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         Plato:     more books (98)
  1. The Allegory of the Cave by Plato, 2010-04-10
  2. Plato Republic (Focus Philosophical Library) by Plato, 2006-12-06
  3. Four Texts on Socrates: Plato's Euthyphro, Apology, and Crito and Aristophanes' Clouds by Thomas G. West, Grace Starry West, 1998-10
  4. Timaeus and Critias by Plato ., 2009-05-20
  5. Phaedrus (Forgotten Books) by Plato Wilhelm Plato, 2008-02-20
  6. Plato's Phaedo by Plato, 2010-05-06
  7. The Dialogues of Plato, Volume 3: Ion, Hippias Minor, Laches, Protagoras (Vol 3) by Plato, 1998-02-17
  8. A Guided Tour of Five Works by Plato: Euthyphro, Apology, Crito, Phaedo (Death Scene), Allegory of the Cave by Christopher Biffle, 2000-06-23
  9. Plato: The Republic, Books 6-10 (Loeb Classical Library, No. 276) (Vol 6, Bks.VI-X) by Plato, 1935-01-01
  10. The Trial and Death of Socrates by Plato, 2010-07-01
  11. Plato: The Republic, Books 1-5 (Loeb Classical Library No. 237) by Plato, 1930-01-01
  12. Plato's Meno (Special Edition for Students) by Plato, 2010-03-19
  13. The Laws of Plato by Plato, 2010-04-20
  14. Six Great Dialogues: Apology, Crito, Phaedo, Phaedrus, Symposium, The Republic (Thrift Edition) by Plato, 2007-05-11

61. Emoticons And Smileys On PLATO In The 1970s
Like so many things, plato was doing emoticons and smileys, online and onscreen,years earlier. In fact, emoticons on plato were already an art form by 1976.
Home About What's New Research Questions ... FAQ PLATO Emoticons
13 September 2002 The news is floating around the Web right now about the "discovery" of the first online emotion-conveying icon or "emoticon." What readers and reporters are apparently not aware of is that the emoticon or "smiley" being discussed is the first ASCII smiley. Like so many things, PLATO was doing emoticons and smileys, online and onscreen, years earlier. In fact, emoticons on PLATO were already an art form by 1976. PLATO users began doing smiley characters probably as early as 1972 (when PLATO IV came out), but possibly even earlier on PLATO III (still to be determined... old-timer PLATO III users please speak up!).
A close-up of some famous PLATO smileys. How were these things done? Well, on PLATO, you could press SHIFT-space to move your cursor back one space and then if you typed another character, it would appear on top of the existing character. And if you wanted to get real fancy, you could use the MICRO and SUB and SUPER keys on a PLATO keyboard to move up and down one pixel or more in effect providing a HUGE array of possible emoticon characters. So if you typed "W" then SHIFT-space then "O" then SHIFT-space then "B", "T", "A", "X", all with SHIFT-spaces in between, all those characters would plot on top of each other, and the result would be the smiley as shown above in the "WOBTAX" example. Below are just some examples of smileys and emoticons collected from lesson =m4= on PLATO in the mid 1970s:

62. PLATO People: A History Book Research Project
plato PEOPLE is a website documenting the ongoing progress of research and oralhistory-gatheringfor a new book on the history of the first online community
Home About What's New Research Questions People ... FAQ Before Microsoft. Apple. The Web. AOL. The Internet. Before everything, there was PLATO: the first online community. The network that time forgot. The birthplace of instant messaging, chat, MUDs (multi-user dungeons), screen savers, flat-panel plasma displays, one of the first spell-checking/answer-judging mechanisms, and countless other innovations. This site offers information regarding a book being researched and written about the PLATO system and the user culture that it spawned in the 1970s. For more details, click the image above, or any of the links at the top. This site was last modified: 14 February 2003
A Birdrock Ventures Project

