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         Olivi Peter John:     more detail
  1. Peter of John Olivi on the Bible: Principia Quinque in Sacram Scripturam by David Flood, Gedeon Gal, et all 1997-06
  2. OLIVI, PETER JOHN(12481298): An entry from Gale's <i>Encyclopedia of Philosophy</i> by Yrjönsuuri Mikko, 2006
  3. QUAESTIONES IN SECUNDUM LIBRUM SENTENTIARUM [complete set]. by O.F.M. Peter John Olivi, 1922
  4. Peter John Olivi: Prophet of the year 2000 by Pierre Jean Olivi, 1972
  5. 1296 Deaths: Pope Celestine V, Dnyaneshwar, Henry V, Duke of Legnica, Floris V, Count of Holland, Peter Olivi, Przemysl Ii, John le Romeyn
  6. Fraticelli: Catholic Church, Franciscan, Michael of Cesena, Peter Olivi, Pope Boniface VIII, Heresy, Francis of Assisi, Poverty, Wealth, Revolution, Apostolic Brethren, Gerard Segarelli, Persecution

61. Bibliography Of John P. Doyle
Complete bibliography of one of the leading experts of late Sscholasticism.Category Society Philosophy Medieval Philosophy...... peter john olivi on Right, Dominion, and Voluntary Signs. In Semiotics 1986. NewYork 1987. pp. 419429. X cols. 643-649. TRANSLATION. peter john olivi (1248
Bibliography of John P. Doyle
E-mail: John Patrick Doyle (born 1930) is professor of philosophy at Saint Louis University and his main interest is late medieval philosophy.
  • "The metaphysical nature of the proof for God's existence according to Francis Suarez S.J.", University of Toronto, 1966.
    Notes: Unpublished Ph.D. Dissertation (not available at UMI Dissertation Express) "Suarez on the reality of the possibles," The Modern Schoolman
    Abstract: This article shows that for Francisco Suarez the core reality of possible beings is their non-self-contradiction. Their intrinsic claim to inclusion under the common concept of Being and the suarezian analogy of Being resides in the fact that as non-repugnant they are not non-being. So understood, they are actually nothing but still more than mere beings of reason. Of themselves, they are eternally true and apt to be known, even if there were no God. Far beyond this, their reality is such that if they were not what they are, there would be no God and, ' a fortiori ', none of the actual creatures which depend upon him.
  • 62. Vernacularity: The Politics Of Language And Style
    these connections, and focusing specifically on three issues the influence on Danteof the Spiritual Franciscan's patron saint, peter john olivi, and the
    v e r n a c u l a r i t y : intro: english intro: francais program participants ... links Prophecy and Heresy: Dante and the Dangers of Vernacular Religion Claudia R Papka
    The University of Massachusetts
    It's a good thing Dante died in 1321; if not, the bull Cum inter nonullos , promulgated by John XXII in 1323, might very well have killed himif not from the sheer shock of the assertion of "Peter" that Christ and the apostles had material possessions, then at the hands of the inquisition that made consent to that assertion a condition of orthodoxy. Though the bull itself is beyond the pale, as it were, of the Commedia , the events leading up to Cum inter nonullos are the indispensable context for a certain strand of discourse in the poema strand that connects poverty and apocalypse, and consequently also links Dante to the polemics of the Franciscan order in the first decades of the fourteenth century. I am exploring these connections, and focusing specifically on three issues: the influence on Dante of the Spiritual Franciscan's "patron saint," Peter John Olivi, and the condemnation of the Monarchia ; the ramifications for Dante of the vernacular and eventually heretical milieu in which Olivi's works were diffused; and the poetic repercussions of these links on the Commedia.

