, nobel Peace Prize 1980 Desmond Mpilo Tutu, nobel
WRL Homepage WRL Programs WRL Literature WRL Actions ... About WRL
October 2001 An Appeal to Restraint and a Call to Action
in a Moment of Crisis by the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates We are greatly saddened by the tragic events which took place on Tuesday, September 11th, in New York and Washington, D.C. We cannot yet fathom the magnitude of what has happened, and yet we feel impelled to speak in light of what we fear may be an escalation of violence in response. We extend our deepest sympathies and heart-felt condolences to the families and friends of the victims and to the people of the United States. Our prayers accompany you in this difficult period of loss and mourning. The many acts of courage on the part of the rescue teams and the generosity of the citizens of your cities and towns are an inspiration to all of us. Respect for the sacredness and inviolability of human life is a principal article of faith in each of the major world religions. We are heartened by the spontaneous expressions of solidarity by millions of men and women of good will, from all backgrounds, on every continent, and by so many religious and political leaders through the world who have spoken out against this barbarous act of terrorism. There is nothing which can condone an act which has cost the lives of thousands of innocent people. The perpetrators of this deed must be sought out and brought to justice. At the same time, we know that administering justice to those responsible will not resolve the deeper questions of the causes of terrorism. In this regard, we are mindful that every day innocent victims suffer and die in many parts of the world, their only crime being born in a particular place, or into a particular religion, or with a certain skin colour.

50. CIG -- Carta De Los Premios Nobel A Kofi Annan
Translate this page mairead corrigan Maguire, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel y Rigoberta Menchú Tum. EstimadoSecretario General Los Premios nobel de la Paz que suscribimos, hemos
Centro de Investigación sobre Globalización versión imprimible
Carta de los Premios Nobel a Kofi Annan
Mairead Corrigan Maguire
Adolfo Pérez Esquivel
Rigoberta Menchú Tum
Nueva York, 8 de octubre de 2001
Centro de Investigación sobre Globalización, , 30 de octubre 2001
Al señor Kofi Annan
Secretario General de las Naciones Unidas
Presente. Estimado Secretario General: Los Premios Nobel de la Paz que suscribimos, hemos llegado a Nueva York para expresar nuestro rechazo a las acciones militares iniciadas el día de ayer como represalia por los ataques terroristas del pasado 11 de septiembre, y entregar el pronunciamiento conjunto -en el que hemos unido la voluntad de ocho de nuestros colegas- en el que expresamos que la violencia no se combatirá con más violencia y reclamar a la Asamblea General de las Naciones Unidas reunida aquí que evite más dolor y asegure una paz fundada en la justicia y la libertad, haciendo prevalecer el orden jurídico e institucional en el que hoy se funda la convivencia entre las naciones. A tiempo de reiterar nuestras condolencias y solidaridad con las víctimas de la tragedia, sus familias y el pueblo todo de los Estados Unidos y nuestro rechazo al terrorismo en todas sus formas y en todos los tiempos; expresamos nuestro profundo rechazo a la doble moral que propicia la agresión militar apoyada en operaciones humanitarias que dejan sin hogar a miles de hombres, mujeres y niños en Afganistán, agudizando el desastre humanitario sin resolver las causas del conflicto; y hacemos un llamado a buscar Justicia, no Venganza.

51. Mairead Maguire Camelia Sadat
mairead corrigan Maguire In 1976, three children were struck on a Belfast streetcorner by an peace in Northern Ireland which led Maguire to a nobel Peace Prize

52. ClubCaminantes - Premios Nobel - Paz, El Club De Los Caminantes
Translate this page PREMIOS nobel, nobel DE LA PAZ. 1901-1925 1926-1950 1951-1975 1976-2000.1976. Williams, Betty (Irlanda del Norte). corrigan, mairead (Irlanda del Norte).

Foros Chat Top 10 ... PREMIOS NOBEL
NOBEL DE LA PAZ Williams, Betty (Irlanda del Norte) Fundadores del Movimiento de Paz de Irlanda del Norte (posteriormente denominado, Comunidad de la Gente de Paz). Corrigan, Mairead (Irlanda del Norte) Fundadores del Movimiento de Paz de Irlanda del Norte (posteriormente denominado, Comunidad de la Gente de Paz).
Amnistía Internacional Londres, Gran Bretaña. Una organización mundial en pro de los derechos de los prisioneros de conciencia.
Beguin, Menajem (Israel) Primer Ministro, por el acuerdo conjunto de paz entre Israel y Egipto. Sadat, Anwar al- (Egipto) Presidente de la República arabe de Egipto. Premio otorgado por el acuerdo conjunto de paz entre Israel y Egipto.
Madre Teresa de Calcuta (India) Lider de la Orden de las Misioneras de la Caridad.