63. Plato's Academy
plato's Academy. Academy was a suburb of Athens, named after the heroAcademos or Ecademos. The site was continuously inhabited from
Plato's Academy
A cademy was a suburb of Athens, named after the hero Academos or Ecademos. The site was continuously inhabited from the prehistoric period until the 6th century A.D. During the 6th century B.C., one of the three famous Gymnasiums of Athens was founded here. Moreover, it is recorded that Hippias, the son of Peisistratos, built a circuit wall, and Cimon planted the area with trees which were destroyed by Sulla in 86 B.C. In 387 B.C. Plato founded his philosophical school, which became very famous due to the Neoplatonists, and remained in use until A.D. 526, when it was finally closed down by emperor Justinian.
T he first exvavations on the site were carried out between 1929 and 1940 by P. Aristophron, at his own expense. Work was resumed in 1955 by Ph. Stavropoulos under the auspices of the Athens Archaeological Society, and lasted until 1963. Since then, excavations have been conducted by the 3rd Ephorate of Antiquities. T he most important monuments of the site are:
Sacred House . Building of the Geometric period which comprises seven rectangular rooms on either side of a corridor. The structure presents strong similarity to the sacred house of Eleusis. Sacrificial remains found inside the building bare evidence of intensive religious practice.
Gymnasium . Large rectangular building with an internal peristyle, and rooms on the north side. A smaller room on the interior was used as a palaestra. Dated to the 1st century A.D.

64. Ethics Of Socrates, Xenophon, And Plato By Sanderson Beck
BECK index. Socrates, Xenophon, and plato. This chapter is part of the bookANCIENT WISDOM AND FOLLY, which has now been published. plato's Socrates.

65. Plato And Plotinus
A complete list of the works of plato on the Web, many available in Greek and in several English translat Category Society Philosophy Philosophers plato Works......plato and Plotinus. A complete list of the works of plato on the Web, many availablein Greek and in several English translations. plato The Dialogues.
Plato and Plotinus
A complete list of the works of Plato on the Web, many available in Greek and in several English translations. For a comprehensive site dealing with Plato and Platonism, we refer you to Bernard Suzanne's site, Plato and his Dialogues , where you will find a frequently updated list of these links. In the list below, the note (A) indicates probable apocryphal dialogues.
Plato: The Dialogues

66. Plato - Wikipedia
plato. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The safest add more on thedialogue form. plato's metaphysics platonism, or realism. One of
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From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. "The safest general characterization of the European philosophical
tradition is that it consists of a series of footnotes to Plato"

Alfred North Whitehead
, Process and Reality, 1929 Plato (c. 427 BC - c. 347 BC ) was an immensely influential classical Greek philosopher , student of Socrates and teacher of Aristotle . His most famous work is The Republic (Greek Politeia, 'city') in which he outlines his vision of the ideal state. He also wrote the Laws and many dialogues in which Socrates is the main participant. Plato Plato was born in Athens He founded the Academy , one of the earliest known organized schools in Western civilization, named after the spot it was founded on, holy to the hero Academus . He also began the discussion of Atlantis by mentioning it in his Timaeus and Critias Plato was an aristocrat decended from a moderately well-off family. His ancestor, Glaucon (not to be confused with his older brother Glaucon and a character in the

67. Philosopher Results
Support ELC. plato. Born 427 BC Died 347 BC. No evil can happento a good man, either in life or after death. plato Apology.

68. Plato's Republic
plato's republic the argument revealed. Come out of the darkness of theCave into the light. No Frames? Don't panic, we have an alternative!
No Frames? Don't panic, we have an alternative!

69. PLATO GmbH - PR Und Politische Kommunikation
Translate this page plato, Agentur für Public Relations und Public Affairs mit Sitz in Berlin, isteine Kommunikationsberatung an der Schnittstelle von Wirtschaft, Politik und

70. PLATO Veri Dagitim Hizmetleri - PLATO-Net
Finansal veri dagitim hizmetlerinin altyapisinin kurulmasi hizmetleri; online borsa, hisse Category World Türkçe Finans ve Yatirim......