    63. Netscape Search Category - Philosophers
    Nelson, Leonard (1); Nietzsche, Friedrich (37); olivi, peter john(2); Pascal, Blaise (9); Patocka, Jan (1); Peirce, Charles Sanders
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    64. BRINT Research Directories Results
    19) Moore, GE (9) More, Sir Thomas (55) Nelson, Leonard (2), Nicholas of Cusa (21)Nietzsche, Friedrich (40) Nozick, Robert (26) olivi, peter john (3) Pascal 'Your Survival Network for The Brave New World Of Business' tm
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    65. The Cambridge Translations Of Medieval Philosophical Texts - Cambridge Universit
    The authors included are Henry of Ghent, peter john olivi, William Alnwick, peterAureol, William Ockham, William Crathorn, Robert Holcot, Adam Wodeham as well
    Home Catalogue
    Related Areas: Philosophy The Cambridge Translations of Medieval Philosophical Texts
    New titles Email
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    The Cambridge Translations of Medieval Philosophical Texts
    Volume 3 , Mind and Knowledge
    Edited by Robert Pasnau
    Paperback In stock The third volume of The Cambridge Translations of Medieval Philosophical Texts will allow scholars and students access, for the first time in English, to major texts that form the debate over mind and knowledge at the center of medieval philosophy. Beginning with thirteenth-century attempts to classify the soul’s powers and to explain the mind’s place within the soul, the volume proceeds systematically to consider the scope of human knowledge and the role of divine illumination, intentionality and mental representation, and attempts to identify the object of human knowledge in terms of concepts and propositions. The authors included are Henry of Ghent, Peter John Olivi, William Alnwick, Peter Aureol, William Ockham, William Crathorn, Robert Holcot, Adam Wodeham as well as two anonymous Parisian masters of arts. This volume will be an important resource for scholars and students of medieval philosophy, history, theology and literature.
    1. The soul and its powers Anonymous (arts master c.1225); 2. Questions on De anima I-II Anonymous (arts master c.1270); 3. Christ our one teacher Bonaventure; 4. Can a human being know anything (Summa quaestionum ordinariarum 1.1) Henry of Ghent; 5. Can a human being know anything without divine illumination? (Summa quaestionum ordinariarum 1.2) Henry of Ghent; 6. The mental word Peter John Olivi; 7. Intelligible being William Alnwick; 8. On intuitive and abstractive cognition (Scriptum, prooemium Q2) Peter Aureol; 9. Apparent being (Ordinatio I.27.3) William Ockham; 10. On the possibility of infallible knowledge (Sentences Q1) William Crathorn; 11. Can God know more than he knows? (Quodlibet I.6) Robert Holcot; 12. The objects of knowledge (Lectura secunda 1.1) Adam Wodeham.

    66. British Academy PORTAL - Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy (Philosophy)
    morality; nationalism; nature of law; philosophy of neuroscience; Nicholas ofAutrecourt; Friedrich Nietzsche; peter john olivi; omnipotence; panpsychism
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    Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
    Principia Mathematica
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    67. British Academy PORTAL A-Z Index: O
    Olesha, Yurii Kalovich olivi, peter john Stanford Encyclopediaof Philosophy. Olympics WWWVL History - Ancient Greece. Oman ABZU.
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    68. Sommario Volumi
    Translate this page DAVID FLOOD, peter of john olivi and the End of History, pp. 137-160. RICHARD CROSS,AbsoluteTime peter john olivi and the Bonaventurian Tradition, pp. 261-300.
    Rivista di storia della filosofia medievale
    Sommario dei volumi 21 - 28
    • Volume XXI - 1995

    PAUL GILBERT, Analyse lexicale des mots quaestio et quaerere chez Anselme de Cantorbry, pp. 1-29. CECILIA TRIFOGLI, Due questioni sul movimento nel commento alla Physica di Thomas Wylton, pp. 31-73. SILVIA DONATI, Physica I , 1: linterpretazione dei commentari inglesi nella Translatio vetus e la loro recezione del commento di Averro, pp. 75-255. STEFANO CAROTI, Da Walter Burley al Tractatus de sex inconvenientibus . La tradizione inglese della discussione medievale De reactione , pp. 257-374. MAARTEN, J.F.M. HOENEN, Ista prius inaudita Eine neuentdeckte Vorlage der Docta ignorantia und ihre Bedeutung fur die fruhe Philosophie des Nikolaus von Kues, pp. 375-476. MARIO PANGALLO, Deus, speculatio et cursus La ricerca di Dio ( Quaerere Deum ) in Niccol Cusano, pp. 477-507. Note e discussioni SHULAI ELKATIP, Individuation and Duns Scotus, pp. 509-526.
    • Volume XXII - 1996