Translate this page Paris, 4 mars {N°99-39} - Le Directeur général de l'UNESCO, Federico Mayor,et les Prix nobel de la paix mairead corrigan Maguire (Irlande du Nord
Rigoberta Menchú Tum (Guatemala), et Adolfo Pérez Esquivel (Argentine), ont lancé aujourd'hui le Manifeste 2000 pour une culture de la paix et de la non-violence qui est destiné à générer un mouvement populaire mondial en faveur de la paix, de la solidarité et de la tolérance. Le maire de Paris a également assisté à l'événement.
Le mouvement et le Manifeste 2000 s'inscrivent dans le cadre de la préparation, par l'UNESCO, de l'an 2000, proclamée Année internationale de la culture de la paix par l'Assemblée générale des Nations Unies à l'initiative de l'Organisation. L'UNESCO a été désigné coordonnateur pour cette Année.
Le Manifeste cherche à obtenir l'engagement personnel des individus du monde entier à souscrire les valeurs de paix, de tolérance, de partage et de solidarité qui inspirent la culture de la paix et à les traduire dans la réalité et au quotidien.
En six points, le Manifeste met en avant les valeurs suivantes : respecter la vie et la dignité de chaque être humain ; pratiquer la non-violence active ; partager temps et ressources matérielles en cultivant la générosité, afin de mettre fin à l'exclusion, à l'injustice et à l'oppression politique et économique ; défendre la liberté d'expression et la diversité culturelle ; promouvoir une consommation responsable ; contribuer au développement communautaire, avec la pleine participation des femmes et dans le respect des principes démocratiques, afin de créer, ensemble, de nouvelles formes de solidarité.

54. The Norwegian Nobel Institute - List Of Laureates
was transferred to the Main Fund, and twothirds to the nobel Institute's Special Co-founderof the Peace People; and corrigan, mairead, Northern Ireland, 1944

55. Nobel Prize In Peace Since 1901
nobel Prize in Peace since 1901 Year, Winners. 1901, Dunant, Jean Henri; Passy, Frederic. 1975,Sakharov, Andrei Dmitrievich. 1976, corrigan, mairead; Williams, Betty.
Nobel Prize in Peace since 1901 Year Winners Dunant, Jean Henri; Passy, Frederic Ducommun, Elie; Gobat, Charles Albert Cremer, Sir William Randal Institute Of International Law Suttner, Bertha Sophie Felicita Von Roosevelt, Theodore Moneta, Ernesto Teodoro; Renault, Louis Arnoldson, Klas Pontus; Bajer, Fredrik Beernaert, Auguste Marie Francois; Constant, Paul Henribenjamin Balluet D'estournelles De Permanent International Bureau Asser, Tobias Michael Carel; Fried, Alfred Hermann Root, Elihu Fontaine, Henri La International Committee Of The Red Cross Wilson, Thomas Woodrow Bourgeois, Leon Victor Auguste Branting, Karl Hjalmar; Lange, Christian Lous Nansen, Fridtjof Chamberlain, Sir Austen; Dawes, Charles Gates Briand, Aristide; Stresemann, Gustav Buisson, Ferdinand; Quidde, Ludwig Kellogg, Frank Billings Soederblom, Lars Olof Nathan Addams, Jane; Butler, Nicholas Murray Angell, Sir Norman Henderson, Arthur Ossietzky, Carl Von Lamas, Carlos Saavedra Cecil, Lord Edgar Algernon Robert Gascoyne Refugees, Nansen International Office For International Committee Of The Red Cross Hull, Cordell

56. Peace Hall
1946 nobel Peace Prize Laureate EMILY GREENE BALCH. 1977 nobel Peace PrizeLaureate BETTY WILLIAMS. mairead corrigan. just opening our newest wing.