71. Plato And Informal Education
plato. In his Republic we 385 BC. plato's early works (dialogues) providemuch of what we know of Socrates (470 399BC). In these
search support encyclopedia archives ... forum
In his Republic we find just about the most influential early account of education. His interest in soul, dialogue and in continuing education continue to provide informal educators with rich insights.
Plato (428 - 348 BC) Greek philosopher who was the pupil of Socrates and the teacher of Aristotle - and one of the most influential figures in 'western' thought. He founded what is said to be the first university - his Academy (near Athens) in around 385 BC. Plato's early works (dialogues) provide much of what we know of Socrates (470 - 399BC). In these early dialogues we see the use of the so called Socratic method . This is a question and answer form of arguing with an 'expert' on one side and a 'searcher' on the other. In the dialogues, the questioning of the expert by the 'searcher' often exposes gaps in the reasoning. Part of this can be put down to Plato's dislike of the Sophists (particularly as teachers of rhetoric) and his concern that teachers should know their subject. The 'middle period' of Plato's work is also characterised by the use of dialogues in which Socrates is the main speaker - but by this point it is generally accepted that it is Plato's words that are being spoken. We see the flowering of his thought around knowledge and the Forms, the Soul (

72. Plato Resources At Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base
plato Resources at Erratic Impact's Philosophy Research Base. From plato to NATOThe Idea of the West and Its Opponents by David Gress. plato. Texts plato.

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... The Cambridge Companion to Plato by Richard Kraut (Editor) The Essential Plato by Alain de Botton From Plato to NATO: The Idea of the West and Its Opponents by David Gress
Texts: Plato Online Texts: Plato Plato Commentaries Know of a Resource? ...
Tony Beaver's Exploring Plato's Dialogues
Site Includes: The Crito The Phaedo The Phaedrus The Symposium ...
Plato and his Dialogues
By Bernard SUZANNE Site Includes: Biography Works and links to them History of interpretation New hypotheses Map of dialogues : table version or non tabular version Index of persons and locations Detailed and synoptic chronologies Maps of Ancient Greek World
Plato Bibliographies
These bibliographies are on Cynthia Freeland's Ancient Philosophy Website. Other bibliographies include: "Platonic" Love

73. Aristotle Vs. Plato
Article contrasting the two philosophers and their impact on the course of human progress.Category Society Philosophy Philosophers Aristotle...... plato FOR THE DEAD AND THE PAST. Progress through MysticFree Cosmic Minds ratherthan Mystic-Plagued plato Minds. 500 BC, Heracleitus (540 BC-480 BC).
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  • based entirely on voluntary free choice,
  • consistent with the nature of conscious beings and, thus is beneficial to all conscious beings,
  • moral and just: Offers freedom to everyone. Rejects all mysticism, racism, initiatory force, and fraud. Platonism is also the basis of all public educational systems. Government-run schools today are inept at educating children because they embrace the ideas of John Dewey, a Platonist existentialist who dishonestly replaced the objective principles of education with power-usurping, subjective methods. (Dewey's contemporaries, William James and Sidney Hook, promoted similar but more cautiously disguised, existentialistic ideas.) Using dishonest non sequiturs, Dewey's philosophy dismisses as socially irrelevant the pedagogical teaching of fundamental knowledge such as reading, writing, mathematics, and science. Dewey's philosophy promotes the mystical concept that children can be "educated" by allowing them to randomly pursue their own whims. The students' whims are considered socially relevant to the here-and-now and thus are deemed as the basis of education. The "teacher", therefore, merely follows wherever the child's feelings may lead (rather than the teacher providing the child with objective knowledge through systematic input of integrated facts and information). With an existential action approach, Dewey deems the mind as the creator of "reality". Thus, in one mystical stroke, he negates both the integrating conscious mind and objective reality.
  • 74. Plato Poppodium [Spreek Je]
    plato Poppodium. Concert Overzicht. Deze pagina vereist frames en javascript .
    Plato Poppodium
    Concert Overzicht
    Deze pagina vereist frames en javascript....