    ENRICO PEROLI, Platonismo e cristianesimo: Gregorio di Nissa e il problema
    dellanima, pp. 1-38.

    69. Centro Interdipartimentale Per Ricerche Di Filosofia Medievale "Carlo Giacon"
    Translate this page David Flood, peter of john olivi and the End of History. Richard Cross,AbsoluteTime peter john olivi and the Bonaventurian Tradition.
    Centri di ricerca Centro Interdipartimentale per Ricerche
    di Filosofia Medievale "Carlo Giacon"
    Il Centro Interdipartimentale per Ricerche di Filosofia Medievale "Carlo Giacon", fondato nel 1964, ha lo scopo di promuovere ricerche e studi riguardanti la filosofia sviluppatasi dalla fine dell’età antica al periodo umanistico-rinascimentale. Il Centro ha come principali finalità quelle di: di intraprendere ricerche che devono mirare soprattutto a portare alla luce testi ed aspetti della cultura filosofica, teologica e scientifica medievale tuttora sconosciuti o per lo meno inediti, e che per la loro importanza possano contribuire ad una sempre più approfondita conoscenza e valorizzazione del pensiero medievale; di promuovere gli studi sulla trasmissione di alcune dottrine della filosofia greca, attraverso i filosofi arabi ed ebraici, ai filosofi medioevali latini; Il Centro ha tenuto numerosi convegni internazionali, tra i quali si ricorda quello su "Marsilio da Padova" (18-20 settembre 1980 e su "Primo umanesimo e Filosofia a Padova" (26-29 settembre 1985). Dal 1975 pubblica la rivista MEDIOEVO. Rivista di storia della filosofia medievale.

    70. Exchange And Directory: Society/Philosophy/Philosophers
    Alexius (2) MerleauPonty, Maurice (12) Mill, john Stuart (16) Moore, GE (10)Nelson, Leonard (1) Nietzsche, Friedrich (40) olivi, peter john (3) Pascal
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    Abelard, Pierre Adamson, Robert Adorno, Theodor W. Arendt, Hannah ... Zizek, Slavoj


    71. Mission San Luis Obispo: Saint Louis Of Toulouse
    peter john olivi, the great Franciscan Spiritual, was also one of their friends,who on 18 May, 1295, wrote them a long letter, published by Ehrle in Archiv f
    Back to Mission History
    Saint Louis of Toulouse
    article source: The Catholic Encyclopedia, Online Edition Back to Mission History