hall of peace
the poetry appears in "rooms" with five poets each for ease of appreciation, with no particular order or sequence. this site is not about competition or placement. it is about peace. our objective is to fill the universe with poems of peace and outweigh the countering thoughts of war. now that the site is growing we have built additional wings of our peace universe to house the rooms. each wing will be named after a nobel peace prize winner or some other tireless worker for peace. each wing will house 5 peace rooms.
peace wings
enter these wings of poets4peace
and find those poets who have
rolled up their sleeves for peace...
1931 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate JANE ADDAMS
1946 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate EMILY GREENE BALCH
1977 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate BETTY WILLIAMS
just opening our newest wing
1979 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
Mother Teresa
read more about women who have won the nobel peace prize

57. Williams/corrigan Wing
1977 nobel Peace Prize Laureate. BETTY WILLIAMS mairead corrigan.This wing of poets4peace is dedicated to Betty Williams and mairead
1977 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate
This wing of poets4peace is dedicated to Betty Williams and Mairead Corrigan founders of The Peace People. The senseless killing of innocent children produced a wave of revulsion against the violence which had been sweeping Northern Ireland, with Catholic IRA members using murder and terror to drive out the British, Protestant extremists doing the same in response, and many innocent victims killed as a consequence. The Peace People movement was led by Betty Williams, a housewife , and Mairead Corrigan, and young aunt of the dead children murdered in this terrorism. The two women led marches in which Protestants and Catholics walked together in demonstrations for peace and against violence. Williams and Corrigan "have shown us what ordinary people can do to promote peace."

58. The Nobel Peace Prize Laureates For An Culture Of Non-Violence
Pierre Marchand met with the nobel Peace Prize laureate, mairead corriganMaguire,in Belfast and she agreed to lead the campaign.
Decade for a Culture of Non-Violence
"For the Children of the World"
The Appeal of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates
If the Third Millenium could begin under the sign of non-violence...
It's the dream of the Nobel Peace Prize Laureates. They invite
you to join them to influence all governments of the planet.
To Heads of States of all member states
of the General Assembly of the
United Nations.

Today, in every country throughout the world, there are many children silently suffering the effects and consequences of violence. This violence takes many different forms: between children on the streets, at school, in family life and in the community. There is physical violence, psychological violence, socio-economic violence, environmental violence and political violence. Many children - too many children - live in a "culture of violence". We wish to contribute to reduce their suffering. We believe that each child can discover, by himself, that violence is not inevitable. We can offer hope, not only to the children of the world, but to all of humanity, by beginning to create, and build, a new Culture of Non-Violence. For this reason, we address this solemn appeal to all Heads of States, of all member countries of the General Assembly of the United Nations, for the UN General Assembly to declare:

59. 1
Translate this page L’appello è stato lanciato dal Premio nobel mairead corrigan Maguire su iniziativadi Jonathan Sisson, rappresentante dell’International Fellowship of pae.htm

60. Dai Nobel Per La Pace Una Proposta Per Il Futuro
Translate this page The nobel Peace Prize Laureates Signed by mairead Maguire corrigan, Nelson Mandela,Mother Teresa, Aung San Suu Kyi, The 14th Dalai Lama (Tenzin Gyatso
18 Settembre 1997
Dai nobel per la pace
una proposta per il futuro
Al Presidente di PeaceLink - computer network cp 2009 74100 Taranto Italia Cari amici, speriamo che questa novitia vi faccia felici: i Premi Nobel per la Pace hanno sottoscritto un appello che e' stato inviato ad ogni capo di stato nel mondo. Abbiamo proposto che l'Assemblea Generale delle Nazioni Unite dichiari:
  • che il primo decennio del nuovo millennio, gli anni dal 2000-2010, sia dichiarato "Decennio per una Cultura della Non-violenza";
  • che l'inizio del decennio, l'anno 2000, sia dichiarato "Anno per l'Educazione alla Non-Violenza";
  • che la non-violenza sia concepita ad ogni livello nella nostra societa' durante questo decennio, per rendere coscienti i bambini del mondo del reale e pratico significato e dei benefici della non-violenza nella loro vita quaotidiana, in ordine alla riduzione della violenza e delle conseguenti sofferenze perpetrate contro di loro e l'umanita' in generale.
Questo e' possibile. Ma non senza di VOI. Questo appello ha bisogno del supporto popolare. Noi abbiamo bisogno del VOSTRO sostegno. Potreste per favore:
  • mandare una lettera di sostegno a questo appello A NOME DELLA VOSTRA ORGANIZZAZIONE. Se possibile inviatela OGGI per fax (+33 3 o per e-mail (
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