    75. PLATO
    Utvecklingsprogram för mindre och medelstora företag som bygger på mentorskap och samverkan.Category World Svenska Kalmar län Ekonomi och näringsliv......plato är ett utvecklingsprogram för mindre och medelstora företag sombygger på mentorskap och samverkan. plato startades i Belgien för ca.
    PLATO är ett utvecklings-program för mindre och medelstora företag som bygger på mentorskap och samverkan. PLATO vänder sig till företag som har tillväxtpotential och vars VD/ägare har uttalad vilja att utveckla sitt företag.
    PLATO startades i Belgien för ca. 15 år sedan av en regional utvecklingsorganisation på uppdrag av EU-kommissionen, och har sedan fått spridning till Irland, Holland, Tyskland, Frankrike, Slovenien och Danmark. Hittills har totalt sett drygt 7500 företag gått igenom programmet.
    Nya PLATO-program start 2001

    Första PLATO-programmet slut i december

    Utvärdering PLATO

    PLATO Kalmar Företagsgrupp Tel Fax


    77. Philosophers Main Page
    Soren Kierkegaard Gottfried Leibniz John Locke Niccolo Machiavelli Karl Marx JohnStuart Mill Friedrich Nietzche Blaise Pascal CS Peirce plato Plotinus Karl

    78. A Slice Of Philosophy: Plato (427-347 BC)
    Short biography and a list of the works of plato.Category Society Philosophy Philosophers plato......A Slice of Philosophy's page on the greatest philosopher in the history of philosophy plato. Links to plato's writings and secondary litterature.
    back home ] Visitors since 14th of March 2002:
    Plato (427-347 BC)
    Alphabetical list of Plato's works.

    Works by Plato.

    Secondary literature on Plato.

    Links to Plato
    Greek philosopher, inventor of philosophy as a distinct subject. Plato was an Athenian born into a wealthy and politically high ranked family, and also the founder of the Academy . Plato was probably supposed to have had a political career, which would have been an intriguing affair since Athens was on decline under the Periclean democracy and the Pelopennenian war. Plato is said to have been a skilled writer in poetry and tragedy. Plato never abandoned his political visions or gave up writing, but instead did philosophy after he had met Socrates - and also burning his non philosophical writings. The athenians execution of Socrates (399 BC) further determined Plato on a life of philosophy. We do not have much biographical material on Plato from his own lifetime and the existing material should be read with great caution. Then again, we know a bit. Short before one of his three journeys to Sicily (385 BC?) Plato founded the Academy . Plato was inspired by the Pythagoreans, and indeed mathematics was highly valued - it is said that the entrance to the Academy . The Academy was the first european institution doing science and research (that is emphasizing the theoretical part of doing science), and was to exist - only with minor interruptions - until 529 AC. The Academy is said to have been organized as a religious community that made it possible to remain a juridical legal status, which in turn gave possibilities for the platonic tradition which lasted over 900 years. Many different scientific studies is said to have taken place at the Academy. Alongside with mathematics, which Plato and the Greeks considered to by the idealized form of knowledge, disciplines such as astronomy, rhetoric, science of nature, logic, political science and metaphysics were studied. Some of the foremost scientist were said to have been connected, such as the mathematician Eudoxos, and among his pupils were also

    79. Primer Plato
    Het culinaire dispuut van de CSV Alpha. Met informatie over de activiteiten van het dispuut en Category World Nederlands Huis en Tuin Koken......De homepage van culinair dispuut der C.S.V. Alpha, Primer plato, te Enschede

    80. Welcome To Plato's Repeat
    The New plato's IS NOW OPEN !!! Come and see what we're doing! The Officialplato's Repeat Website!!! contains adult and sexually explicit material. Category Mature Content
    "The New Plato's" IS NOW OPEN !!! Come and see what we're doing! It's going to be awesome! "The Official Plato's Repeat Website!!!" contains adult and sexually explicit material. All
    models are at least 18 years old. If you are offended by such material or you are under 21 years old, please exit this site now. By continuing to view the following pages you are making the following legal statements: I am over the age of 21. I want to view adult material. It is legal for me to view such material in my community, state, nation, or province. If I follow the link below, I assume full responsibility for my actions. All material on this site is for my own personal use and will not be reused in any manner.
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