    72. A Huge Data Base Of Information On Philosophy And Philosophers
    More, Sir Thomas@ (35); Nelson, Leonard (1); Nietzsche, Friedrich(41); Nozick, Robert@ (11); olivi, peter john (3); Pascal, Blaise(9
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    73. Stanford Encyclopedia Of Philosophy Table Of Contents
    X Y Z. O. olivi, peter john (Robert Pasnau); ontological arguments(Graham Oppy); original position (Fred D'Agostino). A B C
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    Fall 2001 Edition
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    74. Encyclopedia Of The Middle Ages - List Of Entries (P)
    14421485) peter Aureoli (1280-1322) peter Cantor (died 1197) peter Comestor (died1178) peter Damian (1007-1072) peter john olivi (1248-1296) peter Lombard
    Home Encyclopedia of the Middle Ages List of Entries ENCYCLOPEDIA
    OF THE
    Edited by André Vauchez
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    Pachymeres, George (1242-1310)
    Pahlavi Palace Palaeography Palaeologus, Dynastypalamas, Gregory (1296-1359) Palamism Palermo Palestine Pall Pallium, Right To the Pallium Palm Sunday Pandects Pannonhalma Pannonia Panormitanus (Nicolaus de Tudeschis) (1386-1445) Pantheism Pantocrator Papal Finances Paper Papyrus Paradise Paray-Le-Monial Parchment Pardon of the Portiuncula Paris Parish Parish Dues Parish Priest Parish Registers Parlement of France Parliament, English Parma Paroikoi Parricide Parson Participation Paschal I, Pope (died 824) Paschal II, Pope (died 1118) Paschasius Radbertus (late 8th C - 860/865) Passau Passion Passionary Pastoral Teaching Pastoureaux Patarines Patmos Patriarch, Patriarchate Patrick (5th C) Patrimony, Ecclesiastical Patrimony of Saint Peter Patronage Patronage, Artistic Paul, Apostle Paul of Burgos (1353-1435) Paul the Deacon (Warnefrid) (720/730-797/799) Paulicians Paulinus of Aquileia (730/740-802) Pavia Pawel Wlodkowicz of Brudzenia (1370 - after 1434) Pazzi Family Peace and Truce of God Peasant Peasants' Revolt of 1381 Pec Pecha, Alonso (1327/1329 - 1389)

    75. The Achilles Painter Oakley John H
    Translate this page The Achilles Painter Oakley john H. Titel The Achilles Painter Autor Oakleyjohn H. Bücking Jürgen Frühabsolutism Flood David peter olivi's Rul
    The Achilles Painter Oakley John H
    Titel: The Achilles Painter
    Autor: Oakley John H.
    Stalder Robert Grundlinien de...

    Epiney-Burgard Georgette Gera...

    Dreitzel Horst Protestantisch...

    Wicks Jared Man Yearning for ...

    76. Home Top Society Philosophy Philosophers (1,241) Description
    32); Nelson, Leonard (1); Nietzsche, Friedrich (39); Nozick, Robert(20); olivi, peter john (3); Pascal, Blaise (9); Patocka, Jan (1); Peirce
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    77. EmailPinoy Web Directory
    Oleynik, Larisa@ (90); Olin, Lena@ (4); olivi, peter john@ (3); Olmsted,Frederick Law@ (5); Olmsted, Marc@ (1); Olowokandi, Michael@ (2
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  • 78. Proceedings And Addresses: September, 2002 (Volume 76, Issue 1): Main Program: S
    H. Colloquium Free Will. Chair Laura Ekstrom. 2003-00 Buridan's Assand peter john olivi . Speaker Sharon Kaye. Comments Eleonore Stump.
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    79. Uppslagsverket Nationalencyklopedin, - Sök Artikel
    peter john olivi förekommer inte i några artiklar i NE. Sök efter peterjohn olivi på hela Internet med den externa sökmotorn Evreka. John Olivi

    80. Philosophie: Philosophes Et Oeuvres Philosophiques
    Translate this page O -. olivi, peter john. Pasnau, R. « peter johnolivi » dans Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy.
    Ressources par discipline Philosophie Philosophes et oeuvres philosophiques Plusieurs philosophes
    Voir aussi: Histoire de la philosophie
    Simone Weil Plusieurs philosophes A B C ... W
    Plusieurs philosophes Titre Localisation
    ABU: la Bibliothèque Universelle
    Accès libre au texte intégral d'oeuvres du domaine public francophone sur Interne.
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    Alex Catalogue of Electronic texts

    Assembled Philosophers

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    Garth Kemerling.
    Athena Authors and Texts
    Atrium: Les philosophes (biographies et travaux) Berkely SunSITE Site utile pour trouver des oeuvres. Bio-bibliographical Directory to Writers on the Theory, History, and Culture of Science and the Humanities Abibliographical guide to the works of over 760 writers, of different historical periods and various doctrines (not only philosophers); the entries are arranged alphabetically. Hartmut Krech (University of Bremen).

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